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This story serves as the sequel to “Tempted By A Chubby Teenage Slag” so if you haven’t read that one you may want to!

Hope you enjoy!

I stirred at the sound of Kim getting ready for her one-to-one with our mandarin tutor. She knelt down next to the sofa where I had slept.

“I’ll be back in about an hour, Lisa’s still asleep so just remind her where I am if she wakes up before I get back.”

I nodded drowsily and Kim left.

It seemed Kim was completely unaware I had fucked her 18-year old friend on this very sofa last night.

It all came back to me as I gradually woke up, the way she had stripped and laid back, those fat thighs spread availing herself for sex. She had told me I could bareback her owing to neither of us having any condoms and she let me cum inside her too. Fucking her had been amazing and afterwards I had watched her sit up and let all my semen leak out of her, catching it in her palm.

Now, she was laid in Kim’s bed still asleep. Or at least she had been.

I heard her stir and she sat up. The duvet fell from her and I saw her sitting there, her 38GG breasts spilling over the top of her bra and strappy top.

She looked over to me and grinned.

“Kim away at her teaching thing then?” she asked.

“Be about an hour she said.” I told her.

Lisa lifted off her top, her heavy breasts only covered by her ill-fitting bra and shot me a slutty look.

“You gonna entertain me then?” she purred.

I was powerless. I got up off the sofa and joined her on the bed. Her hand shot down my boxers as soon as I landed beside her and I reached behind her to unfasten her bra. I unclipped it then slipped it off her arms, tossing it aside and marvelling as her gigantic tits swang free.

She wriggled out of her thong and I practically tore my boxers off. This time she pushed me onto my back and rolled on top of me, her meaty thighs resting either side of mine. She reached between us, grabbed my aching cock and steered the head toward the entrance of her cunt. I felt the head poke between her lips and she pushed down, enveloping my entire length in the warm, moist tunnel between her legs. I groaned as I sank into her, looking down at her fat tits squashed against my chest.

Her blonde hair tickled my face as she began moving up and down, moving my cock in and out of her eighteen year old cunt.

As she got a rhythm going, she sat up, further engulfing my throbbing cock inside her and gave me a glorious view of her amazing fat body and massive breasts with their large stiff nipples.

I reached up and took a breast in each hand, each one far too big to be contained by a mere palm. I squeezed them hard and rhythmically, pinching her nipples.

She began moaning, but without Kim in the room I didn’t care. She had neighbours who would probably hear but they weren’t likely to say anything to her.

Kim knew I was married and as a friend I doubted she would approve of her thirty-one year old friend fucking her eighteen year old BFF.

“Mmmm yeah, play with my tits while I ride your dick.” Lisa moaned, grinding enthusiastically on my engorged length. I squeezed her tits even harder, jiggling them in my hands.

She seemed to find her place, where my cock gave it’s maximum pleasure and grinded against me, the grinds short and hard, rubbing my cock against her g-spot. She put her hands on my chest and bucked like a pissed-off bull against my cock, to the point I feared she would snap the damn thing then suddenly, she wailed aloud, freezing in place as her body began to tremble. She closed her eyes tightly and her mouth fell open soundlessly as her orgasm forced her body to jerk and spasm. I took hold of her hips and began thrusting up into her, prolonging her orgasm. She opened her eyes to look down at me as I fucked her, realising her orgasm was still going on because of what I was doing. She continued cumming for almost a minute as I frenziedly pounded upwards into her and fell my orgasm begin.

I gripped her hips even tighter as I felt my cock thicken with the first welt of cum and I felt it spurt into this gorgeous fat eighteen year old slag. She pushed down, her orgasm subsiding as my own began and moaned “Fuck yeah, shoot that fucking cum right up my fucking cunt you dirty bastard.”

My cock jerked inside her, pulsing with each volley of sperm that was fired up this girl’s cunt.

Finally, the jets begame half-arsed dribbles and my orgasm passed. I fondled Lisa’s tits lazily as she stayed sat on top of me.

I felt my cock slacken inside her and eventually it slipped out. I felt a glob of warm fluid leak out of Lisa’s cunt and onto my crotch. My cock no longer inside her, Lisa rolled off me and put her hand between her legs. She walked over to Kim’s laundry bag, still covering her cunt with her hand and took out the towel she had used as a cum rag last night.

She took her hand from her cunt and wiped the thick pale gloop onto the towel then used the towel to wipe the inside canlı bahis şirketleri of her thighs.

