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Big Tits

I hope most of you will enjoy this part of the story. It took a long time to really get started as I had some writer burn out, as I had written 5 or so stories in about a month. There will be a part 4 to this story, so never fear. I will finish it and other stories as fast as I can…though I’m never sure which ones I will feel inspired to work on next. I left the ‘plan’ unsaid in this part as I want it to be a bit more of a surprise when it rears its head in part 4. So sit back please, and read this story offering…I hope you enjoy it. See ya all in the funny pages.

* * * * *

Just as Kenny Sooner was finishing up the pancakes that his wife, Ginger had started, their son, Nick walked into the kitchen behind his father. Kenny heard his son as he walked into the kitchen and was even now wondering if he should talk to him about anything….Ginger finding Nick and the teacher, Linda having sex, or anything else. It was burning a hole in Kenny’s mind too mention to Nick that Ginger wanted to fuck him…she just needed a push in the right step Kenny thought and figured Nick could provide it. But Kenny decided to hold off, at least for now…on both subjects at least for the most part. One was Nick’s business and the other…well Ginger had made it clear to Kenny that at least for now, she wished to just keep her thoughts of Nick just that…thoughts.

“Morning dad.” Nick said as he walked behind his father, looking over his father’s shoulders to see what was cooking, though he already knew…having been in the kitchen and catching his mother with Linda a bit earlier. He smiled as he remembered that. “You been up long?” Nick said, curious if his father knew anything about what he had done to his mother or what he had seen…or even if he knew about him and Linda fucking.

“Not too long, I’m finishing up breakfast for your mother…she went back to bed, she wasn’t feeling good.” Kenny said as he glanced over at his son. Nick caught his glance and REALLY wondered now what his father knew.

“Yeah, is she sick or something?” Nick asked his father, still trying to feel out the waters between them. Nick wanted to know the score with his father. Nick kind of had a feeling what was going on between him and mom, but Nick wanted to be sure if he had his thoughts right. The last thing he wanted was to make his father pissed at him…he liked his father too much for that.

“Umm…I’m not quite sure about that one.” Kenny said, chuckling, thinking maybe Ginger and he were both a bit sick, but Kenny stopped his laugh and just smiled at his son. “No…I…I think she got a bit…upset this morning, after something she saw. Would you know anything about that Nick?” Kenny asked his son, a smile on his face as he looked at Nick. Kenny noticed his son turned a bit paler before he answered.

“Umm…I’m not sure dad…how so?” Nick said as best he could, answering his father, but NOT really answering him. Kenny grinned at his son…he knew he was making Nick uncomfortable.

“Come on Nick…Ginger told me she caught you slipping it too that teacher, Linda this morning. I’m not mad or anything, it’s just…she is married…I hope her husband doesn’t find out. But your mother and I won’t interfere. Shit Nick, there were a few teachers I would have liked to bed while I was your age. Just be careful son, and not get caught…AGAIN! And for god’s sake, don’t tell your friends, the poor woman could lose her job.” Kenny said to his son, not being able to help himself as he grinned at his son. Nick stated grinning as well, happy his father wasn’t mad about Linda, but more so for the fact that Nick figured that was ALL he really knew. Nick sighed slightly to himself in relief.

“Don’t worry dad…I had no plans to tell anyone about her. In fact, would…would you mind if I asked her over again real soon?” Nick asked his father, hoping he would say yes. Nick had a plan in his head, and it would certainly help if his father said yes to his request. Kenny looked a bit surprised at his son’s boldness but smiled after a few seconds thinking.

“Sure, why not. Just remember, try and keep it under wraps. I really shouldn’t let you do any of it….but Jesus Nick, your teacher…” Kenny said as he began chuckling to himself. Nick smiled at his father.

“Thanks dad.” Nick said as he moved back and sat at the table, feeling pretty hungry now and hoped his father hadn’t messed up the chow he was cooking. “Hey dad, when was mom going to get up, was she going to sleep for long?” Nick asked his father and looked at his father when he turned to look at his son.

“In about two hours or so. I promised to wake her up before it got too late. Why, did you need your mother for something?” Kenny asked as he looked back at the food cooking. Nick grinned to himself, thinking he did indeed need her for something…like sucking his dick.

“Well I was wondering if we were going to do anything today, or tonight…we never did see that movie last night.” Nick said and Kenny looked back at his son grinning.

