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Due to negative comments made about the anal sex in part 1, I advise you, if anal sex bothers you, don’t read this story.


Later that night as Chuck showered, before bed, he replayed the earlier events of the day. He couldn’t believe how much he’d enjoyed fucking his granddaughter Heather. Never in a million years would he have imagined doing that. Now that they had though, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. As he washed himself, he felt his cock getting stiff again as it too remembered the feeling of her wet pussy and tight ass.

He and Nancy had a decent sex life, but Nancy would have never gone for him attempting to enter her ass. Heather, on the other hand, had let him have his way with her and she seemed to be as turned on by him as he was by her.

He got out of the shower and made his way to he and Nancy’s room. He noted that she was already in bed asleep when he came into their room. Quietly, he finished drying off and slipped some pajama bottoms on.

Knowing his thoughts weren’t going to allow him to sleep just yet; he went downstairs to the kitchen. That’s when he heard the splash. He walked over to the sliding glass doors, off the kitchen, and pulled to blinds apart to look out into the backyard at the pool. The back light was on and he could see from the lights in the pool Heather as she swam. Quietly he slid the glass door open and stepped out to the patio. He sat down on one of the chaise lounge chairs and watched Heather. He could see she had that damn bikini on again.

As Heather swam to the edge of the pool her eyes momentarily caught the sight of her granddad sitting there watching her. She smiled to herself. My how her afternoon had not gone anything like she’d anticipated. She was playing around with Chuck when she had grabbed him in the pool, but boy how he’d surprised her with what they’d done just done this afternoon. She couldn’t believe Chuck’s sexual appetite. It was nothing like she’d ever imagined a man of his age to have. Even more, she couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed it and wanted more of it.

“Good evening Heather,” Chuck said with a hint of wickedness in his voice. “Out for an evening swim are we?”

Heather smiled at Chuck. “Good evening Granddad. As a matter of fact, I am. Would you care to join me?”

Chuck momentarily contemplated Heather’s invitation, but thought better of it. He knew if he joined her, what may ensue, right there in the pool. If Nancy woke up and saw them, all hell would break loose. “Nah kiddo, I’m fine. I can admire you better from here,” Chuck said with a devilish grin.

Heather didn’t miss the invitation in Chuck’s grin. She pulled herself up onto the edge of the pool. Sitting there dripping she just looked at Chuck as she said, “Is Grandma asleep?”

“Yes, she is. Why do you ask?” Chuck said casually knowing full well why she asked.

Heather said nothing as she stood up and walked over to the chaise lounge Chuck was currently sitting in. Looking down at his pajama bottoms she could see they were already tented. Still not saying anything Chuck watched as Heather untied one side of her bikini bottom, and then with her finger motioned for him to follow her.

Knowing he was taking a big risk, but his desire overriding his fears, Chuck got up from where he sat and quietly followed Heather into the house. They snuck up the stairs and made their way into the guest bedroom, which Heather occupied, at the end of the hall. Chuck and Nancy’s room was on the opposite end of the hall.

Softly closing and locking the door behind them, Chuck turned to watch as Heather turned on the night light by her bed, as opposed to the overhead light in the room. The night light gave the room a soft glow and Chuck just stood with his back to the door while he watched Heather remove first her bikini bottom and then her bikini top. He stood there and allowed himself to admire her naked body. Her blonde hair hanging over her shoulders, wet from being in the pool. Granddaughter or not, she was incredibly sexy. She had the body of a Playmate.

He caught his breath as Heather made her way over to him and pressed her body against his as she brought her mouth to his and parted his lips with her tongue. In their frenzied desire earlier he hadn’t even bothered to kiss her or touch her. Now as her tongue met his, he could only quietly groan as the sweetness of her mouth engulfed his. His arms reached around her and braced the back of her head as their mouths twisted and turned. The hunger of their kiss increasing and their breathing becoming more rapid served only to fuel their desire.

Knowing they needed to be quiet, Heather broke the kiss when she pulled her face away from Chuck’s. Her beautiful green eyes looking intently into Chuck’s, she whispered to him, “Let’s go in the bathroom. Take a shower with me Granddad.” Leading Chuck through the bathroom door that was off of her bedroom, they came in and closed the door behind bursa escort them. Wisely, Heather turned the fan on.

