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She was awakened by a loud muffled thump. She opened her eyes. It was dark and silent in a rainy night. The roof made pitter- patter noise as the rain drops fell on the roof. On the bedside table, there was an alarm clock, ticking its way round the numbers. She picked it up and squinted at it.


What could possibly happen at this time?

Again the loud thump echoed through the room. She scrambled upon her bed, scared. Again that thumps. She looked at the wall directly behind her. The noise seemed to be coming from that wall, probably from the other room. She leaned closer to the wall and pressed her ear to it.


She backed away. Thump! Thump! Thump!

There seemed to be some kind of rhythm in that sound, like someone is hitting the wall with some heavy object from the other side. She leaned again, trying to listen for more. There was another sound. A sound of someone groaning, no moaning. Someone is moaning- either in pain or in excitement, she couldn’t exactly point out. The sound was too muffled.

The room belonged to her uncle and her aunt. By the voice, it could be her aunt, maybe.

What is happening? What is bothering aunt? Is she in pain? Is someone hurting her?

A chill ran down her spine when she thought of that possibility. What if there are some bad people who broke into the house and are now hurting uncle and aunt?

Slowly, gathering her courage, she stepped down from the bed. Her bare feet touched the cold floor and a shiver ran up her entire body. With small, reluctant steps, she made her way to their room. She had to circle almost the entire house to get to their door, passing through the kitchen, dining and the entertainment hall. Being coming over each year for past fifteen summers, she had no problem to find her way in dark. Her uncle and aunt didn’t have any children and there was no other person in the house.

At eighteen years of age, Ella was 5’5”, with waist- long dark raven hair flowing beautifully along her shoulders, forest green eyes. She has nice, shapely hour- glass figure with equally shapely round tits, full pouty lips and an ass to die on. But like those rare girls, she didn’t have the tiniest idea about her beauty and sexiness. Since she was four, she was admitted in a Catholic School and stayed there for five years without a break. Her father died in a car crash and her mother ran away with another person. Why she ran away, she doesn’t know even to this day.

As per reading in a catholic school, she was completely secluded from the sexual downtown and as a result, she don’t have any knowledge about the Southern parts of her body or even the North Central parts. All she knew that the mounds on her chest grew bigger and rounder by the years for some reason she didn’t knew. Once in a while, her Hole between her legs leaked a red substance which resembled blood and something else, ugly. She was taught that the sticky red fluid is the sins of the human body which, just like urine and feces, washes away from time to time. They perform a holy ritual back at the church where they extract their so called ‘Sins’. The girls were always kept under the holy name of God and stayed away from violence, lust and sex. The Nuns, Reverends and the Priests made sure of it.

As she neared their room, she heard more moans and squeaking coming from inside. Once she heard her aunt screamed followed by hoarse shouting from her uncle. Ella stopped abruptly. ‘What is happening?’ She thought again. Once she considered going back to her room and snuffle under her covers. But the thought of her aunt in pain made her stop. Slowly she tiptoed to the door and squatted before the keyhole and looked through it. The key-hole was pretty large, so she could see pretty much everything in the room. It was well- furnished, with a huge LED TV and much more. The bed was placed canlı bahis in the middle of the room, directly in front of her eyesight. And it was the bed and not anything else which kept her glued to the key-hole.

Her uncle was sitting over the middle of the bed, legs folded and without any clothes on. Her aunt was kneeling on his lap, legs spread to accommodate his posture such that she was facing away from him towards the corner of the room, and thus, both of their bodies were visible to Ella. She was in a similar position to that f uncle-naked and she was bouncing up and down on his lap. There was a fleshy shaft sticking out from between uncle’s legs which was shoved inside the sin- hole of her aunt. And she was jumping over, letting it go in and out of her while moaning, screaming and uttering forbidden words. ‘Oooh… yes fuck me! Yes Jack right there….. God shhhhhiiittt!!’

Ella was shocked to hear aunt call God like that. His uncle too matched her rhythm by pushing his hips whenever she jumped down. Her 34D tits jiggled up and down the rhythm too, going up when she came down and went down when she jumped up. Her nipples were erect and protruded up beautifully on her round tits. Another thing Ella noticed that the skin around her pubic mound lacked of and was totally clean and shaven. While Ella had a bunch of short, yet noticeable amount of pubic hair on her resulted from being neglected and uncared of from beginning except for when she bathed.

