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Big Tits

As soon as the door to our bedroom was closed I turned to my wife. “We need to talk,” I said.

“Uh huh,” she said. She unzipped her dress and as she was shimmying out of it she began to unbutton her blouse.

“It’s about Katie and her self esteem issues,” I said.

“Uh huh,” she said. “Self esteem. Right.” She reached behind her back and began unlatching her bra.

“In a lot of ways it’s as low as it’s ever been, but I think we can take steps to help her.”

“Uh huh,” she said. “Steps.” She dropped to her knees and pulled my dick out of my bathrobe. “Tell me about it while you fuck my face,” she said.

I tried to concentrate as Elaine slurped my cock noisily. “I need to . . . uh! Fuck! Your mouth! . . . I need to fuck Katie!”

Elaine grinned evilly as she took her mouth away from my dick for a moment so she could speak. “You need to fuck my mouth? Or you need to fuck Katie? I’m not sure I understood you.” She plunged her mouth onto my dick, swallowing me all the way to the root. I could feel her tongue, mouth and throat massaging every inch of my rod.

“I . . . uh. . . Oh God!”

“That’s what I thought. You need to fuck my mouth. C’mon, Daddy. Grab my hair and fuck my face!”

I was lost. I had tried to talk to Elaine, but her mouth on my cock was too much. I could barely even put two words together.

A few minutes later, Elaine stood up and, with her hand on my rod, she led me by my cock to the bed. She got on all fours on the mattress and, presenting her ass to me, said, “Fuck me now, Daddy! Ram your big cock into my wet pussy!”

As I pounded into her over and over, Elaine pushed her one rule on me over and over: “You only fuck ME, Daddy! Only your wife! Cum in your daughter’s mouth, spray her face with seed! Drive her goddamn crazy! But no fucking!”

My frustration coupled with my horniness drove me over the edge. I rammed into my wife over and over, harder and harder.

“I have to!” I cried. “. . . Have to fuck her!” Images of my daughter’s incredible body were swimming in front of me, even while I was screwing my beautiful wife.

“No!” she screamed. “Only ME! You only fuck ME!”

The vision of my daughter’s lovely blonde hair, her trusting and adoring eyes, her red lips and her busty virgin body seemed right in front of me at the same time that my wife’s words were pushing away the possibility. I couldn’t help myself. With a powerful thrust, I rammed into my wife so hard that she fell forward onto the bed. I fell forward with her and continued pounding my cock into her body while she began spasming with orgasmic frenzy.

I began to cum. I had so much pent-up desire and frustration coupled with sexual stimulation that it seemed as if my head was going to explode. My orgasm was so hard that I became dizzy. I fell off my wife and slid onto the bed facing the ceiling. The room spun around me in a wave of vertigo.

When I came back to my senses, my wife was gasping and beginning to sit up. “That’s why you can’t fuck her,” she said simply.


“I know you want her pussy,” she said. “I know it’s driving you crazy. But that crazy desire is giving me the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Elaine, . . .”

She got off the bed, moved to the dresser and began brushing her hair. “Have Katie suck you. Have her tit fuck you. Have her crawl around the house on all fours with a leash around her neck that’s attached to your cock if that gets you off. But no fucking.”

“Elaine, her self esteem. . .”

She turned to me with a smirk, the hairbrush frozen in the arc of a stroke through her hair. “Are you really going to claim that she needs to fuck her father for the sake of her self esteem? Well, even if it’s true, I don’t care. I know that the desire for her is giving you a 24/7 hard-on, and I’m not giving that up.”

She went back to brushing her hair and looked at me through the mirror. “Go ahead and fuck Randi. Her pussy doesn’t matter. But Katie’s pussy is off limits. Period.”

The next day, Sunday, I received a life-changing phone call.

“I’ve got chickenpox,” the voice on the other end of the line said.

“What?” I asked. “Who is this? Why are you calling me?”

“I’m your sister, stupid,” she said. “Don’t you recognize my voice? Don’t you ever check caller ID?”

“Oh. Sorry. Chickenpox, huh? That’s too bad.”

“Tell me about it,” she said. “It’s not that unpleasant, but I’m contagious as hell. I can’t go to the grocery store to buy food. I’m afraid to even take out the garbage for fear of breathing on one of the neighbors. You’ve never had it, have you?”

“To be honest, I can’t remember which childhood diseases I got or didn’t get,” I answered, “but I guess if you’re coming down with chickenpox as an adult, it means neither you nor I had it as children.”

