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This tale began in That’s The Breaks, Ch 1. If you haven’t read it you should probably start there as things will make more sense if you do. Briefly, Rick helped defend his sister’s honor by drilling his shoulder into a huge dude’s chest, thus breaking five of the guy’s ribs. His friends ganged up on Rick and beat the shit out of him with baseball bats. Rick ended up with both arms broken and in full casts and was virtually helpless. His mother, sister and grandmother volunteered to nurse him back to health at home so Rick was soon released from the hospital. Rick’s always horny 18 year old cock soon made its presence known and then each of them began lending him a helping hand, so to speak. Sister Jazy had given Rick countless handjobs while his grandmother had upped the ante by giving him totally amazing blowjobs. His mother, Heather, returned on the weekend and soon she too was going down on him, taking him fully down her throat with ease when she got an emergency call from work. Rick’s mom had to leave right away so she called Jazy who quickly agreed to come spend the weekend helping her brother. We pick up the story with Rick waiting for Jazy to show up…


Thank god my fingers worked enough to handle the remote for Direct TV, it took forever to find something interesting to watch while I waited for Jazy to show up. Suddenly she breezed into the house and plopped down beside me, giving me a big kiss on my cheek. “Hi brother, did you miss me?” she happily asked as she stroked my cock through my shorts! Holy shit, she didn’t seem to want to waste any time getting her hands around my cock!

After giving my cock several strokes it was nearly rock hard and she stuck her hand inside my shorts and pulled my cock out. Her eyes seemed to grow as it came into sight, then she blushed slightly before she started stroking me and paying special attention to my bulbous head. Several times she used her spit in her hands to help lubricate things and I was getting very close to cumming. “Um, sis, I’m nearly there! This is going to make a huge mess, oh god sis it feels so good!”

Jazy looked around but couldn’t find anything for me to shoot into. She looked at her hand tightly grasping my throbbing cock, then she looked into my eyes. “Don’t you dare tell anyone about this! Oh shit, Rick!” My cock throbbed again in her hand as she slipped off of the couch kneeling before me and taking my cock deep into the back of her mouth! She may not have wanted to suck my cock, but holy hell; once it was in her mouth she attacked me like her life depended on it.

Unfortunately, the only reason I was inside her mouth was because my cock was ready to explode; and explode it did. It was less than 15 seconds after I entered her mouth when I nearly blasted her head off of my cock as the first explosive rope tried to bore through the back of her head! Jazy was a real trooper though as she held her position and worked her lips and tongue feverishly sucking out every last molecule of my sweet jizm from my shaft. My hips bucked up off the couch and pumped deep into her mouth as she stared up into my eyes while she drained my balls.

Finally I was empty and after several slow slurps with her tongue around my cock and bulbous head she sucked hard as she pulled her lips from me. “Well, that was certainly unexpected!” she said as I looked at her with what I can only describe as brotherly lust! Jazy moved back up beside me while her hand softly stroked my saliva coated cock. Every now and then a drop of cum would seep from my tip and she would wipe it off with her finger and then sexily suck her finger clean, moaning as she did so.

Funny thing is, all the while we were talking as if we were sitting on opposite sides of the room! She seemed totally at ease holding my cock in her hand and eating my drops of cum as we talked. Out of the blue she leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth before sliding from the couch again and kneeling between my legs again. “You’re cock is truly amazing, brother dear. It never seems to get tired or soft! And it produces the most amazing sweetest cum I have ever tasted!” Then she smiled and slid her mouth over my cock and sucked me to the back of her mouth again. It blew me away to see my sister, the sister who had hated me for as far back as I can remember, to see her sucking my cock with love painted all over her face!

Considering that it was my fourth blow job in less than three hours, I think she got my balls working up a new batch of cream sauce in record time…between fifteen and twenty minutes! We were both moaning in extreme pleasure as I neared my climax. Just before I blew my load I leaned forward and was able to get my fingers on the sides of her head in my own effort to hold her face on me with my cock deep inside her mouth. She knew what I wanted and held her position as my balls pumped one huge rope after another into her hungry mouth.

I cried out as I came, “Oh Jazy! Oh my god, Jazy, I love you so much! Oh god yes!” My entire body shook before her as my climax slammed through my body and into bursa escort her mouth and throat. Her moans of encouragement coaxed more cum out of me than I thought possible! Again she gently sucked and slurped my cock after I was finished spurting and I finally had to stop her, my cock head being too sensitive.

