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For those who are fans of the 1st Chapter of the Mr. & Mrs. X series, I am still working on it, but this story came out and caught my imagination and as all written work, there is some borrowing of ideas from other works here on Literotica, though the names are original and the places for the most part are real and chosen to ground the story in the real world.

If you are not into full family incest, with double penetration, spit roasting, skull fucking, lesbianism and making female family members airtight, I suggest turning around right now. Other than various types of gangbang sexual acts, there is no sex act that approaches homosexual male sex.

While there are some characters who at times are underage, by the time they have sex in the story line they all are over the age of 18.


Here I am at 35 years of age, very wealthy sitting on this artificial island I and my sister Vesta, where admittedly I commit incest with family members. Let me start by telling you about how me and my sibling came to own this island and who else we fuck besides each other.

First, I probably should introduce myself. My name is Apollo, my parents particularly my dad was on a kick to name his children after the major Roman Gods and Goddesses. There are six Roman Goddesses and six Roman God among the twelve major Gods. I just glad I wasn’t named Vulcan or after a planet. Also given that I have six sisters, I have always wondered how my parents would have reacted had they had a seventh girl. I am the youngest of the seven children they produced and the only boy. My sisters in order are Minerva, Venus, Diana, Ceres, Juno and Vesta. Given the order of how my sisters were named, if my parents had another son, I guess they would have named him Mercury.

My eldest sister, Min is ten years older than me; Venus is nine years older than me; Diana is eight years older than me; the twins Cee and June are six years older than me; and Vesta is just three years older than me and shares the same birthday as I do of January 2nd. I graduated High School at 13 years of age alongside Vesta who graduated early at 16 years of age.

We both went to Harvard for our undergrad and graduated in 3 years; me with B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Vesta in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering.

We both graduated from M.I.T. with Masters of Engineering degrees; me at 17 and Vesta at 20. By the time we got our Masters Degrees, we each had 2 patents to our names, $10 million each in our bank accounts and had consulting contracts worth at the time about fifty million dollars when combined, with several corporations mostly based in the Greater Los Angeles area where our business lawyer my Aunt Ivy lived. So after we graduated we decided to move to Los Angeles to be closer to our clients.

Now we grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts where our dad, Fred, was a mathematics professor at Harvard and our mom, Rose ran a catering business alongside her other sister, Lily and Lily’s daughters Denise and Donna. Lily’s husband Dave was our financial adviser and my grandmother on my mother’s side, Mary was our accountant. Our dad had grown up in Torrance, California with his sister Ginger and his mother Barbara. Aunt Ginger also had three daughters, Katherine, Karen and Kim and her husband Tim was in public relations. I never knew either of my grandfathers as they were fifteen and twenty years older than Grandma Mary and Grandma Barbara who at this time were in their mid to late sixties.

Before I go any farther, for the horn dogs reading this story, yes all of the women in my family were and still are voluptuous sporting C and D cup sized tits and all were either athletic, slim or curvy in their bodies and at the time I masturbated to visions of what it would be like to fuck all seventeen of them, including both Grandmas.

As I was still technically a minor at the time and Vesta was below the legal age limit to drink, Grandma Mary our accountant was to move to Los Angeles with us. It was also decided that Aunt Ivy would sell her condo and we would purchase a home large enough to fit the four of us with enough room for Vesta and I to do our research from home.

We ended up purchasing a home in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles near the campus of UCLA and within a few blocks of the Playboy Mansion and Beverly Hills. The location put us near our entertainment and aerospace clients and we were also close to LAX if we needed to fly to a client.

The mansion we purchased was very private and had an Olympic sized swimming pool, a tennis court, a library, a home gym, a home theater, and 2 guest houses. When exploring the floor of one of the guest houses we found the entrance to a fairly large underground bunker that also was connected to the main house and the other guest house. On further research my Aunt Ivy found it was built in the 1950’s during the Cold War to withstand a nuclear bomb hitting Los Angeles, but was also built for comfort with a full kitchen, a miniature canlı bahis power plant and full bathrooms and bedrooms for up to 40 people. Needless to say, after we knocked down a few walls, the bunker became our lab space.

