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Matt could hardly believe his eyes when Sharon walked into the restaurant. Man and woman, waitstaff, everyone in the place, paused to check the stunning creature that glided across the room, heels at first clicking against the hardwood flooring of the entry then silenced as she made her way deeper into the carpeted main room where he awaited at the table he’d reserved for their Valentines Day dinner.

Gone was the limp mousy brown shoulder length hair he had come so accustomed to on her, replaced by a short and stylish coif dyed a deep mahogany. The woman who eschewed noticeable makeup had received a total do-over somewhere, eyelids shadowed, lashes lengthened, and lips a brilliant crimson. Shiny silver and onyx bangles dangled from her earlobes, sparkling in the subdued lighting. Her eyes glistened. A sly, confident smile engulfed her face.

But what truly caught everyone’s attention was her attire. A short scarlet sheath skimmed over her svelte frame. Minuscule straps suspended the simple swath of silk from her shoulders. The garment slithered and shimmered as she moved, leaving one with the impression it was itself alive. It was obvious that it was mere ounces of material and as she drew near Matt could clearly discern a telltale pair of bumps jiggling ever so slightly, leaving absolutely no doubt she wore no bra.

The hem of the dress rode high on thighs that were tanned and slim. She carried a black clutch and black stilettos graced her feet. As he rose to greet her he detected a scent he’d never encountered before. A gentle embrace was accompanied by a soft kiss.

“Good evening darling.”

Matt couldn’t remember when last he felt so overwhelmingly entranced by a woman. They had been married for twenty years and like most couples had fallen into the routine of a day to day relationship – obligations, bills, children, the “dream”. It seemed as though no sooner had the wedding bells ceased chiming than the magic had disappeared.

He realized how lucky he was to be married to a woman who possessed a seemingly ageless body and face but was also continually disappointed in her lack of sensuality. Pantsuits for work and sweats around the house were her go- tos and what was worn underneath was best classified as “functional”. Sharon’s libido was minimal at best but from time to time he would get her naked and be reminded just how exquisite a creature he was married to.

Tonight she had outdone herself. As he held her chair for her to sit, she immediately slid her napkin from the table to demurely place in her lap. When he lowered himself into his own seat he realized he had an erection and wondered if she had noticed then followed her example by locating his napkin in his lap.

Normally they would order drinks, she a glass of wine, he a canlı bahis martini but tonight he suggested champagne, to which she quickly acquiesced. Being Valentines, the menu was special and they both settled on a dish of jumbo shrimp wrapped with prosciutto drizzled with a seafood veloute and accompanied by delicate cappellini, sauteed shitakes, and thin spears of asparagus. Dessert was a deep chocolate mini cake that oozed of warm raspberry sauce when cut into.

Entranced by the woman seated across from him, his eyes only left her to tend to another fork full of food or sip of bubbly. She chatted away about her workday and how she had left mid afternoon to have her hair and nails done. At that point Matt stole a glance at the nails and was surprised he had not yet noticed them. Like her lips and dress they were brilliant crimson and perfectly manicured, quite unlike the workaday plain that Sharon generally favored.

Rising to leave he realized that the restaurant was now only half full. Their reservation had been for eight and it was now well past ten. The diners still left again all paused to regard the sensual piece of eye candy that clung to his arm as they made their way across the room. The sound of stilettos on hard flooring in the foyer startled him. Glancing her way the bodice of her sheath belied a trace of cleavage and her nipples were again performing their tantalizing little dance.

At the coat check they retrieved a simple black blazer she had left earlier. Matt held it as Sharon slipped first one and then the other arm into it. An inch or so of scarlet silk exposed itself below the hem of the jacket as well as up the front which she left open. It did little to squelch the incendiary quality that she imbued in everyone who saw her.

Having driven separately he saw her to her car before finding his SUV at the other side of the lot. She had a good head start on him when he finally was on the road and a series of red lights slowed his progress. Arrived at their house he let himself in and found the inside lights extinguished, replaced by candlelight here and there, seemingly beckoning him up the stairs. As he made his way to the master bedroom he heard the sound of soft music.

Sharon was laying in the bed. She rose as he entered, sauntering his way. Gone was the sheath, replaced by a black lace teddy with high cut legs and low cut front. Just before reaching him she twirled to reveal that the back was cut even lower and the bottom was tailored like a thong. Her ass looked incredible. He noticed that the stilettos still adorned her feet.

Finishing her pirouette she pressed her body against him and as they embraced her lips met his. There was that fragrance again only this time even more intoxicating. He kissed the side of her neck and bahis siteleri was treated to an even more robust dose of it.