“No…no we tuzla escort never did quite make it to the movie last night. Did you want to try and see it tonight?” Kenny asked his son as he took up the last of the food and looked back at his son.

“I was thinking about it, you think you and mom would want to go?” Nick asked, his thoughts churning as he kept trying to form a plan in his mind.

“I’m not sure about tonight son, but you can ask your mother. Maybe she might want to get out of the house.” Kenny said, as his mind also thought over possibilities. He smiled at his son as he brought the food plates to the table. “If you can get your mother to go…go and have fun. But I think I’ll probably just stay here tonight.” Kenny said, a plan of his own forming in his head.

“Cool dad. Yeah I’ll ask her when she gets up.” Nick said as he started to fix himself a plate to eat. His brain was going a mile a minute as he began to eat. “Good chow dad.” He said as he watched his father also begin to eat, after filling his plate.

“Well, your mother made most of it before she lay down, I just finished it up. But remember to save some for her after she gets up.” Kenny said looking at his son. Both of them ate in silence as both thought to themselves. When Nick was finished he pushed back from the table and got up.

“Uhh… I’m full dad. I think I’m going to my room for a bit and relax after eating so much.” Nick said as he took his plate to the sink and dumped it in. Kenny looked up from his eating, a small amount left on his plate.

“Ok Nick. Yeah I’ll clean up, you go to your room.” Kenny said as he continued to finish off his food as Nick walked from the kitchen. When Nick walked into the living room, he was deep in thought when he noticed something that caught his eye. He walked over to the edge of the couch and chair and saw something pink colored and reached down to the edge of the couch skirting. He picked up what he had seen and discovered it was a pair of panties, and he immediately saw they were crotchless ones at that.

“What the fuck…I know these aren’t Linda’s….I took those off in my room. Ho shit! They’re moms!” Nick muttered to himself as he now looked back at the kitchen to see if his father had seen or heard him and he quickly tucked the panties into his shorts pocket and rushed into his bedroom, closing the door behind him. He pulled his find out of his pocket and looked at them carefully and noticed they were slightly damp. He brought them to his nose and even before they were close to his nose he could smell the heady aroma coming from the material. He inhaled deeply of the panties, touching them to his nose and rubbing them over his cheeks.

“Jesus she must have been almost squirting it out last night. Man…they must have got freaky in the living room after they got home. Hmm, maybe I should return these. She might be grateful after all.” Nick said, a wicked smile crossing his mouth as he remembered his dad saying she was sleep for awhile, and he wouldn’t wake her for another hour and a half or so. Nick took the panties in hand and quietly opened his door and looked down the hall to his parent’s bedroom door. He closed his door as he quietly began to walk to their door. He stopped as he listened at the door and heard nothing, figuring his mother must be asleep. He slowly turned the door handle and looked inside their bedroom.

Nick saw his mother as she lay on the bed, and grinned when he saw she was partly uncovered by the blanket, her chest and part of her hip was exposed to his view. Even though the room was pretty dark Nick could still make out the outline and shape of his mothers breasts and could barely make out the shadow of the beginning of the dip from her leg to her crotch. He smiled as he walked into the room rubbing his crotch. He turned and closed the door behind him. He then moved to the kitchen door and listening, heard his father making noise while doing the dishes. Nick looked back at Ginger smiling, hoping he had time for what he had planned…and what he had hoped.

Nick reached his hand out and very softly caressed his mother’s skin at her stomach, moving up to run his fingers between her breasts. He noticed her breathing begin to get faster, but he could see she was still asleep and he continued with his fingers motion. He next began to rub around the edges of her breasts and started a circle as his fingers began to work their way toward her nipples. Nick noticed her nipples growing stiffer and more erect…as was his cock inside his shorts. He heard a soft moan escape Gingers lips as he saw her move slightly, but could see that still she slept on. He moved one hand to his shorts and brought out his now engorged cock and began to slowly stroke it as he continued his finger movements with his other hand.

Nick now rubbed his finger tips over her nipple as felt how hard his mother nipple was now. He heard another moan escape her and he moaned as well, getting very excited and wondering how far he could go before she awoke. He saw her body move more, tuzla escort bayan and watched as she moved her hips causing part of her pubic bush to become exposed, causing a wicked grinned to spread across his lips. He stopped stroking himself and rubbed his finger tips over the head of his cock, smearing the precum onto his fingers. Nick then softly chuckled as he used the back of those fingers to move back the tiny bit of covers blocking her bush and slid his fingers down her matted hairs and placed them onto his mother’s pussy lips. He grinned as began lightly rubbing her pussy and heard a even deeper moan from her as Ginger now moved her legs more, opening her pussy to his fingers. Nick heard a sharp intake of breath and looked up to see his mother’s wide eyes staring at him.

