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It is more than three years since I penned ‘The Beach House’ and I’ve had many emails imploring me to add another chapter – so here it is. The storyline pretty much picks up where the first one finished, so I’d urge you to read it if you have not already.

Chapter 2 is very long and sex, although present, is not the predominant theme. Rather the story explores the relationship between Sarah Ryan and the two people infatuated by her: Michael, her brother, and Lucy, her lesbian lover. In such a relationship love and hatred are only a heartbeat apart, and each will drive a very different path.

Everyone in this story who engages in sexual conduct is over the age of 18 years.

Hot_Sister. June 2016



Sarah Ryan never heard the explosion, for the shock wave reached her before the sound and by then her eardrums had ruptured.

She felt an enormous force seize her body to fling it forward, and the agony of her legs as they struck the bow coaming; and then the horizon was spinning as she cartwheeled over the grey water below before the final impact blew the breath out of her body.

She floated on her back for a while and the sky filled her horizon – a vast cathedral of pale blue, clean and pure and flawless, and she listened to the whistling in her ears and wondered at the beauty of that ethereal sky so far above as she tried to comprehend what had happened; and then she saw the plume of smoke and steam where the boat had been and the splashes of wreckage raining down around her, and she understood there had been a terrible accident.

She never saw the spar that hit her for it had gone far above her head, whirling upwards in a maelstrom of splintered wood and flame before it descended, and she never heard it either. There was only fleeting moment of pain as it struck her, and a dreadful awareness that this was the end.

In that final second she understood that Michael was gone too, and that she would never see him again to say she adored him, nor touch him in the quiet of the night, happy that he was there. In the anguish of that moment she perceived that each of them was destined to make this final journey without even the comfort of a goodbye, and the knowledge filled her with a sense of terrible loneliness.

And then the darkness consumed her and there was only the sound of the wind and the waves, and the cries of the seagulls circling over her pale face floating adrift in the troubled waters below.

Five Months Earlier

Lucille Carter-Bayliss stared out of the window, her mind on the report she had just read. The single page of closely typed words lay on the desk before her and it confirmed everything she had suspected.

The report had been commissioned from a female private detective called Emily who owed her a few favours, and although it was brief she had no doubt it was correct. Lucy had seen her working, piecing together scraps of information to build a bigger picture. She remembered the intricate way Emily had gathered information: the innocent little conversations with family and friends; examination of clues trawled from the garbage, and the phone taps and email intercepts. It was amazing what you could find about someone if you tried, and the woman was a genius at putting it all together.

Her eyes flicked back to the report on her desk and she picked it up to read its contents again.

Confidential. Report on Sarah Jane Ryan, Crotton Street, Thruxton. May 2013.

You asked me to observe the subject, Sarah Ryan, and to report on any matters of interest and in particular which persons are in her life and the nature of her relationship with them…

The next few paragraphs explained where and how she had observed the girl and Lucy’s eyes skipped over them, resuming with the body of the report.

Sarah and her brother Michael live with their parents in a relatively affluent house just outside of Thruxton. Her father is a consultant engineer and during the period of observation was on contract overseas. Her mother does not work but is socially active. She appears to have a good relationship with her daughter, who lives at home. Michael, her brother, is two years older than his sister and is a carpenter by trade although he does not appear to have regular employment at present.

Sarah does not socialise and I found no evidence of boyfriends or other external relationships. She appears to have few friends and for the most part lives quietly at home. She is studying the foundation units for Veterinary Science at the local TAFE, which occupies her three days a week…

There was more background information about the girl: her friends and her social habits, what music she liked and the hobbies she had. Lucy noted with interest that she and her brother were renovating a cottage on the headland across the bay, and she smiled at her own memories of that place. But it was the second page that interested her most, and she read it again carefully. illegal bahis

My investigations lead me to believe that Sarah may be pregnant. She was observed to visit an obstetrics clinic by herself on two occasions, and I have also found evidence of the purchase of pyridoxine 20mg, which is a prescription medication typically used for the treatment of morning sickness. If my deduction is correct then I would suggest she is still in the first trimester of her pregnancy.

If this diagnosis is correct there is the question of who the father might be but in this regard I have so far been unsuccessful. I saw no contact with any particular male during my surveillance, nor were there any detectable telephone calls or emails with any person that suggested such a relationship. I conclude that it was either a one-night stand, which seems inconsistent with Sarah’s social behaviour, or she is actively trying to suppress the father’s identity.

