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All characters are considered 18 years of age.


Kristin Davis was thrilled that the school had approved her request to take her Civil Liberties class on a field trip to Washington D.C. She was only 26 years old but loved being a teacher as well as the cheerleading coach. Having just broken up with her boyfriend, the blond haired, blue eyed cutie thought she needed a break away and this trip came at the right time.

The class was a small one but they were all seniors. There were two of her cheerleaders in the class, Jenna, a brown haired, big breasted girl with a beautiful face. The other cheerleader was Jenna’s best friend, Katie, blonde like Ms. Davis and, being cheerleaders, they both had great bodies.

Two other girls were Abby, a black haired, fair skinned girl with a cute figure and Megan, who had brown hair with blond streaks in it. Both girls were outgoing and friends and they were always talking to each other.

The last student was the only boy, quite possibly the smartest kid in the whole school, Eugene. The typical nerd, Eugene was always studying and was a shy guy around girls. He took the class because he knew that mostly girls were in it and he thought that could help him become smoother in talking to them. He also felt that Ms. Davis was the hottest teacher in school so it would be a joy to be in her class.

When Ms. Davis told the class about the trip, everyone jumped for joy. Not only would they be getting out of school for a few days, none had ever been to the nation’s capital before. She explained that her and Eugene would be getting their own rooms since she was the teacher and he the only boy. Jenna and Katie would room together as would Abby and Megan.

They all met at the airport for the plane trip and they were all excited. The girls were leaving behind their boyfriends but the trip was only for four days and they all promised them a great time when they returned. Strangely, none of the boys felt threatened by their girlfriends spending time away with the nerd, Eugene.

They got to the hotel and found their rooms. They were lucky enough to get four rooms in a row with Eugene on the end. Abby and Megan had the next room and found that there was a connecting door to Eugene’s room. They knocked on it and Eugene shyly opened it.

Megan squealed, “Hey Eugene, isn’t cool that there’s a connecting door.”

“Yeah, that’s cool, he replied. He was thrilled to be able to hang out with some of the prettiest girls in school but he was still shy.

“Leave it unlocked for us in case we need to see you, ok?” Abby said, smiling.

“Sssure,” Eugene squeaked out, going back to his room.

“What are you doing, trying to give the poor boy a heart attack?” Megan said to Abby.

“You know, I was thinking,” Abby said, “If you take away those glasses and the pocket protector, Eugene wouldn’t look half bad.”

“Oh wow, you must be missing Jerry pretty bad,” Megan snorted back, referring to Abby’s current boyfriend.

“Well, Jerry and I didn’t get a chance to screw before we left so I am kinda needing something, but seriously, Eugene has a decent body if we could strip some of the shyness away.”

“I know, I couldn’t hook up with Billy before we left either and I am sure I’ll be horny before too long. But Eugene…” her voice trailed off thinking of the possibility. “You might be right about him.”

Jenna and Katie were setting up in the next room and decided to go over to the next room to see what Ms. Davis was doing.

“Hi girls,” Kristin said, letting the girls in.

“Watcha doing, Ms. Davis?” Jenna asked.

“Well, I thought we would all go get some dinner before settling in for the night. We have alot of sightseeing for tomorrow.”

“Sounds good to us, I’ll go get the others,” Katie replied.

They all enjoyed a nice meal at a local restaurant and returned to their rooms afterwards. They reviewed their plans for where and when they were going the next day. The girls were all excited to be in a new strange city. Eugene was thrilled to be able to see so much history.

Kristin returned to her room and wanted to take a relaxing bubble bath. Jenna and Katie were talking about their boyfriends as usual. They were both dating football players and were both very popular.

“Johnny just can’t keep his hands off me,” Katie giggled as she pulled on her T-shirt.

“I know, Davy is the same way. He always has to have his hands on my tits,” Jenna said, laughing.

“Johnny puts his hand on my ass when we are walking through the halls,” Katie said. I wish he was here to pet my ass right now.”

“If Davy was here, I’d suck his big cock right in front of you,” Jenna said, rolling with laughter.

“That would be so cool,” Katie said, rolling right next to Jenna.

A few doors down, Megan and Abby were also talking about boys. The usual girls talk, who kisses the best, who has the biggest dick, that type of stuff.

“I don’t know about you but I’m getting horny,” Megan said, smiling.

“I am too, what should we do?” Abby replied.

“What canlı bahis şirketleri about inviting Eugene over and playing a truth or dare game with him?” Megan said. “We could at least see what kind of kisser he is.”