Seeing this chubby girl carry out this post-sex task was one of the sexiest things imaginable. Stood there, completely naked with her huge breasts, broad fat arse, thick hips, flabby belly and blonde hair with a cunt filled with my cum, catching it as it leaked out of her.

She wiped away the last of my cum and joined me on the bed. Without a word she laid at my hip and plopped my slack cock in her mouth and began sucking, rolling her tongue around the head. I immediately felt life flush back into it and it began swelling once again. Lisa grinned. “That’s what I like to see, We’ve still got another half an hour before Kim comes back, and you haven’t fucked my arsehole yet.”

Holy fucking shit! She wanted her arse fucking! I had done this once in my life, when my wife decided she wanted to see what it was like. She had hated it and we had stopped halfway through. Now, this eighteen year old was gonna let me fuck her up her arse! My cock returned to life instantly at the idea, practically reaching full size within her mouth. She had to take it out when it suddenly touched the back of her throat.

She rolled onto her side facing away from me, reached round and parted her arse cheeks, exposing her tiny arsehole.

“Come on lover, empty those balls up my arsehole.” she purred.

My cock was slick from the saliva she had drooled all over my cock, so I rolled onto my side, spooning Lisa and steered the end of my cock between her fat arse cheeks.

I nuzzled the head against the tight hole and gently forced the head into her sphincter. She recoiled slightly from the shock of it, but any fear I had put it in too quickly vanished when she started pushing back, feeding my length up her arse. She was so fucking tight it ached, like my cock was being held by a fist. She grunted deeply, and when my cock was halfway up her arse, she began moving, easing my cock out and then back into her arse, with each return thrust taking another few millimetres of my cock until her body reacted and the remaining inches of my cock sank into her, my balls against her arsecheeks. We laid for a moment moaning and gasping as my cock settled inside her arse, my length twitching inside her.

“Fucking hell, I wasn’t sure I’d get it all in.” Lisa moaned. “Start fucking me.” she commanded.

I hooked my arm around her to fondle her tits as I began moving my hips, easing my cock out then sliding it back in, starting off with a gentle rhythm, but she began pushing back enthusiatically, letting me know the need to be gentle was over.

I pushed her onto her front, rolling with her without my cock leaving her tight arsehole and hooked my hands underneath her, grabbing a breast in each hand.

She grunted with pleasure and I began fucking her arse hard. Had this been the first sex of the day I would have cum instantly, but having already had one orgasm my cock was desensitized and I pounded her arsehole hard and fast.

She reached up to grip the headboard and buried her face into the pillow, grunting with pleasure, her hips moving up to meet mine though the force of my thrusts kept her hips against the bed. The entire length of my cock was right up this girl’s backside and she was grunting, a different sound to when I was fucking her cunt, her voice was lower.

I mashed her tits in my hands as I slammed my hips against her arse cheeks, forcing my cock up her arse over and over, and she turned her head and grunted “Fuck my arse, shove your cock up my fucking shithole, I want to be shitting cum for a week you fucking cunt.”

I took hold of her shoulders and raised my hips, easing my cock out of her arsehole until only the tip was inside her. I then slammed my hips down, her fat arse cheeks cushioning the blow as my length forced its way back up her arse. She screamed “fuck yes!” as I did this several times.

I leaned down and muttered into her ear “You’re not gonna be able to sit down for a week you fucking slag.”

and continued my assault on this girl’s arsehole.

Too soon I felt my orgasm coming and I bucked ferociously into her arse and groaned “I’m cumming up your fucking arse you whore” as my balls tensed. Lisa whimpered “cum up my arse, fill my fucking arsehole with your cum you fucking bastard” as she lifted her hips up. My cock thickened inside her and ropes of semen began launching themselves up Lisa’s arsehole, coating the inside of her colon. She moaned and writhed underneath me, tensing her arsehole around my cock and milking the cum out and into her arsehole. I sucked her shoulder as I fondled her tits, gently pushing my cock in her arse to drain the last of my cum out and into her.

My cock slackened inside her but we laid there catching our breath when suddenly we heard the door open and close.

We turned our heads and there by the door stood Kim. She dropped her bag and stood there frozen at the sight of her eighteen year old slag canlı kaçak iddaa of a friend underneath her thirty-one year old married friend with his cock in her arse. We were facing away from the door so I knew Kim could see exactly where my cock was.

