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A semi-autobiographical telling of brother and sister incest. All involved are 18 or over.

Debbie and the Boys, one hot summer afternoon…


Franklin and I were lying on our stomachs watching my sister who was on the other side of the pool on a sun-lounger. It was a perfect day and we were enjoying the scenery… her magnificent tits that were hardly covered by a tiny bikini top, her pussy was hiding behind a scrap of cloth that was trying to be the bikini bottom. My sister is 24, she treats my friends and I as juvenile nuisances. Her rule is clear: ‘If I am at the pool you kids stay on the far side from where I choose to sunbathe. In other words, you do not interest me, go away.’

All we could do was lust from across the water. We were both wearing Speedos, they do little to hide excited cocks. I had a massive boner and I suspect Franklin is also struggling. If not, he is very unusual for a fit 18-year-old guy.

I am Gregson Gregory, he is Franklin Thomas. We have been pals for about six weeks, since his folks moved to this area. We are both about three months past our 18th and met at the tennis club, we had clicked immediately.

We are evenly matched in tennis and just about everything else. Both of us are tall, tanned, well-built and gym-fit muscular. The gym is on the same level as the pool-deck. My bedroom is above it, a spiral staircase connects. If I want to, I can come and go without using the house at all. My sister does some gym work but will not use it if I, Franklin or my other pals are in there. When asked why she just snorts, dismissing the questions of ‘little boys’, as she refers to us. It is all a front, I know her a lot better than you may think. The disdainful and distant attitude is her way of suppressing her sexual lusting, her need for good sex, a need unfulfilled by the weedy nerds who pant after her.

She needs plenty of good sex, as will be revealed.

She is sneaking looks at us, mainly directed at the untried meat, Franklin, checking his body in a way that tells me she is more than interested. The signs are that Franklin is on her bucket list, something he is blissfully unaware of. Shortly after first meeting her he asked if she uses the gym, she looked down her nose at him. “You two are 18-year-old kids, why would I want to be anywhere near your sweaty bodies?”


He was a bit taken aback at her scathing rebuff but apologised if she thought him forward. Once she had moved on he turned to me and said. “Greg, your sister is an attractive lady, great legs, but fucking rude. I wish was I older!”

His apology had surprised her, she was not used to guys responding like that. I had seen the way her eyes smiled and knew that he had scored high marks with her. It was just a matter of time before he got rewarded. Wait and see!

I pointed at the obvious bulge in his Speedo. “You want to fuck her?”

He was shocked, blushing furiously and looking very awkward. “Sorry, she is your sister and way off limits. I am very sorry.” He is such a well-mannered guy.

I laughed. “If she fancies you, and I know she does, she will fuck with you. “

He looked at me with wide eyes. “No way! Really? Are you serious?”

I told him it was pretty much a certainty. “I have been watching her looking you over. She likes fit young guys like you. Her dates have always been nerdy, small dick weeds. She has been feasting her eyes on you, her cunt is wet for you.”

With disbelief in his voice he replied. “Oh wow! Hey, you must be joking, right?”

“Nope.” I said. “When she gets pissed off with a boyfriend, as she is now, she gets frustrated and that is when she comes to my bedroom and we fuck for a couple of hours.” Franklin looked at me in amazement. “Holy shit! Are you telling me you fuck your sister? Seriously! Now you are bullshitting me!”

“Started when she came home in a bad mood, swearing that she hated all men. I asked if that meant she hated me too, but she ignored the question. Later that night I woke up to find her sitting on my bed, just looking at the floor. She told me she did not hate me, of course not, it was just that the guys she was dating always turned out to be twats. I did not say much, just made a few noises to let her know I was there and listening. All she was wearing was a flimsy, almost see-through, thigh length sleep-shirt. Her tits were very easy on the eye. It was quite cold, and the nipples were saying ‘hello Greg’! She shivered, so I told her to get under the blanket to keep warm. I thought she might get up and leave, but she just said okay and slipped in next to me. My room used to be the guest suite, so I have a great king-size bed, and my own bathroom.”


Franklin was all ears, goggle-eyed at what he was hearing.

“Debbie says I could have chicks stay over and the folks would never know. That has never happened, I remained a frustrated virgin till that night.”

Now he could hardly control himself. “You were a virgin, she was right there with you, in your bed! canlı bahis Did you have a boner, did she see it?”

