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It is just barely New Years Day and most of the world is asleep. Or at least heading that way. The house is dark and we do not bother with many lights as we come in.

I sit back on the couch and run a hand through my hair. It feels good to be off my feet. My clothes are still cold from the winter air, and in the distance Avery fills a glass with water from the tap.

It felt good to be out with friends celebrating, and even though I know I should be tired I am energized. Part of it the clothes we are wearing, part of it the suppressed sexual tension in flirting with each other and friends at the party.

I loosen my tie and slide my hands quickly up and down my thighs warming my legs.

Avery’s shoes click on the floor as she makes her way back to the living room. The low light from the lamps cast the room in shades ranging from sunset to pitch dark.

When I hear the steps stop I look up. Avery leans against the wall smiling and shifts a led so that the tip of one shoe rests on the point. Her pantyhose make her leg look black in this light all the way up her dark colored skirt that rests above her knees. She has discarded her jacket leaving silky top slightly shimmering as her chest rises and falls. Her hair is short giving me a clear view of ear neck and ears. She is gorgeous.

My heart skitters in my chest much like the first time I saw her and I love that she is mine.

Her eyes shift down and then returns. Her smile turns wicked. She pushes off the wall and picks up the iPod attached to the stereo. She studies it for a moment and the sets it down as music fills the room.

Her body starts twisting and moving to the music. Slow at first and then she begins to settle into the rhythm. Her hands slide along the curves of her body and over her hips. Her eyes close as the beat takes over control of her body. One hand lightly draws a path across the top of her breasts from one side to the other. The other tugs her skirt up showing flashes of her hose-covered thighs.

I feel that familiar tingle of anxiety ignore in my stomach. This woman is a sexual creature and my body responds to her movement.

She glances over her shoulder at me. Then turns and moves to me. She takes my hand and tugs at me to stand. She moves close pressing against me looking up into my eyes and smiling that wicked grin. Our bodies slide into rhythm as her hand finds the back of my neck and pulls my face to hers. Holding my gaze her tongue teases my lips in a single pass and then she pulls away twisting so that her back is to me.

My hands slide down body my fingers passing over the swell of her breasts. The smooth cloth fuels the lust starting to burn inside and I pull her hips against me. She raises an arm over her head letting her fingers graze my face before finding the back of my neck again.

I pendik escort love the feel of her fingers on my neck lightly tugging at my hair. The intimate touch feels possessive to me and flirty. She is mine and I am hers. There is nothing in this world that can break our bond.

She wiggles her hips against the building pressure in my pants. One of my hands slides under her shirt feeling her smooth skin. Avery tilts her head allowing me to lick her neck from shoulder blade to cheek.

“You taste wonderful,” I whisper. “I want to lick you all over.”

“mmm.” Her fingers lightly scratch at my skin as she pulls her hand down. She turns slowly to face me and looks up at me. “I can only think of one place I want you to lick.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” she says and bites her lip. Her smile is flirty yet wicked and it tells me she has something in mind.

I capture her mouth in mine tasting the wine from the party still on her tongue. I slide my hand along the back of her hand holding her to me as our kiss deepens. I love the way her short hair feels under my hand.

Her hands slide around my waist and up my back and then she puts a hand on my chest. The keeps me from following her as she steps back and sits on the couch. She removes her shoes one at a time her gaze never leaving mine. She pulls her knees up to her placing her feet on the edge of the couch.

“Now about that licking,” Avery says spreading her legs and pulling her skirt out of the way.

I smile and kneel in front of her. I grasp one of her ankles. The pantyhose are smooth under my fingers as they circle her ankle and then slide up her calf. I lean in to the inside of one knee and kiss reverently. This is my goddess. The woman I was made in order to please. The woman I was made to want more than another woman.

I continue to kiss down the inside of her thigh while my free hand lightly traces its way up the other leg, over the knee, and towards her center.

I can sense the heat and as I get closer to my target. I can smell her arousal. Her scent makes me hard. And something else. I notice she is not wearing any panties under her pantyhose. It makes me smile.

I reach her center and as I slide my nose up her center breathing in her scent. Her pantyhose are damp with want.

She tenses and I pause prolonging the moment. My tongue runs along the sheer material covering her forcing a moan from her lips. I press my mouth against her as if I am trying to drink her and letting my breath and mouth give her a hint of what waits for her.

My fingers take hold and rip a small hole uncovering the object I most want to have at this moment. I feel her legs press wider and I see a hint of pink waiting for me. I slide my tongue through her seal pushing into her.

I suck at her for a moment before allowing maltepe escort my tongue to travel up to her waiting clit. I circle it and tease it as a finger slips inside her. She shifts to press me deeper letting out a moan.

I love the taste of her on my tongue, and want to cover my face with her scent.

