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Teasing Sister Gets Punished by Brother and Dad

It was near midnight on a warm summer night with me and my younger brother Jeff sitting on the long bench seat of his 1983 Oldsmobile, which was parked in the driveway just below Mom and Dad’s second floor window.

Jeff had recently turned eighteen, and I was twenty-one and entering my senior year of college.

Jeff had earned a football scholarship out of state, and would move away to start two-a-days on his new team in three weeks. Meanwhile, I was on summer break and preparing for the Miss Carolina pageant, which would award a scholarship to the winner, and really help with my grad school expenses next year. Needless to say, we were both in excellent shape.

He was sitting behind the wheel grinning ear to ear with me slowly stroking his thick eight inch cock, and I was leaning my head over his lap about to grudgingly taste my own brothers cock for the first time in order to avoid his recent blackmail.

Earlier today he had been snooping in my phone while I was showering and found a selfie video of me diddling myself. Of course he sent a copy to himself and refused to give it back. In fact, he was threatening to upload it to the internet, effectively ruining my pageant chances and hometown reputation as a good girl.

I knew that my poor parents would go berserk and lose their precious social standing if that video surfaced. Worse, since my father was a pastor, it would also end his career, and destroy our close relationship. He would never again look at his precious little girl the same way that he always had.

I would do anything to get that intimate video back, and my smartass little brother damned well knew it.

Looking down at the rock hard schlong awaiting my attention, it was the hardest thing that I could ever imagine having to do, but after hours of arguing and tearful begging, I had promised to “please him” just this once in order to get the video back into my sole possession.

So I slowly licked Jeff’s balls and softly kissed the side of his manhood up and down and around his shaft, using a lot of lip, taking my time to please him. Then I slowly lowered my wet mouth over the warm rubbery helmet of my younger brother’s stiff cock, taking him like a treasured lover into my devoted mouths loving embrace. Despite the outrage of being forced into this, I was determined to do a good job even while my mind was shocked at the surreal and impossibly taboo circumstances.

I tasted my brother’s slippery salty pre-cum as my pink lipstick caressed his purple knob. Then I slowly sucked and licked the underside of his helmet, caressing his maleness with my warm velvety tongue, making him moan softly.

I could feel Jeff’s cock veins rubbing against my full lips as my head slowly moved up and down his warm cock skin. To his delight, I, his own sister, was sucking his dick. I was lowering myself to such shameless depth that I would definitely struggle to look into his eyes for weeks, or maybe even for the rest of my life.

While I stretched my young mouth over his hard girth, Jeff slid his fingers into my long luxurious auburn hair, relaxing and absently combing my hair with his fingers while I serviced him like a lowly chamber slave.

Then after five minutes of him enjoying his sister’s best effort to coax an orgasm from him, Jeff gripped my proud tresses and pushed me down to shove more of his meat into my already stretched mouth.

I grunted “Mmppffff!”in protest, as he pushed my face impossibly far down onto his baby maker, and almost gagged from the choking reflex. It was all that I could do to breath and avoid my teeth touching his proud erection. When he had pushed my head down enough to shove himself all the way inside my blushing face, he held me there, knowing that I couldn’t get any air. I tried to breathe through my nose, but it was not enough, his dick was just too big, and tears started streaming out of my eyes, messing up my mascara as I started the “drowning” panic.

I tapped frantically on his leg with my palm until he generously allowed me to come up for air.

Sobbing, I collapsed onto his muscular thighs, gasping. I could smell his musky balls touching my nose and tickling it with his male pubic hair, and I could feel the heat of his muscular legs and loins on my flushed cheek.

This was harder than my little inexperienced mind had thought it would be.

“Aaahhh… ,” he said with relaxed and happy satisfaction as he stroked my hair, “Your mouth is magical.”

I felt like a shameless cheap slut.

Then he decided that my brief respite was over and he grabbed my hair again and lifted my head up and turned it back to my womanly duties. He aligned my face with his rigid manhood again and said, “Open wide sis, you’re not done yet,” then he pushed me back down again onto his hard member until his cock touched the back of my throat. I had practiced deep throating with a cucumber, learning to take all of it without gagging, just to be a perfect wife someday, but kartal escort bayan I had never imagined needing the skill for my own brother.