I told him it was so amazing to be in that situation that I hardly thought about my erection until she snuggled to me, with my hard cock pressing on her leg.

“Fuck! What did she do?”, he panted.

“She pressed back, so I pressed back at her! Then I put a hand on her tits. She said something like ‘careful little brother’ but did not move away, in fact she pressed even more on me while casually putting a leg over my waist. She wasn’t wearing panties and I felt the touch of her warm pussy. I took a chance and slid a hand between us and touched her down there.”

Franklin was slowly rubbing his cock through the Speedo. “No way!”

“She took my cock in her hand and said I was bigger than any boyfriend she ever had. Pre-cum was coming out of the knob and she was rubbing it on my cock-head, and up and down my stiff dick. She took my hand and held it between her legs, pushing her cunt against my fingers. I could feel the cunt lips as she pushed hard against me. I felt around, two fingers slipped into her. She moaned and whimpered, like she was mega enjoying it, so I twitched the fingers a bit more.”

Franklin listened in amazement, a large wet spot on his Speedo where his cock head was. “What happened then? This is fantastic! Tell me, what happened?”

“It was fast, she pulled my shorts off and then her sleep-shirt came off, we were both naked. She told me to get on top of her. I saw that she was crying quietly, I thought I had messed up. Then she said. “You must never talk about this, understood? Please fuck me, I really want you to fuck me. I need you Greg.”


Franklin was hanging on every word, panting in anticipation and rubbing himself.

“I was not going to argue, now was I? She wriggled about to get under me until I was lying between her legs. I lifted myself above her, supported on my arms. I could look back down between us and see my cock pointed at her pussy, and knew it was going to happen. Her hand guided me until my boner was right there at the door. She looked at me, put both hands on my bum and pulled me into her, saying. “I want your cock brother. I have wanted it for a long time.”

“She was bucking under me and I found myself fucking, like in the porno movies. I could hear her crying, but she was also smiling and grinning. We started kissing, I tasted the tears. I guess she had needed cock, and mine was available. I only lasted a few strokes before I knew I was going to blow my load. She felt the fast build-up and started slapping my ass, saying all sorts of horny things in my ear as I shot a load in her. She went crazy, I must have come again. She was really having a great time. I certainly was, no question. I was fucking my sister!”

Franklin now had a hand inside his Speedo, gripping his cock in a fist.

Across the pool, Debbie was watching from behind her shades.

Franklin whispered. “Fuck, but you are one lucky guy!”

“She was having orgasms, making really sexy sounds and telling me how much she loved me and how great my cock was. I stayed hard in her while she bucked and twisted under me. She told me to get over on my back, then sat on me, grabbed my cock and held it up to her cunt before dropping herself onto it. I went in the whole way. That was when I fired another couple of loads and that made her even noisier, the orgasms were running into each other”

Franklin was nodding rapidly, his eyes wide. Eager to hear more, very excited. “What about your folks, they must have heard what was going on? “

“My room is over the gym and at the far end of the house, so it is cut off from my folks’ wing, and from Debbie’s room. You can make a lot of noise and they will not hear it”.

“Great! Very fucking handy!” he said. “Did she stay the night?”


“Not that time, but she has stayed a few times since then. After I came again, she grabbed a towel from the bathroom and left, not saying a word, just kissed me on the lips and was gone. I lay on the bed in a daze, thinking about what had happened. My cum had dripped out of her cunt and was all over my abs, running in the grooves. I dipped my fingers and licked them. The taste of cum and sister juice is fantastic! After a while I went out and dived in the pool to clean up. I remember, I put my head back, threw up my arms and howled to the stars!”

Franklin rolled on his back, the bulge and wet patch now unmistakeable.

A couple weeks back he had told me he was a virgin, never had pussy. Now he was groaning in his desire, looking across at my sister and whispering to me. “Holy shit Greg! When can I fuck her? Please, I want to I fuck her.”

On the other side of the pool I saw Debbie turn her head and look over at us, wondering why we were whispering. I also knew that she was checking his bulge from behind her shades. Bulges like his are meat and drink to my big sister.

In his excitement Franklin forgot she was there, completely bahis siteleri absorbed in what in was telling him. “Aw, fuck, please Greg, make it soon. My balls will burst if I don’t have a fuck soon.” He had not whispered, she heard that, loud and clear.