“If we do this, it has to stay on this trip. No one can find out about this,” Abby said.

“Oh, absolutely, this is just between us,” Megan agreed.

Megan knocked on Eugene’s door and asked him to come into the girls’ room. They explained that they were bored and just wanted to play a truth or dare game. Eugene was nervous but he was bored too and decided to try it.

Abby went first and Eugene picked truth.

“Ok, do you ever take your glasses off, Eugene?” Abby asked.

Eugene replied, “No, but I can see somewhat with them off.” He took them off and the girls could see instantly that he looked differently.

Eugene was next and Megan chose truth.

“Well,” Megan said coyly, “I love having my nipples pinched.”

Abby roared with laughter as Eugene blushed looking at Megan. Abby picked dare after Megan gave her a choice.

“Let’s see,” Megan said, thinking. “I dare you to kiss Eugene on the neck for thirty seconds.”

Abby giggled as she leaned toward Eugene, who sat nervously still.

“Don’t worry, Eugene, just relax,” Abby whispered as she put her hands around his neck and her lips touched his skin. Eugene’s cock was already rock hard as he experienced a girl’s lips for the first time, even if they were just on his neck. He knew that the night was going to be a wild one. Abby licked and sucked on his neck gently until Megan called time.

Eugene wiped his brow as Abby sat back down and then asked Megan if she wanted a truth or a dare. When Megan said dare, he decided to see how far she would go.

“Ok, Megan, I want to see you pinch your nipples, since you like that so much,” Eugene said, smiling widely.

“Would it be ok if I took my bra off first?” Megan asked Eugene, who gulped and could only nod affirmatively.

Megan reached into her t-shirt and unhooked her bra, pulling it out of her arm opening. Both Eugene and Abby could clearly see her firm nipples pointing out against the thin material of her shirt. Megan reached up and began to slowly pinch and pull her nipple. Her nipples were hard and sticking straight out as Megan closed her eyes and rolled her nipple between her slim fingers. Megan used her other hand to tweak and pull her other nipple and she was beginning to feel really good. A slight moan escaped her lips as she was pinching both nipples hard.

When Abby called for time everyone was in an excited state. Eugene could not believe the show he was seeing and both girls were getting hornier as they went. This time Megan made Abby kiss Eugene on his lips, a real french kiss.

Too horny to care now, Abby jumped up and sat on Eugene’s lap. She leaned in and slowly met his lips. Eugene did his best to follow her lead and when her tongue met his, he slipped his in too. Abby found him to be a very good kisser and sucked on his tongue. She could feel his rock hard boner against her tight ass as they kissed lips.

Megan called time when she saw Abby begin to rock her hips on Eugene’s lap. She was laughing when she saw Abby’s look of desperation. When Eugene said dare, Abby knew what she wanted.

“Eugene, I dare you to show us your cock,” Abby said, dripping with anticipation.

“Whoa, are you sure? Why do I have get naked?” Eugene said, nervously.

“Ok, Megan will show us her tits if you show us your dick,” Abby said.

“I will?” Megan said, laughing.

“Yes, you know you want to,” Abby replied, giggling.

“Ok, Eugene, I will show my tits if you show your dick,” Megan agreed.

“You first,” Eugene said.

Megan sat up and pulled her t-shirt off. Eugene sat amazed as he saw his first set of naked tits. They were fabulous, round and bouncy. Her stiff nipples still stuck out, pink and ripe to be pinched. He stood up and pulled his pants down, revealing his cock for the first time to other people. Both girls gasped when they saw his cock spring out, long and thick, the shiny head purple with excitement.

Both girls licked their lips when they saw Eugene’s cock, longer than both of their boyfriends. It looked wonderful to them, shiny and sleek, long and sticking straight out. Eugene relaxed when he saw their reaction, gaining confidence quickly. He sat down, his cock standing at attention between his legs.

“Abby, I want you to take off your bottoms and panties,” Eugene stated firmly. Abby just stood up, still focused on the big cock swinging before her, and pulled her bottoms off, leaving her naked from the waist down. Eugene looked at her pussy and found it to be exhilarating. Just a small touch of hair cropped above her pussy, he could see her lips as she sat down next to him.

Abby, regaining her senses somewhat, told Megan to rub her pussy all over Eugene just wearing her panties. Megan, a little disappointed in not being able to get naked, jumped up and crawled to Eugene. He fell canlı kaçak iddaa backwards as Megan crawled on top and she began to kiss his lips. She was working her hips until she trapped his cock between her legs and began to grind on him. Eugene was lost in excitement as he was kissing Megan and his cock was being rubbed on.

