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Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older.

Author’s Note: Thanks for your patience and great comments. I’ve been busy with work and real life, but here’s the new chapter, probably the second last chapter in this story.

I may write some one-offs or a sequel about AJ and friends, but there’s other multi-chapter stories I’m interested in writing, some in the same vein but with new characters and settings, so stay tuned.

In the interest of that, I’d love to hear what you’d like to see for the last chapter. I can promise some group action and some familiar faces, but would be really interested to see who you’d like AJ to wrap things up with.


New characters are added after their first chapter. I’ve decided to pair down the cast list to characters that are mentioned/relevant to the current chapter.

AJ: Our protagonist, a quiet, nerdy, guy, but nice and well-liked at the small high school he just graduated from.

SADIE: A newer friend of the group, rumoured around school to be a bit of a slut. Short, curvy and famously busty, with long blonde hair and bright blue-green eyes. Loud, bubbly, and a little wild.

GIGI: A wealthy, glamorous and intimidating member of the pom team and friend of Mackenzie’s. Wavy black hair, bronzed light brown skin, catlike amber eyes and full, sensuous features. She’s Brazillian/Colombian, tall, toned and curvy.

DYLAN: Track and volleyball star, another friend of Mackenzie’s. Very tall (around 5’11”) with long legs, slender except for her round, volleyball player butt. Very short, platinum blonde hair and hazel eyes.

AMANDA: Part of AJ’s friend group since the start of high school. A Mormon and star soccer player with very religious parents. Tall and athletic, with curly brown hair cut above the shoulders and brown eyes.

CHARLOTTE: Class president, bossy, ambitious and studious. Cute, with round, soft features and brown hair she always keeps pulled back. Short and thick, with surprising curves.

EVA: Reagan’s friend, another Junior who’s on the Pom Team. Half-Egyptian, with long, dark hair and a fit, petite body. Watched, but didn’t participate in AJ’s first blowjob from Reagan.

REAGAN: Grant’s ex-girlfriend, a Junior who had an encounter with AJ on the last day of school. Petite, with brown hair in a retro bob and dark blue eyes.

* * *

I was still wet from the shower, my clothes sticking to me when I got back to Cabin C. I snatched up a towel and flopped down on my bunk to dry off my hair, mind whirring a mile a minute. Amanda had seen me naked, that much was obvious. I found myself hoping I was still a little erect when she caught a glimpse of my privates, but it had all been such a blur and honestly I had bigger things to worry about.

What had she heard from Dylan and I’s shared shower? We hadn’t exactly been keeping quiet, and it seemed as though she’d been standing there for some time.

And I couldn’t stop thinking about her flush, her fly-away hair, her breathless, embarrassed voice and her unbuttoned shorts. Maybe she’d been starting to undress for her shower and been so shocked upon hearing us that she’d forgotten to do her zipper back up.

That was the only possible explanation, other than…

She’d been touching herself. Listening and touching herself.

I swallowed. I couldn’t know for sure. But it definitely seemed likely. After all, if I’d walked into the showers and heard two people having sex, what was the innocent thing to do?

Leave quietly, I thought. Or if I’d really needed a shower, I might have made a loud noise to let them know I was there and that they should stop. Why would anyone stay and keep quiet, if not to listen and enjoy themselves?

I ran a hand through my still damp hair. It was a strange situation to find myself in, but I couldn’t say the thought wasn’t arousing. Amanda, overcome with curiosity and arousal, standing outside the shower door with her hand in her shorts, stifling her moans as she rubbed herself to the sounds of Dylan Nystrom and I fucking.

Still, it was probably more than mortifying for her, and given her complete lack of experience with this type of thing, it was probably better to pretend it had never happened. I hoped Amanda had enjoyed herself—I certainly had.

The next day was Sunday, our final day without campers to deal with, although we spent a good portion of it planning and setting up for the coming week of activities.

I’d texted Dylan most of what had happened when Amanda caught me, just not the most interesting details for the sake of Amanda’s privacy.

DYLAN: Oh god she must have heard us

DYLAN: You think she’ll tell Sheila?

I assured her that despite being a bit of a goody-goody, Amanda was no snitch. But Dylan seemed embarrassed enough about being caught that I doubted we’d be sneaking off together anytime soon, which was okay. Of course, I’d have jumped at another encounter with her, but I could also hardly be unsatisfied with the canlı bahis şirketleri insanity of Friday and Saturday night.