“That’s my sweet sister,” he continued, ” ….suck that fat cock… suck it like the worthless tease that you are.”

As I looked down at Jeff’s curly black pubic hair and thickly muscled leg a few inches away, my faced burned beet red with embarrassment. I hadn’t bargained for his dirty talk. “Really!?” I thought, “Is the extra humiliation really necessary while I do this unthinkable act? His own sister? How dare he!?”

Then my shame was increased when I felt his free hand move to my waist and started sliding up under my shirt and along my back towards my bra clasp.

“Mmmfff! …uh…uh!…” I muttered around his hot schlong in an attempt to say “no” to his unclasping of my sexy blue bra, but his grip on my hair held my mouth onto his manhood and kept me from raising my head up to protest. It was all that I could do to breathe with his fat dick shoved in my mouth.

He expertly unclasped my bra and it popped loose, allowing my full young breasts to fall and hang like plump fruit below me. I got goose bumps of fear when they suddenly became vulnerable to his grasp.

My rude little brother had been checking out my firm c-cup boobs ever since he turned eighteen a few months ago when he had accidently seen me topless in my bedroom during my college Spring Break at home. Ever since that day it seems like he couldn’t stop thinking about them.

He had been trying to peak down my shirt and practically drooled at my cleavage every chance he got. In fact all summer he had been whispering in my ear what nice tits I have, even with my parents nearby. I was terrified that they would hear him.

So with a groan, I knew exactly where that hand that had just freed my supple bosom was going next. He had waited a long time to feel me up.

Jeff was usually a sweet younger brother, but when I refused his early summer attempts to untie my bikini top or grab my ass, he had changed into a sexually frustrated troll. As hot as he is, he could get lay a lot of other girls, and frequently did. But no matter how patiently I explained that as a sister I was strictly off-limits, he had still remained very hard headed about accepting that obvious fact. It was as if I was a major challenge now, lighting his competitive fires and making him determined to add a notch on his bedpost using my initials, just like he did with the teeny-bopper girls who had ended up underneath him on Friday and Saturday nights lately.

So for weeks now he had been acting like a jerk to me, despite my every effort to appease him. In fact, the more that I sunbathed to prepare for the pageant, the more that he hung around the pool brooding about being denied my sweet ass and firm tits just a few feet away.

In all honesty, when I got tired of his bad attitude I had played a part in aggravating him by teasing him with the tiniest, thinnest bikini tops that I could find, and my hard nipples were very pronounced when I came up out of the chilly pool; plus I wore a thong bikini bottom whenever he was going to be home, just to drive him crazy. I also spread my legs wide when applying suntan lotion, and misted myself to stay cool, knowing that the water would bead on my partially exposed breasts and get him all hot and bothered. I showed him no mercy, thinking that if he couldn’t handle it then he shouldn’t be watching.

As if punishment for my earlier rejections, Jeff now slid his hand under me and started massaging my hanging breasts, squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples.

My heart sank as I felt him circling my erect nipples with his finger. My own brother was not only making me blow him, but now he was also taking it a whole extra step further by squeezing my melons as if I was one of his casual hookups.

Right then I wished that he was a kinder person and would feel sorry for me. But I knew better. This was my come-uppance. No whining allowed. In fact, the more outrageous and humiliating this was for me, the more power he gained in our years-long sibling rivalry.

“Massage my balls whore,” he suddenly ordered, to my shock.

Coming up off of my brother’s immense wet boner with a start, it plopped out of my mouth and I was ready to cuss him out. But his grip on my hair was firm and he pushed me back down onto his dick until I had a mouthful again. “You’re not done yet!” he snarled, “Get busy or I’ll put that graphic video of you flicking your little bean on every free porn site that I can find!”

Hot tears welled up in my eyes and I wanted to scream at him.

But knowing better than to piss him off, I instinctively continued to suck on his enormous penis and tried to please him, just as he had cruelly negotiated with me to do. He was an asshole and owned me now, at least for the time being, and there was absolutely nothing that I could do about it.

“Massage my fucking balls skank!” he ordered again as he held my hair and jerked my head escort maltepe back and forth. He was treating my like a dog just like I had overheard him treat his cowardly little wisp of a girlfriend. When I had admonished him about treating her so bad, he had just laughed and told me that it was her “Slut Training,” and it was “for her own good.”