I hurriedly rolled off of Lisa, my slack cock leaving her arsehole with a wet plop. The sudden closing of her shit tunnel forced a glob of cum to leak out of the tight hole. Naked, Lisa rolled over to see her friend.

“What…” Kim eventually muttered.

Lisa held up her hand. “It’s okay Kim, I’ve fucked married guys before, it doesn’t mean anything” she said flippantly.

“…you had sex in my bed?” Kim muttered, unable to think of anything else to say.

“Sorry Kimmy, I didn’t think you’d mind.” Lisa said. “Your mate’s really fit, we didn’t have anywhere else.”

“You’ve known each other since yesterday afternoon!!! How can you be screwing on my bed?!?” Kim shouted.

Lisa got up off the bed and went to hug her friend, but Kim pushed her away.

“You’re still naked Lisa! And you smell of him!” she shouted, pointing at me. From where I was sat on the bed, Lisa was facing away from me, and I could see my cum leaking out of her arse and down her legs.

Lisa seemed to notice it too and picked the cum towel off the bed. She began wiping my semen off her legs.

“What are you doing?” Kim asked, disgusted.

Lisa shrugged. “Sorry but all his cum’s leaking out of my arse.”

Kim was astounded. “You let my friend have sex in your bum on my bed? You bloody slag!” Kim shouted at Lisa.

“Chill out Kim, fucking hell, just because you’re a frigid cow doesn’t mean I should be. I fancy your mate and I let him fuck me three times.”

“Three!?” Kim screamed. You only met yesterday afternoon!”

“Once on the sofa when you fell asleep, and twice on your bed while you were out.” Lisa recounted.

Lisa was still naked, all I could do was watch them argueing, but I heard barely a word, I was transfixed by Lisa’s body, her flesh jiggling whenever she gestured as they spoke, those huge tits swaying to and fro. Her arse cheeks and thighs still had a sheen to them where she had smeared my cum while cleaning herself up.

Kim suddenly looked at me. I realised I was still naked too and when I looked down, my cock was fully erect once again.

Lisa turned and grinned. “Fucking hell, ready to go again!”

She turned to Kim. “Look, you know I’m fucking him now, and I want to do it again. Should we go somewhere else?” Lisa asked.

Kim just looked at her. “I don’t care.” and went and sat on the sofa.

Lisa turned and slid onto the bed beside me. She grabbed my shoulders and shoved her tongue into my mouth, pulling her on top of me as she spread her legs. Were we really going to have sex again with Kim in the room? I found I didn’t care either and mounted Lisa.

Kim turned. “Are you not even going to use a condom?” she asked in disgust.

Lisa looked at her. “Fuck that, I love it when guys cum inside me.”

My heart pounding, I shoved my cock inside Lisa and began slamming away, feeling her tits slapping against my chest as she moaned. Kim just sat on the sofa, as if she were just going to wait for us to finish.

Kim kept turning round just for a moment. Lisa rubbed my shoulders as I ploughed her, her thick thighs lolling either side of mine.

It was too much with Kim in the room as well, listening and intermittently watching us have sex, all too soon I was sinking my cock into Lisa’s cunt for the final thrust and sending another load of cum into her. She lifted her hips and took it all, moaning “Mmmm, empty those balls up my cunt baby, let me feel all that cum right up inside me.”

Kim turned and saw my cock jerking inside Lisa, each jerk firing a wad of sperm into this fat whore.

“I can’t believe you’re not using a condom.” Kim said.

Lisa moaned contentedly, she was undoubtedly overacting to make Kim feel even more awkward.

“You just can’t beat having your cunt or arsehole filled with hot cum.” Lisa purred.

I rolled off Lisa and laid on my back, catching my breath as Lisa cupped her hand under her cunt.

Again, I watched my cum leak out of her and pool in her palm.

Lisa and I had showers in the communal shower block. We locked ourselves in the same one and fucked again in the shower, her with her back against the wall and one leg cocked in the air while I shoved another wad of cum up her. She cleaned her cunt and arsehole out with the showerhead before we returned to Kim’s room.

The two girls had a day in town together before Lisa went home so I was left in the room on my own waiting for Kim to return. I had no idea what things would be like when she returned.

Kim returned that evening. When she came into the room she seemed different.

She came and sat next to me on the sofa. “Why Lisa?” she eventually asked.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“You’ve stayed in my room a few times now. I never canlı kaçak bahis thought you’d cheat on your wife, but Lisa comes up for one night and you’ve spent nearly all of it fucking her.”

