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I want to thank you for stopping by to read my very first submission. I will look forward to your comments good or bad if they are given with respect. It will make me a better writer in the long run.

Now a special thanks to a special lady. Gem, I would consider her my muse while writing this story and some that I will be posting down the road. This story was written for her originally. Gem is not her real name obviously, but she knows who she is.


A warm summer day a lone apple tree high on a hill. You are kneeling on a blanket under the tree in only a flannel shirt, open showing your breasts and thighs spread. Your hair blowing in the breeze. As you kneel, I walk up and kneel behind you.

We look down the hill at the ocean in the distance. I pull you back into my chest, I reach around and cup your breasts. I squeeze and fondle them. I reach forward and take your nipples between my fingers, pinching and pulling them gently. I lean forward and plant soft gentle kisses on your shoulder then up your neck. Placing soft butterfly kisses on your ear.

As I fondle your breasts a breeze dances up the hill with just a hint of the sea. It tousles your hair and caresses your nipples before winding down your tummy to gently kiss your nether lips. Just mother nature admiring your beauty.

My right hand leaves your breast and moves down over your tummy till I reach your belly button. Tapping it gently, I roll it around caressing you where it all began. Then my fingers continue their journey south to your sweet pussy. I place my index and middle finger at the very top of your sweet cunny. As light as a feather my fingers slide down over your full puffy outer lips. All the way to the bottom.

My middle finger finds the crease there and surprise, I find a drop of your nectar showing your arousal. I coat the finger and slide it up and into the crease pushing deeper into you. Finding you are wetter and wetter. I feel your opening and take 2 fingers and plunge them deep into your opening. I hold them still feeling your wetness and heat grow.

As I hold my fingers still deep in your sweet pussy, your thighs vibrate. I realize you have been kneeling for a long time. I slide my fingers out of your puss and pull them up between your lips, stopping to pinch pendik escort your clit gently. I remove my hand and place it on your back and push gently to let you know to lie down.

You fall on your tummy; I nudge your hip and have you roll onto your back. I wonder at your beauty lying before me. Your eyes showing your arousal, your full round breasts heaving from your panting.

Your nipples, oh your nipples long and oh so hard. I could spend hours making love too just them. But my goal is further south. I fall forward, my lips almost kissing your full puffy labia. I close my eyes and breath in your scent. Musky female with just a hint of jasmine.

You prop yourself on your elbows and our eyes lock on one another. I extend my tongue lean in and gently flick your hard little clit. Your eyes half close and a moan comes from deep in your soul, one I can feel vibrate through my tongue. With our eyes locked I push your thighs up and out, opening your oh so wet pussy like a soft pink flower.

I move my tongue down to the bottom of your sweet slit and slide it in and then up collecting your wetness till I reach your clit again. I let your juices run off my tongue and coat my fingers till they are wet and slippery. I place 2 fingers at the entrance your pussy and place the tip of my ringer finger against the pucker of your anus. I press it in just a bit and look deep into your eyes.

You whimper at me.” Please yes slide your fingers in my pussy, slide your fingers in my ass.” I suck on your clit holding it with my teeth gently, I attack it with my tongue, swirling around it and flicking across it with quick strokes. I push my fingers into your openings until they are buried. I gently pull them out. Your eyes take on a wild look. Your voice is a growl, “I don’t want gentle pound my cunt and asshole, hard. NOW”

You never swear so I know it’s time to go to work. As I lick and bite your clit, I speed my fingers sliding in and out of you until I am pounding against your ass and pussy as fast and hard as I can. You start to shake and then start to moan, louder and louder till you are screaming.

Suddenly you start bucking and chanting Cumming, Cumming, Cumming. I hold on for dear life. You shudder violently then collapse. I slide up and hold you in my arms as you sob and gasp coming down from your orgasm. maltepe escort I am ready to just hold you when you look deep into my eyes and growl again, “I want you in me NOW.”