Instead we spent our free time on Sunday just kind of hanging out—me, Dylan, Jenny, Charlotte, Eva, Dante, and eventually Amanda, who’d been caught up helping Sheila for most of the day. We were playing Mafia in the campsite quad when Jenny spotted her and waved her over.

Amanda jogged up to us, but when she glanced around the circle, she started looked around as she hoped Sheila would call her away, a subtle flush rising to her cheeks. “Um… yeah, sure, I guess… I’ll play…”

Dylan and I exchanged uncomfortable glances as Amanda made her way to sit by Jenny and Charlotte, notably as far away from the two of us as possible. As we got into the game, she seemed to relax, but I figured it was better to give her some space for the rest of the evening.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. There was something sexy, fun and warm, fuzzy feeling about just goofing around and playfully flirting with a girl I’d seen naked and had wild shower sex with just last night. I was pretty sure everyone knew there was something going on between us, and I was proud that they did.

The next day, to my surprise, Eva asked me about it. It was late afternoon and we were in the storage room, sorting through the camp’s costumes and props to figure out what we might need for tomorrow’s rehearsal.

We were paired up again for Drama, but instead of just games, this batch of campers would be writing and rehearsing a short play to perform on the last day of camp.

“So, um… what’s up with you and Dylan, anyway?” I could tell she was trying to make it sound casual, breezy. She was sitting on a large bin, wearing a pink feather boa, casually wrapped around her neck and a pair of opera gloves, costume pieces we’d already scavenged from a box.

I was up on a step ladder, lifting down a big bin of what I hoped were props. The storage room was a mess, with years of randomly boxed up junk accumulated from camp years gone by.

“Uh… I don’t know. She’s great.” I set the bin down and popped it open to find that it was mostly extra kitchen utensils.

Eva gave me a look. “Oh, come on. Are you guys like, a ‘thing’ or something?”

I sighed. “Aren’t you guys close? Maybe you should ask her?”

She huffed. “Ugh… she won’t tell me anything, which is messed up, because…”

Eva trailed off suddenly and I raised an eyebrow. “Why is it messed up?” I closed the bin back up and lifted it.

She was playing with her dark, sleek high ponytail like usual, threading her fingers through it. “Because… I’m the one who told her about you…”

My eyebrow lifted even higher. “What about me?”

“That you…” Eva sighed and lifted her chin, squaring her shoulders. “…had a big dick.”

The heavy bin almost slipped out of my hands and onto my foot. I quickly set it down.

“You did?” I honestly doubted that had been the reason Dylan had gone for me, but I supposed any little bit helped. “Thanks, I guess. It’s really not that big,” I mumbled.

“Well, Reagan said it was the thickest one she’d ever seen, so…” Eva said, avoiding my gaze, fidgeting with her opera gloves.

I laughed nervously, and she did too, smooth, light brown skin blushing. Eva had stormed out of the auditorium in such a state after accidentally catching some “friendly fire” off my blowjob from Reagan that I was surprised they were still talking.

“So you talked to Reagan, huh? I thought you were mad at both of us.”

Eva’s gaze flicked up to the ceiling. “I wasn’t mad, it was just like…” She sighed and I could tell this was hard for her. She’d always been guarded, keeping up the front of sassy, cool girl who doesn’t give a fuck—mimicking the Senior dance girls like Gigi, I’d always thought. “…kind of embarrassing.”

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” I sat down on a box across from her. “It was a weird situation.”

“I mean… it was just a little cum.” Eva rubbed her neck. “And I totally freaked out.”

“Oh, come on. It wasn’t what you signed up for.” I scratched my head. “I’m really sorry, by the way. I shouldn’t have laughed at the time either, I just…”

“Ugh,” she groaned. “Why do you have to be so nice all the time?” She crossed her arms. “I was such a bitch to you last week.”

I shrugged. “I wouldn’t be that nice to someone who came on me without warning.”

“Stop, oh my god, it’s fine. Honestly, I, um…” Absently, she plucked pink feathers from the boa one by one, letting them float to the floor. “Like… I wasn’t expecting it, obviously. But once I kinda calmed down… I didn’t really mind it?” Eva eyes flicked upwards to me. “I actually kinda liked it or… whatever.”

I paused at that. “Yeah?”

“Mhm.” Eva nodded. The air in the storage room seemed to have thickened.

“Did you ever, like… think about it?” I asked.

Eva exhaled slowly, rolling her eyes briefly. “…Yeah. canlı kaçak iddaa Like, sometimes… sometimes I think about—why am I even telling you this…” She squirmed, running her hands over her face.