Jack began to thrust harder and quicker inside her, making her squeal in pain and excitement. ‘Oh God…..fffuuukk!! Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder Jack. FUCK ME HARDER!’ Ella stared mesmerized as her aunt’s huge tits went up and down, sending ripples all across her body. The way she leaned back her head, holding Jack’s hips for support. The way Jack buried his face in her jugular in muttered incoherent words in her ears, his both hands rubbing her belly, his pinky circling her belly button. The way their bodies illuminated from the little light falling over their sweat covered bodies and reflected back, giving them a shimmering hue. The way both of their bodies molded with each other, like two pieces of jigsaw puzzle fitting perfectly, holding each other, supporting each other.

She watched her aunt’s tits. When she was little and played in playground, her tits would jiggle up and down with the rhythm of running. But at that time they were small and immature. She looked down at her mounds and thought, what would it feel like to jiggle your own mounds. The thought alone ran a wave of excitement through her body, making her shudder. She was wearing small cotton sleeveless top and white knickers. She grabbed the base of her tits, one in each hand from over the cloth and jiggled them a bit. It felt funny and surprisingly good. So she jiggled them more, this time harder. She noticed that the small dark lumps on her tits were slowly becoming hard and erect, just like aunt. It felt good but at the same time, she became aware that it is something which she should not be doing. Her tits were soft and white like a new born baby skin from not being touched by anyone and from being under an apron all day long.

She looked through the key- hole again. Jake was pounding her hard. He had put his hand on her left breast and is pinching her nipple. Ella was strictly forbidden to touch her nipples cause if she does, it would mean she is possessed by demons and deadly sins. Could it be possible that her uncle and aunt are possessed by demons? It must be, else they wouldn’t acted this weirdly. But again, she had no idea whether this act they are doing is really good or bad. Both uncle and aunt seemed to enjoy this. Both their faces masked the pure emotions of pleasure and ecstasy.

Does possession by demons felt like this? Is this really enjoying?

But the old manuscripts said otherwise, bahis siteleri of people being tormented or killed. She can’t do anything about it anyway. It is a job of an exorcist. Suddenly she heard her aunt taking quick and sharp breaths. ‘Oooh Jack, I’m going to come. I’m going to fucking cum! Oh just keep fucking me like that. Oooh….. Aaah….. Aah….aaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!’ and with that, she jerked her head back, arching her spine. Her body fell into a fit of and spasms. Her entire body shuddered and with that, she came. Her hips jerked and tightened around Jack’s cock. Juices flowed out from her pussy oozing around Jack’s cock and trickled down over his scrotum and her thigh. But that didn’t stop from keep pounding her harder and faster.

Ella watched her aunt’s thighs getting covered with juices and still more was pouring out from her sin hole. There was a strange splotching and squishing sound coming out as his cock thrusts into her. She was shocked by the amount of force by which he was pushing his shaft inside her. It must hurt aunt a lot but instead she seemed to enjoy it more and more, if possible. Seeing her aunt happy made her shiver once again. She was enjoying it, feeling a mixed emotion of joy, excitement, thrill, fear and something else. Was it jealousy?

No it couldn’t be possible. She is never taught of such emotions in her school and she knew she couldn’t be jealous of anyone, but today is different. Today, she is having such thoughts and emotions she didn’t knew she had them inside her. Watching her uncle and aunt together on bed naked excited her and the excitement is not only in her mind. Her nipples are now rock hard and aching, is now protruding from her thin top proudly. Her skin was sweltering and she is feeling ticklish at the area between her legs. But she didn’t know what to do about it.

The Sin- hole is the gateway to extract the sins and demons from her body. Touching it will close the path forever, which means they will be trapped inside forever and would make her impure. She dare not touch it. But the strange sensation she was feeling there is increasing every second, so did the urge it to relief it. Ella bit her lower lip to stop the feeling and forced herself to watch her uncle and aunt instead. It helped.

Their thrusts had almost stopped now. Uncle is slowly pushing his fleshy wet shaft inside her hole slowly, taking it out to its tip, then slowly pushing it back all the in until his pressed her rear side. Then again he pulled it back, then back in and out, in and out. It continued for a few minutes.

