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His hands were rough, yet steady on her flesh. He had dreamed of this moment for as long as he could remember. His days had often been filled with fantasies of touching her body, head to toe, then back up again. Now the moment was here and his emotions were making his head spin.

He had watched this woman grow from a 7 year old child to the beautiful woman she was today. He had marvelled at her development, both mentally and physically. Her name was Amber and she was his sister. She was built like a goddess with the mind of a genius.

Amber was introduced into the family when Craig was just 2 years old. Little did he know, at that tender age, that he would one day have his sister in a way that could only be compared to the hottest fantasy known to man.

Craig tried to keep his heavy breaths quiet as his sister layed motionless in her giant canopy bed, the moonlight highlighting her beautiful 18 year old features. Her long flowing red hair spread out around the pillow, almost like a halo made of fire. He continued to rub her firm thighs, gently kneading the flesh as he worked his fingers upward.

With each touch, he would look up, making sure that Amber had not yet awakened. As much as this turned him on, the thought of her knowing he was touching her, turned him on even more. His cock was beginning to stiffen to the point of complete discomfort inside his boxers. How much more could he take?

Just then, Amber moved her leg and let out a soft moan, repositioning herself. This startled Craig, but didn’t stop him. He smiled when he realized that her movement had caused her short little nightie to crawl up her hips, exposing her pink lace panties. His mouth began to water as he imagined the prize that hid behind the seductive, tight lace.

He could no longer stand it. He reached down and slid his hand inside his boxers, pulling out his cock. He could feel each vein throb in his hand and he knew he would have to make his move soon. So with his heart pounding and his mouth dry as a desert, Craig leaned in and placed his lips upon Amber’s.

Again, Amber stirred, this time waking up just a bit.

“Craig, what’s wrong? what are you doing?” she moaned sleepily.

“Shhhh, Amber, don’t say anything,” Craig whispered.

Amber was alarmed to find her older brother sitting on his knees between her legs. She reached over and clicked on her table lamp and sat up in her bed, resting against the white oak headboard.

“What time is it, Craig?” she asked, trying to focus her eyes.

“It’s late, sis, everyone’s asleep but us,” he answered.

Suddenly Amber looked down and saw that Craig’s cock was out in full view, and very much erect. Her eyes widened, she had no idea that her brother was THAT built.

Craig made no apologies, nor did he seem too interested in putting his cock away, at least not inside his boxers.

Amber was speechless as her eyes roamed up and down Craig’s thick, 8 inch cock. She had never seen one quite so thick before. Her mouth began to water when she noticed the girth of Craig’s cockhead, a beautiful, thick mushroom head.

Craig smiled when he looked down and realized that Amber was beginning to get a wet spot on her panties. She may have been speechless, but her body was speaking loud and clear.

“Say something, sis,” he said.

“I I I don’t know what to say, Craig, I’m still surprised,” she whispered.

“Oh don’t act all innocent now, I’ve seen you and your friends out by the pool wearing the smallest bikinis ever made,” he said, now beginning to stroke his cock slowly.

“You think that was for YOUR benefit?” she asked, now obviously fully awake.

“Well who else is there, sis? Dad’s always gone and the only other male within 2 miles is David, and he’s gay, so you tell me,” he said.

Amber chuckled, unable to disguise her intentions any longer, “Ok, ok, you’re right, it WAS for you, but you know me and my friends, we’re always teasing someone with our short canlı bahis skirts and skimpy clothes.”

Craig didn’t join in with his sister’s chuckles though.

“One of these days, you and all your cock tease friends are going to get exactly what you want and deserve,” he said, stroking a bit faster and eyeing his sister’s panties harder.

“Oh, Craig, you sound just like every other guy, go back to your room, I’m going back to sleep,” she said, rolling over and turning off her lamp.

For a moment, Craig sat there motionless. Should he go back to bed or take this opportunity while it was there, just a few feet away? No doubt about it, he was going for it.

He wasted no time crawling up between Amber’s legs, pushing them open and spreading them.

“Craig, you fucking animal, get off me!!” she squealed.

“Shut up, sis, you wanna wake up the whole house?” he groaned.

Amber knew what kind of bear her father could be when he was awakened in the middle of the night.

“No,” she whispered, “But I don’t want this either.”

“Bullshit, you’re a cock tease and this is EXACTLY what you want, you’ve wanted it all along,” he hissed, sliding his thick rough fingers inside her moist pink panties.

Amber closed her eyes and tried to think of other things. How could this be happening? Was she really THAT much of a cock tease?

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, feeling Craig’s warm fingertip penetrate her cunt.

“Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about,” he whispered, using his other hand to slide his boxers down.

