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Big Tits

While his wife was getting better acquainted with his daughter, Jim Phillips was on his business trip.

Well no, not really.

The day earlier, he’d signed all the contracts, had a nice dinner with the new clients, gone back to his hotel suite and called it a night.

Now, and for the next two days, it was time to relax. As the limo pulled up in front of the inviting home, Jim felt himself relaxing already. He smiled. He got his suitcases out of the trunk, told the driver to pick him up late tomorrow evening and went to the front door and rang the bell.

The door opened and the woman answering it was a walking wet dream. Jim literally gasped when she answered the door, a tall, Norwegian blonde in black, stiletto PVC boots that went all the way up her legs. Her hair hung loosely, halfway down her back, leonine in appearance. Her emerald eyes glowed with passion.

On her nearly 6′ tall body, she wore a tight-fitting PVC dress that ended just below her waist. Scandalously short, it showed off strategic points on her body, some of her was covered with black PVC, some of it was see-through. She looked amazing.

In the boots, she was a good 4″ taller than Jim and he stood to kiss her, her arms wrapping around him, her lips practically fused to his own. “Hello to you too beautiful” he said when they parted. The beauty of his sister-in-law had not dimmed in the 3 years they’d been lovers. “Where’s Angi?”

“She’s upstairs, waiting. Hurry darling!” she said as she yanked his arm and led her up the stairs to the bedroom. He couldn’t wait to fuck Kirsten, she was one of the most incredible lovers he had ever known. As much as he loved, adored, desired Marina, the hold Kirsten and Angi had over him was inescapable. He could no more stop loving Kirsten than he could stop breathing.

He walked into the bedroom and saw the second of his pair of lovers, beautiful, sexy, young Angi. Dressed in a similar outfit to Kirsten’s own, Angi wore the same black thigh-high boots and PVC dress. One of the subtle differences was Angi’s was red where Kirsten’s was black.

Both women glowed with health and their Nordic good looks were overwhelming, as with his pretty Alicia and his ex-wife. He walked over to the bed where Angi was reclining and kissed her, feeling her tongue glide over his lips. “Hello gorgeous.”

Her perfect smile dazzled him as he felt Kirsten hug him from behind. “Hello Uncle Jim” Angi said.

Mother and daughter. Both were his lovers, both had kept him going when Corinne had walked out on him. He adored them both, they were in his blood.

He had not intended to share these women, certainly not his niece. As his mind drifted back to that day, nearly 3 years prior, he felt a goofy grin cross his face.

He had always been close to his sister-in-law and niece, moreso after Kirsten had the sense to throw the wife-beating drunk she’d married out of the house. He checked in on them regularly and he made sure to help them whenever they needed it, he helped Kirsten get a good job with a friend who owed him a favor, he made sure Angi had money enough to go to a good University. Whatever they needed, he was only to happy to provide. What good was money if one couldn’t help family?, Jim reasoned.

Jim had driven to the home his sister-in-law and niece shared to deliver a birthday present to Angi, who had just turned eighteen. He’d bought her a nice silver necklace & locket he thought she’d like and wanted to deliver it personally.

He knocked on the door and when Angi saw it was him, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him and gave him the biggest hug. She was always glad to see her favorite uncle. “I’m your ONLY uncle” Jim said, laughing.

Angi laughed along with him. Angelica – no one called her that – had grown up to be a beautiful young woman, almost a carbon-copy of her mother. He noticed the outfit she was wearing, a crop-top that came just below her breasts and a skirt that was so short it might has well have been a bandage. He frowned a bit.

“Uncle Jim, what’s wrong?”

“Don’t you think that outfit is a little – daring?”

“Oh Uncle Jim, don’t be such an old fart. A lot of girls dress this way nowadays. Don’t you think I have a nice body?”

“Yes, but that’s not the point Angi … “

“Uncle Jim, that is precisely the point. I’m not embarrassed to show my body.”

He could see why. She had sweet, round breasts, a smooth, flat tummy toned from lots of exercise and long, tanned legs. Even her feet were sexy, with cute toes that were painted pink.

