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I had made you a bet that I could make you orgasm without getting you undressed, and you thought I couldn’t. Of course, I am out to prove that I’m right. We made this bet in the middle of dinner with your parents, and I had been thinking about you orgasming which made the dinner table more appreciated for little Joe. It seemed to take forever to get through the meal, especially because you had just come back from a conference in Miami, causing you to be gone almost a week, and you met us at the restaurant straight from the airport. To make matters worse, you had had your period right before you left, and I had been sick before that, so basically I was as horny as a rabbit.

The check finally came, and of course the check coming wasn’t the only thing that I was thinking of cumming, and we said our good-byes (and under my breath good-riddance) to your parents. We walked outside with your parents and they saw us into the car, and of course said, “we enjoyed dinner. We should do it more often”. I muttered to you, “over my dead body”.

As soon as your door was closed, I pulled away and I told you that, “I’m for sure winning the bet. Just wait and see”.

You slapped me playfully for the comments about your parents and retorted, “don’t say stuff like that, it’s not nice. Besides which, honey, first of all, you won’t be able to not undress me when you see what I have in mind to entice you, and also, how are you going to make me orgasm with my clothes on?”

“Just wait and see princess. Wait and see,” I answered as I pull up in front of the apartment building and toss the valet the keys.

We got upstairs (barely) while heavily making out in the elevator, and you told me that you were going to go change, and that I should get ready. I run my hand down your petite frame and over your hourglass figure ass, and try to taste your tonsils as you pull away to go change. I took off my suit coat, and loosened my tie as I put on some slow music and got a nice bottle of champagne out that I had been chilling, and brought it into the bedroom. I finished setting the lights right as you came out of the bathroom. You looked drop dead gorgeous and fuckable in a black robe, with black baby doll which wasn’t see through, but was very light material, which also perfectly accentuated your firm c-cup breasts, with your hair up in a messy ponytail, with some left down, and a not so revealing thong. My jaw drop and I looked at you and said, “I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have you love me.”

You came over and just put your arms over my shoulders as we started to slowly dance and looked into my eyes and in a husky voice said, “Believe it.”

We danced for a little bit and started to feel each other up, and I moved us over to the bed. You started to undress me, but I stopped you saying, “I’m staying dressed too. Besides, I only took us over here for the booze. We’ll get down to the other stuff (winking) later.”

You look around the room and finally realize the champagne and the ice bucket. You look at me quizzically, and I explain. “After almost two weeks without feeling canlı bahis your warm folds wrapped around me (looking down) I think this is reason to celebrate. Look at it this way- celebrate not being celibate”.

You groan as I pop the cork and pour and we drink the champagne. I refill out glasses and you ask, “are you trying to ply me with alcohol to get me to lose my inhibitions?”

I laugh and tell you that, “I don’t think you’ll get drunk on a little bit of champagne on a full stomach, and besides which, you know as well as I do, that you don’t have inhibitions to lose.”

You smile as you get up and take my hand to get me to dance with you. I put my flute down as I get up, and we dance. Our dancing pretty quickly just becomes groping while moving. I lead with my right hand on your back and top of your hot ass, as my other hand slowly massages your right breast. I knead the flesh, feeling the nipple harden even more against my palm. I slowly massage the pillow like orb of perfection, as you moan in my ear. I kiss your neck, licking it at times as you tilt your head to the left as I make love to your neck with my tongue.

You whisper in my ear, “It’s been too long, fuck me now, make love later.”

“No can do little lady. Sorry.”

I lead you over to the bed and I lay you down as I crawl in next to you and I undo the hair and let it fall. I hold you as our tongues meet both trying to probe the other’s mouth. Our tongues battle and finally fall into a rhythm as we hold onto each other for dear life.

You stop the kiss and sexily pout and give me the eyes as you semi-whine, “why won’t you screw me now and make love to me later. It’s been almost two weeks?!?!?!?”

I pick your lip up in between mine as I kiss you, and answer, “I have my reasons. I’ll explain later.”

I spread the open rope to the side, and I move down the bed to your stomach and I rub it and kiss it. You pick my head up and ask, “why are you torturing me?”

“I go back down and I lie my head on your flat and perfect belly, as I say, “For fun. Now if you stop me again, I’m going to have to do something to your hands, that you may or may not like.”

I hold onto your sides as I move lower and I kiss down your bare tummy and kiss you through you thong. I feel my landing strip through the fabric and I kiss you all around it. You squirm and squeal, and I just enjoy it, taking my time. I finally find your clit, and I quickly kiss it, sending shudders through your body. I kiss your beautiful pussy, which I can’t see, and I feel you cum. You protest and say, “Orgasm, not just cum. That was the deal. I’ll tell you if I orgasm, but that was just a cum.”

I lift my head up and smile, and say, “I know Ali.”

I go back and I suck the juices from you flimsy thong and alternate between that and tongue fucking you. You quickly feel something cumming, but don’t care about the bet anymore, as you smash my head into your leaking and sopping cunt. I mutter something you can’t hear as I bring you closer and closer. I feel your body tighten in anticipation of the pleasure its bahis siteleri about to be wracked with. I take my tie off and I slowly pull my tongue out of you and I take your hand. You feel that I haven’t put my tongue back in and let out a little whimper as I take your other hand and tie both together above your head to the bed, and I ask, “comfortable?”