It took about three more months to finish our remodeling of the mansion. We celebrated completion with my 18th birthday party at Disneyland, with the full family coming out to celebrate the construction completion and my birthday. Vesta and Aunt Ivy took our family members on tours of the newly remodeled mansion.

After we permanently moved in and construction was completed, we would be visited by Katherine, Karen, Kim, Aunt Ginger, and Grandma Barbara; sometimes to use our pool, tennis court, home gym, or to visit. Often times I would catch, my cousins, aunts, or grandmas sunning themselves or swimming in the pool in fairly skimpy bikinis and sometimes in just the bottoms as Vesta and I kept ourselves to the bunker to do our research unless we wanted to get something to eat. Usually, when I saw them sunning I would see them and then had to go and masturbate to get my dick to go down enough for me to go back to work alongside Vesta.

A year and a half after we moved, and after I had already turned 18, in Vesta caught me staring at our Grandma’s, Aunt’s and cousins’ tits as they laid out and tanned themselves, then she saw how hard I got and began teasing me that I got hard fantasizing about fucking our relatives, to which I had to admit that I was guilty.

We had always been close and she was always direct in confronting me. So, she then yanked off her t-shirt and removed her bra and said “now that I’m topless, do you want to fuck me as well?” I asked if that was an offer as I knew we were both still virgins. She responded not today, but stayed topless down in the bunker while we were working on one of our projects. This kept me hard all day and distracted me from my research.

Part way through our work I could not concentrate so I took off my shorts and boxers and asked her to masturbate me, blow me or put her bra and shirt back on. Now I do not want to brag, but I do sport a 9″ cock when I am fully erect, though it isn’t real thick, about the circumference of my thumb. She decided to masturbate me and I cummed in buckets all over her face and tits, covering them both. She then scooped my cum off her face and tits and ate it and then sucked on my cock enough to get it hard again.

By that time she had a big wet spot on her crotch and so I helped her remove her shorts and panties. She asked me if I would return the favor which I did. While she was having an orgasm I moved up a slowly sunk my cock into Vesta’s pussy and slowly fucked her, breaking her hymen and removing both of our virginities. We fucked over the next few hours until the dinner chime sounded.

So we got up bathed down in the bunker and put on new clothes, given no one had seen us since breakfast.

After that fateful day we started our love affair, though we both knew that given half a chance we would both fuck the rest of our family. Before I move on the best way I could describe my sister is to think of a red headed Cali Logan, you know the porn star. In fact we have had sex to some of her porn videos or pictures.

About two years after we moved in, when our oldest sister Min received a transfer to her company’s Los Angeles offices, she moved in with us. We had more than enough rooms, so she took up residence at the mansion and got regular use of the facilities. To imagine Min, think of a strawberry blond version of the porn star Sara Stone. When Uncle Dave got into a car accident, Grandma Mary and Aunt Ivy flew back to be with Aunt Lily, Denise and Donna; leaving Min to look out after myself and Vesta.

Well, I was fucking Vesta in the bunker instead of working, when Min decided to come down. It was a Saturday and apparently Uncle Dave had taken a turn for the worse and as our financial adviser had power of attorney over all of our investments, so Min was under orders to pack us up and to fly with us back to Boston, so we could transfer our accounts to our sister Diana who worked for Uncle Dave, before Uncle Dave passed away. Well she watched us fuck, disrobed completely and masturbated until we tired ourselves off. She then woke us from our afterglows by telling us just how hot we were and asked if she could join in, to which we said OK and we fucked some more until she remembered why she had come down.

Well after that Vesta and I got Min up, showered, dressed and packed, we then called Grandma Barbara who was in a deposition with two other lawyers hearing a case before her; then Aunt Ginger, followed by our cousins Katherine (both in surgery), Karen (with one of her fitness clients at their home) and last Kim (the nutritionist) who was free and drove us to LAX.

Kim dropped us off at the airport. All three of us flew back first class and on the way to Boston joined the mile high club.

We were picked up by our sister Venus. After bahis siteleri we checked into the hospital we signed all of the paperwork and took turns sitting with either Aunt Lily, making runs home or sitting with Uncle Dave.