When Angi came and sat on his lap, he became a little canlı bahis uncomfortable. She squirmed a bit, rubbing her ass against him. It felt so good, Jim felt guilty. This was his niece, for Chrissakes, rubbing her ass all over him. It felt so good, so smooth and round and he knew she was only wearing a thong and …

Jim pushed her away. “Angi, this isn’t right. I’m you’re uncle, I’m more than twice your age. What would your mother say?”

Angi smiled that sweet smile and lifted her top off, baring her apple-round breasts. “Uncle Jim, she’d say Fuckin’-A!”

Jim was finding it hard to breathe when he felt hands embrace him from behind. “Why don’t you ask her what she’d say? She’d say – Angi, I taught you to share.”

He turned to see his sister-in-law’s sexy body, clad in a black mini and sheer black blouse. She had the same great figure as her daughter, legs encased in black stockings.

“You’re a lucky man Jim” Kirsten purred. “Any man who gets to fuck my little Angi is lucky. But you’re even luckier, you’re going to get to fuck us BOTH!”

His head was spinning and when he turned, there stood Angi, totally naked. She grabbed him by the collar and kissed him passionately, her blue eyes warm and inviting. Behind him, Kirsten was removing all of her clothes, except for her stockings and heels.

Angi behind him, Kirsten in front, they embraced him, he was aflame with desire, Their bodies were hot and arousing, they joined hands and led him up to the Master bedroom.

Both women pushed him on the bed, he ached to touch them, but they wouldn’t let him. They moved together and embraced, shocking the horny man. They were lovers, this was so wrong, and yet, it was the sexiest sight Jim had ever seen.

He saw Kirsten and Angi move together, lips open wide, tongues probing, like breasts pressed together. They rubbed up against each other, lewd words escaped their lips as mother and daughter fingered each other’s pussies, played with each other’s tits. Long blonde hair, silky tanned bodies with curves in all the right places, this was so incredibly sexy, Jim didn’t know how long he could control himself.

When they pulled apart, both smiled at the still-clothed man who had been watching their play. “How long has this been going on?” Jim wanted to know.

“Mom and I talked about sex for years, she’s always been very open. She told me she’d had many experiences with women, including Aunt Corinne when they were younger. When I turned eighteen a while back, I asked Mom to show me and —“

“One thing led to another Jim” Kirsten continued. “Angi moved into my room last week. We’re very happy, but when we got to talking —“

“After we stopped fucking —” Angi giggled mischievously.

“When we got to talking, we realized that both of us wanted the company of a man. Talking further, we discovered we wanted the SAME man.”

Angi stabbed her uncle in the chest with her index finger. “You.”

“So tell me Jim darling …” his sister-in-law said “Are you really going to stay dressed while you have two naked blondes willing to fuck your brains out?”

Jim came out of his daze and removed his clothes, both women helping him. That night, their relationship became passionate. He became Angi’s first – and to date, ONLY – cock. He fucked her beautiful mother in the ass while she licked her daughter’s pussy to a mind-numbing orgasm. He watched the women perform `69′ on each other and then the three adjourned to Kirsten’s huge shower for some more fun. He slept between them that night, and many others.

The girls loved him and he loved them back. He’d often thought of making Kirsten his wife – or even Angi – but Kirsten loved her job and Angi had two more years at University, then law school. So the arrangement remained unchanged, until he had met Marina and fallen in love.

He wondered if his pretty new wife had managed a truce between her and his daughter yet. He hoped so, for all their sakes. He knew if Alicia just let herself, she’d see the same wonderful qualities in Marina that he did.

“Jim? Darling, you seem a million miles away.”

Jim turned to see Kirsten’s beautiful eyes looking at him. He could look a hundred times, the emerald beauty never failed to take his breath away. “I’m sorry Kirsten” he said as she and Angi snuggled in close. “I was thinking of Marina and Alicia and wondering if they’re getting along.”

“Huh!” his niece said derisively. “Heck Mom, look at this man. He’s got two beautiful, kinky, sexy women ready to screw his brains out and he’s thinking of other women!”

