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I was reading in bed when I heard my iPhone’s distinctive beep as I received a new text. Glancing at the clock, I wondered who the hell was texting me at 2:30 in the morning? I picked up my phone and scrolled down to the message. It was from my 19-year-old son Luke.

“That’s strange,” I muttered to myself.

I had heard Luke drunkenly stumble into the house about 15 minutes ago. He was at a frat party earlier tonight. My ex-husband and I were pretty pragmatic when it came to drinking. We had one rule when we gave Luke the keys to his car at 16. If he went out to a party and happened to get drunk, do not drive home. We told him to have a designated driver, call a cab, walk…or even call one of us to pick him up. We would not punish him if he did any of those things. If we found out that he did drive drunk, then there would be hell to pay.

As I read his protracted and rambling text, I quickly realized three things. First, he was totally smashed to the gills as he wrote this. Second, he sent this text to me by mistake. It looks like he was trying to text a girl named, “May” but ended up texting, “Ma”. And finally, my son was attempting to get May to sneak over for another booty call.

What truly shocked me though was the attached image. I tapped on it and watched as the image filled the screen. For a moment, I didn’t believe what I was looking at. The pic was a close up of an empty, 12 ounce can of Red Bull next to Luke’s fully engorged penis.

“Holy Shit!” I gasped out loud. Not only was my son’s cock as thick as the can, but it was noticeably longer as well. He sure as hell didn’t get that from his father.

I realized moments later that I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I stared at the image, dumbfounded. I tossed my iPhone down on the bed and started talking to myself like a crazy person.

“Lucy, what the fuck’s wrong with you? That is Luke’s dick, you idiot!! Just because you haven’t gotten laid since the divorce doesn’t mean it’s cool to get your motor revved up by your own son!”

I walked to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face. As I glanced up at the mirror, I instantly noticed that my nipples looked like they could cut glass. I say to my reflection:

“This is going to be one crazy-awkward conversation when Luke realizes what he’s done.”

I decide that I should just nip this in the bud and get it over with. I walked over to the other side of the house to Luke’s bedroom and gently knocked on his door.

“Luke?” I whispered through the door. I paused a moment, took a deep breath and slowly opened it.

I found my son passed out on his bed. The glow from his lamp bathed his body in warm light. He had managed to get his jeans off of one leg but he forgot to remove one of his sneakers. His jeans were tangled around his left ankle which was dangling off the side of the bed. His phone was lying across his lean torso and the Red Bull can was gently resting in his right hand. That’s not where my eyes lingered on though.

Luke’s boxers were down to his knees and his half-erect penis was flopped upwards, pointing towards his belly button. As I stood, motionless by the side of my son’s bed, I could hear him snoring soundly. I picked up his iPhone and silently placed it on his nightstand. I gently sat on the edge of the bed and stretched over him to grab the can from his hand. I put it down next to his phone. I should have stood up and gotten the hell out of there, but I just ended up sitting there awhile admiring my son’s impressive cock.

It was smooth except for a prominently thick vein that started at the base and weaved its way towards the head. The other surprising thing (besides me sitting there gawking at my son’s manhood) was that he was completely shaved bare.

“I was not expecting that” I whispered quietly to myself.

I should get my goddamn head examined for what I did next. I tentatively reached out and gently caressed it. As my fingertips slowly went back and forth along the underside of his shaft, I could see his penis rousing to attention. It took less than a minute for Luke’s cock to get fully erect. I just sat there, hypnotized by the way my son’s impressive dick bounced lightly over his belly.

Delicately, I rolled my fingers around the middle of his shaft. I couldn’t fucking believe that there was a gap between my thumb and middle finger as I lightly clutched his erect penis. It didn’t seem real. The length, the thickness…even the weight! Had I not been actually holding it in my hand, I would never have believed it!

I was quickly startled back to sanity as my son deeply inhaled and twisted his head to the right. I jumped off the bed like it was on fire and hurried out of his bedroom. As I walked back to mine, I took a quick detour as I walked through the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of vodka that was nestled on the bottom shelf. I took a solid tug off of it as I babbled to myself, “this is crazy…this is fucking crazy!” I took one more swig before returning the bottle where I found it.

I izmir escort bayan leaned against the kitchen island as I tried to control my breathing. As I was doing that, I kept staring at my pantry door as an incredibly depraved idea popped into my head. I entered the pantry and scoured the shelves until I saw what I was looking for. Over a dozen cans of Red Bull were lined up on the top shelf. I grabbed one and quickly darted to my bedroom.

