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Barging into my teenage son’s room at eight in the morning and opening the curtains only to look in disgust at the pigsty that he lived in I thought to myself, why do I deserve this. I’m a 45 year old single mother to an 18-year-old boy whose father had left me for a younger model when our child was only small. I got the house and a reasonable settlement, but I also got the lazy slob of a child that his son turned out to be.

“David” I shouted at the inanimate object under the duvet.

Waiting for a response I knew wouldn’t come I shouted louder, “David wake up, its time for college” and then I whipped off the duvet to reveal my son curled up in the foetal position in only a pair of shorts, he groggily turned to look at me muttering something inaudible before groaning and pulling the duvet back over himself.

Exasperated I shouted at him, “I won’t tell you again, now get up” before leaving his room as I still had to get ready myself.

After showering and getting dressed I entered the lounge to find David in his bathrobe sat with his feet up eating a large bowl of cereal watching morning cartoons.

Shaking my head at the sight, “Are you not going to college today” I asked him crossly.

Without turning from the TV he grunted, “Study break” through mouthfuls of cereal.

“You’ve been on study break for over a week, get upstairs and get ready for college.” I yelled, realising at the same time that I was going to be late for work.

“I’m eating my breakfast ok, then I’ll go, god, give me a break” he shouted back at me, I turned and grabbed my case and bag before heading out slamming the door as I left. As I pulled away from the house I thought to myself through the rage that had built this morning, he used to be a good kid, but when he hit 15 he turned into a lazy, rude slob who generally did as he pleased regardless of my authority. I thought that maybe it was the lack of a male role model that made him turn the way he did, but the way his father left me I was in no hurry to get involved with anyone again, then after a while I concentrated on my career instead. I found it ironic though that a head of a department cannot even control her own son, then again I take out my anger on my staff and know that they all think I’m a bitch, even more reason to carry on taking it out on them.

I had been heading the Biology department at the local university for several years now as it lead research into a number of promising projects. Personally I was on the brink of finishing a paper on certain rare insects being the answer to mankind’s cure for a number of debilitating diseases. The research facility held all kinds of rare species found in the remotest corners of the world, many of which were dangerous in one way or another, I was not one for working the field and stuck to the scientific side studying them after they were caught not going out to the far reaches of the globe to grab them.

I arrived a little late, cursing my son in my head as I noticed the time but dismissed these thoughts as I entered the lab smack in the middle of confusion, the area was messed up and two of the undergraduates were a little dishevelled, the girl looked particularly flustered and the boy was being reprimanded to one side by a colleague as everyone else gathered around looking on.

As I entered the lab one of my technicians, a reputable gossip Joan hurried over to me, her excitement hardly contained.

“Kathy, you will not believe what happened.”

I did not have a chance to even say hello let lone ask her what had happened before she continued relishing telling the tale hurrying to catch up with my pace as I strode with purpose towards the scene.

“Matt and Helen were caught going at it in lab three, right there on the table, they just started going at it, he had his, erm, thing out and she had her panties off before anyone noticed and someone could stop them.”

I stopped in my tracks turning to look at her in disbelief, “What” was all I could manage to blurt out as I tried to comprehend what I had been told? Everyone turned to me, the two undergrads petrified at my presence. My knowledge of the two, despite her status as top gossip was a lot more than Joan’s, I knew that the girl Helen was engaged to her teen sweetheart and as far as I knew Matt, the boy was dating seriously. I always made time to know my staff and would informally chat to them on occasions, it held ulterior motives as I was always going to be the bitch; but I could catch employees out, real reasons for unexpected sick days and so on from the knowledge I gathered.

Joan was about to say something else but I wanted to hear the explanation for myself, what had been going on to so thoroughly disrupt my department on the eve of a breakthrough and with a wave I brushed her off marching over to the group, techs and assistants not immediately involved dispersed at my approach. My senior researcher and colleague Ron attempted to repeat what Joan had told me but I silenced çankaya escort him with a shake of my head, staring straight at the two, I shouted so that everyone in the lab stopped momentarily what they were pretending to be doing,

“Well!” I boomed looking over the rim of my glasses at them as they held their heads in embarrassment and shame.