Now, to my horror, I, pretty little Jenny, had fallen under my own brothers ruthless thumb and I was the one getting his rude “slut training.”

Fearing more hair jerking, I obeyed his demand, cupping and caressing his big balls lovingly with my left hand, as my right hand slowly stroked his meat and my head hung over his lap and slowly bobbed up and down on his hard schlong. My shame was a train wreck of powerful emotions, yet I had no choice but to obey my little brothers rude commands and service him obediently as ordered.

“Mmmmmmm…you’ve been holding out on me sis! You suck cock like a pro!” he said.

My embarrassment was beyond measure, and my mind couldn’t wrap around this impossible situation. So I rationalized it, probably as a coping mechanism. The way that I saw it, the only way that I had of fighting back was to pleasure him so well that it would ruin him for any other mouth for the rest of his miserable life. Right now, with his hard cock in my mouth and his fist holding my hair, that little future “victory” was of little consolation; but it gave me something to cling to as I slurped and stroked my brothers meat as good and enthusiastically as possible in an effort to get him to cum quickly.

Several minutes passed, with me blowing my little brother for all that I was worth. My mouth and jaws were getting sore and tired, and he was playing with my tits the whole time. I just wished that any minute now I would feel his thick penis start jerking and that he would spew his salty cum into my pretty mouth. I just wanted to get this epically humiliating treatment over with and move on with my life. I had already decided to suffer through swallowing my brother’s hot sperm rather than give him an excuse to make me do this all over again.

But before he could cum, he pulled my hair to get my mouth off of his throbbing fuck stick, jerking my head up, allowing me to catch my breath. His dick was just too damned thick to breathe around!

“Very nice sis,” he said, as he wiped my spit off of the tip of his jumbo sex hot dog onto my red cheek.

“Now get in the backseat and strip those skinny pants off.”

“Huh?” I blurted out.

“You heard me,” he said coldly.

My mind was blank. He was kidding. He had to be. There was no way that I was going to let my own brother fuck me!

I sat up and looked at my brother with doe eyed disbelief. “Jeff….,” I stammered as I tried to form words in my head. “I’m a virgin…”

“Awesome!” he said sternly as he reached out and lifted my chin forcefully, “Now take off all of your clothes and get your sweet little ass in the backseat, it’s time to get fucked!”

“…Seriously?…” I whined, and the evil smirk on his face told me that I had just made a tragically stupid strategic error….he would be even more turned on now that he had me begging.

“Move it, before mom or dad come out to see why we’re not coming in,” he barked.

I stared at him in blank shock, like a prisoner just told to go stand in front of a firing squad.

“Get your fucking clothes off like I said!” he roared in the confines of the car. “Or would you like to become the most famous masturbator on the web?”

I burst into tears and lowered my chin to my chest and sobbed. There would be no argument. He had me, and he knew it. I would do anything to prevent that private video from being uploaded onto the internet.

As if to emphasize his domination, he took a fistful of my thin t-shirt and jerked at it, barking his stern order, “Clothes off!”

Slowly raising my shirt over my head, it felt like an out-of-body experience. I felt like my actions were not a part of my mind, like my body robotically operated out of necessity, regardless of my inner child’s desperate desire to run away screaming.

With my shirt off I clung to my loose bra, holding it to my heaving breasts, and stared at Jeff, begging with my eyes for a glimmer of understanding, forgiveness, or mercy. I was experiencing what my psychology professor had called “The delusion of reprieve,” in which the condemned will foolishly believe against all odds that something or someone will save them at the last possible minute before a horrible fate befalls them.

But Jeff was not about to “save” me. Hell, he was entranced and loving every second of my humbling humiliation. In fact, he had told me during our earlier argument that he had jerked off a dozen times while thinking about taking me. So I knew with a sense of dread that he was not about to let me off the hook now.

He stared at me holding onto the bra to cover my breasts and whispered menacingly, “Off!”

I obeyed, with all possible humiliation. When pendik escort my bra cups fell forward and I shyly slipped the blue straps off of my slender arms, Jeff stared at my tanned breasts and up-turned nipples with genuine appreciation; he actually had a little saliva on his mouth, like a steaming steak had just been put in front of a fat man at a fancy restaurant.