I whipped off my shorts and panties in a hurried motion and bounded onto my bed. I began by rubbing the length of the can along my pussy. It began to gleam almost immediately from my juices. My camel toe was waxed clean except for a small, manicured patch of black pubic hair above my clit. I needed to feel the can’s girth inside me. I tried a couple times but I was having problems inserting it inside due to the thickness.

I rolled over into the doggy position and tried again. The thick can finally submitted to my endeavor, which caused my head to drop down into my pillow to stifle my moans. As the Red Bull can penetrated deeper and deeper, I couldn’t stop visualizing that it was my son’s virile cock drilling inside me with abandon.

It took me a few minutes before my tight pussy managed to engulf nearly all of it but I could only think of one thing as I bit down on my pillow. Luke’s cock had three more inches of length than this fucking can. As my orgasm approached I started getting more and more vocal:

“Ooh baby…Just like that. Just like that! This is so wrong but I need you to make me cum! I’m so close baby…hard, deep strokes! Mmm…just like that baby! You’re making mommy cum!!”

My orgasm tore through me like a hurricane. My pert ass involuntarily clenched tightly in the air before falling back down towards the bed. I was shocked and ashamed by how intense it was and the amount of time it lingered. I could still feel my abdominals spasm in time with the after effects of my orgasm.

“I have never cum like that before,” I thought to myself. “Has it come to this? Am I so hard up for dick that I have to resort to fantasizing about my son’s?”

Exhausted, I drifted off to a fitful sleep, the Red Bull still pressed between my inner thighs.


I woke up the next morning to Miley Cyrus playing from my clock radio. The time was flashing 9:27. “What day is it?” I wondered to myself as I turn off Miley with a swat.

“Oh shit! It’s Saturday” I snapped myself awake. I’m supposed to meet my sister for Pilates at ten and I just overslept a half-hour. Normally, I would have changed at the gym but I don’t have time today. I quickly threw on my gym clothes and ran to the kitchen to get a quick bite to eat. I didn’t notice Luke eating cereal at the kitchen table but he definitely noticed me. As I stretched to reach for a breakfast bar from the top shelf, my son’s eyes locked onto my ass. I was wearing my favorite pair of sky blue yoga pants and a white, sleeveless top that fit me like a glove. He was admiring my muscular bottom.

Since the divorce, I’ve been in gym rat mode (mostly, to focus my rage since my ex left me for a 24-year-old pharmaceutical rep with fake tits). Pilates and cross training have been my therapist for the past five months. I’m in better shape now than when I was a college cheerleader.

As Luke stared at my ass with his mouth gaping, the first thing that he thought to himself was, “Damn! When did mom get the booty of Columbian swimsuit model?”


I quickly turned…startled by his presence. “Sorry, I didn’t see you there hon.” As I turned towards him, I didn’t realize that Luke could easily make out my camel toe through my skintight yoga pants.

“That’s one hell of an outfit mom. I’m surprised that they let you wear it at the gym.”

“This is actually pretty tame compared to what some of the other women wear. You should see what your Aunt Lana wears. Usually, she would wear these tiny yoga shorts and a sports bra that barely contains her boobs. I’m actually surprised that she doesn’t get arrested for indecent exposure.”

“I just never realized how in shape you got since dad left. You normally wear clothes that don’t compliment your figure.”

“Thanks sweetie. People at the gym are shocked when I tell them I’m 40. They would always guess somewhere between the mid-twenties to early thirties. It’s probably because I have abs again.”

I spontaneously lifted the bottom of my shirt to show Luke my abs. I didn’t realize that I had shown my son some under-boob as well. Luke got an eyeful but didn’t let on. He gave me a wolf whistle in approval.

That whistle jostled my memory of the dick pic he sent me last night. I don’t think he’s checked his text messages yet since Luke is still acting like Luke. As I was heading out the door I said:

I need to talk to you about something when I get back from the gym, ok?”

“No problem mom, I’m still kinda hung over from last night so I was just going to hang around the house.”


“YOUR SON SENT YOU WHAT?!?” escort izmir Lana screamed.

“Lana…shut up!” I hissed as we walked towards my car. “He sent me a pic of his junk when he was drunk last night.”

“On purpose?”