“Silly, silly man!” Kirsten said bahis siteleri as she leaned in towards her daughter and kissed her lips with passion. No matter how many times he witnessed the incestuous coupling of his niece and her mother, it never failed to arouse him. They were so tender together, so intricate in their lovemaking, each time was a new experience.

Kirsten played with the zipper of her daughter’s PVC dress and unzipped it, revealing the tanned expanse of flesh, sweet breasts and smooth belly. Angi had recently had her navel pierced, which her mom found delightful and Kirsten tugged at the little silver chain Angi’s uncle had bought her for it, which matched her necklace. Angi loved when her mother was naughty, it always made her heat up faster. She watched her uncle undressing at the side of the bed and couldn’t wait to feel his big cock fucking her while she ate out her mother. It was hard for her to remember her studly relative was 50, he sure didn’t look it and he didn’t fuck like it either.

“Ohh Mommy, that’s so good, no one eats pussy like my Mommy!” Angi cooed as her mom’s tongue dipped into her pussy. The thong covering that was red PVC and Kirsten moved it to one side as she feasted at the font of her daughter’s cunt. Angi had recently denuded her snatch, leaving no obstacles for her mother’s seeking tongue.

Looking up, she saw her Uncle Jim slide her mother’s thong down her long legs and off her body. Jim buried his face in Kirsten’s pussy and began to eat her out. He wasn’t quite as good as her nasty minx of a daughter, Kirsten thought, but no man could eat a woman quite as good as another woman.

Angi was in a state of euphoria. Some might condemn what they were doing, but it was all done with love. No one had taken better care of her than her mother and Uncle Jim, no one had loved her this much. Who were society to judge? Why shouldn’t she have the right to share her passions, her body, with the two people she loved most?

She arched her body forward as her mother’s tongue darted into the lips of her pussy, her nipples stiff and aching to be sucked. She saw her uncle at the entrance to her mother’s pussy and when her mother really started going to town on her pussy, she knew Uncle Jim was fucking her, and fucking her good.

She loved screwing Uncle Jim, he knew how to use his big cock. As long as she had his dick from time to time, and her mother and their toy collection, she was fairly happy. Yet, she wanted him to fuck her cute little ass, and he wouldn’t do it. Her mother had screwed her there with a dildo, several times, and she came like gangbusters, but every time she broached the subject with Uncle Jim, he told her he was too big and he’d hurt her.

Both Angi and Kirsten told him he was being silly, but he steadfastly refused to do it.

He was really fucking Kirsten hard now, the way she liked. Like a piledriver, her grunts and squeals aroused both her lovers. “Oh fuck me Jim, fuck both your sluts, keep fucking us, oh lover, fuck us, fuck us!” Her mother’s howls reverberated around the room as she ate her daughter lavishly.

Oddly, mother and daughter had reverse tastes when it came to fucking men. Kirsten liked it hard and fast, she liked to feel it, almost be abused, like a slut. Angi, on the other hand, liked it slow and gentle. She liked it when her uncle took his time, caressed her, went down on her and she could ride his big cock.

Kirsten’s body shook with orgasm and she came, her tongue still buried deeply in her daughter’s pussy. Angi felt a small shudder and realized she’d had a mini-climax, a not-uncommon occurrence when fucking with both partners.

Jim moved to the top of the bed and lay back, his niece’s body straddled his own, his cock still hard, yearning to cum, but holding off. The three years he’d spent with his women had taught him control, he felt Angi’s sweet – shaved? – pussy slide down on his shaft and engulf him tightly.

“Ohhhh,fuckkkkk!” she hissed as she began to move up and down on his rod, pulling at it with her educated pussy. He saw Angi unzip her mother’s dress and begin to feast at her body, more tanned than her daughter’s. Angi kissed Kirsten’s neck and breasts and suckled on them, as she knew her mother liked. Jim watched with desire as his lovers took their pleasure from each other, and from him as well.

