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She didn’t have much of a social life, going from an all girl’s school straight into a career. She majored in fashion design and soon joined the ranks of employment right after getting her degree.

She worked in an office that consisted of either older, married women, or non English speaking women, or the few elite that traveled in their own circles. She just did her job and went home. Home to a faceless apartment building where she kept to herself.

Her only escape was on Friday nights when she would order a pizza from down the street. The first night she opened the door, her world changed. It was love at first sight, and she and Steve, the pizza guy, quickly became a couple.

It seemed that Steve was working his way through college, majoring in computer drafting. His uncle owned the pizzeria down the block, and had been working there for over a year. Most of his deliveries were in her building, so he often stopped by, just to say “hello”, or bring her a free pizza.

It was fun and exciting for both, and within a month, they started having sex. Even though they would talk for hours, they still didn’t know all that much about each other, and frankly, didn’t care. Their conversations went on about everything except their past, which really didn’t consist of much anyway.

Other than a drunken fling at a party during high school, Sara had no sexual experience. And that one time was not memorable in the least. Steve had dated a few times, but he too, had very little exposure to the opposite sex. Their experiments together yielded some very explosive orgasms, but schedules kept them apart more than they would have liked.

One of Steve’s friends at school told him about an upcoming Halloween party that he really should attend. Every guest not only had to show up in costume, but it had to be an “adult” version of that costume. Both Steve and Sara were hesitant at first, but figured, what the heck, after all, it was Halloween.

Sara would go as “Little Ho Peep” and Steve would be “Little Jack Horny”. They tossed ideas back and forth as to what their outfits should look like, but decided to surprise each other with their final idea.

Poor Steve had to work on Halloween, but would meet Sara at her place right after he got off work. Sara’s costume was incredible. If you ever saw “Little Bo Peep”, then you probably are envisioning curly blond locks, a short dress, and white knee high stockings. And of course the crook she carried around. Sara was all that and more. Her natural blond hair was rolled with jumbo curlers, she wore a short white poofy skirt, but had on white stockings and garters. She wore a thong, but would remove it for Steve. Her blouse consisted of a sheer gauze material that covered up about as much as Saran Wrap would have. But she intended to wear a shawl over it, at least until she saw how much skin the other guests were sharing. She didn’t want to be obscene, and yet didn’t want to be a prude. Besides, covered or not, her firm melons would definitely make an impact on all the guys.

Just as she finished canlı bahis the final touches, her door bell rang. Looking through the peep hole, she could see it was some of the local rug rats with their bags. After quickly throwing her shawl on, she opened the door and dispensed candy to the smiling little faces. She remembered how not that long ago, she was doing the same thing.

It was nearly nine o’clock, and all the children were done and safely in their homes. The only ones out now were the young adults, who were out for their sugar fix. Sara was baffled that Steve hadn’t dropped by yet…maybe he was waiting to surprise her with his outfit. She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he saw hers.

Nine thirty rolled around as she heard a knock on the door. It was too early for Steve, but she was hoping he got off early, as she was getting very horny. Looking out the peep hole, she recognized the three young men as the college kids who lived on the floor below her. Shy little Sara decided in an instant, that she would test out her costume. Pulling her shawl off, she reached for the door knob. Just the thought caused her nipples to stand out through the sheer material.

“Trick or…” the young men stood there holding their pillow cases in front of them. Sara ignored their drooling, and dropped candy into each of their bags.

“There you are! ‘Night boys!” she said as she slowly closed the door. She could hear them talking about her breasts all the way down the hall. If she wasn’t horny before, and she was, she was ready to burst now.

As she leaned against the door, her heart slowly returning to normal, she heard a knock from down the hall. She peered out the tiny hole in her door, and she could see what appeared to be “Little Jack Horner” or whoever, delivering a pizza across and down a few doors. She knew it was Steve, but would wait for his knock, before opening the door.

It seemed to take forever, but she finally heard the familiar tap on her door. A quick glance out the hole saw his green pointy hat. Just before she touched the knob, she pulled the thin top down, revealing her big tits and hard nipples. As she yanked the door open, his eyes bee lined straight for her chest. One hand cupped a grapefruit sized tit while his mouth went right for the other tit.

They backed into her apartment, and after closing the door behind them, raced for her bedroom. Her light was off, but the light in the adjoining bathroom was on, giving them just enough glow to see what they were doing. He loved sucking on her tits, and so did she, but once she was on her back, he slithered down. and began kissing his way up her stocking clad leg. Her thong was soaked, and he slid it down and off of her long limbs. She wanted to surprise him, but wasn’t about to stop him now.

As he gently spread her legs wide apart, he was faced with a clean shaven pink pussy. He wasted no time examining it, as he buried his tongue deep inside her. She came three times to his glorious tongue work, and finally pulled him up. He rolled his tights bahis siteleri down and pushed his cock into her. His cock felt so tight and wonderful inside her, that she quickly came again. It seemed so much bigger than before, but he usually loosened her up with his fingers first, so this was different.