“No you idiot! He was trying to send a friends with benefits request to some girl named, “May” except he typed, “Ma” by mistake.”

“Let me see it!”

“Why the hell do you want to see a pic of your nephew’s dick?” exasperated by her request.

“Because I’m a big pervert…now show me!”

“Fine! Wait a sec.” A moment after my fingerprint unlocked my iPhone, I handed it to my sister for her reaction. She quickly opened up the Message app and clicked on the photo in question.

“Goddamn Lucy! I had no idea that Luke was packing that cannon. The kid’s only 5’8″! How’s that even possible? How big is that monster, eight inches?”

“It’s definitely nine inches” I replied with conviction.

“Wait a minute…something’s up with the way you said that. What aren’t you telling me?” Lana asked. She could always tell when I was lying or holding something back. I took a deep breath and told her everything.

“I’m so fucked up Lana…I don’t know what the hell I was thinking last night. I’ve never seen a cock like that before. When I got my hand around it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

“Look Lucy, you’re not nuts or a perve. You are just horny as fuck! When was the last time you got some?”

“Oh god…seven, maybe eight months ago. It was a week before I found out that Mike was leaving me for that bitch!”

“Jesus Lucy! I would have been riding anything resembling a dick like a nympho if I had gone eight months with no fucking! Seriously…the stick shift on my Lexus, my bedpost…anything!

Honestly though Lucy, I think you should take advantage of your son’s huge sausage. Keep it on the down low and enjoy yourself. Do you remember that basketball player I dated in college? His name was Ivan…I think he was from the Czech Republic or maybe Poland. Anyway, he had a huge wang! They’re fucking awesome when you find one! Luke could be your friend with benefits.”

“Lana, he’s my fucking son!”

“It’s like you have a winning lottery ticket and you’re too afraid to cash it in. Cash that fucking ticket in Lucy! Just don’t go blabbing about it on Jerry Springer or your Facebook page…no harm, no foul.”


I entered my house and noticed Luke pacing in the living room. The second he saw me, it looked like he had seen a ghost.

“So Luke…I guess you figured out what I wanted to talk to you about.”

He rushed over to me as he exclaimed, “Mom, you don’t know how unbelievably sorry I am! I don’t even remember sending that text.”

As my son was profusely apologizing, my mind went off in a tangent as I wondered how much of his meaty cock I could get down my throat before gagging. Four inches…five inches? Then off in the distance I distinctly heard, “Mom?…Mom?” Snapping out of it, I replied:

“Umm…yes Luke, apology accepted. In the future, it might be a good idea to drink in moderation instead of getting totally hammered.”

“Moderation? Mom, I might not drink again!”


Everything seemed to go back to normal…except for the fact that I had over a dozen masturbatory marathons of Luke throughout the week. (Four of those sessions have been with a Red Bull can while lying in his bed.)

Saturday morning rolled around with Luke and I having breakfast and talking about what we had planned for the day. (Yogurt & fruit for me, waffles with a absurd amount of butter and syrup for Luke.)

“Most of my morning will be spent on campus. I have a project I need to work on for my digital photography class.”

I jokingly replied, “Promise me that the subject matter of your project does not involve pictures of your wiener?”

Luke started to immediately blush. “You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?”

“Probably not.” I giggled. I grabbed his sticky dish and rinsed it off in the sink. As I was doing that, Luke took a moment to admire my toned behind before asking:

“Have you been stealing Aunt Lana’s workout clothes?”

“Nope. We have a spinning class today and the instructor likes to set the thermostat to Death Valley-like temperatures so we sweat out the extra water weight.”

“First thing’s first mom, I don’t think you have any water weight left to sweat out. Second, there is going to be a rugby scrum by the guys in that class to score the bike behind you just so they can check out your heinie in those shorts”.

I started laughing as I replied, “I just realized why Aunt Lana always wants to be in the front row.”

Luke came up behind me and gave me a peck on the cheek goodbye and headed off to school. He didn’t notice the shiver that ran up my spine when he briefly leaned up against my backside to give me that kiss. In the smallest of moments, I felt my son’s flaccid cock through his jeans and my mind dove into a pool of depraved thoughts.

I izmir escort needed to scratch that itch again. I checked out front to make sure that Luke had left for school. Then, I grabbed a Red Bull from the pantry and headed back to the kitchen island. My excitement accelerated as I peeled off my shorts along with my thong. That just left my sneakers, ankle-high white socks, and a snug, white Nike top.