After Uncle Dave passed away, Aunt Lily wanted out of their house as everything in the house made her remember Uncle Dave, which set her off crying again and again. As Vesta and I had a California mansion, far from gloomy Boston, I offered to move Aunt Lily, Denise, Donna, mom, and dad out to California where they could live with us; plus Aunt Lily, Denise, Donna and mom could work as our domestic staff as we had a big kitchen and house with plenty of rooms.

A few weeks later after my dad found a job at Cal Tech in Pasadena, they agreed to move, selling Aunt Lily’s home with my sisters Venus, Diana, Cee & June living in our parent’s Cambridge home. Both Min and Vesta did not like the idea, even though they agreed it was kind to make the offer, mostly because with another aunt, two cousins and our parents we would have 7 other adults who could figure out the three of us were fucking each other, rather than just Grandma Mary and Aunt Ivy.

Well, one day while dad was teaching and doing office hours at Cal Tech , Min was off at work and Vesta was in the bunker, I walked into an argument mom and Aunt Lily was having with Grandma Mary and Aunt Ivy about then tanning topless in nothing more than C-strings, while I was still around the house.

My Aunt Ivy responded “First sisters relax, both Apollo and Vesta spend most of their days down in the bunker which has a full kitchen and bathrooms. Second, how do you think me and our mother have negotiated the sort of deals Apollo and Vesta have signed? Every single one of those clients thought they could fuck over two sibling nerds, until I and our mother Mary fucked them, recording our sexual encounters and then blackmailed them into giving Apollo and Vesta what they deserve to get. Part of the magic involves us getting all over tans and dressing a bit provocative, showing enough cleavage and thigh to give those old boys a hard on. In fact all of the women in our family have bodies that should make men drool. Both of us have extra C-Strings in our rooms, Min has already seen us like this and has joined in, though she is far more wild than I ever was given she has walked around here nude during the day.”

With that my mom and Aunt Lily caved and went back to cooking, while Donna and Denise went upstairs to put on C-Strings.

I went back into the bunker and told Vesta about the argument and what Aunt Ivy told mom and Aunt Lily, then I asked her to cover for me as I was going to spy on Grandma Mary, Aunt Ivy and our cousins Donna and Denise wearing nothing out by the pool except C-strings. Given that neither of us knew what C-Strings were my sister looked them up online and showed then to me. I then went up and looked through one of the guest house windows and took in all of my four female relatives sunning themselves. As I sat there masturbating to them, my sister sent me a text to get back to the bunker as mom was coming down with cookies.

As I got up and tucked myself in, Aunt Lily came walking out in a black bikini and watched transfixed as she was talked into removing her top. Let me describe each of the women; Grandma Mary looked like the porn star Lisa De Leeuw; Aunt Ivy looked like porn star Syren De Mer; Aunt Lilly looked like Shannon Long, the Playboy Playmate; Donna looked like the Russian adult model Anita Silver; while Denise looks like the Brazilian adult model Anielly Campos. Of course having seen mom in her bikini she looks like Carrie Stevens, the Playboy Playmate.

Anyway, I got back in time for mom to give me a kiss, a hug and leave her plate of cookies, while I pretended to be lost in thought. After she left, I went back into the Guest House and masturbated only to see my mom come out in her bikini and seeing everyone else basically nude, proceeded to remove her bikini showing me her naked full figured body.

It was then that Min peeked outside and then before I knew what was going on a naked Min and Vesta came up through the bunker entrance and the three of us proceeded to fuck while watching the other six women tan their hot naked bodies by our pool. At that moment Min had a wicked idea for the three of us to go back into the bunker, leaving my clothes there and then the walk up into the main house and walk to the door way and fuck each other on the bench next to the only door to the main house close to all six naked women.

And well that is just what we did, causing mom and Aunt Lilly to seek to cover themselves with their arms as Min had taken their discarded bikinis from them.

Mom tried to tell me, Vesta and Min off for fucking each other; however Min then responded saying “maybe the reason you are upset is due to the fact you all want to fuck Apollo and Vesta as much as I do, given that you all are naked, even though you all work for my brother and sister.” bahis şirketleri My mom had nothing to say and after I came in Vesta’s pussy, I got up walked over to my mom who Min pushed to her knees and I fucked my own mother’s mouth until I cummed into her mouth forcing her to swallow my jizz.