Sarah relies heavily on the support of her brother: indeed, although I observed no intimacy between them I would say their relationship is very close. I cannot say if he is aware of her condition, nor, for that matter, whether the mother has been informed. So far there is no physical evidence of her pregnancy, but of course as time goes by this will change.

Lucy set the pages back on the desk and closed her eyes, thinking of the first night she had seduced the girl. She remembered the restaurant, with the dimmed lighting and the wine and music. Sarah had been shy but the Rohypnol had fixed that, and then it had been a night to remember. She recalled the softness of her lips in that first kiss and the whisper of her clothes as she shed them to lie naked on the bed, her long limbs splayed out and her eyes bright with the drug. She remembered too the first taste of her pussy, and how it confirmed what Lucy had known from the moment she’d first set eyes on the girl – that she was a rare find, a beauty with a smoldering sexuality that had blossomed under Lucy’s experienced tongue.

The early months had been the best. They had been inseparable: she as the teacher and the girl as the pupil, so naïve but eager to learn. Sarah had an inventive streak, learning quickly and not afraid to experiment, and within a week or two she had become the favourite. There were others, of course, girls that Lucy had groomed for sex or who did it for money, but there was none quite like her. It had been an amazing few months – the meetings, the wine and soft music, the soft feather beds, the passion.

Just how far the girl had progressed was demonstrated one afternoon when they took a trip to Brinsley’s head, climbing from the little boat ramp to the ruined cottage that overlooked the bay. Sarah had been working alone to repair the old structure and Lucy smiled as the recalled the girl’s eagerness to show off the renovations.

‘None of the roof was here,’ she’d said, waving one arm at the roughly patched timbers above their head. ‘I climbed up and nailed the tarp, and then cleared the rubble away from the -‘ she caught sight of Lucy’s expression and the words died on her lips.

‘Don’t stop,’ Lucy smiled at her earnestness. ‘Tell me.’

Sarah shook her head. ‘No…it’s boring. Sorry.’

Lucy grasped her arm lightly. ‘No, really. I like hearing you tell me – I like watching your excitement.’ She stared into the girl’s face, struck yet again by its perfect symmetry: the wide set eyes and little button nose and the cupid’s bow curve of her lips. In the subdued light she couldn’t discern the colour of Sarah’s eyes but she saw the pupils were distended, the dark orbs in stark contrast to the pale perfection of the surrounding skin. Beneath her fingers she felt the warm flesh of the girl’s arm and in a moment of unity she sensed the blood coursing through its veins and arteries, bringing life and vitality to the young, firm body.

A sudden surge of emotion seized her and she leaned forward and pressed her lips to Sarah’s open mouth. For a moment the girl was passive and then she tilted her head and responded, her body arching against the older woman. Lucy’s brain was suddenly filled with a maelstrom of conflicting senses: the subtle smell of cinnamon and apple in the soft cloud of Sarah’s hair and the cloying sweetness of her perfume; the taste of her mouth and the soft warmth of her breath and the slippery feel of her tongue. She dropped the blanket she was holding and seized the girl in a tight embrace, and they clung to each other in the dappled light, their hearts racing as their passion spiraled.

At last Lucy broke free. ‘Here,’ she gasped. ‘Let’s do it here.’ She stooped to spread the blanket on the fractured tiles of the ruined floor and knelt upon it, and she looked up at the girl. ‘Take off your clothes,’ she whispered.

Sarah unzipped her skirt and shucked off her blouse, tossing the scraps of material to one side. She wore no underwear and in the subdued light she saw Lucy gazing at her illegal bahis siteleri pussy with hungry eyes.

‘Step forward,’ the woman commanded. ‘Push your cunt into my face.’

Sarah obeyed, thrusting her hips forward slightly as she did so. She felt the sudden heat of Lucy’s breath on her labia and a moment later the hardness of her tongue slipping into the entrance of her body. The tip flickered over her clitoris and she gasped at the sudden sensation. ‘Ah…Christ,’ she whispered ‘ – ah, easy…easy.’ Her voice was gusty, the words broken as the intensity of her pleasure ratcheted upwards. She seized Lucy’s head and held it tightly in the juncture of her thighs. ‘There,’ she whispered, ‘Ah, yes…just there. Fuck…fuck…don’t stop, Luce! Just there.’ There was a sudden bloom of moisture at her sex and she imagined it smeared over Lucy’s eager lips. The image triggered her first orgasm – a small one that rushed in unexpectedly, and she closed her eyes and rode the tight little waves of pleasure as they enfolded her.