I spun around one of the tall chairs by the island and placed a folded kitchen towel on the seat. I straddled the chair like a cowgirl with my ass up in the air so I could get the can in position. I placed it on the towel so it wouldn’t slide off. I quickly lined it up with my dripping pussy.

I slowly brought my weight down onto the Red Bull. A hiss escaped my lips as I slowly impaled myself on the makeshift toy. My taut ass cheeks clenched tightly as the can bottomed out inside me. I felt a flush of heat radiating outwards like a wave. I proceed with a slow trotting rhythm…up and down…up and down.

My eyes closed tightly as I thought of a scenario to compliment my masturbation session. I imagined that Luke was seated beneath me. An expression of shock and awe on his face as I slowly ride his massive cock. I visualize him pulling my top over my head slowly. He wants to finally see my breasts in all of their glory. He’s hypnotized as he watches my bosom bounce in time to my deliberate movements.

My pace quickens as my orgasm nears. My mantra is to call out his name over and over again as I start cumming. I’m too engrossed in my fantasy to notice that Luke had come back home momentarily to retrieve his camera. He heard me calling out to him repeatedly from the living room.

Luke ambled to the kitchen to find out why I was calling him. Our eyes met when he walked in. He is frozen in place like a deer in the headlights. As I try to cover up my shame with the kitchen towel, the Red Bull squeezed out from between my sopping pussy. It slammed onto the floor with a thud and rolled to a stop by his feet.

When Luke glanced down at that can, he knew instantly what was going through my messed up head. I dropped down to the floor in a heap of tears. He picked me back up and placed me down on the chair I was riding moments earlier. I begin ranting through my tears:

“I’m so sorry Luke! I’m a horrible, horrible mother! After I saw that picture of your beautiful cock, I couldn’t stop thinking about it! It’s been eight months since I’ve had sex…maybe I’m going crazy? I didn’t know what to do! Aunt Lana said I should just use you as a fuck toy so I could scratch that itch!”

“You told Aunt Lara?”

“She even asked to see the pic! She wants to borrow you if I chickened out.”

“Mom, you’re not horrible. This all started because I was a drunken moron. I had no idea that you haven’t had sex in such a long time.”

“Luke, you are not supposed to know…or even want to know for that matter. I’m your mother!!”

“Everyone has needs mom. You…me…everyone! Just take a look at me for example. I’m a nineteen-year-old ball of hormones. I am literally popping wood multiple times a day. Do you remember when I saw you in your workout outfit last Saturday? I got a massive erection in seconds. I had to jerk off twice before my dick would go back down.”

“You did?” I asked, my breath hitched through my tears.

“Mom, I thought you were gorgeous before you started working out. Now you are ridiculously, smoking hot! You could be a lingerie model with that bod. All of my friend’s refer to you as, “the milf.” They’re shocked when I tell them you’re 40!”

Gently, Luke wiped the tears from my face as he said:

“Maybe you should take Aunt Lara’s advice.”

“Luke, you’re my son. It would be wrong on so many different levels! I don’t want to warp you too!”

“Mom, you are not going to warp my mind. Everyone has sex. Everyone has needs. I could be your friend with benefits. No one has to know what happens behind closed doors. I do hope you tell Aunt Lara though. I’ve had a crush on her since I started puberty.”

Luke pulled me up from the chair and gave me a kiss that he had never given me before. As I felt his tongue gingerly intertwine with mine, a moan escaped my lips as I shuddered with lust. I was expecting my psyche to be repulsed by what my son was doing to me. However, that feeling never surfaced. What did surface was pure, unadulterated lust.

I broke the kiss and Luke could see the ravenous hunger in my eyes. My hands slid down his chest as I dropped to my knees. His breathing became more pronounced. I began to rub my fingers over the lengthy bulge that expanded along the inseam of his tight blue jeans. I could feel the heat radiating from Luke’s crotch like a furnace.

My fingertips trembled as I gripped my son’s zipper and slowly pulled down. My face was so close that I could hear the click…click…click of the zipper’s teeth as it opened.

My dainty hand slid inside, momentarily exploring until I found that winning lottery ticket. My eyes never deviated from his crotch as I freed my son’s cock from his jeans. It looked even larger than the first time I touched it. I firmly seized onto his shaft with both hands. His mushroom cap was deep purple and looked like it would burst.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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