Ella has never seen a cock in her life before. The catholic school was co-ed but the boys and girls were kept separate in different sections. Even their school buildings weren’t same. It is forbidden for any girl to meet or talk with any boy alone, let alone see a male’s private parts. Now she is seeing it, she wondered what it is and how it works. Is that organ present only on her uncle’s or all the boys having it? How does her aunt having it go inside her? Where did it go?

How will it feel inside her?

A tingle ran across her body as she thought about it. She quickly scolded herself for having such thought in her mind, but she what is wrong with it. Her uncle’s ‘shaft’, as she has named it, is about nine inches long from base to tip, with very little hair around it. It is bent in an upward arc, lined with blue zigzag veins. At the tip, a knob was fitted, dark pink in color but lighter shade than the rest of the shaft. Thick about an inch and a half, the knob was thicker than the member with a slit at the very tip. The whole member is throbbing in a jerky motion and small globs of liquid oozing out from the slit.

After taking his cock fully out from inside her, making her gasp in the process, he grabbed her and laid her on the bed and then climbed down from the bed. bahis şirketleri She lay down on the bed, grinning at Jack mischievously. Her legs are folded and thighs apart, forcing her clitoris to protrude out. Her pussy is still oozing vaginal juice, smeared all around her cunt, trickling down the crack of her ass and pooling down over the bed sheet, wetting it.

She put two fingers in her pussy, scooped up some liquid and sucked it down. ‘Mmm, tastes good’. She said. Jack grinned at her and grabbed her legs from the knees and pulled her closer until her ass reached the edge of the bed. Then he slowly rubbed his dick along her clit, pressing it down with a thumb and holding her thigh with his free hand. He slid it along a few times, each time, the cock going a little bit deeper and deeper slit until at one time, it went fully inside her dripping pussy making a ‘plop’ sound.

Ella watched as her uncle slowly pushed his shaft in and out of her aunt, increasing the pace with each thrust, until he resumed pounding her pussy like before. His hips slapped her ass soundly with each thrust, making the huge bed rock with the force. The tall bedpost hit the wall loudly making thumping sounds with each forceful thrust. Now Ella knew where the sound was coming from. Her aunt now had her eyes closed she is in her own paradise right now. Both of them were. Her left hand was over her left breast, squeezing it and pinching her nipple between her forefinger and thumb. While her other tit swayed freely with the rocking motion. With her other hand, she is rubbing her belly button, obviously the most erroneous part of her body. Both of her legs were propped up in the air, one hugged by jack right now and the other, free. Her lips parted in silent moan, and often her spine would arch up whenever Jack pounded real hard.

Jack kept on pounding her harder and faster using his hips to shove his dick deep inside her as far as it would go. He reached down with his free hand and began to rub her cunt with his thumb. The rubbing sent a new ripple through her body and she began to moan loudly. Her body was shaking and shivering wildly. Her lips were quivering, making her difficult to speak, lest she bite her tongue. The hard ramming of his cock mixed with him rubbing her pussy sent thousands of waves and emotions through her body and mind which became too much to handle for her and she came screaming loudly. At the same time, Jack’s dick throbbed and he came inside her, filling her vagina with streams of his milk. His knees buckled up and he had to his wife’s leg tightly so he wouldn’t fall down in the pure pleasure he is feeling right now.

They stayed like this for some time trying to catch their breath. Both of them were breathing heavily, their chests moving up and down with each thrust. At last he took out his cock from his wife’s pussy and turned around to face to the door. His cock was glistening, covered with both of their juices, even his scrotum and thighs are covered in liquid. A few drops of white cum are still oozing out of its tip. He turned and looked at his wife, splayed over the bed.

Her condition is somewhat similar to him, if not worse. She is lying over the bed, her shapely, tanned legs hanging down the edge, chest moving up and don as she took deep breaths. Her sun tanned breasts didn’t sag down even when she is lying. It stood up firmly and proudly pointing towards the roof. They were all natural and not a single part of her body came under surgical knife ever. It is God’s gift that her body is so perfect. Small steams of white cum oozed out from her pussy, trailing down through her ass cheeks and making a pool on the bed near her crack. Her inner thighs are covered with sprays of her own sex juice and some of it, if possible still oozed out from between her pussy lips.

She looked over at Jack and smiled at each other. He walked towards her, scooped her up in his arms and made his way towards the shower, getting ready to do more. Neither of them knew about their secret peeping Tom who is making her way back to bed right now.

Time- 1:15.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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