Amber could feel her brother’s finger sliding deeper inside her. She felt her nipples begin to rise and pucker, she knew there was no turning back now.

“Lift up and slide your nightie up,” Craig whispered.

Amber obeyed and slid the see thru nightie up past her tits, over her head then down to the floor. Now she lay there in nothing but the moist pink panties, but even they wouldn’t be staying long.

Craig leaned in and took in his sister’s warm musky aroma, this made his cock jump, forcing a small squirt of pre-cum to ooze out.

“God you’re hotter then I ever imagined, sis,” he whispered, slowly beginning to pump his finger.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned again, opening her legs up just a bit further.

Craig slid up and lowered his mouth to Amber’s perky tits, quickly circling her left nipple with his warm tongue. Amber seemed to like this, responding with a series of “ohhhh’s” and “mmmm’s.”

Craig looked up, barely able to make out his sister’s face in the moonlight, he could see just a hint of a smile. This encouraged him further as he sucked the tart, puckered nipple into his mouth, gently grazing his sharp front teeth along the tip.

Amber reached down and gently grabbed a handful of her brother’s blonde hair. Craig responded by sliding a second finger into his sister’s cunt, which was now fully lubricated and slippery.

Craig matched the thrusts of his fingers with the sucking of his mouth, both working in a perfect rythym to send his sister into maximum overdrive.

Her grip on his hair became tighter and she began bucking her hips upward, her slippery pussy fucking her brother’s fingers.

Craig quickly moved to Amber’s right nipple, sucking it into his mouth just as intensely as he had done with the left.

“Mmmm, Craig, don’t stop,” she pleaded in the darkness.

Craig was not about to stop, but he knew his cock could not hold out much longer so he began fucking his sister’s cunt furiously. In and out with deep penetrating thrusts, feeling her pussy welcome his fingers with a soft, slippery suction.

Just then, Amber’s body went stiff, her grip on her brother’s hair became intense, and thru the darkness, she yelled out, “Oh God, Craig!!! Mmmmmm, I’m cumming, OHHHHHHHH.”

Craig continued sucking his sister’s nipple while she rode out her orgasm, her pussy clamping around his fingers. Then, when he was satisfied that she was calm, he slowly removed bahis siteleri his saturated fingers from her cunt, bringing them up to her mouth. His cock jumped again when he felt Amber’s suction, her mouth working his fingers all the way down to the knuckles.

He couldn’t take anymore. Craig reached down and grabbed his sister’s limp legs, bringing them up to his shoulders.

“I can’t wait anymore,” he whispered, “I have to fuck you.”

Amber’s only response was a soft moan, still feeling the effects of the intense orgasm.

Craig slowly slid his sister’s body closer to him, he could feel the heat from her pussy radiating out, coating his cock.

With one swift thrust, he was finally inside his sister. All the fantasies, all the dreams, none of it came close to the real thing he was experiencing right at this moment. She was so warm, so tight, her pussy so inviting, he felt as though he could stay inside his sister forever.

Slowly, he began to thrust, only penetrating her with half of his cock.

“Oh God, Craig, don’t tease me,” she moaned, “Fuck me, fuck me hard and deep.”

Craig’s head was spinning again. So many times he had ached to hear those very words from his sister.

He wasted no time. He grabbed her by the ankles, spreading her open to her limits and began driving his cock deep within his sister’s cunt.

Amber reached up and grabbed the headboard, digging her nails into the old splintered wood. Using it for leverage, she began to bare down, fucking her brother’s cock right back.

Craig reached down and placed his thumb on Amber’s swollen clit, mashing it into her pubic bone. She roared out, not caring who heard her. She had never experienced such passion and extasy in all her life. None of her boyfriends had ever fucked her like this.

In small tight circles, Craig began rubbing his sister’s clit, feeling it throb beneath his fingertip. This almost sent him over the edge. He began thrusting harder, sending Amber’s body up and down the bed, crumpling the sheets beneath them.

“Mmmm, yeah that’s it, Craig, fuck your sister like a whore, like the whore you want her to be,” she moaned.

“You are a whore, baby,” he hissed, “I’m making you my whore right now.”

Amber seemed to respond to her brother’s dirty talk and began thrusting her hips faster, her pussy sucking Craig’s cock in, balls deep.

Craig began rubbing harder, mashing the swollen butter harder in his sister’s bone. His cock fucking her like a well oiled machine, pistoning in and out with perfect sexual precision. When suddenly …….

“Stop,” Amber said.

“What the fuck you mean stop?!?!” Craig whispered, “I’m not stopping for anyone.”