He was lying on his back, over half of his massive cock was now clear of his Speedo. He was absently massaging the head in full view of my sister. I knew the effect that was having on her. His cock was wanted, and soon!

Knowing my parents were out and would not be back for about five hours, I said. “No time like now pal.” I sat up and called out. “Debs, my friend here, Franklin, needs to lose his cherry. He wants to fuck you, or his balls will burst.”

Franklin reacted with horror. “How can you just say that to her”. He was bright red with embarrassment. If the deck had opened a hole under his feet, he would have jumped in to escape. He was trying to stuff his dick out of sight, but not having much luck, while also trying to hide himself behind me.

“Does he now? Cheeky sod. Kid stop hiding behind Snot-Nose. Let me see you.”


I moved aside and Franklin got her full laser stare. She lifted the shades to see him better. “You think you are a stud, do you? What makes you think that?”

He was standing there, unable to talk, pinned by those laser-like eyes.

“Okay”, she said. “If you cannot tell me, then show me. Let me see the rest.”

I nudged him. “Show her your dick. This is your chance, show it to her”.

The poor guy stood there, a hesitant virgin, so I knelt and yanked the Speedo down to his ankles. His cock jumped out like a released cobra rearing up. My sister gave a low whistle of appreciation, lowered the sunglasses and lay flat again. “You might have something there. Let me think about it.” So cool!

I know my sister, she is full of shit. I knew she was more than interested. She wanted his cock, wanted it badly, wanted it now, wanted it balls deep in her.

That, as the bookies say, is a racing certainty.

Franklin bent to pull the Speedo up over his butt. I told him to get shot of it and follow me. I walked towards the gym, kicking my Speedo off on the way.

At the door I turned and called out to Debbie. “We are going to have a workout. Come and join us in some great exercises, if you think you can handle two studs”.

She snorted. “Studs! Fuck off, you cheeky child.”

I gave her the finger. “Don’t be long now, or we may go off the boil”. I patted my hard cock and then cupped my balls in two hands. “All for you sister, his and mine. Will you be able to tell the difference between our dicks?”

In the gym Franklin grabbed my arm. “Greg, is this for real? I am not dreaming, am I? The casual way you talk to her, about fucking her, is just totally crazy!”

I laughed. “Relax, her pussy is on fire. Now pick up those weights and pump yourself.” We started doing curls in front of the full wall mirrors. Biceps bulging, we looked like twin brothers. Tall, muscular, tanned with our thick, erect, neatly cut nine-inch schlongs. We both keep our pubes under control, just a dusting of hair around the base, ball sacs smooth. Young, clean-cut and randy, just what she likes. A far cry from the usual panting, penis-deficient nerds that always disappoint her. I thank them, their sexual incompetence drove her to my bed.


Not even ten reps to raise a sweat and we see Debbie reflected in the mirror. “I hear that you kids think you are studs, and are looking for fun, is that right?”

I spoke to her mirror image. “We never felt more like some fun, right Franklin?

At last he had found his voice and was trying to sound cool and confident.

He bowed to my sister. “I will be honoured to surrender my cherry to you.”

He really is a polite young man, he will go far with the ladies. Smooth bastard.

Debs eyed him. “You are so cute. There is a lot about you that appeals.”

I know her, she was talking about his thick 9 inches. Now that appeals to her.

He blushed, and his throbbing niner seemed to swell a bit more on hearing her compliment. Quite how a muscular young guy is ‘cute’, she did not tell us.

Turning his head, he whispered to me. “Have you got condoms?”.

Behind my hand I whispered back that she is on the pill, so no problem.

How could I tell him that I hope she is? It has never occurred to me to even ask.

We stood there looking at her, our huge twitching boners glistening slickly as pre-cum made the usual preparations. I knew her pussy would be gasping like the mouth of a goldfish seeking air and, from experience, I knew that her cunt juices would be flowing in anticipation.

She was in what I call her ‘Fuck Me’ mode, where nothing matters to her other than getting fucked. I know my sister, be assured of that. I know her very well.

Without saying another word, Franklin stepped up to her, put his hands to her tiny waist, just about encircling her with his fingers. He effortlessly lifted bahis şirketleri her up until he could bury his face between her legs. He stood there, holding her in place while he nuzzled her pussy area. Then he used his teeth to loosen the bikini bottom. I had to admire the guy. Virgin he may be, but what an operator!