Lucy stripped quickly and lay on the blanket on her back, staring up at Sarah with hungry eyes. She could still taste the girl on her tongue and her cheeks were wet with pussy juice. From her low perspective she could see Sarah’s sex, the lips furled back and the flesh pink and fresh and clean. She reached up and touched it lightly before inserting one finger into the girl’s body. The channel was very tight and she felt its sucking warmth trying to draw her in.

‘Sit on my face, she commanded, and she watched as the girl crouched over her, one golden thigh either side of her head. ‘Now, press down.’ Lucy’s hands grasped the girl’s buttocks and drew them towards her face, feasting her eyes on the wet gash as it descended.

‘You love being eaten, don’t you?’ she whispered. ‘Tell me you love it.’

‘Ah…God yes!’ Sarah’s voice broke as she felt the first touch of Lucy’s tongue. ‘I…ah…I love it, Luce. I love – ugh -what you do to me.’

‘I can taste you,’ Lucy said. She pressed her mouth over the spongy wet lips of Sarah’s sex and drew her tongue upward to the fissured texture of the tight little anus. ‘I can taste your cunt,’ she whispered. ‘You’re dripping wet…oozing into my mouth. Are you wet for me?’

‘I am, I am.’ Sarah hunkered down, pressing against the restless mouth below her, and she writhed as the woman lapped at her sex. She could feel Lucy’s fingers easing her buttocks apart and her anus crimped as the hardness of her tongue slithering over it, like a fish’s mouth grasping at a morsel of food. Through the waves of pleasure she regarded the broken floor littered with dust and rubble and leaves, and the sordid surroundings reinforced the feeling that she was committing a secret sin. Little Sarah Ryan, as pretty as a picture, so clean and virtuous and pure – and yet here she was, kneeling in the filth like a cheap whore with her heart hammering and her breath groaning with every thrust of Lucy’s tongue.

This is the other me, Sarah thought. This is my secret life as a slut, fucking in the dirt, groveling naked with another woman, gobbling up her juices like a cat with a bowl of cream. The thought triggered a sudden surge of lust and she bent quickly to lick the thick lips of Lucy’s sex. Her brain was consumed by the primeval urge to fuck: to eat the luscious fruit before her and to grind her cunt against the woman’s face. She could feel the seeds of another orgasm building, triggered by her thoughts and the delicious feel of Lucy’s tongue lapping at her pussy, and it spiraled quickly in her brain.

‘I’m going to cum again,’ she whispered. ‘Ah, shit, Lucy…I can feel it…building. Yes, yes…ah, yes. It’s coming, Luce.’

‘Eat me too,’ the woman commanded. ‘Like I showed you, Sarah…let’s cum together.’

Sarah thrust her face between the open thighs and plunged her tongue into the wet opening. Lucy’s cream was thicker now, a sure sign of her excitement, and it coated her lips and chin. She curled her tongue to capture it, wriggling the tip inside the woman’s body and was rewarded by a groan of pleasure from the twitching form beneath her. Lucy’s tongue was inside her too, burrowing between her labia and flickering over her clitoris to ratchet up her pleasure.

‘Ah…fuck…fuck,’ Sarah moaned. ‘Jesus, Luce…I’m cumming!’ She trembled on the brink for a moment, her vision tunneling rapidly to swirling darkness shot through with flashes of brilliant light, and then the pleasure burst in her brain like a super nova and she shrieked as it consumed her.

The sound was enough to trigger Lucy’s own orgasm and she arched her back and screamed, her mouth open in a rictus of pain and pleasure. Just above her face Sarah’s pussy was contracting spasmodically, dribbling a thin stream of liquid and she plunged her mouth over the opening to capture the pungent fluid. She felt the girl’s lips encompass her own cunt and she writhed in ecstasy at the sensation. On and on and canlı bahis siteleri on it went, the waves of pleasure rolling over them like a tsunami, their bodies twitching and their hands grasping, grasping, as if each was trying to enter the body of the other, until at last the sensations subsided and they relaxed with a final groan of pleasure.

Sarah climbed off the supine figure and collapsed next to her. A thin shaft of sunlight pierced the roof and illuminated her belly and Lucy could see the sheen of sweat on the firm golden flesh. The sight stirred her and she leaned over the girl and kissed her.