You pout and answer, “Yeah, but, but, but…”

“I warned you honey. Sorry.”

I rub your left breast as I grab a piece of ice from the bucket and I rub it against your right nipple. I go back to tongue fucking you, and I alternate between that and softly sucking your thong-covered clit. I feel you getting closer and closer as I rub the ice into your right nipple and I tongue you. You warn me that you are about to lose the bet, as I say, “Okay”, and pull up again.

You shriek at me, “Don’t do that to me!!!”

I fill my champagne flute and start to drink and you look at me like I’m crazy, with your eyes telling me everything. I smile devilishly and I pour a little bit of champagne into your belly, and I slowly lick in up. I repeat this process ever so slowly. I feel you squirm under me, and repeat it once again. I spill a little bit onto both your nipples as you squirm from the bubbles against them. I pick up the pace and quickly suck the champagne from your soaked nipples and I go back to the piece of heaven between your legs. You spread them as much as possible in anticipation, and I tongue you. I feel the buildup already and I say, “Time to win a bet….”

“…In a minute!”

You moan, and I go right back to your pussy saying, “I’m just kidding… I think.”

I eat you out through your thong, letting the soft material rub against your inside walls, wishing that it were my dick that was rubbing them. I suddenly push myself up, and I grab you and turn you over being careful to make sure your arms are comfortable above your head. You groan knowing that your pleasure has just been postponed even more. I rub your neck and you let out a sound that’s a mixture of pain and pleasure; pain because of the white hell, but pleasure because of the massage. I rub down your back going slowly while you complain and purr at the same time. I rub the sides of your big beautiful breasts that are pushing out the sides of your body to the sound of you saying, “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me.”

I tell you to relax and I rub even lower, massaging your lower back and hot tight ass. I decide to head for home, and I get down on my back and I stick my head up so that my face is in line with your soaked pussy. I tongue you once again, because that seems to get you going, and I begin to quickly tongue fuck you. You realize what is going on, and you start to hump my tongue, going faster and faster. You threaten me by saying, “Joe, baby, if you don’t get me off right now, you’re never getting in between my legs again.”

I retort back, “we both know you’re lying,” which makes you groan loudly, because you know its true, and that I can do whatever I want to your body, whenever I want to. I very quickly nibble bahis şirketleri your clit for your comment, feeling you shake over me.

I stop tonguing you to the sound of you yelling, “go fuck yourself!” I turn you over again and I put your legs on my shoulders, opening your sweet pussy as much as possible, as I position myself to dry-fuck you. I rub my hard bulge up against your wetness, and I start to hump you with it. You feel the light wool of the suit through your thong as it rubs your clit, and you moan in pleasure. I jackhammer myself into your body, slamming against you with as much force as I can manage. I continue to dry-fuck you as I slip a thong-covered finger into your ass, as I lie myself over you, and nibble your ear. You moan in my ear, “its about fucking time you idiot”, assuming that because I started the ass play, that I am about to finally finish you off.

“What are you talking about?” I whisper into your ear.

Your jaw drops and you whine, “I assumed your were finally getting me off.”

” Well, my hot beautiful princess, you know what happens when you assume- you make an ASS out of U and ME,” I say as I push my thong covered finger deeper into your ass.

I stop dry-fucking you, and I just lie next to you as I caress the sides of your hot, perfectly firm breasts. You tell me in a throaty growl, “if you don’t finish me off right now, I’ll repay you for this.”

I smile and say, “Okay, but I’ll be able to finish myself off if need be,” giving my tie a tug to make sure your arms are still secure.

You shoot me a look that could kill and say, “Fuck off”.

I smile as I get up, and you look at me like I’m crazy. I start to walk towards the door, as you tell me to, “Get the hell back here, Joe. I was kidding. You can’t do this to me!!!!”

I turn around and smile wickedly, and say, “You’re right, I can’t leave you with your legs spread like that. What was I thinking?”

I turn you back over and I get under you and I stick my tongue out once again, because that seemed to drive you the wildest, and I grab your hips and start to move you so that you are fucking my tongue. Within seconds, I feel your orgasm coming like a freight train, with no way to stop it, and I just speed up your hips and pussy and ass. I feel your body tighten and shake, and I know you are about to blow. Right as you’re about to orgasm, I roll your clit in my fingers, and I tell you to cum for me. “Cum like the slut you are for me, and only me. Lose the bet. Orgasm for me. Flood my face with your sweet nectar. Just give in and lose. Orgasm princess. You know you want to. Orgasm for me.” I kiss your clit right as the first wave hits, and you orgasm. I kiss your stomach and lick the remaining champagne off of it, as your body shakes over me. You moan and shriek like you never have, and I slowly start to finger your outer lips as I let you calm down. I kiss your stomach and I just hold onto you with my face in your tummy, as I let you completely relax. Your breathing slows, and I slowly get out from under you and I realize that you fell asleep. Between the flight, the dinner, the late hour, and what I just put your body through, it was just too much. I smile to myself, and I whisper in your ear, “Good night Aunt Alex, I mean princess. We’ll finish later. I love you so much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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