She slipped my shorts back up and then slid onto the couch next to me. “Come here, sis,” I said and she bent around and we kissed each other deeply, our tongues searching each others oral cavity for several minutes. Finally we broke the kiss and we quietly sat there, her body tight against mine. After several minutes I said, “Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining! You can really suck cock! But do you mind telling me why? I mean, we haven’t gotten along all that well in our life and this is pretty extreme!”

I wasn’t going to push her for an answer and she looked at me for a few minutes before looking down at the floor for several more minutes. I had given up on getting an answer when she said, still looking at the carpet, “John and I had a date last night and I found I was so horny from jerking you off that we never got out of the house! After he very quickly came inside of me I hoped he would keep on but instead he just rolled over and lit up a cigarette! After about thirty minutes he sucked my tits for awhile and I got turned on, then he worked his cock into me and we fucked for another three minutes before he shot into me again! Fucking bastard rolled off and lit another cigarette! Hell, I got two messy loads of his cum and the longest he lasted was THREE FUCKING MINUTES! I yelled at him to leave, and he got dressed and left! We were supposed to go out tonight but I cancelled the moment mom called me!”

“Jeez sis, he is a bigger asshole than I thought he was!”

“You know it!”

“So how are you now?” I asked.

Jazy looked at me and studied my face before saying, “I’m horny as hell, if you really must know!”

“If you are willing to let me, just help me up and follow me to the kitchen.”

She did just that and I walked up to the breakfast bar and used my foot to move a short stool over to the end of the bar. She looked at me and I said, “I’d like to help you out sis. So how about you drop your shorts and hop up on the bar here?”

I thought she might turn around and leave the room but suddenly she tore off her shorts and panties before she clambered up onto the bar before me. The short stool put my face at the perfect height and I could easily lean in and plant my face right in her pussy. She spread her legs wide giving me easy access to her honey pot and I wasted no time in bringing my lips to her slit.

But I didn’t want to just go for the gold right away. She had given me so much pleasure in our last few days together and I wanted her to know I appreciated it. It hurt a bit but I somehow managed to get my cast covered arms up and let my fingers stroke her sides, just making it to the bottoms of her breasts. I kept that up as my lips and tongue slowly worked around her gash, getting closer and closer to her sex with each pass. The first time I slipped my tongue into her slit she jerked and cried out in joy. God that made me feel so good!

I licked and sucked her gash more and more forcefully and Jazy grabbed my head in her hands and held me to her, as if I might think of leaving! No way! I slowly moved my lips up her gash and used my curved tongue to coax her little man from behind its hood. My sister groaned out “Oh fucking hell!” as I found her clit and sucked it fully into my mouth. I continued gently sucking her little nub while my tongue began rapidly flicking at it and sis thrust her hips up into the air shouting, “OH god Rick! Oh baby, eat my pussy! Oh my god!”

I released her clit and slid my tongue all the way down her slit before pointing my tongue into a hard trowel and slowly plowed my way back up her slit. Jazy screamed “Oh Jesus, I’ve never felt anything like this before!” When I reached her clit again I sucked it back into my mouth again before resuming my tongue’s movements on her little nub. As I flicked at her my teeth gently bit down onto her clit and her hips jumped before me as her hands tightened onto my head. I moved my head back a little, stretching her clit out as my tongue more than tripled it’s movements on her clit.

“Oh god I’m cumming!” Jazy screamed out. Her fingers tightened into my hair as she pulled my face tight against her. I couldn’t move down to her slit again so my lips and tongue went into near attack mode on her clit. Her little nub had swollen to about twice its normal size and she started bouncing her hips while crying out, “OH FUCK! OH GOD I’M CUMMING SO HARD! YES! YES! OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSS!” I felt my chin grow quite damp as her pussy juices bathed it while my lips remained locked to her clit. Her moaning continued as her hips violently lurched before me, my mouth desperate to maintain contact with her!

Suddenly the hands that had been holding me tightly to her were pushing me away! My sister cried out, “NO MORE! Oh bursa escort bayan god, no more! Too much, way too much!” I sat back and stared at my sister as she clutched her hands to her throbbing pussy, her legs pulled up tight together. Finally she let her legs drop open again and her hands slid to her thighs and I was looking right into her pussy, her whitish cum juices running from her pussy down her ass crack. I could not remember seeing this much cum from any of my girl friends after I ate them out.