“What took you so long?” she whispered.

Knowing it was purely rhetorical he failed to answer. Instead his mouth was back on hers, their tongues enmeshed and his hands roved all over her body as she slowly, sensually undid his tie, his shirt, and his pants. Sinking to her knees she untied his shoes and removed them, then socks, pants, tie, and shirt, leaving him clad only in the new boxer briefs she had purchased for him only days earlier. He’d luckily taken the hint and opted to wear them for the evening.

As their bodies again pressed against one another only the lace of her teddy and the soft microfiber of his briefs separated their intimate bits form one another, the separation by bits of cloth making the experience all the more erotic. Sharon ground her pelvis against Matt. There could be no doubt now that she was aware of his erection. His hands went to her exposed ass cheeks and gently squeezed them as he held her to him. Her arms were wrapped around his back, hands grasping his shoulders.

Releasing her grip she slid slowly down his front, lace softly scraping against his bare flesh until she was again on her knees. Sliding first one and then the other strap off her shoulders she the the teddy was peeled down to her waist, baring her breasts. Lying backward with her knees still touching the ground she cupped each in a hand, squeezing and then squashing them one against another. With her fingertips she pinched her nipples and pulled on them then flattened her palms against each as she levitated herself back upright on her knees.

A hand went to each side of the waistband of Matt’s briefs, fingers went inside and the garment was tugged down and off. His stiff member waggled obscenely in front of her. Soon her lips were wrapped around it, taking it deeper and deeper, deeper than she ever had before, so deep that her lips grazed his scrotum. Her fingertips found his balls and as she began a rhythmic motion with her head she fondled them, much to his delight.

Before long Matt was approaching his crest. Sensing this, Sharon ceased her attention to his cock and rose to again press her body against his. this time the stiff nubs of her bare nipples pressed hard against him. They tongue wrestled again until she broke the linkage.

“My turn” she declared then peeled the teddy off the rest of the way before climbing on the bed lay back and spreading her legs wide.

As Matt approached he noticed two things. One, the stilettos were still firmly lashed to her feet and two, the pussy he was being offered so brazenly was shaven bald. He had always wished Sharon would shave and here at last was his dream come true. He lowered bahis şirketleri his head between her legs to gently kiss her pelvic area starting just above her slit and then again and again, smothering her pussy and inner thighs with soft sensual kisses before then using his tongue to lick all over. It burrowed between the folds of her now swollen vulvae. He speared it as deep as he could into her vaginal cavity, savoring her sweet nectar and then moved upward and forward until he located her stiff little clitoris which he set upon with his tongue tip, wiggling away as rapidly as he could then alternating with a dip into her hole, back and forth.

Sharon began to moan and Matt inserted first one and then a second finger into her, using them like a piston to finger fuck her as he continued to torment her clitoris with his tongue. Soon she climaxed, wrapping her thighs and legs tightly around him and squirming in ecstasy then eventually pushing him away from sensory overload.

On his knees on the bed Matt stroked himself as he watched her come back to earth. When she returned to her senses she sat up, rolled over and on all fours presented herself for his pleasure. Kneeling between her legs he entered her now slippery quim, easily going all the way to the hilt on the first thrust and continuing to do so with each successive one. He gripped her waist and slammed away as Sharon groaned and wailed until he shot his seed deep inside her. Sharon made a sound of pure ecstasy he’d never heard the likes of before.

They collapsed on the bed and twenty minutes later she extricated herself to use the bathroom. When she returned the shoes were gone but she crawled back into bed and for a while they slept legs entwined, cheek to cheek. As he dozed off Matt dreamed about how lucky he was to be married to this wonderful woman and what an incredible Valentines Gift she had blessed him with.

In the morning he woke before dawn. Sharon was asleep on the other side of the bed. Careful not to wake her he crept from bed in the dark and slipped on his jeans and a T, wondering when he’d put on the white cotton underpants he was wearing. He went over the events of the previous night in his mind and in no time at all found himself with another erection. Everything about Sharon had been so sexy and sensual, so unlike the woman he had grown accustomed to. She was always so desirable but never wanted to take things up a notch or two, never would dress in public like that, never dress like she had in the bedroom, never shave her pussy, never have sex doggy style. What had come over her? Why would this Valentines Day be so different.

A half hour later as he sat at the kitchen counter and sipped his coffee she appeared in the doorway clad in sweatpants and T, her limp mousy brown hair tousled around her neck. Fluffy slippers completed her ensemble.

“Good morning – have you seen my glasses?” she greeted him and smiled.

Handing them to her he smiled back, hoping his face did not betray him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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