“I, I.” was all Matt could stammer.

“I, What?” I shouted causing both of them to jerk, I noticed that Helen was holding her hands crossed over her chest and if I was not mistaken her breathing was heavy and she was sneakily slowly squeezing on one of her breasts.

Annoyed at this I turned my attention to her, “And what about you?” I snapped and she broke out of her haze and looked up at me, I could see by her eyes and her demeanour she was not herself and in some heightened state of arousal. Her cheeks were flushed and her pupil’s dilated, her breathing was erratic.

“What is wrong with you girl?” I asked her in a more neutral tone but studying her for any tell-tale signs of substance abuse.

“I’m not sure,” she panted; her hand absently began to run up and down her sides clawing at her clothes, “I was bitten by something we were studying, Matt was helping me clean the bite, and I don’t know what came over me, I just…” she trailed off gazing at Matt who was avoiding her eyes, “…had to pounced on him.” She finished and was now running her hands openly over her body. I noticed everyone watching her erotic actions; I turned giving them all a stern look which made them look away and continue with their work.

Perplexed by what I was hearing and realising how public this disciplinary was becoming I decided to finish it off in my office, “You two, in my office” I told the teens, Helen seemed to snap out of her actions at my command and they both headed towards my office at the front of the lab.

Just before they both entered my office I remembered what Helen had said, “Helen” I shouted after her and she turned around, “What were you looking at?” I asked.

“It was a new beetle from South America, Kata, Katamu something,” she said before following Matt into my office and closing the door.

I walked into lab three and looked closely at the table that Joan had pointed out to me earlier, most of its contents had been thrown to the floor and one of the techs had cleared it up and placed it in an untidy heap on one of the worktops for someone to see if anything could be salvaged. I spotted the broken specimen jar instantly as it was on top of the pile, the white label detailing what it contained and where it was from a little torn, in bold letters it read “Katamonga Femagus”

“Ron” I shouted over at my second in command, annoyed that they had allowed such a breach of quarantine such as this to go unnoticed. He quickly came over with a clipboard in his hand,

“What is it Kathy?” he asked as he got closer, I held the broken jar aloft waving it at him.

“Is there something missing?” I mused, still waving it in my hand side to side.

His eyes went wide, “Shit” Ron cursed and he began to look under the table and on the worktops.

“I hope for your sake it is not poisonous,” I said trying to sound in control when I was really hoping that he would say no and starting to feel a little creeped out by the thought of some bug being free where I was stood.

“Oh, it’s ok,” my heart stopped racing slightly at hearing his reassurance “the guys had it brought in as a kind of joke, the natives in the area it was caught claimed that it is a powerful aphrodisiac, guess they’re right.” He joked quickly wiping the smile from his face, as I looked at him clearly not amused.

“Well don’t you think you still should find it?” I said roughly handing him the broken jar, “Now.” I added in a raised tone and headed for my office thinking about what to do with the young couple for their behaviour, in light of the evidence it was going to be not much which irked me. A crash from my office forced a change in my pace and everyone in the lab turned to my door, I increased my pace further practically sprinting, all eyes in the lab were on me as I reached the door handle, I grabbed it and swung the door open and then stepped back away in shock at the sight before me.

Helens lab coat and skirt was up around her waist and her tiny pink panties were around her ankles as Matt furiously fucked her doggy style from behind as she bent over my desk, she had her breasts exposed and was caressing herself, they had either ignored my loud entry into the room or simply did not care as. After a moment of being struck dumb unable to comprehend what I was seeing I regained my composure and shouted, “Stop that immediately.”

My order fell on deaf ears as Matt continued to pound the writhing Helen, by now Ron and two others had come to my door, they barged past me and dragged Matt away, I couldn’t help but steel a glance at his youthful erect penis glistening with their escort çankaya combined juices. I then noticed that Helen had quickly replaced Matt’s penis with her own fingers, bucking over my desk as she pleasured herself and I watched transfixed as the young girl brought herself to a screaming orgasm.