He reached out and took one of my long rosebud nipples and jerked it, pulling me into him. Then he grabbed my hair and forced me to kiss him. Still in shock, and afraid of him, I kissed him back with warm tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Look who’s about to give up her precious little honey pot to her stud brother!” he teased, releasing my sore nipple.

I shrank inside and tried to cover my sore nipple.

“Now, get your cheap ass naked… just like in the video, and do it NOW!” He hissed an inch from my face.

I was lost. I couldn’t move.

He lost patience with me and just took matters into his own hands.

Staring into my miserable helpless eyes, he roughly pushed me onto my back on the front seat and he reached down to unbuttoned my cute capri pants. Grinning like a mad man he tugged at them until he had them sliding down my tanned legs.

I lay back on his front seat enduring the impossible, squeezing my eyes closed as he roughly took my pants off, but I caught my pink panties just in time, preventing them from sliding down with my pants. I didn’t want my own brother to see my pussy.

When I was pant-less, Jeff looked at my slender toned legs and thin panties with a lust and fire in his eyes that I had never seen before. Then he grinned and raised his eyes to mine. “Panties too!” he ordered.

“Please Jeff….” I squeaked.

“You stupid little bitch, either take them off or I’ll rip them off!” he commanded, reaching towards my panties.

His dick had been bouncing like a stiff spring as he took my pants off, and it was like this evil thing just waiting for my pussy to become naked and vulnerable. I became even more worried when I looked at his face. My brother was wide eyed at my nudity and sweating with anticipation of deflowering his own pristine sister.

My mind just couldn’t believe what was happening. My own brother wanted to be the first to take me! He wasn’t himself. Normally he would be rude and tease me pretty bad, but this was different. It’s like he had snapped and was feverishly desperate to have his manhood between my legs, taking my unspoiled virtue before a future husband could have it. It was like once I had pleasured him with my mouth and he had a good look at my body, some carnal reptile had percolated up from the deep catacombs of his Cro-Magnon psyche and he was hard boiled and absolutely determined to mount and breed me.

For a fleeting moment, I considered screaming and trying to get out of the car. But then I remembered the video and I felt exhausted and helpless. My hopes flickered out and the bottom just fell out of my soul like a rock bouncing down the side of the Grand Canyon until nothing was left, not even a sound.

He grabbed the waistband of my delicate panties and was about to rip them off of me.

Desperately grabbing his thick wrists, I shrieked, “Ok!… Ok Jeff!… I’ll do it…just let me do it…please!” I begged, with my voice trailing off.

I fingered the lacy edge of my panties nervously and slid them down an inch while he watched in rapt attention. I would have to grudgingly surrender my panties, and he knew it, but it was like the last touch of a dear friend sinking below the water… my hand trembled and refused to move further. He saw my pause and lifted his cold eyes to mine. His feral facial expression said that his patience was exhausted, I had no more time.

Crying softly, I closed my eyes tight and raised my little butt… slowly…impossibly… sliding my light pink lacy panties down off of my neatly trimmed pussy, over my slender hips until slipping them down over my thighs. I was heartbroken, feeling as exposed and powerless as a condemned prisoner being made to bow and have the hangman’s noose slid over his neck. Bending my knees to get the pink panties over my ankles, I looked forlornly at Jeff again, hoping that he would take pity on me. But he stared at me out of cold wolf eyes and a pitiful sob escaped my throat. There was no hope. Jeff would take me. I dropped the panties on the floor board and shuddered.

Jeff stared in awe at my tiny runway trim and my puffy little pussy lips. He had such a wild and hungry look in his eyes when stared at my womanhood that I instinctively covered myself with my hand.

Slowly raising his head, he raked my body with his eyes as if licking me full length with a giant tongue. He stared into my face with a faraway wildness in his eyes, wet his lips before calmly ordering, “Give them to me,” pointing down at the panties.

I felt helpless, out of my element. Like a meek little mouse, I picked them up and obediently handed my own brother my prettiest pink panties while I squeezed my knees tight to avoid exposing my sex. Then I watched in horror as he stared me in the eye and raised them to his nose to smell them. Seeing my little brother inhaling my girl scent from my panties made me cringe and blush. Nothing could be more embarrassing.

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