“Nick…what are you doing!” Ginger exclaimed, but even though she was feeling confused from sleep and not sure if this was a dream, she spoke barely above a whisper. Nick grinned at her, but continued to rub her pussy lips as he looked at her.

“I thought you might want to be awoken in a nice way.” Nick said in an even tone as he continued to rub over her slit and nipple. He also heard a low throat moan from Ginger as she looked up at him.

“But…what about Kenny?” Ginger said as she started to rise up to look around the room, but Nick gently pushed her back down.

“Quiet…he might hear you. I said we weren’t finished and I figured this was a good a time as any.” Nick said smiling at her, but Ginger shook her head.

“Nick are you crazy…where’s Kenny?” Ginger asked, still groggy from sleep, but her body was still responding to Nick’s fingers and he could feel her pussy beginning to get wet from his fingers. Nick nodded his head back in the direction of the kitchen.

“He’s cleaning dishes right now…shhh…we have time.” Nick said, with a confident tone as he grinned at her. But even though her body was very much responding to Nicks touch, her fires of lust had dimmed somewhat with sleep. And the actual reality of having sex with her son was hitting her fully now.

“Time for what? Nick…I’m not sure if we should….should do this.” Ginger uttered softly to Nick even as she looked down at his hands still fondling and caressing her body. She closed her eyes as his fingers worked over her skin and she felt his fingers beginning to probe inside her pussy lips. Ginger gave a soft gasp as her eyes shot open as his fingers began to enter her. Nick chuckled softly at her as he worked his fingers ever slightly deeper into her now wet pussy.

“Oh come off it mom, I know you want me…and this!” Nick said as he took his hand from her nipple and used it to guild her hand to his hard cock. Ginger gasped loudly and jerked her hand back at the contact, but she raised her head up from the pillow to glance at her son’s hard member.

“My God…..” Was all that Ginger could utter as she looked on her sons hardness and watched as Nick pulled her hand so that it again was touching it. Nick heard her intake of breath as he again felt the tips of her fingers touch his cock.

“Go ahead mom… wrap your hand around it. I know you want to…do it mom….NOW!” Nick said growling the last word commandingly and Ginger wrapped her hand around as his member as far as her fingers would go, but found them not being able to wrap all the way around his girth.

“Oh my God! Nick its huge…” Ginger uttered, at a loss to think of anything at the moment but how big her son felt and how hot it was in her hand.

“Just think mom….how it will feel when you finally feel it…here!” Nick grunted out as he slid three fingers of the hand that was rubbing her pussy, deep into her. Gingers body shot off the bed as her body, already excited tremendously from the situation, reacted quickly to his invading fingers and began an intense orgasm.

“HAAAA….” Ginger began to cry out, but Nick shot his mouth over hers and he felt her orgasm as his kissing lips muffled the sound. Nick could feel his fingers being squeezed as if in a vice and use the other hand to hold tight to his mothers head as she moaned and groaned into his mouth. “MMmmppphhhhh…yyeesssthh!” Was what Nick heard from behind his mouth as his mother continued her orgasm, and he hoped his mouth was muffling the sounds enough. Nick kind of figured his father had some kind of fantasy about his son and his wife….but Nick didn’t want to chance it right now. Besides, he figured the plan he had in his head was the right way to find out what was going on with his parents. Ginger pushed back on him and flopped back onto the bed, breathing hard.

“Oh shit…that was intense Nick!” Ginger said as a small smile crossed her face.

“So you still want to fight that you want this inside of you?” Nick said as he thrust his hips out and slid his cock along the bed sheets near her. Ginger looked down at his member on the bed and bit her lip as she looked back at his face. She smiled again at him, time even broader.

“No…I guess I can’t fight it…I guess I wont be able escort tuzla to stand it until…well…I do feel that inside of me. When…when do you want to try…now?” Ginger asked him as she placed her hand back over his cock and began rubbing over it causing him to groan.