“No, it’s so fucking embarrassing…”

“Come on…” I wheedled. “You started this. You have to tell me now.”

“You have to promise not to be an asshole.”

“I promise.”

Eva huffed. “…Okay. I’ve never told anybody this, but… sometimes I think about, like… what if it wasn’t just a little? Like… what if Reagan had just made you come all over my face.”

The blush was a deep crimson now as she stared at the floor.

I blinked, throat dry. “Is that… Is that what you want?”

Eva glanced back up at me, chewing her lip. It looked like it took all her strength, but she nodded.

“Okay,” I said simply.

“Seriously?” She swallowed.

“Yeah.” It was strange to be the one with more experience, but strangely Eva’s nervousness made me feel a little more confident. I stood up from the step-ladder I’d been leaning on and walked over to her.

Her breath was shallow and quick out of her nose as she watched me get closer. “Like… right now or…”

“If you want.”

Her gaze dropped down to the bulge in my shorts, growing more prominent by the second at the surprising but insanely hot situation. “Should I…” I motioned downwards.

“Okay,” she whispered, nodding.

I unbuttoned myself and drew out my cock, sticking out towards her face, fully stiff and engorged with a few strokes.

“Fuck…” Eva inhaled softly, running her fingers up and down from her bare knees to the hem of her short-shorts.

“How do you want to do this…” I said gently.

“Um…” Her eyelids fluttered, as if she were having a hard time focusing. “You can just, like… jerk off, if you want… sorry, is this super fucking weird?”

“It’s not weird. It’s really hot.”

“Actually?” She asked. “You’re not just being nice like always or—”

“—Shh.” I started stroking my cock, up and down the length in front of her.

Eva audibly gulped, eyelids hooded as she watched my hand move intently. My swollen, purple dickhead was pointed directly at her, the taut muscles of my shaft flexing slightly with every pump.

“You might want to…” I gestured to the feather boa around her neck.

“Oh. Yeah…” Seeming to snap out of her initial trance, she shrugged it off, sweeping a quick hand over her ponytail.

There was something incredibly hot about just getting to watch Eva while she did nothing but stare at me jerking off. She really was cute—soft, delicate features, with a slim chin and a rounded nose, large eyes similar in shape and colour to roasted almonds. She had bowed lips and full, heavy dark lashes that recalled her Egyptian ancestry.

Bracing on her knees, her hands made fists and unmade them, fingers with lavender-painted nails curling and uncurling. Her feet, in lowtop Nikes, fidgeted on the floor. She’d knotted her white camp t-shirt at the bottom again, and as she shifted in place, it rode up to reveal a few inches of dusky skin at her petite waist.

“You’re really pretty,” I said casually.

“Stop…” She shrugged her slim shoulders, self-consciously. “…Thanks. Um… Reagan was right, y’know… your cock is really thick.”

I let out a quiet huff of laughter. “Did you think about it this summer?”

“Shut up…” Eva said, almost as a reflex, but then she nodded, knees coming together.

I flicked my hand a little faster, pumping my shaft hard. “You did?” I asked a little teasingly. “You think about this cock coming all over your pretty face, Eva?”

Her mouth opened with a little gasp. Impulsively, I reached out and took her by the chin with my free hand. “Mm…” She made a soft sound in her throat, staring up at me with those hooded almond eyes, breathing hard. “Mhm…”

“Yeah? Does that turn you on…” I prodded, as her gaze flicked between my face and my cock.

“Oh my god, you’re such a perv…” she murmured, rubbing her thighs together.

“You’re the one who asked me to jerk off in front of you…” I murmured, with a smile, my hand still on her cheek. “Mm.” Making no effort to make this last, I jacked my cock, feeling it thrum with tingling heat. “Get it wet?”

I wasn’t sure how far she wanted to take this, so I left it vague. Swallowing, Eva sat up, worked up a mouthful of saliva and let it drop onto my cock, hurriedly wiping her lips, glancing up at me for approval.

I nodded with a groan as it made my strokes slippery and smooth. “Good girl.”

It just slipped out, but I could tell Eva liked it—her cheeks reddened and she obediently sat back so her face was presented before my cock, lips parting. “Are you close…”

“Mhm…” I grunted, feeling the pulse beginning in my balls. “I’m gonna come… gonna come on your face, Eva…”

“Mm…” Eva nodded, pressing her lips together in anticipation, holding her hair back, canlı kaçak bahis anxiously scooting as close as she could.