Abby looked between their legs and could see Megan was grinding on his cock. She reached in and squeezed his balls, gently rubbing them. She pulled Megan’s panties to the side and could see her pussy, wet and swollen with excitement. Megan seemed oblivious to Abby and just kept kissing and grinding on Eugene. Abby took her hands from Eugene’s balls and slid them up across Megan’s wet pussy. Her fingers slid easily into her pussy and she started to finger her friend’s pussy.

Eugene was rubbing his hands all over Megan’s body and cupped her ass cheeks as she rubbed against his cock. He was feeling good and knew he would cum quickly but he didn’t care. Abby could see his cock leaking juices as Megan kept up a steady grind on him. She was fingering her friend with two fingers when she pulled Eugene’s cock out. She could see Megan’s juices on his cock and licked the head of it. Tasting her friend for the first time, she thought it was pretty good. She sucked one more time before guiding it into her friends’ wet, sticky pussy.

Megan and Eugene both groaned out loud when his cock entered her tight pussy. Megan was being filled like never before and Eugene was experiencing a hot, wet, tight pussy for the first time. Megan humped down on his cock filling herself over and over. Abby used their combined juices to lightly run her fingers over Megan’s tight asshole. They all knew Eugene would blow his load quickly.

Eugene gripped Megan tightly and slammed his cock up into the tightest feeling he had ever had. Her wet pussy was gripping and pulling the cum right out of him. With a loud moan, he came in her pussy, filling it with his load and overflowing her pussy. He rocked into her until he had no cum left and they all collasped on the bed.

Katie and Jenna put their robes on over their t-shirts and panties and went to Ms. Davis’ room. Kristin opened the door and explained that she was in the middle of shaving.

“We just shaved our legs too, Ms. Davis,” Jenna said.

“Oh, uh, I already shaved them. I was shaving my, uh, vagina,” Kristin explained.

“No way, that is too cool,” Katie squealed.

“My boyfriend has been wanting me to shave mine,” Jenna said, laughing. “This sounds a little weird but can we watch?”

“Well, ok, but no one can know about this, deal?”

Both girls agreed and they went into the bathroom and Kristin stripped down and began trimming her pubic hair.

“Actually, I’m glad you two are here because I could use some help in getting the hard to reach areas,” Kristin said. “If you don’t mind helping me, that is.”

“We’ll help if you help us shave ours too, ok?” Jenna offered.

“Ok, girls, it’s a deal,” Kristin said, giggling.

Kristin lathered up and began to shave the fuzz from her pussy. Her cheerleaders sat there admiring their coach’s naked body. Her tits were full and round and jiggled slightly when she moved. Her long thin legs seemed shiny as she spread them wide open, revealing her glistening pussy.

“Katie, take the razor and, very carefully, shave the sides of my lips, ok?” Kristin said, laughing. “I’m trusting you here.”

Katie, trying not to laugh too hard, leaned in close to her coach’s pussy and tried to shave her. She laid her hand on Kristin’s pussy as she carefully trimmed away the hairs. Her thumb slid down and rubbed against her clit. Kristin sighed as she began to feel good. It had been a while since she had been with her last boyfriend and the steady rubbing of her clit got to her. Katie did a good job and soon had all of the hair shaved off.

Katie looked at Jenna as she stimulated her coach’s clit. Jenna could see Kristin’s eyes close and her head rolled back. Katie was now rubbing her clit faster and enjoyed seeing her coach roll with an approaching orgasm. Katie gave her clit one last rub before rinsing her pussy off.

Jenna began feeling the smooth shaved skin as Katie ran her hands all over Kristin’s smooth butt. Both girls liked the feeling and Jenna’s fingers accidentally brushed against Kristin’s clit. Kristin reached down and placed Jenna’s hand on her clit as she closed her eyes in lust. She needed to cum and wanted her students to help her. Jenna rubbed her clit hard and fast and soon Kristin began to cum. With a low groan, Kristin came as both girls were rubbing her smooth pussy.

Megan rolled off of Eugene as the kids tried to catch their breath. Abby looked at Megan who was laying before her with her legs spread far apart and Eugene who laid next to her with his shiny cock soaked in pussy juice. Without thinking, she leaned down and sucked Eugene’s cock deep into her throat. She sucked his cock clean and loved the taste of Megan’s pussy on his cock.