That scrap of cloth fell away to the floor as he started licking her exposed cunt. An amazing sight. He looked like Hercules, all muscle and cock.


He lowered her so her legs went back and over his shoulders, all he had to do was bend his head so his tongue could entertain her pussy. She was leaning back, horizontal to him as he tucked in, enjoying the feast and hearing her pleasure.

She keeps her pussy region shaven, but for a tiny triangle pointing the way to cunt heaven. That is how boys see it. A signpost I had followed many times.

She squealed with delight as his tongue explored and penetrated, finding her excited clit like a skilled pro. She was going nuts as her took his time there.

He lowered her down his front, his tongue licking the way from pussy to tits, till his teeth could remove her top. Those fabulous mounds stood out, like beckoning beacons. I defy any red-blooded 18-year-old to ignore them. She was whimpering as he licked them and nibbled the large, pointed, lust engorged nipples. You could hang the sports kit of an entire team on them!

I was impressed. Franklin knew his way around a girl’s body. Porno movies are very instructional, an excellent visual aid for randy teenage boys. She had long forgotten the ‘sweaty boy’ tag and was not sure what he would do next.

She soon found out!

I saw him let her down a little, until the head of his big cock was nudging at her waiting cunt. When she felt it, she gasped, eyes widened in surprise, then she screamed as he let her drop, to be impaled on the full nine inches. She went limp in his powerful arms. I guess she had fainted as cock-head and cervix impacted. He must have entered unexplored territory, to a place none had been before.

He stood there, holding her close, impaled and clinging tightly to him, smiling at me over her shoulder. I pointed to a gym bench. He walked to it and lowered her, so she was lying on her back with him straddling her and still balls deep. She came around and was looking up into his eyes. “Oh my god. Wow, big boy, you are something else! Nobody ever did that to me before. Never!”

He grinned and lightly pinched her nipples. “Not finished yet.” She knew that!

He lifted her legs to his shoulders and pushed them back as she braced herself. I was behind him and had a great view of him between her legs, his big balls dangling against her butt.


With his feet planted firmly he pulled out, paused, and looked at me. “Greg, have I your permission to properly fuck your sister?” He winked. I laughed at his cool attitude. What a polite guy, MILF’s are going to love him! Sister was breathing rapidly as she waited. I slapped his butt, “Go for it pal!”

His bubble butt, a muscle-hard hammer powered by his muscular legs, punched his cock home. Her screams of pleasure rose and fell. It’s just as well our house is situated in the countryside, no neighbours. If we had, what would they think!

I have fucked my sister many times, but not been able to see the action from that angle. It shows the power of a strong guy taking a woman. The woman is my 24-year-old sister, the strong guy is my 18-year-old friend. A great pairing!

Suddenly, the curse of the virgin-male took over, I knew it was bound to happen.

His butt tensed as, losing control, he fired his load. Loss of his virginity complete.

That set her off, she bucked and twisted under him as her orgasm took control. His powerful legs braced, keeping him deep in her hungry cunt. She was yelling. “Fuck me Frankie. Harder, harder kid, fuck me.” He picked up the stroke and gave her what she wanted. All his muscles in play, it was poetry in motion.

I watched in admiration, this was no kid fucking her brains out.

She was in sexual heaven. I do not think of my sister as a nympho, she just gets cock-happy and needs to be totally satisfied by the guys she wants.

Eventually she calmed down and he pulled out.

She smiled at us as we stood over her, nine inches times two, ready to serve.

She tried to sit up, but I pushed her down. “Lie down sis, you deserve this.

She moaned. “Oh god, yes! Franklin, you stud! Fuck me some more, please!”

Her thighs fell open, she looked like a sacrifice waiting for the high priests’ cock.

He grinned at me. “A great sister you have pal, I owe you for this.”

All his dreams were coming true. I was glad for him, it’s great to help a friend.


If you have ever fucked on a gym bench you will know that they are narrow. There is no place for the person being fucked to put their feet. The only thing to do is to pull the legs back and hang them over the shoulders of the guy about to do the fucking. The pussy rolls upward, penetration is deep and direct.

Debbie knew what to do, I had fucked her on that very bench quite a few times. She was primed and ready to be taken on a wild ride.

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