Wasting no time, Chuck grabbed Heather and pressed her body up against the bathroom door with her hands pinned high above her head, held against the door by his hands. With urgency Chuck brought his mouth to hers as they began to kiss with a frenzied desire.

With one arm holding Heathers pressed against the door, Chuck used his other hand to reach down and grab one of her breasts. He pinched the nipple between his fingers causing Heather to flex upon her toes from the shock waves it sent through her body. He worked her nipple until it was hard and pert between his fingers and then his hand began to caress her breast. Her breast felt warm and full in his hands. There was no way his hand could hold her breast in it’s entirety, but his hand did it’s best to feel as much of it as would allow with their bodies pressed as tightly together as they were.

Breaking for air, Heather quietly gasped, “Granddad, take your pants off,” as she made her way over to the shower and turned the water on.

Once she’d adjusted the temperature just right, she stepped inside as Chuck followed behind her. The warm water cascading over her made both of her breasts stand even more rigid as her nipples stood to attention. Heather grabbed the soap, worked some good lather up in her hands and then turned around to face Chuck.

With her soapy hands she gripped his erect cock and began to soap it up as she stroked her hands up and down the length of it. Chuck’s hips yielded to her touch as he became putty in her hands. Methodically her hands stroked, pumped and caressed his member as Chuck whispered quietly, “Fuck yes Heather, just like that baby.”

Heather worked Chuck’s cock until he felt he was ready to cum. Once he reached that point he told her to stop. Pressing Heather’s back to the shower wall, Chuck leaned in against her and kissed her hard. While their tongues connected again, Chuck slid his hand down and felt the smoothness of her pussy again. His mind recollected tasting its sweetness earlier in the day.

Easily he slid two fingers into her opening and began to work his fingers in and out as he muffled Heather’s moans with their kiss. Working his fingers around and in and out he pumped her hard as if he was fucking her. Her sweet peach responded accordingly as he felt its wetness increasing.

Once he felt her sufficiently wet, he broke the kiss and whispered in her ear, “Wrap your arms around my neck and hold tightly.”

Obediently, Heather wrapped her arms around Chuck’s neck. As she did, Chuck grabbed one of her legs and pulled it up around his hip. Heather quickly caught on to what he was doing. With one leg wrapped around him, Chuck lined his cock up with the entrance of her wet pussy. Easily and slowly he slid into her waiting warmth. “Oh God,” he growled as her pussy enveloped the entire length of him.

Grabbing Heather’s other leg he pulled it up around his hip and using the weight of his body, and his cock enjoined with her, he pressed her harder against the shower wall. Standing there momentarily, as his legs adjusted to the added weight, Chuck stared into the beautiful green eyes of his granddaughter. Never in a million years would he have imagined doing, with her, what they were doing, but my god how wonderful she felt. Even better was that she wanted this. She wanted his cock inside her.

The passion of his emotions taking over, Chuck pressed his lips hard against Heather’s and forced her lips open with his tongue. Hungrily he sought her kiss as he began to work his cock in and out of her pussy. With each stroke he banged hard into her. With her back pressed firmly against the wall it provided the resistance that allowed his cock to reach the back wall of her pussy. No matter how ardent their kiss was, he couldn’t muffle enough Heather’s moans as each stroke made her body shudder with pleasure.

Tearing his lips away, Chuck leaned his head to Heather’s ear and growled sexily, “You want this don’t you little girl? You love your granddaddy’s cock don’t you baby? I love fucking you. I could fuck you all summer if you’d let me.”

Reaching her hands around Chuck’s waist and gripping his ass tightly, Heather growled right back in to his ear. “”Yes, I want your cock. But you know just as well Granddaddy that you want my young pussy. Fuck me as much and whenever you want.

Chuck knew what Heather said was exactly right. He was going to taste and pound her sweet pussy for as long as she was there. Hell, he might even make a visit to his son’s house, her father, just to take another whack at her.

As the water, in the shower, started cooling, Chuck worked his cock feverishly in and out. Trying to keep her moans quiet, Heather could barely contain herself as she said in Chuck’s ear, “I’m going to cum granddaddy!”

Chuck, who was on the verge of cumming himself said, “Do it baby, cum with me!” Then with bursa escort bayan just one more deep and hard stroke Heather’s legs tightened around his waist as her orgasm began to crest. Chuck let out an unabashed “Godddddddddd” as his body shuddered and his seed exploded deep into Heather’s pussy. Heather’s arms gripped tightly and her nails dug into him as her orgasm held out in one long wave of pleasure.