“I want you to stop, Craig, so you can fuck me up the ass,” she whispered back.

“Oh my God,” Craig thought to himself, “Is this for real?”

So, reluctantly, Craig slid his throbbing, soaked cock from his sister’s cunt, not willing to wait to long for her to get on all 4’s.

Luckily, he didn’t have to wait long, Amber was up on her knees and her hands planted on the headboard before Craig knew what was going on.

“Turn the light on,” she whispered.

Craig smiled and obeyed, turning the small light back on.

He almost lost his load right there. Seeing his naked sister sitting on her knees, her body aching and begging to be fucked was almost more then Craig could handle. He wasted no time moving in behind her, placing his big rough hands on her hips, pulling her body back to him.

Amber looked over her shoulder, “Fuck me, bro, I’ve always wanted a cock up my ass.”

Craig looked down and saw his sister’s puckered tan asshole staring back up at him. His mouth watered and his cock ached, begging for release. He brought his hands back, spreading Amber’s ass cheeks wide open and slowly slid his wet cock into her rim, feeling it grip his cock.

“Ohhhh, fuck you’re tight,” he moaned, slowly working each inch of his cock into her.

Amber bahis şirketleri closed her eyes and bit her lip, she didn’t know that anal sex would be so different from vaginal. Her brother was so big and thick and his cock demanded to enter her asshole.

Once Craig had worked his cock half way inside his sister’s asshole, he stopped and remained still, moving only to slide his hand between Amber’s quivering thighs. She let out a long, heavy moan, feeling Craig’s finger again rubbing her swollen clit. Her fingers dug into the headboard harder, causing one of her nails to bend back from the pressure.

Craig immediately began working his fingertip into Amber’s clit, rubbing and massaging it, almost with force.

“Oh my God, Craig,” she moaned, “Don’t fucking stop!!”

Craig liked hearing his sister beg him like that. She began swiveling her hips side to side, grinding down on her brother’s fingertip. Once again, a climax was approaching. She felt her muscles begin to tighten, also making her asshole tighten, causing Craig to moan out.

Amber bucked back and forth on the bed like a wild stallion, yanking the headboard side to side as her orgasm flooded her body again. She remained on her knees, weak and shaking. Craig quickly brought his hand up, placing them both back on Amber’s hips, preparing to feel his own orgasm.

Thrust after thrust, he fucked his sister ….. wildly, passionately, and with total abandon. His fingers dug into her flesh, causing it to ache and burn until finally he was buried balls deep into his sister’s asshole.

“Oh fuck, Amber, I wanna cum in your fucking ass so bad,” he moaned, never slowing down.

Amber tried to speak, but her mouth was so dry that the words never came out. She wanted desperately to tell her brother to flood her slutty asshole with his seed.

Pumping wildly, sending his sister’s body and head into the headboard, Craig fucked her like he had always wanted to. His balls were beginning to tighten and his heart was thumping in his throat.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK!!!!” he screamed, finally dumping his load into his sister’s ass.

He felt as though he was about to pass out. His head was swimming and his heart was racing, taking a breath seemed almost impossible.

He looked down and watched Amber’s asshole puckering, clamping his cock, milking it.

Craig slowly withdrew, smiling when his sister’s ass made a pop sound and licking his lips when he saw the thick, watery stream of cum leaking from her asshole. He reached down and scooped it up, leaning forward to feed her.

Just as she had done with her own cum, Amber sucked her brother’s cum furiously with a deepthroat suction.

Once she had cleaned Craig’s finger completely, he collapsed down beside her in bed. As they laid there, both still a little breathless, Amber whispered to her brother, “I have fantasized about this too.”


The next morning, the siblings woke up, wrapped in the sheet, as well as each other. Neither of them had forgotten the events of the previous night, so when they awoke side by side, all they could do was kiss and smile.

“I guess we should go down for breakfast before Mom comes looking for us,” said Amber.

Craig agreed and they both climbed out of the warm cocoon they had been sharing. Both brother and sister each gave the other a complete looking over, both happy with how the other looked naked.


“Morning, Mom,” the pair said in unison.

“Good morning sleepyheads,” said Beverly, pouring her cup of coffee.

“Did either of you hear that loud racket last night?” she asked.

Amber and Craig looked at each other and winked, trying to hold back their laughter.

“Ummm, no Mom, what racket?” asked Amber.

“Oh God, it was so loud, I think it was those wretched cats from next door howling all night, you know they should really bring those cats in at night,” said her mother.

Amber almost choked on her pop tart. Craig looked over at her and gave her another wink. He leaned over and whispered to his sister, “I think we should buy Mom some earplugs, those “cats” could get pretty loud.”

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