“Things aren’t that simple between her and I.” I said. The more I thought about it, I realised how emotionally distant my wife had become. Everything I said or did was wrong. Lisa had been opposite to her in every single way.

“You’ve never tried anything on with me any of the times you’ve stayed here, what makes her different?” Kim asked.

I shrugged. “Lisa offered herself to me.”

“And that’s it?” Kim asked.

“I guess so, yes. She’s a very attractive girl and she offered herself to me.”

“So what if I…” Kim began to say. I turned to her.

“So what if you what?” I asked. I must have been misunderstanding her, there was no way she was suggesting what I thought she was. Who was I right now, George Clooney or something? I considered myself good looking, but that’s because I’m confident. I didn’t genuinely think other people were that attracted to me. Especially with the way my wife behaves around me.

Kim just swallowed nervously. Fuck it I thought.

“Kim, will you sleep with me?” I asked. While she wasn’t the fat brassy slag Lisa had been that I had enjoyed every millimetre of, Kim was beautiful. Her dark hair was down, when it was normally tied back, and she had taken off her glasses, so her green eyes were sparkling. I didn’t really know hat her body was like, as she didn’t dress to show it off, and whenever we were getting changed I respectfully never peeked at her.

Kim just nodded slowly.

I stood and took her hand, lifting her off the sofa. I embraced her and she responded.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked.

She nodded nervously.

“What about your boyfriend?”

“His idea of sex is watching doctor who in his underpants.” Kim said, smiling shyly. “I was going to break up with him next time I saw him. What about your wife?”

“If she actually loves me any more, she does her best to hide it.”

Kim leaned her head in and we kissed. We staggered to the bed as we kissed and I began undressing her. I lifted off her jumper, revealing a long-sleeved t-shirt. Her perky breasts jutted out and as I peeled off the shirt, I was met by a beautiful pair of breasts in a lacy black bra. She grinned shyly.

“Lisa made me buy this underwear today. She knew all along I liked you. She is of course also a selfish bitch and decided to go first.” she smiled.

I unfastened her jeans and pulled them down to see the matching black panties. Wow, Kim had an amazing body. I stripped to my boxers and we got into bed together. We shifted together and continued kissing as I slid my hand into the back of her lacy black panties. I caressed her pert buttock as she gasped into my mouth. I wasn’t sure how fast she wanted to go, but I slid my hand further round to stroke her lips. She pushed her hips against me and kissed me deeper, letting me know she approved. I lowered my head and kissed her cleavage as she ran her fingers through my hair. I unhooked her bra to expose a beautiful pair of 36D breasts. Her nipples were fully erect and pointed upwards, swelling as she respired.

I cupped one in each hand and fondled them tenderly, thumbing her button-like nipples. I had never even thought about Kim this way, we got on great as friends and I believed that was what we would only ever be. Now she was here laid beside me wearing only a pair of lacy black panties gently moaning as I fondled her breasts.

I slid the black panties slowly over her long legs, catching a glimpse of her neat pubic hair. The label on the panties was a size 12. I slid out of my boxers and laid beside her, our legs intertwining. As we kissed I gently trailed my hand down her body and between her thighs, which she nervously parted.

I trailed my hand gently over her mound, then leant down to kiss her breasts. For their size they barely moved they were so firm and pert.

As I felt the heat from her mound building I parted her lips and gently teased her entrance. She jerked and gasped when I trailed a fingertip over her clit and I knew hers would be sensitive. I trailed my finger around it rather than across it and she began writhing and moaning. She pulled my head up from her breasts and began kissing me hungrily, hooking her leg over mine and pulling against me.

I rolled on top of her and she wrapped her legs around mine, gazing into my eyes.

“I don’t suppose Lisa got you any condoms did she?” I asked. Kim shook her head.

“I’m on the pill, my boyfriend just refuses to stop wearing them. I want you to cum inside me, I’ve never felt it before.”

I positioned my cock against the heat of her entrance and gently pushed. Kim’s eyes remained transfixed on mine as I slid my length inside her. She was very tight, almost virginal.

I gasped as I slowly buried myself fully inside Kim’s pussy. She turned her head to the side and closed her eyes, moaning softly as I started thrusting gently.

“Mmmmh, it feels so much better without a condom, I can feel you.” she purred.

Her breasts jiggled ever so slightly with the motion, and I leaned down to kiss them alternately.

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