“Don’t cum inside me!” Sara panted in his ear. “I want to taste it!” She loved the taste of his cum, but more importantly, she didn’t want cum leaking down her leg at the party.

It was almost too late, as he immediately rolled off her, and she pounced on his glistening cock. She had just licked all of her juices off him when he came. She was starting to get used to his massive loads, and this one was no exception. Six full squirts filled her mouth, and it took several swallows to get it all down. But she did, and savored every drop.

He got up and went into the bathroom while she caught her breath. Another knock at the door. She started to cover her chest, but figured it was the guys from downstairs hoping to get another eyeful. If that’s what they wanted, then that’s what they’ll get! She opened the door wide, without even looking through the peephole first.

The last thing she remembered before fainting was seeing Steve’s smiling face at the door. When she came to, she was on the couch and Steve was daubing her forehead with a wet washcloth.

“Hey, are you all right?” he asked, as she tried to focus on his face. She panicked when she remembered there was someone else in her bathroom.

“Uh…how long was I out?” she asked, still blinking her eyes.

“Only about five or ten minutes.” Steve answered. Oh god, was he still in there? and since that wasn’t Steve, who was it?

“Be careful if you go to the bathroom…I spilled some water when I grabbed the wash cloth.” Sara was a bit confused.

“Here, I brought you some tea.” The voice distracted her distractions. looking up, Sara was now more than a bit confused. She took a double take as the mystery man, who looked just like Steve, handed her a cup. “Be careful, it’s hot!” he warned in a soothing voice.

The two men laughed at her distress, but in kind sort of way.

“I figured, since it was Halloween, I would play a trick on you.” Steve started. “this is my brother…my twin brother, Mark. I hope he was a gentleman to you.” he said as Mark picked up and kissed Sara’s hand.

“Uh…yeah…we talked, and…a…”, Sara began to redden.

“Talked?! No, that wouldn’t be my brother! No sir! My brother would have been in your pants within five minutes!” Steve said chuckling, knowing all along what happened. Sensing the camaraderie and the Love between the two, Sara felt relaxed.

“Well…actually, it was more like five seconds!” she said, causing them all to howl with laughter.

“Did he at least make you cum?” Steve asked, running his hand gently up and down her thigh. How would he react if she told him the truth?


“Come on! Spit it out! Did he?”

“Yeah…five times!” Sara said softly, waiting for his reaction.

“Wohoo! bahis şirketleri Five times? That’s great! Did he do that tongue thing?” he asked, without a hint of jealousy.

“Oh man, did he!” Sara replied, eliciting more laughs and a high five between the two.

“You know…” Steve said to his brother, “You have told me a lot about that tongue thing, but I have never seen it…care to show me right now?” Mark shrugged, and they both looked at Sara, who had that deer in the headlight look. How could her boyfriend possibly think she would spread her legs for someone she just met an hour ago, especially in front of her boyfriend?

“K, but let’s go back into the bedroom!” she said as she sprinted past them.

They finally made it to the party, and Sara “forgot” her shawl. Most everybody there was already drunk, but all eyes were on Sara, or at least on her massive rack as they bounced into the room. “Tinkerbell” a cute whisp of a girl, even offered to lap up the cum that was streaming down Sara’s leg. At one point, the two girls disappeared for about ten minutes, and when they returned, Sara’s legs appeared to be clean, and both were smiling broadly.

Needless to say, Sara made many friends that night, and her social calendar would always be full.

As they entered the apartment building, Steve, Mark, and Sara walked down the deserted halls toward the elevator. As they passed apartment 114, Sara could hear the three young men who gawked at her earlier. They were still partying inside.

“Hey guys, I have an idea!” she said as she began to strip down to nothing. Grabbing the hat off Steve’s head, she went up and knocked on the door. When the young man answered, she held out the hat and yelled “Trick or treat!”

The man was in shock, but his little head was still thinking. “Uh…ok..trick!” he finally responded, as the others had now migrated to the door. Sara thought for a minute, and handing the hat back to Steve, said, “OK, how about this?” she then turned away from the door, and spread her feet apart. With the grace of a gymnast, she slowly bent herself in half, wrapping her arms around her ankles. Looking at them upside down, she asked, “How’s this for a trick?”

With all three of her man pleasing openings facing them, they were speechless. As she straightened herself up, one of the guys reached behind the door and grabbed his pillowcase. It was full of loot that he spent all afternoon, and most of the evening collecting. It represented hours of work, and miles of walking.

“Here.” he said as he thrust the entire bag towards her. “That was definitely worth it!”

“Thanks!” she said, struggling with the heavy bag. “Maybe I’ll give you the chance to earn some of it back!” she added with a wink as she and her two buddies strolled off.

The rest of the night was spent locked in a threesome.

“Hey, you didn’t tell me that you were that limber!” Steve commented as they sprawled on the bed.

“Well, you didn’t tell me you had a twin brother!” she countered, as she did the splits over Mark’s wagging tongue.

The next day, they decided to all move in together, and she offered the three men downstairs a special treat if they would help her move. But that would be a story for another time!

Happy Halloween!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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