I was still hard, so I put mom in the doggie position where I proceeded to fuck my our mother, and then Min positioned Aunt Lilly, Aunt Ivy, Grandma Mary, Donna and then Denise on their knees, ready to be fucked by me. She then knelt down by mom, while Vesta knelt down by Denise, so that I could fuck of these eight incestuous cunts. When I came I did in her cunt, claiming my mom’s pussy as my own.

I then went down the line a few times to do a sexual roulette with my naked female family members, shoving my cock in each of their pussies, pumping it in and out a few times, making each of them cum on my cock at least once.

It was at that point with my cock pumping in and out of my mom’s snatch, that dad came home to find his nine family members naked with his son’s cock in his wife’s pussy. With that he just sat down heavy and asked “why?” To which Min responded “Why not?” as she got up and walked over to dad and began undressing him, Vesta followed her and helped her until dad was as naked as the rest of us and Min, his first born, was on her knees sucking his cock to a rigid state before mounting him and fucking him.

Given how hot they were fucking, I anally penetrated my shocked mother, who told me not to as my cock went passed her sphincter muscles. When I was fully embedded, I picked her up and walked her over to dad telling Min to get off as Mom was to be double penetrated with me and dad fucking her. Min positioned dad’s cock at the entrance to mom’s pussy and then I sank her down and dad and I proceeded to fully fuck mom as she had one orgasm after another.

When we finished with her we did Grandma Mary, Aunt Lily, Aunt Ivy, Donna, Denise, Min and then Vesta, with Vesta getting both of our cum in her pussy and asshole. Min then informed everyone how she, Vesta and myself wished to eventually have the entire family committing incest and walking around nude in this mansion, including Grandma Barbara and Aunt Ginger.

Well after the orgy and Min’s speech, mom, Aunt Lily, Donna and Denise went to prepare dinner while the rest of us continued to fuck each other, with me and dad sometimes spit roasting the women in our family.

When dinner was served Min made sure we each had a towel to sit on and we ate dinner au natural. None of us shied away from looking at each other seeing we were all naked, had fucked each other and were likely to continue fucking each other. We continued our orgy by the pool, until 3 AM, falling asleep on the pool loungers. Of course both dad and Min had to turn in earlier as they both had work to go to in the morning.

The next day all of the women except Min who had to go into work and Vesta who along we me had consulting projects to finish, left for a day at the spa. When they came back all six of them had completely shaved beavers as the spa had performs laser hair removal from their waist down. Seeing mom, her sisters, mother and my cousins completely shaved was hot as all of them came down to the bunker with food wearing nothing but newly purchased stiletto boots, thigh high stockings and garter belts. They were soon followed by Min and dad, who were also naked.

Because of their interruption Vesta almost blew a gasket given the project we were working on and how stressed out she was. I sent them back upstairs with most of the food keeping some for Vesta and myself who were in jeans, work boots, work gloves, face shields and leather jackets. For the next few weeks everyone left us alone as we worked on our consulting projects, often times collaborating especially when one of us hit a mental wall. Of course when we both hit the wall we would usually go upstairs and participate in whatever sexual activity was going on, so as to blow steam like we did when we got our ten person incest orgy started.

A month or maybe two later on a Saturday around noon, both Vesta and I had hit mental roadblocks and were fucking, she with our dad; and me with our Aunt Ivy, while the other six were paired off into lesbian couples. All of a sudden Min got up and went inside the house dragging mom with her. Into the pool area walked my Aunt Ginger, and cousins Katherine, Karen and Kim, all of them topless, wearing only thong bikini bottoms.

Needless to say, Aunt Ginger was in shock when she saw dad and Vesta fucking, while I was fucking Aunt Ivy. It was then when my naughty sister Min pants-ed my Aunt Ginger exposing her shaved beaver for all of us, she then told Vesta to get off dad’s cock so dad could fuck his sister. A shocked Ginger weakly complied and sank onto her brother, Fred’s cock, until he started bouncing her on his lap and started fucking her. To describe these four vixens on my dad’s side of the family, picture Playboy Playmate Kelly Gallagher as a stand in for my Aunt Ginger, Porn star Taylor Vixen as a standing for my cousin Katherine, Russian porn star Candy Alexa for my cousin Karen, and porn star Alektra Blue for my cousin Kim.

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