Chuck’s legs shook beneath him. Trying to keep his self balanced, Chuck steadied his legs, leaned in and kissed Heather again. This time more tenderly than passionately. She returned his tenderness as their tongues gently caressed one another.

Once Chuck felt that both of their orgasms had subsided sufficiently, he gently unwrapped one of Heather’s legs from around him and let her stand on it. Waiting until he felt that her leg could hold her, he helped her undo her other leg from around him. By this time, the shower water was cold and beating down on the both of them. Though out of breath, but completely sated, they washed each other up in the cold water. Turning the water off, Heather said quietly, “Thank you Granddaddy.”

Reaching for a towel, which he then handed to her, Chuck whispered back, “I believe it is I who should be thankin’ you darlin.'” They both got out of the shower. Chuck dried himself off and put his pajama bottoms on. Heather dried off and followed behind Chuck, naked, back into her bedroom.

Turning to her and grabbing her in an embrace, Chuck reached his hands around her waist and got a full handful of Heather’s ass as he kissed her goodnight. The kiss was anything but a grandfatherly kiss. As their lips parted, Chuck whispered his good night to Heather and then walked out of her room and down to his and Nancy’s room.

As he slid into bed, next to Nancy, he couldn’t believe the day’s events. He had fucked his own granddaughter, twice. Lying there with his eyes closed, Chuck’s memory replayed every moment of being with Heather. Her body was perfect to him. Her tits were gorgeous, her ass was full and her pussy was tight and sweet. It was these thoughts that Chuck fell asleep to.

The next morning, while seated at the breakfast table Chuck and Nancy dined alone as Heather elected to sleep in. “I wonder why Heather isn’t up yet,” Nancy wondered aloud.

Knowing full well why she wasn’t awake yet, Chuck could only chuckle, to himself, as he replied, “Who knows with kids these days.”

Hearing a knock at their front door, Nancy rose to answer it. It was their neighbor and friend Ray. Ray followed Nancy into the kitchen where Chuck was still seated at the dining table.

“Hey old man,” Ray smiled and said to Chuck.

At this, Chuck laughed, “Who you calling old, old man?”

Ray sat down and Nancy offered him some coffee, which he gladly accepted. Ray often would come over in the mornings and join them for breakfast.

“Didn’t see you yesterday,” Ray said to Chuck.

“Oh yeah, our granddaughter Heather is here visiting for a few weeks. She decided she wanted to hang out with her old granddad,” Chuck replied casually.

“Your granddaughter, eh? Why she’d want to hang out with an old keester like you is beyond me,” Ray joked.

Chuck shrugged as he thought to him self; I’ve given her plenty of pleasurable reasons to hang out with me.

As if on cue, Heather appeared. Not expecting there to be company in the kitchen she had on only her pajamas, which consisted of a loose t-shirt which her ample breasts did a good job of filling out and a pair of boxers that her ass cheeks peeked out from underneath.

“Good morning grams and granddad.”

Nancy and Chuck both smiled at Heather as they said their good mornings. Heather pulled up a chair across from Ray. Chuck made the introductions. Chuck could tell immediately that Ray had noticed Heather’s finer assets. He smiled to himself. Just to see, Chuck asked Heather if she’d get him some juice from the fridge.

Heather smiled at her granddad as she got up from the chair. Knowing he’d be watching her, she made sure she put emphasis on the way her ass sashayed back and forth. Just as Chuck thought would happen, Ray’s eyes were practically bulging out of his head as he watched her. Heather brought the juice directly to Chuck and set it beside him. Leaning over him, with her breasts freely pressing against his shoulder, she smiled and kissed him on his cheek. “Good morning granddad.”

After Heather sat back down, and Ray managed to close his mouth and regain his composure, conversation flowed freely. Today would be another day of volunteering for Nancy. But today she would be going in the afternoon and would be home around 5. Ray, who was just a few years younger than Chuck and divorced, said he’d be doing yard work. Heather told Nancy she was going to hang out again with granddad.

Ray cocked an eyebrow, which no one noticed, when Heather said she was going to hang out with Chuck. “Hey Chuck, may I borrow your hedge clippers?”

“Sure escort bursa man, they’re in the garage. You know where I keep them,” Chuck said nonchalantly.