“No…too risky…well at least to go all the way, but…fuck…I have to get off. I’m so fucking horny now!” Nick groaned out as Ginger smiled at him and began steadily stroking him harder.

“You gotta come huh?” Ginger said smiling at her son, and Nick nodded and grunted at her smiling. Ginger threw back the remainder of the covers and sat on the edge of the bed and kissed him passionately, then pushed him back and stared at him. “I want to suck you…is that ok?” Ginger said grinning, knowing she didn’t need to ask…but figuring his groan was well worth it.

“Jesus mom! Shit yes, you can suck on it.” Nick said as he stood up and looked down as his member swung before her, just inches from her lips. Ginger brought both hands up and gripped his cock and thrust them back slightly as she looked down the length of it.

“Oh shit…this thing is huge…” Ginger moaned out as she leaned forward and took the head of his cock between her lips and sucked on the end. She felt Nicks body stiffen as her lips enveloped his member. She then felt his hands as he placed them on the back of her head, and tried to smile around the head of his cock as she sucked on the tip of it. Ginger started licking her tongue on the underside of his shaft, knowing men were quite sensitive there. She guessed her technique was having an effect on her son, because of the moans that were now coming from him.

“Oh damn mom….god that feels good. Oh, oh….getting sensitive now.” Nick said as with every lick was causing shivers up his spine and he knew he wouldn’t last long if she kept this up, and he wanted it to last longer then two minutes. “Come on mom…swallow that sword!” Nick said, hoping to get her tongue away from that super sensitive spot.

“What do you mean….like this Nick…” Ginger said as she rose off of his cock…then quickly swallowed it again…not stopping till she had at least 6 inches of it into her throat. Ginger tried to take more but was trying not to gag. Meanwhile Nick felt better, feeling more of his member buried and her tongue off of where it had been.

“Oh yeah mom…that’s it…that’s it.” Nick said and looked down at his mother, with her mom stretched around his cock. “Holy shit mom…I can’t believe I’m looking at you deep throating me now.” Nick uttered as he ran his fingers through her hair. He really couldn’t believe it when she started bobbing up and down on his cock, sucking and licking as she did. “Ooohh fuck mom…uuhhh…you keep that up and you’re gonna get creamed.” Nick groaned out and he heard a muffled moan from his mother that he too for a sign that is what she wanted. He felt her pull off of him some, but now felt her licking and sucking even harder, and he felt his balls start to tighten up as he knew his orgasm was close.

“Ohhh shit mom….I’m gonna spew…ahhh….oohh god mom….aahh….uuhh…..UUGGHHH!” Nick grunted out as he felt the cum boil out of his balls and begin to fill his mothers mouth. Nick heard her gag and caught, then heard her begin to swallow as he continued to fill her mouth with his cum. Nick glanced down as he shot his load and saw his cum leaking from the sides of her mouth as she backed off of his cock and sucked on just the head of it. Ginger continued to swallow greedily on her sons cum as it started to slow, then finally stopped filling her mouth. She pulled her mouth from his cock, gasping for breath…causing a small flow of cum to ooze down her chin and splatter her breasts as she sighed. She grinned up at him as he looked down at her now.

“That was quite a lot Nick…are you going to have as much for latter…” Ginger said, leaving little doubt as to her meaning as she leaned in and began to lick his cock clean. Nick groaned at the sight of her…his cum coating her face and chest as she now licked his cock.

“Shit mom…I could blow as much as that right now…but I just don’t want to chance it, with dad and all…” Nick said as he looked at the door to the kitchen. “But I was thinking…” Nick started to say as he looked back at her.

“Yes…what…latter tonight then?” Ginger said as she stood up and tried to kiss him, but he stopped her and smiling, pointed at her mouth and chin. Ginger softly giggled and using her tongue and fingers, scooped up the remaining cum from her face. “Satisfied?” Ginger asked playfully as she again leaned into kiss him.

“No…not until that cum is somewhere better…” Nick said as he reached down and rubbed his fingers over her wet pussy as he accepted her kiss. Ginger shivered and moaned into his mouth as she welcomed his tongue…and then his fingers as they entered her pussy. She ground her hips down trying to get his fingers deeper into herself, causing their kiss to be broken…and him to chuckle softly at her actions. “I think I better tell you what I was thinking before you get to horny again and we get caught by dad.” Nick said, causing Ginger to stand back up and glance at the door. She then relaxed, and smiled at him.

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