I crawl up between your thighs until I am looking down onto your passion filled eyes. The head of my cock nudges into your wet opening. The wild look is in your eyes again. So rougher than I would like, I thrust hard into your wetness. There is that growl again. I pull out till just the head is in you and slam hard.

I start a slow but intense rhythm. Pulling all the way out the pushing back in to fill you. While deep in you I grind against your clit making you moan that deep moan again. I continue my slow but urgent thrusts into your pussy. Soon your eyes lid then close, your head falls back, and I feel your thighs shaking against mine. You orgasm is close; your body starts to shake and buck. Suddenly you buck up against me and wail.

“CUMMING” you convulse repeatedly as you come down for an even stronger orgasm than the first one. I push your legs up till they push against your breasts. My lunges pick up speed till I am pounding fast and deep into your pussy with each thrust. Your eyes fly open, and you yell “FUCK.” Another orgasm crashes through you catching us both by surprise.

I do not give you a chance to recover. I am on a mission to fill your sweet pussy with my seed. I grab your hips and flip you over onto your hands and knees. I slam my hard cock back into you and continue to fuck you fast and hard. I am there I need to cum deep in you. I groan loudly, “I’m CUMMING.” I unload a long hard blast of cum into you. As I fill you its sets off still another orgasm in you. You grunt and groan unintelligibly. Suddenly as I finish you collapse. I take you in my arms, you are out cold. “Le Petite Mort.”

Slowly you come back to me. You ask,” what happened?” I look into your eyes with love and say you left me for just a moment, but you are back now. We lay wrapped up with each other. You ask when must we leave? I gaze at you and say I want to make love to you one last time under the stars. I see the questioning and slightly sad look come across your face at my words. But we turn and watch the sun as it falls towards the sea.

Lying under the tree we watch the sun slide down the sky to the horizon. As it kartal escort gets lower the sky takes on brilliant colors, reds, oranges, pinks, and purples. You reach for me and take hold and start caressing my shaft slowly up and down. I slide my hand down your tummy, spread your lips, and find you wet already. We lazily caress one another. Bringing our passion from a warm glow to a burning flame.

Just as the sun dips below the horizon I sit up against the tree. You move over my lap reach between us and guide me into your steamy wetness. You lower yourself till I am buried fully in your cunny. The sky turns a deep purple then goes black as the stars come out.

We rock together quicker and quicker. Our moans mingle. Into a single note of passion as ours orgasms reach us at the same time. We shake and vibrate as one as we come down from our last joining under the apple tree. We smile and kiss deeply.

The couple disengage from one another and stand. They share a final kiss. Then turn to gather their clothes. They dress silently the woman putting on the flannel shirt last. They pick up the blanket and walk down the hill arm in arm.

The couple reach the path leading down the hill. As they walk, they slowly separate. Soon they are no longer arm in arm but holding hands. Later they are connected only by their linked pinky fingers. Before long they come to a fork in the path.

Their hands separate as they look at one another a sad look their eyes. The right path, if taken, she follows him and joins his life. The left is her path and if he follows hers, he joins her life. Their eyes meet each knowing neither can follow the other on their path.

So, with one last sad smile at each other they separate and head down the path that each must follow. A short distance down the paths they both stop and turn looking back up at the lone tree up on the hill. Each take a step back up the path but then stop. Tears coming to both of their eyes.

They both turn and head back to their lives. Before he gets in his car to leave the man looks back up the hill. He makes a vow. Soon he will return, climb the hill, and hope to find a beautiful long hired beauty waiting only in a flannel shirt.

About the same time before she leaves, she takes off the flannel shirt folds it and puts it on the seat to keep it safe. She looks up the hill. Someday soon she will return she ponders, climb the hill, and sit under the apple tree in just the flannel shirt and pray he finds her waiting there. I believe in fate and destiny. So, I have faith that this story is not done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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