‘I have a new lesson today,’ she murmured. ‘A new trick for you to learn.’

Sarah laughed. ‘I thought we’d done everything that could be done.’

Lucy smiled. ‘Not by a long shot. This one lets you possess me. This time you will be the aggressor.’ She could see the girl’s interest. ‘If you go to my stuff you’ll find a little tube,’ she said, ‘the red one. Bring it to me.’ She watched as Sarah walked to the corner to rummage in the little bag, and she rolled onto her knees and thrust her buttocks up in supplication.

‘Smear it on your hand,’ she instructed. ‘Lots of it…now, put it in me. Put your whole hand in me.’

Sarah examined the woman’s sex. It was still swollen from their lovemaking but she could see it was too small.

‘It won’t fit, Luce,’ she said doubtfully.

‘It will…just start slowly – three fingers.’

Sarah crouched behind the woman and rested her left hand on the smooth skin of her back. Lucy’s vulva was still bathed in juice and she drew her fingers over the glistening wet flesh, drawing a groan of pleasure from the crouching figure.

‘Inside,’ Lucy whispered. ‘Push inside.’

Sarah pressed into the wet gash, feeling the sucking warmth as her fingers slid in. She watched the vulva stretch to accommodate them, the ring tightening around her knuckles like an elastic band.

‘Now four,’ Lucy gasped. ‘Put in four.’

Sarah bent forward to observe as she applied more pressure. Her face was close to the woman’s vulva, watching as four fingers slid into the warm, oily tube. The tiny eye of the anus above her fingers bulged with the pressure, the ring opening slightly to reveal the pink flesh of Lucy’s bowels and the girl rubbed her thumb over it.

‘More, baby,’ the woman hissed. ‘Go deeper.’

The girl withdrew her fingers a little and curled her thumb across her palm before sliding her hand forward again. She watched Lucy’s vulva expanding, the rim stretched tight around her knuckles until she could move no further. ‘It won’t go,’ she said. Her voice was breathless. ‘It’s too tight, Luce.’

‘Push. Push hard.’

Sarah pressed forward, rotating her fingers a little as if to screw them in. Her fingers were buried to the third knuckle, the widest part of her hand, and the pressure was intense. Somewhere beneath her Lucy was grunting, a primeval sound of pain and pleasure juxtaposed on one another, and in a sudden moment of insight Sarah understood the power she had over the pale, twitching body kneeling before her. She thrust her hand forward aggressively and the resistance melted, and her hand sank into the woman’s body.

Sarah stared down at their point of union, seeing her wrist encircled by the tight ring of Lucy’s vulva. ‘I’m inside you Luce,’ she whispered in a voice filled with wonder. ‘My whole hand is in your pussy.’

‘Ah, God yes…I feel it. Fuck, that’s tight!’

Sarah began to flex her arm inside the crouching figure, feeling the sucking warmth of her inner flesh and the iron grip of the vulva around her wrist. Her eyes fastened on Lucy’s anus, watching as it expanded with the pressure, opening like an awaking eye. She stooped and touched the rim with her tongue, marveling at the rubbery texture.

‘Fuck me, Sarah.’ Lucy’s voice was tight with lust. ‘Fuck me with your hand.’

The girl slid her hand sliding deeper into the warmth of Lucy’s pussy, and she watched a strand of juice drool from the tight vulvar ring to lie like a silver thread on the blanket below. She heard the wet suck of Lucy’s flesh and smelled the raw odour her excitement, thick and rank in her nostrils. In a moment of sudden perception Sarah understood that for the first time it was she who was totally in control and the slim body impaled on her arm was utterly helpless. She curled her fingers into a fist and thrust deeper, imaging the slippery pink walls of that narrow channel being forced apart…violated by this symbol of power. Her senses were filled with the sounds they made – the gasps and groans and sighs and the hiss of Lucy’s breath; and she saw how she twitched and trembled like a skewered fish. The sense of power brought a surge of lust and she began to pump harder.

For a long time Sarah fucked the gaping maw, observing how the juice at the rim was churned to a white froth as her wrist pumped back and forth. It was easier now as the bruised and battered opening had relaxed and she could go deeper still. She saw beads of Lucy’s juice scattered on the blanket like drops of liquid opal, and she heard the wet squishing as her fist plunged back and forth inside the woman’s body.

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