I continue to worship her most sacred place on my knees listening to her breathing get faster, and her moans get louder. A hand slides over my head pushing my mouth tighter against her skin. Her body tightens.

“Yes,” She says out of breath. “Fuck yes.”

My mouth slides over her cunt in dance of warm breath and tongue as her hand clinches my hair. Her orgasm rolls through her in a scream of pleasure.

Her hand relaxes and I look up from between her legs and meet her gaze. She leans forward and kisses me like she hasn’t seen me in days before pushing me back.

“Stand up,” She tells me.

As I do she scoots to the edge of the couch. She looks up as her hands caress the hardness waiting under my slacks. Her eyes dance with mischief as she undoes my belt and pants. She pulls my boxers and slacks down until gravity takes over and finishes the job. She takes my cock in her hand slowly caressing it.

“I think I found something I want to lick,” she says and runs her tongue slowly along the back from base to tip.

My legs shutter at the sensation and I close my eyes. I can feel her smile spread next to my cock.

She is smiling when I look back down at her and I place a hand on the side of her head as the head of my cock disappears into her mouth. She holds my gaze as the rest of it slowly disappears into her mouth. With care she pulls it free. It glistens only for a moment before she slides it back in. The pressure of her tongue on the back of the head and working down threatens to undo me.

I hold her head to the side to get a better view. “I love the sight of my cock in your mouth.”

She lets out a low moan as she takes it back in. “Shit,” I say. “That feels amazing.”

She continues to slide it in and out taking a moment to lick it clean. “That’s good girl. Get it good and wet.”

I pull it from her mouth and with a hand under her arm pull her to her feet. My mouth finds hers and our tongues slide over each other. I take hold of her face and pull it from mine and tilting it so I can lick her from chin to ear. “You are mine,” I tell her before pulling away from her ear.

I take a step back. “Take off your shirt.”

A moment passes between us and her smile dissolves into the look of a serious obedient woman. Avery takes hold of her shirt and pulls it over her head and drops it on the floor.

“Now your bra.” I stroke my cock as she reaches behind her and undoes it. It finds its place next to her shirt.

“Take off your skirt.” Now kartal escort her hands move slowly to her waist, and pull her skirt away leaving her just in her pantyhose.

“Hands behind your back.” she slips them behind her back. “God your gorgeous.” I step out of my pants and move towards her.

“Will you give this gorgeous body to me?”

“Yes sir. You can use me how ever you see fit.”

“I plan to.” I let my hand slide between her legs. Two fingers slide inside. When I pull them free I raise them to her. “Open your mouth” She complies and I slip the fingers onto her tongue. “That’s a good girl. Clean them off.”

I pull them from her mouth and take the back of her head. I start to turn her head. “Turn around.” Once she does using my hand on the back of her head I push her over onto the couch. I turn her head to the side so she is resting on her cheek. Her hands are wrapped around her arms so that both arms are parallel behind her back.

“Spread your legs.” I let my other hand find her cunt and push my fingers inside her.

“Mmm. I see you are ready for me.”

I shift so that the head of my cock is pressing against her and take firm hold her neck, my fingers wrapping around to the back of her head.

“Now be a good girl and let me fuck you.”

With my hand on the back of her neck pinning her to the couch I slowly split her cunt with my cock. Her warmth embraces me like an old friend. Her mouth opens and she sighs as I fill her until I cannot go any deeper. When I pull free my cock is wet.

“Fuck. I love seeing your want covering my cock.”

I push my cock back inside her slowly enjoying how she tightens around me.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes,” she says.

“You like my cock filling your cunt?”


I tighten my grip on her neck. I pull my cock out to the tip, hold it and then slam it back in.

“Oh fuck,” she says.

With each thrust I push in and pull out faster. I love the sound of my skin slapping against hers. Her grunts as I thrust inside her.

I release her head and she starts to shift. “Don’t move.”

My hands take hold of her hips and pull her onto my cock and then push her off. Skin sliding over skin. The sensation of pressure sliding from the head of cock to the base and then back. My breath quickens as our bodies fall into sync. I feel that familiar tingle ignite in my toes and spread up my legs.

“Do you want me to cum?”

“Yes, Please cum inside me.”

“You want me to fill this tight cunt?”

“Yes. Please. I want you to fill my cunt.”

The sensation reaches the base of my cock and I try to hold back the wave of pleasure.

“Fuck yes,” I say between gritted teeth.

My hand finds her neck again as I thrust deep inside her. “Fuck,” I cry out as the wave of pleasure spasms through shooting my load inside her. My legs shutter as I spasm with each release. Once my body starts to relax I release my hold on her and slowly withdraw. My release spills from her.

“You are the sexiest thing alive,” I tell her.

She smiles up at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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