I got up and walked around to the side of the bar, stopping beside her head. I leaned down and gently kissed her lips, my tongue finding hers and dueling with it for several moments. Jazy wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight as she kissed me with more passion than any girlfriend had ever shown. As she broke off the kiss she was talking into my mouth saying “Oh my god, Rick! You were incredible! You made me cum so hard…oh my god!” She kissed me again and again and again before finally releasing me and starting to sit up.

Jazy made it about two-thirds of the way up before her arms gave out and she fell back saying “Holy fucking hell, bro!” I smiled in triumph as she looked over at me. She lifted up and rested on her elbows before saying, “I can’t fucking believe it! The first time a guy really makes me cum, and it’s my brother that does it! Holy shit!”

“I take it you liked how I do that.”

“Liked it, I fucking LOVED IT!” she said emphatically as she finally managed to sit upright. She chuckled as she looked at my face which was heavily coated in her girl cum. “How did my little brother get so good at that?”

“Hey, I figured if I wanted my girl to suck me off, then the least I could do was return the favor!”

“Well, I want to thank the girl who taught you because she did one hell of a job! Geez Rick, I’m still tingling all over!”

She swung her legs around so she was facing me with one leg on each side of me, her legs open showing me her perfect bald pussy. I leaned forward and slightly down bringing my lips to hers for a nice long kiss. My bent waist allowed my hands to reach right into her pussy and my fingers lightly stroked her still throbbing opening.

“Oh shit Rick! Oh my god, you really know how to get to a girl, don’t you?” I shoved my index finger all the way up her hole and she grabbed my shoulders as her body shook again. “Oh Jesus, oh fuck Rick! Ooooooohhhhhhhh god don’t stop, Rick! Oh hell I’m going to cum again!” My hand turned slightly and I managed to slide my thumb up to her clit and mash it hard while my index finger was joined by my middle finger rapidly pumping into her.

Her left arm wrapped around me holding me tight while her right hand slipped down and held my hand tight against her pussy as I fucked my fingers into her and massaged her clit rapidly. “Oh god damn it, you’re making me cum again! Oh fuck kiss me Rick, oh fuck!” Her lips covered mine and her tongue gouged into my mouth in search of my own tongue. We kissed for well over a minute as Jazy came over and over from my manual efforts, her hips thrashing wildly on the counter top with her legs wrapped around me!

I sensed that she was over the peak of her climax and eased back on my thumb’s pressure while my fingers slowed dramatically. Jazy continued kissing me hard and deep as her breathing became very ragged. Finally she let her face drop until her forehead rested on my shoulder while moaning, “Oh god, bro, that was fantastic! Does your girlfriend know how lucky she is?”

“Um, in case you hadn’t noticed, there is no girlfriend visiting me.”

“Who ever let you go is fucking stupid!”

“Thanks, but she didn’t want to let me go. Her family moved to Portland, Maine.”

“I’ll just bet she was pissed then! I know I would have been!” Her lips moved back up and she kissed me once more before finally climbing very slowly down from the counter top. She hugged me tight and then said, “I think I am going to break up with John. Any time your brother is a better lover than your boyfriend, then the boyfriend just has to go!” Jazy gave me another quick kiss before saying, “From now on this taking care of sexual tension is going to be a two way street!”

“I’m game, your pussy is as beautiful as the rest of you, and it tastes so good!”

“You really think so?”

“Hell yes! I could eat your pussy all day long!”

“Maybe some day I might just be able to handle that, brother dear!”

My body was starting to ache so she helped me take some pain pills and I took a nap. It was about three hours later that I awoke to an incredible blow job! I looked down my body and saw my surprisingly nude sister sucking me deep to the back of her mouth! “Hey, nice tits sis!” I said letting her know I was awake.

“It’s about time you woke up! I thought I was going to swallow your load without getting anything in return!”

“No way, slide up around here and let me at your tasty pussy!” She did and we instantly got into a well timed 69. We were both moaning around the other’s sex as escort bursa our passions mounted. My cock was feeling VERY happy from her efforts, but I knew it was going to take her some time to get me off again. On the other hand, I knew sis was one sex craving minx and went at her opening and clit with gusto. Luckily my casts put my hands right at her boobs and I was able to squeeze, pinch and pull at them easily.