Abby quickly moved to Megan and began canlı kaçak bahis licking her friends’ pussy. She ran her tongue all over Megan’s pussy, sucking the cum out of her. Megan began to moan as Abby’s tongue worked her magic. Abby jumped up and grabbed Eugene’s stiffening cock and pushed her pussy down his shaft. Abby bounced on his cock with fast full strokes and she soon began to cum hard. Megan reached over and massaged Eugene’s balls as he came inside her.

Back in the coach’s room, Coach Kristin had finished shaving both of the young girls pussies clean of any pubic hair. She had both girls lay down side by side on her bed. She rubbed their feet and smooth legs.

“Remember girls, this is stays here,” Kristin said, as she spread both girls’ legs. She began to stroke their thighs, working her way to their freshly shaved vaginas. Wetting her fingers, she gently probed both pussies at the same time. The girls both moaned and eased back on the bed as their coach fingered their pussies. Kristin found them both wet and excited as she found their clits and rubbed quickly. Katie found Jenna’s hand and held her tightly as she was getting worked up.

Jenna squeezed tighter as she felt her coach’s hot breath on her pussy lips. Soon, Kristin was licking Jenna and then, Katie’s pussy. Kristin alternated between both young girls, loving the youthful freshness of their wet pussies. Sucking on their clits and sliding a finger into each of them, the girls were beginning to squirm on the bed.

Katie, having her clit pulled by her coach’s lips, reached her orgasm first. She gasped as the orgasm rolled through her, making her butt bounce off the bed. Satisfied, Kristin moved to Jenna and quickly finished her off, sucking her clit hard between her lips.

The next day, the group was off on their tour. Abby and Megan whispered their adventure with Eugene to Jenna and Katie as they all giggled. Then Katie and Jenna recounted their night with Coach as Megan and Abby sat wide eyed. Coach had them stay together as they toured a few museums. Eugene enjoyed the sights but did notice Katie and Jenna looking him over.

At the Smithsonian, Megan began to find ways to stand in front of Eugene. She and Abby wanted to play around a little. Eugene was looking in his museum map and did not notice Megan as she stood in front of him. Megan reached behind her and groped for Eugene’s cock. Eugene jumped as she wrapped her fingers around his growing bulge. Megan squeezed and rubbed his cock.

Eugene was flustered as Megan moved on and he hid his bulge with his maps. Soon, Abby was in front of him and she reached back and rubbed his cock as other tourist walked past, oblivious to what was going on. Eugene was quickly excited as the girls took turns rubbing him. Katie saw what the others were doing and she had to feel his cock too. She got in front of Eugene at the next exhibit and grabbed his bulge. Quite impressed with it, she rubbed it up and down several times.

Jenna was next and she too found his hard cock to be bigger than she ever thought it would be. The girls were getting horny and Eugene was trying to hide his leaking erection as much as he could. Just as Jenna began to rub him again, Coach Kristin saw what she was doing and scolded her about it. Katie stepped in and talked to Coach.

“Coach, his cock is much bigger than you would expect,” Katie whispered to her. “Besides, remember, what goes on here stays here, right?”

She quickly told the Coach what Megan and Abby did the night before. She assured her that Eugene did not mind the attention at all.

Once back at the hotel, Kristin called them together.

“I guess we are trying some new things out on this trip,” she said to the kids. “But, we must not let this get out back home or we all could be in trouble.”

“Don’t worry Coach, we’re all on vacation and just trying to have some fun,” said Jenna as she walked over to the Coach. With that, she took put her arms around the coach and began french kissing her. Megan took Katie to Eugene and she began kissing him. Abby grabbed Megan and started kissing her. Soon, all six were rolling around the room kissing and pulling their clothes off.

Katie said, “Coach, you gotta try Eugene,” panting.

A naked Eugene laid between four nude girls as their naked Coach came to him. She took his swollen cock into her hands and rubbed him all over. The girls made room and paired off for sucking and licking fun as their coach began sucking on Eugene’s large cock. Moans and groans soon joined the sounds of sucking and kissing.

Katie and Megan were sucking each others pussies as Abby and Jenna were sucking each other. All were working towards orgasms as Kristin began to ride Eugene’s cock. Kristin could not believe her student could fill her pussy as Eugene did. She rode him faster and faster as she pumped toward her orgasm. Eugene was thrilled as he pumped his cock into his teacher, filling her pussy with his cum.

As soon as the girls could get Eugene hard again, he fucked Katie, who he found had an incredibly tight pussy. He enjoyed pounding his cock into her. After Katie, Jenna had to have her chance with Eugene. They kept getting him hard the rest of the night and he fucked them all once and Coach Kristin twice. By morning, they were all exhausted.

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