Snapping out of it I surged forward and grabbed hold of her as she kept her hand in place, I pulled her up and swung her around shaking her by the shoulders, she had a look that was almost feral. She was trying to escape my grip so I slapped her across the face; she stopped struggling and appeared to be calming down, stood with her head hung low. I thought she was over whatever was effecting her and released my grip but then she made a violent lunge for Ron, diving at his crotch and managing to pull his trousers half way down before Joan and one of the other techs who had been nosing in came and subdued her, pinning her down whilst trying to cover her modesty.

Matt was quickly led outside by a befuddled Ron, I asked Joan and the other techs to leave and I closed my door turning to the half-naked young girl. Her hair was all messed up, her shirt half only half covering her exposed chest and her skirt hiked high to reveal her dishevelled panties that Joan had somehow managed to pull up. I found myself recounting the events in my mind, walking in, seeing Matt fuck her and the image of his rock hard member. I then realised that I was a little turned on from the whole episode, I thought to myself it’s because it’s been a while since I had last had sex. And then it dawned on me as I looked at the clearly satisfied, grinning, panting just been fucked young girl before me, that it had been a long time.

Four hours had gone by since I had the two sent to hospital for tests, we had them looked over by one of our doctors and they both seamed over whatever had come over them and healthy, but sending them was added vigilance. After investigation it became apparent that Helen had in fact been bitten when she took a specimen from the jar and had dropped it, Matt went to catch it and in turn received a bite. They had both been negligent and had ignored dozens of procedures but due to the nature of the event and as we were close to a breakthrough it was generally agreed that we would not make it official, and upon return that the two would be sent to different departments, no questions asked. It would cause all kinds of repercussions and queries on our standards of safety, especially since it could have been a lot worse considering some of the specimens we keep.

It was coming to my lunch hour and I decided to go home since I needed a break from the chaos of the morning and to see if my lazy son had actually gone to college. I tidied my desk, still with a pang of annoyance that its contents had been flung everywhere earlier, grabbed my keys and a file that I was working on and headed for the lab exit saying goodbye once loudly to no one in particular as I walked briskly through the lab.

During the drive home I began to rethink the morning’s events over again and again. I felt a familiar stirring inside; and thought to myself that I could play around a little when I got home to appease the stirring, hoping in the next instant that David had gone. As I pulled up I saw straight I was deflated as I saw that his car was still in the drive and I felt myself get instantly angry. A mix of anger due to him not going to college and also from the frustration at not being able to get rid of the itch that had now appeared, knowing well I couldn’t deal with it knowing he was in the house.

Walking to the house I saw he had not even opened the blinds and as soon as I opened the front door I barged straight into the darkened lounge, David fumbled about a bit and the TV channel quickly changed, It took a while to register but I was sure I had caught a glimpse of flesh as he straightened his robe, the room smelt strange also.

“Why aren’t you at college?” I demanded, clearly very pissed off.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” David managed to blurt out; he was trying not to make eye contact straightening his robe, and it sunk in, I had caught him in the middle of what I previously was hoping to do.

Flustered at the situation and from my morning I stood in front of him, “Let some light in here and tidy up, I despair of you I really do, if your not going to go to college get a job” I was starting to rant and knew it, I then walked past where he was sprawled out towards the kitchen but tripped over an empty bowl and knocked over a glass. Furious, “I mean it David sort yourself out or you’re out,” I screamed storming into the kitchen and dumping my bag on the counter.

I fixed myself a sandwich and flicked through the file I had brought home while sat at eating a sandwich, I could hear Springer loudly on the TV in the lounge; I shook my head to myself and noticed something interesting in the notes. Without looking I began to fish about in çankaya escort bayan my bag for a pen so that I could circle the passage when I felt a sharp pain like a pin prick surge through my hand. Pulling it out I saw a large black and red beetle clinging to the back of my hand, I lost my breath, unable to shriek or make a sound my heart racing. I moved slowly to where I kept my crockery and took out a large glass, I then turned my hand slowly and brushed the beetle off my hand into the glass, squealing lightly to myself, it landed with a click onto its back before flipping itself over and trying to climb out. I covered the glass with a woven place mat and studied the insect closely; my mind suddenly raced and conjured a name, “Katamonga Femagus.” I gasped.