The first rope took her by surprise, spurting out with such force that it painted a thick, white line across her pursed lips, up and over her nose to her forehead. Eva flinched, gasping, eyes squeezing shut, but then she rallied, sticking out her tongue, eyelids fluttering as the second jet splattered onto her cheek.

“Hhh…” With each frenzied tug, my cock throbbed, blasting load after load all over Eva’s face, onto her tongue, into her open mouth.

“Oh my god—” Overwhelmed, she squeaked and spluttered, but held herself still to be thoroughly glazed, her heaving gasps spilling cum out of her trembling lips, too much, too quickly to swallow as I made a sticky, dripping mess of her pretty face.

She hadn’t touched me once, but it was one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. When the last pulse finally oozed out onto her smeared lips, it felt like I had been coming for minutes, light-headed and weak-kneed just from the sheer filthiness of watching Eva take all my cum for her first facial.

Blinking away the globules trapped in her lashes, Eva looked up at me, panting shakily, almond eyes wide, absolutely cum-drenched. “Holy s-shit…” It was barely more than a breath.

I wanted to apologize, but I was too busy catching my breath, so just glanced

around for something to clean her up with. There had been a bin with tea towels…

When I handed one to her, she still seemed stunned, just holding it for a few moments, still taking shivering breaths. I sat down on a bin opposite her, tucking myself away, as we both gathered ourselves in breathless silence.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Mhm…” She murmured. “You… you came so much…” She blurted finally, and I laughed.

Slipping off the opera gloves, Eva started wiping her face, a pretty involved process, and I leaned in to help her, holding the collar of her t-shirt away from the skin to make sure it stayed clean. It felt weirdly intimate to be so close to her, even after jerking off onto her face.

“Okay, okay…” She waved me away as she started to finish up, and though she hid it with the tea towel, I caught her licking one of her fingertips clean before wiping off her hands. The towel was thoroughly ruined, and Eva balled it up and tossed it into a trash can.

“So… that was crazy…” I leaned back, watching her.

“Yeah. Little bit.” She put her hands in her back pockets. “…You probably think I’m like a total slut now or something…”

“I’d be one to talk… since I’m such a ‘manwhore player’, right?” I echoed her drunken words from the game of Never Have I Ever.

She gave me a look. “You’re so annoying sometimes…”

I grinned. “…I’m not gonna tell people or anything.”

“Okay… thanks.” Eva stood there across from me and then held her arm up expectantly. “Well? You’re really gonna come on my face and not hug me after…” She muttered.

I hugged her tightly, and the moment after I pulled back, she pressed a quick kiss to my cheek before turning away with a bit of a bounce in her step. “C’mon, let’s get these stupid costumes and get out of this closet…”

The next day, Amanda and I were paired to supervise a free swim in the lake, the first time we’d be alone since our accidental moment in the showers.

“Hey,” I said, with a bit of anticipation, before plopping down next to her on the beach. The kids were already paddling around in the shallows, with a few staying dry and making sand sculptures a way’s away from us.

“Hi…” Amanda glanced at me quickly before looking out over the lake, knees drawn up into her chest.

After an awkward bit of small talk, I finally decided to broach the subject. Being direct seemed to have worked for me before. “I just wanted to say, I’m really sorry about Saturday. It was my fault and I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable…”

“No—no, no, no…” She said. “I should have just… it was my fault.”

“I was in the girls’ showers…” I laughed.

“Well yeah, but…” Amanda traced patterns in the sand with a twig. “I should have just…”

“You, um… didn’t do anything wrong…” I thought it might be a step too far to ask what she’d been doing while listening to us, but I thought I could still reassure her that it was okay with me.

She turned her head and squinted off, before turning back to me. “How do you, um… what is it like… having sex…” She said that part even quieter. “…with people you don’t have feelings for?”

I blinked. “I, uh… Well, with Dylan…”

“…you do have feelings for her,” Amanda said, as if that’s what she expected.

“I… have a lot of feelings for her,” I said, suddenly feeling as if I was under a microscope. “But I’m not, like, in love with her or something. We get along really well, I like hanging out with her… and I’m attracted to her, so… it feels really natural, actually. It’s the same with Sadie.”

“Right… Sadie,” she looked down, maybe embarrassed about the last thing she’d said about Sadie. “But if you’re friends with someone, and you’re physically attracted to them… isn’t that just like being in a relationship?”

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