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Teresa’s Twist-Part 1 The Begining

I awake with us spooning together, with you still asleep. We are naked from the previous night of hot quick passion. As I awake slowly from dreaming of us I feel the silky soft skin of your ass against my cock and the excitement takes over and I feel it begin to harden against you. My arm is lying over your ribs with my hand cupping your right breast. I huddle closer so as my cock hardens it will slide between the so soft cheeks of your ass. I don’t want you to wake yet, as I want you to dream of sex with me before you wake. Then when you do you won’t be able to resist me!

I slowly caress your breast and nipple, feeling it respond to my touch. I slide my tongue over your shoulder and down your neck. As I am now excited to the point of no return I can’t wait for you to wake so I begin to pinch your nipple and roll it between my fingers. With my left hand under your neck I am now able to continue the assault on your nipple with my left hand while my right slowly slides across you tummy to the ring that you have through the hood of your clitoris. There is a little crust of dried cum that missed the clean-up from the night before, but there is a new wetness between your legs that shows me escort ataşehir what you were dreaming of. I use this to wet my finger and slowly slide it across your clit fingering the ring.

You stir and press back against my hardness, and moan that soft, sexy moan. You say “Good Morning Lover, I want you in me!” “NOW!”

I whisper in your ear, “Soon, very soon.” You take that as a challenge and start to grind your lovely ass against my now rock hard cock.

“It seems as though you want to be in me, too.” You softly coo at me.

“Oh, I do!” is my response. “But not until I get to taste you first!” I slide my lips and tongue down the middle of your back, leaving a trail to the top of your beautiful ass. Then, on my knees I roll you over onto your back and smile down at you. “Pussy before coffee, what more could a man desire?”

I settle between your legs and begin just above your pelvic bone with my tongue. Then I circle around to your right thigh, about half way between the knee and paradise. Another slow lazy circle, winding down closer, closer, then right at the very edge of your lips it is back up to the other thigh. The same circle and then a slow trail with little nibbles and licks. Closer, Closer. kadıköy escort Then you arch your hips to shove your sex against my mouth.

“Now, please, now!” you beg of me. So I start on the outside of your lips, licking slowly upwards toward your clit that is now poking out to find some attention. From the bottom of your slit to the top gets long slow attention with a little sucking on the way then I finally settle in to a firm sucking on your clit. About the time you really start to grind hard into my love making mouth, I stop and pull back.

“Don’t tease!” you moan.

“Do you want to cum this way or do you want something else?” I innocently ask.

“I want your cock inside me! I want your cum in me! I want to cum all over your cock, please,” you plead.

I smile and begin a slow trip across your tummy with my tongue and kiss back up to you. You hungrily suck at my mouth and say “You taste GREAT! What have you been eating?”

“This” I respond as I slide into you with one motion to the hilt. Your sigh and moan is almost enough to make me spray your insides then and there. Not yet though! We work into a slow, meaningful rhythm. “This is so fucking nice, what I have always wanted” I comment.

“I maltepe escort bayan never want this to end, I want to feel you inside me forever!” you respond.

Our slow dance continues to pick up the pace as you grind against my down stoke. “My baby want to cum?” I ask.

“I want you to cum in me!” you demand in return. The intensity picks up as I am pounding into you, you whisper “Bite me” and I know that with you, pain is pleasure at this point and I clamp my bite on your shoulder while pistoning in and out of your velvet pussy for all I am worth. “Harder, Faster” you demand. “I am so close”.

I can feel the tingling in my balls and I know I am close, so I whisper “Now, Cum for me Teresa! Now, baby, now. Cum for me!”

We both stiffen and moan at the same time. Pressing hard into you and you arching up against me with that long, slow, deep, sexy moan, we hold each other so tight the breath escapes us. My cock shoots the seed deep into you and you moan at the feeling of the liquid fire being pumped into you. Wave after wave of ecstasy rolls over us both, as our mouths try to suck the breath from each other.

Finally, after what seems like eternal bliss, we both start to come back down to earth. I kiss your mouth neck and ears, running my tongue around in your ear. “You better watch it or you’re going to have to do that all over again, before you can get your coffee.”

I answer with “I plan on it, but next time with a twist. But coffee now, and recovery, Baby!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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