I looked at the back of my hand and could clearly see two red lumps like wasp stings, I went to the kitchen taps and ran cold water over them, I could still hear Springer and I had a ping of unexplained anger and frustration at the sound. As I washed the bite my thoughts went suddenly to David, I had caught him masturbating and that thought kept swimming around my head, then I began to see Matt’s hard cock glistening and the sight of it slamming into Helen, I could feel myself getting wet. I dried my hands and checked on the beetle but my mind was bringing up all kinds of crazy thoughts and images, I heard Springer go loud again and felt another ping of annoyance, then I started to think about David.

I thought about him this morning in only his shorts, his tan body curled up and the muscles on his back tense with his strong arms holding his legs close to his chest. I imagined his trim ass strained against the thin material of his shorts and I pictured what his chest looked like, I had seen it countless times especially in the summer as he went shirtless, then I began to think about his manhood. Was it like his fathers nice and thick or was it youthful like Matts, stood to attention when erect, what was the head like, did he have big or small balls. In the back of my mind I was screaming to myself that this was insane but I was suddenly not in control, I looked down at myself and realised that while thinking of my son I had undone my blouse and had slid a hand up my skirt to fiddle with myself, my panties were soaked and my nipples erect. I was burning with horniness and worked into a sexual frenzy, my mind incoherently raced, David was the closest male and I had to have him.

I could hear the jeers of the crowd on Springer and it was a trigger, my head spun to the arch that led from the kitchen to the lounge, I heard David laugh a little, my heart raced knowing that he was definitely in proximity. I regained control a little, steadying myself on the counter as I hopped from my stool, telling myself not to do what Helen did, I was going in there to tell him off, that was all, I gasped as a shiver of anticipation ran through me, and then I walked into the lounge.

He did not see me enter and I crept closely up behind him looking down at his youthful form wrapped only in a robe, “What’s this crap you’re watching?” I snapped startling him, I had not even looked at what was on the screen but when I did I realised I meant it, there were two rows of people on the stage mainly girls half dressed or naked above the caption, “I love to flash in public” or something similar.

David sat up and looking at me his eyes went wide, I stood with my hands on my hips, I don’t know what he must have thought of his mother seeing her with her blouse half unbuttoned, her hair a mess and skirt pulled half way up, tan thigh high tops on display. He looked quizzical but thought better of questioning he simply turned back to the TV. Inside I was resisting the urge to pounce on him, as he moved I could see his naked legs through the opening in his robe and wondered if he was completely naked beneath, I let out a light gasp as another surge went through me at the thought, I quickly spoke to draw attention away from the noise I had made, David, are you not going to answer me?” I demanded.

“It’s only Jerry mom, for fucks sake stop ranting on, don’t you have to be at work or something” he said irate, turning the volume on the TV up.

Despite the overwhelming horniness and sexual frenzy that I was enduring, I was not going to let him get away with talking to me like that.

“Don’t talk to me like that young man” I slapped his head and reached down and snatched the remote from him, as I did my flimsy bra covered breasts popped out a little from my blouse inches away from his face, he shot them a quick glance, my excitement raged further and I could feel my wetness. As I had grabbed the remote I must have hit one of the buttons as the channel turned over, David spun around to protest at my actions but he stopped short, alarmed by what was now on the TV.

On the screen two beautiful women were being fucked from behind while caressing and licking each other’s breasts beside a pool. My heart raced at the images and a hand shot up to my breast; it sent a rush through my body, quickly removing it as I realised my son was right next to me.

“This is what you were watching when I came in,” I managed in a low voice moving round to sit on the arm at the opposite end of the couch to my now mortified son.

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