Jazy pulled her mouth off of me groaning “Oh god, Rick, I’m going to cum!” I strained to hold my lips to her pussy as her hips began bouncing rapidly. I stuck out my tongue and shaped it into a hard point and pushed it into her cum oozing hole. That sent her fully over the edge and she pushed her pussy tight against my tongue, as I tongue fucked her wantonly. “OH, OH, OH, OH FUCK!” she screamed as I struggled to breath around her pussy lips. Her body froze as I shoved my tongue another inch or so into her quivering pussy and then she flopped down onto me, her body limp, her only sounds were her moans and hard breaths.

My tongue was still deep inside her pussy so I just kept right on licking her full length with my hard tongue. “Oh Jesus god, you are so good at that!” she groaned as she resumed sucking my cock trying to make me cum. I didn’t stop assaulting her pussy and clit while my fingers resumed pinching and pulling her nipples. Maybe four or five minutes had passed and my shaking sister lifted off of me to groan out, “Oh god, I’m almost there again, Rick!”

“Me too, sis!” I told her as she resumed sucking hard on my cock.

Moments later her hips jerked hard over me and she cried out, “Give me your cum, Rick! I’m cumming, oh fuc…” and she clamped her lips around me as she pressed her shaking pussy against my tongue which was feverishly flicking at her rock hard clit! Again my face was bathed in her tasty cum juice while she swallowed one huge blast of jizm after another. We moaned in chorus as we came together for the first time.

Jazy slowly spun around and lay over me, her legs straddling mine while she kissed me fervently. I moved my hands so I was holding her around her waist and she let her head drop to my shoulder again. I thought she was still gasping for breath until I felt her tears drop onto my shoulder. I couldn’t reach her face so I could only say, “Hey now, what’s with these tears? You should be feeling good right now, not crying.”

“Oh I DO feel good, that’s the problem! I have been so mean to you for…forever! And now you turn out to be the first male to make me cum, EVER! And you do it FOUR times in one day!” Her face dropped to my shoulder again and more tears fell.

My fingers started stroking and petting her waist as I let her cry. Her body jerking and shaking above me was rubbing against my cock and suddenly I felt it rise up and slip into her gash and rub against her clit. Jazy groaned as I rubbed against her, then she pulled forward and then shoved back hard, impaling herself on my cock. We both groaned “Oh fuck!” as she pulled off of me and then shoved back even harder, fully inserting my cock deep inside her clutching pussy.

Jazy lifted up and stared into my eyes as her hips rocked on my hips, fucking my cock deeply within her. She leaned in and kissed me passionately before she slowly changed positions until she was riding me like I was a bucking bronco. Only difference was, no way did I want to buck her off! “Oh shit, Jazy! Oh my god you feel so good around me like this!” I said as she braced her hands on my chest and began pumping her hips up and down on my shaft.

“Oh god, Rick, you fill me so much! God I love your cock!” She really was bouncing on my shaft as she looked at me with lust on her face. “Oh my god, I love you Rick! Oh shit I love my brother…I love fucking my brother!” Jazy was slamming her pussy down onto me making our bodies create echoing skin claps as she neared another climax. “Oh fuck! It’s so…oh my god YES! Shit Rick I’m cumming! Oh god I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmingggggggggg!” She silenced her screams by clamping her lips onto mine and kissing me with more power than she had ever used before! All the while her hips were shaking rapidly onto my cock, giving her short, but very deep two inch thrusts of my cock. Every now and then I would thrust my hips up into her and in response she would lift her head off of me in a huge groan before kissing me again.

She was just finishing her climax when I felt my balls start to churn. “OH JAZY! You’re making me cum!” I cried out. My hips started thrusting mightily up into her, bouncing her tight body on me as my cock powered into her deeply over and over.

My sister leaned down and kissed me before crying out “Do it! Give it to me Rick! Fuck me and give me your cum. Oh god I want to feel you cum inside of me!” She was now wildly working her hips onto my cock as I kept on pumping my cock deep up into her, timing my up thrusts with her downward motions forcing my cock into her deeper than she had ever had a cock before! My well satisfied balls still required quite a bit of stimulation before their eruption could happen and Jazy rapidly caught up to me! Just as my cock finally swelled inside of her she cried out, “Oh god Rick, cum with me! Give it to me! Oh my god CUM INSIDE OF ME RICK! DO IT NOW! OOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKK!”

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