Angi took him all in as the sunlight from the nearby windows glinted off the PVC clothing the duo were wearing. They’d done this for him, they’d become even more sexual in the last few years, delighting him with their insane antics. Once, Angi had tied her mother up and bahis şirketleri spanked her while she made Kirsten eat her cunt, then suck off Jim. Keeping her mother tied up, Angi had fucked her Uncle Jim to a gushing orgasm, then made her mother clean it up with her tongue. When she was finished, Angi untied her mother and fucked her with a large dildo while Jim fucked her Doggy style one more time. All three of them screamed as they came that time.

Angi was rolling her hips now, back and forth, taking in all of her uncle, rubbing her bare mound as she and her mother caressed and moved together. There were subtle differences between mother and daughter, but they were minor. Their passion for each other and for Jim had not diminished a whit.

Angi had been concerned when she found her uncle had remarried, crying in her mother’s arms that night, sobbing softly. Kirsten had tried to allay her fears.

“Your Uncle Jim could no more stop loving us, making love with us and fucking us then we could him. We’re in his blood, my darling child, as he is in ours.”

Feeling him deep inside the walls of her pussy, Angi was glad her mother had been proved right. She tightened her pussy muscles with the keggle exercises her mother had taught her and heard Jim groan. She loved making him groan and moan, she knew he’d keep coming back for more.

Jim surged forward, moving at a slower pace with his niece than he did with her wildcat mother. He liked the differences between them, appreciated them, and knew Angi liked it soft, tender. His hands made love to her body, appreciated every curve and contour, took in all of her and adored it all.

She smelled sweet, full of life and young. Her youth appealed to him, the sweetness, the kittenish playful nature of her. Looking at both of his mistresses, it was hard to believe they were mother and daughter, although Kirsten was now twice her daughter’s age. Their physical fitness regime, which included a vast amount of lovemaking, kept both women in peak condition.

Moving his cock in and out of his niece’s pussy, he watched her and Kirsten kissing. They were so affectionate, so beautiful in their love for each other, he knew that it would be hard for them to find people to understand their love for one another. Yet when he saw them, it seemed so pure, so joyous, so very sensual.

He didn’t think it wrong his sister-in-law and niece made love, no one was being hurt, no one was at risk of pregnancy. When he tried to put on a rubber one time, both women looked at him as if her were from Mars.

His cock throbbed as he recalled that kinky evening. “I’m not fixed girls, I didn’t have a vasectomy!” he said as they both reached out and played with his cock and balls.

So?” was Angi’s response.

“If we ever get pregnant, we’ll have the baby, darling.” Kirsten said. “We both love you very much, we’d both love to have a baby with you. Just fuck us, love us and don’t worry about it.”

He was doing just that, Angi still on top of his cock, still milking him with that amazing cunt of hers. Now that he was married, he thought perhaps he should broach the subject of contraception again, but the more of his cock Angi took, the more she and her mother played while he was fucking her, the harder it was for Jim to concentrate.

He loved being a dad, Alicia was the light of his life, and Jim was always sorry that Corinne hadn’t wanted more children. As his cock moved quicker inside his niece’s sweet cunt, he pondered on whether or not it would be so wrong to have children again? Would he and Marina have a child? Would one of these two blondes bear his offspring?

His cock was red-hot now, aching to blast. By now, Angi knew the signs of her uncle’s orgasm, she slithered off his cock and moved into position, licking her juices off his dick while her mother ate her clean. Within a few minutes, Angi climaxed under her mother’s lapping tongue, which set off the chain reaction of a second orgasm for Kirsten and Jim’s own thundering climax. He practically flooded their sucking mouths as they worked eagerly to get all the cum they could.

Their years of experience made it quite simple to get most of his juice and swapped it together eagerly, sexy blonde to sexy blonde, mother to daughter. Jim just lay back, enjoying his good fortune.

No, he could not and would not stop fucking these two beauties. But he was torn. Should he tell Marina and risk losing her? Should he keep it a secret and risk her finding out and leaving him. Should he broach the subject of adding her to the mix? That last thought had some appeal to him.

Neither Kirsten or Angi had been with another woman since they began their incestuous affair? Would they accept his beautiful brunette wife as a new lover? Was it worth the risk of losing it all?

Jim had a lot to think about.

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