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It is summer and Temperance loves the beach. She flies to California. She rents a beach house. Temperance gets settled in and decides to go for a walk.

Walking along the beach, Temperance spots a hammock. Feeling sleepy, she decides to rest. Temperance lays on the hammock and begins thinking how wonderful it would be to have a man of her own to love and be loved in return.

Temperance’s long red hair, sprawled above her head, around her face, as she lay there dreaming. She awakens very hot. Looking about, she noticed that no one is around, so she thought.

He, Nickodemus, was in the bushes and couldn’t believe his eyes. How beautiful she was. She was wearing a sheer dress that clung to her every curve. He didn’t mean to watch, yet he couldn’t look away from the vision set before him. Watching her made him yearn to be with her. His manhood was very hard and wanting.

Temperance begins slowly lifting her dress up to her thighs, making it aware that she had no panties on. She spread her legs apart and began rubbing her swollen mound. She started moaning. How she wished escort ataşehir she had a man to do this to her. She inserted two fingers and began making love to herself. Temperance stopped only to take her dress off and caress her breasts. How she wished a man was there with her now. Temperance went back to making herself feel good. Fantasizing of a man being between her legs, pumping her hard, instead of just her two fingers.

This woman, this vision, beauty like none he’s every known. He continued to watch as he got up from the bushes and edged himself toward her.

Startled, Temperance went to cover herself up but looking at him, she couldn’t. He was handsome, very tan, muscular, light brown hair, and eyes, oh how his eyes took her breath away.

He introduced himself to her and she to him. His accent alone made Temperance hot and wanting. He knelt beside her and she opened her legs wide for him. He then buried his tongue in her flesh, licking and sucking her swollen area. Temperance was moaning. Nickodemus continued, too eager to taste her sweet nectar. kadıköy escort She was very hot and very wet. Her body shivering, searing with anticipation, yearning to reach the peak of happiness. Nickodemus stopped.

Nickodemus lifted her off the hammock and removed his shorts. He was very well endowed and very ready for whatever she would give. Temperance got on her knees and placed a hand around his member. Temperance stroked this handsome gift from the heavens. He lay back enjoying this. She teased him with her tongue, licking up and down his shaft. She asked him to get on the hammock and to spread his legs apart and she started licking his balls and sucking them, then filling her mouth with his hardness. Temperance wrapped her lips around him and sucked faster and faster, deeper and deeper. She had him all. Nickodemus pulled her hair, cheering Temperance on. He needed to control himself but found that he couldn’t. Temperance stopped before he could explode.

Nickodemus grabbed Temperance and laid her on the ground. He threw her legs apart and thrust his cock maltepe escort bayan into her. Temperance moaned with ecstasy. She wanted this. She needed this. Nickodemus sucked on her nipples, gently biting them. Temperance was in pure bliss as his shaft was going in and out of her, she moaned with each motion. She wanted to be on all fours. She wanted Nickodemus to ram her hard, she loved that. Temperance looking at Nickodemus asked if he minded if she got on all fours. He didn’t at all and she moved to that position begging him to take her.

Nickodemus spread her ass and entered her. Temperance fucked his cock, faster and faster. She loved feeling him in her ass. Her juices flowing, dripping down her leg, that excited Nickodemus. He wanted to be in her pussy to feel her muscles spasm as she climaxed. He turned her around and entered her hot, wet, wanting vagina and pumped her hard while rubbing her clit at the same time.

Nickodemus, whispering to Temperance, “cum for me.”

Passion overcame Temperance as she came all over Nickodemus. He was about to explode himself, as he pulls out of her pussy and dives into her mouth, once there, he let’s go and his sweetness spills into her mouth and down her throat. Temperance smiles.

It was morning when Temperance awoke from her dream, thinking to herself how much her fantasy seemed so real.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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