After breakfast, Ray left and everyone went about their day. Nancy spent most of the morning talking with Chuck. Heather went to her room, and put on her bikini to go for a swim. When she came down to go to the pool, it was Nancy who met her in the kitchen.

“Look at you young lady,” Nancy mused seeing Heather, for the first time, in her bikini. “You’ve definitely grown up.”

Heather walked over to her grandmother and kissed her on the cheek. I’m still your pookie doll grams. Pookie doll was Nancy’s nickname, for Heather, coined from an old doll Heather used to play with.

“Going for a swim are you?”

“Yes. I love your pool. I’ve swam in it a few times already. I’ll probably sun myself for a while after.”

With that Heather walked out to the pool. Nancy couldn’t help but notice how little of Heather her bikini covered. I bet she drives the boys back home crazy, Nancy mused to her self. Little did Nancy know that Heather drove her husband Chuck crazy too.

Heather swam several laps in the pool and then reclined out on one of the chaise lounge chairs. Nancy peeked out the sliding glass doors to say good bye to Heather before she left for her afternoon of volunteering, but she noticed Heather had fallen asleep, so she let her be.

About an hour after Nancy left, Ray walked over to their house to return the hedge clippers. The back door to the garage wasn’t locked so Ray let himself in and put the clippers back. Guiltily, he wanted to steal another peek at Chuck’s granddaughter Heather. So, instead of leaving out the door he came in through, he went in through the door that lead in to their kitchen.

As he walked in, he didn’t see anyone. He peered further into the house. He saw no sign of anyone. He knew Chuck was home though because his Ford F-150 was in the driveway. Only Nancy’s car was gone. As he stood at the bottom of the staircase wondering where everyone was, he heard something. As he listened, he could hear the distinct sounds of a woman moaning.

Instead of leaving, like he should have, Ray decided to follow the sound. Quietly he crept up the stairs. As he neared the top of the stairs he could hear the sound all the more clearer. Not only did he hear the sound of the moaning clearer, he definitely heard Chuck saying, “Yes little girl, you love your granddad’s cock don’t you?”

Oh my god Ray thought to him self. It can’t be. Chuck’s not fucking his granddaughter is he? Quietly he made his way towards the door where the sounds came from. The door wasn’t closed, but was cracked only slightly open. Ray knew this room to be Chuck and Nancy’s as he’d been to their house many times before. He knew the way their room was situated. The foot of their bed faced the doorway. Not knowing what direction they were facing, or even where they were in the bedroom Ray eased himself into the corner by their door that allowed him to peek through it being cracked open, but without him being readily visible.

Ray’s eyes were incredulous as his eyes took in what his ears were hearing. There, in the middle of Chuck and Nancy’s bed, was Chuck and his granddaughter Heather. Chuck was on his knees, with his back to the door and he had Heather’s legs spread far apart with his hands as he continuously pounded her pussy with his cock. Ray was mesmerized as he watched. He could see glimpses of Heather’s body and oh what a body she had. He couldn’t see her ass cheeks as Chuck’s body blocked the view, but he could see her voluptuous tits as they bounced up and down each time Chucks hips slammed against her. It was obvious, to Ray, that she was enjoying it just by her moaning and her begging Chuck to keep fucking her and how much she wanted his cum.

Stunned, Ray could only watch as they changed positions, without even noticing they were being watched. He watched as Chuck lay flat on his back and then Heather sat astride him. When Heather lay forward and pressed her chest against Chuck’s as they engaged in an intimate kiss, Ray had a perfect view of her ass, and even more importantly, he could see her pussy, dripping wet with excitement as it slid slowly up and down Chuck’s length.

Ray had no idea how long they’d been at it, but god they had stamina. Again he could only look on as he heard Heather say, “Make me cum with your mouth Granddad, taste what I have for you.” To which he heard Chuck reply, “Come here little girl and sit on my face.” And with that, Heather got off of his cock and adjusted herself over Chuck’s face. Seeing her astride his mouth and the way she screamed in pleasure, Ray almost came himself as he’d had a raging hard on the entire time he’d been watching them.

He couldn’t see Chuck’s face, but he had a full view of Heather’s ass and a side view of her ample breasts as her hands caressed them. Ray reached down his own pants and began stroking himself. When Heather started moaning that she was about to cum and then her orgasm exploded, Ray had to close his eyes and grit his teeth hard from making any noise as his orgasm came and he shot out loads of cum into his underwear.

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