“What about Elaine?” my sister asked. “Has she had it?”

I brought the phone to Elaine and explained the situation. It turned out that she had been exposed to the disease kartal escort bayan as a child and so was immune to getting it again as an adult. So had Randi. After a short discussion, Elaine and Randi offered to go to my sister’s house to take care of her and my equally-infected six year old nephew for a few days.

“Thanks,” said my sister. “I really owe you for this favor.”

Within an hour or so, Elaine and Randi had packed overnight bags and set off across town to my sister’s place, leaving Katie and me alone together.

I spent the rest of the day doing odd jobs around the house – cleaning, moving a few heavy items into storage, that sort of thing. Katie stayed in her room catching up on homework.

Toward evening I told Katie to change into some nice clothes – I was going to take her to dinner. Katie and I occasionally got a burger or pizza when we were out together doing errands, but I couldn’t remember the last time she and I had gone out to a restaurant and sat down together, just the two of us. Besides, this would be a good opportunity to pressure Katie into dressing normally for a change, without her usual oversized coats, baggy pants, tacky scarves and ugly hats. “Something fancy, okay?” I said. “I’d like this to be a night on the town for both of us.”

Katie surprised me by agreeing without the usual coaxing. She told me that she had recently bought a special gown at a thrift shop for only a few bucks and she wanted to try it on for me. While she put on her dress, I changed into a suit and tie, looking forward to the idea of a formal night out at a French restaurant that I’d heard about.

When Katie finally came into my bedroom to show off the dress she looked stunning, but the expression on her face appeared physically painful – far worse than the usual reluctance she showed at wearing normal clothing rather than the army surplus shit she usually wore.

The gown itself was extraordinary: made of one of those synthetic fabrics that mimics satin, the white floor length skirt positively shimmered in a graceful, simple line that stretched down to her shoes. The upper part of the dress was open in front almost to the navel, designed to allow one to see, as a layer beneath the main dress, a matching white corset-like bodice made of the same material that buttoned up the front. Topping off the whole ensemble was a veil pinned to Katie’s shiny blonde hair, swept back so that there was only a trace of the veil visible from the front.

It was a wedding dress.

“Well?” she asked, gasping out the words. “What do you think?”

“I think it’s amazing, but why did you . . .?” My inquiry about the appropriateness of wearing a second hand wedding dress to a restaurant was cut off by a glance at Katie’s pained, reddened face. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” I asked.

“It’s this . . . top. . . . too tight!” She started fumbling with the button on the front bodice, but her hands were shaking. When she finally managed to undo the top button, she gasped in a lung full of air. Her expanding chest made several of the front buttons pop off. Katie’s huge braless tits sprung out and she broke into tears. Her large breasts had literally burst through her dress.

“I thought it would fit!” she sobbed. “I was sure I could make it fit!” She dropped to the floor and frantically tried to collect the lost buttons.

“What’s going on here, Katie?” I asked.

“I saw this gown in the consignment store and I thought it looked so beautiful,” she said. “I know it’s a wedding dress, but it was so pretty I thought maybe I could wear it as a prom gown. I tried it on – everything but the last few buttons – and it fit perfectly! Everywhere but the bust!

“I thought maybe if I controlled my breathing I could wear it. It would make my breasts look smaller and I could seem . . . I don’t know . . . normal? Not a big-busted freak? Now look at it. It’s ruined! I’m too ugly to wear something nice like this!” She stood and looked at herself in my bedroom’s full length mirror. In disgust she threw the buttons back down on the floor.

I looked across at her image in the mirror. She looked stunning. The dress hugged every curve of her hourglass figure. Far from being ruined by the torn bodice, the gown seemed completed in a way that the dress designer never intended and could never have dreamt of. The structure of the dress and corset pushed Katie’s amazing rack upward. Her huge F-cup melons thrust out of the dress as if the entire outfit was designed to show off the most hormone-driven fuckable teenage body in the world. The overall effect reminded me of images I had seen of ancient Minoan women, whose everyday dresses were parted in front to deliberately put their breasts on display at all times.

Far from ruining the look of the gown, the effect of the torn bodice was to turn it from an attractive outfit for a bride into a lewd come-on for the sexiest young woman I had ever set eyes on. Katie’s tits were mouthwatering. Looking at her escort maltepe dressed in shimmering virginal white with her gigantic soft tits on full display made me paradoxically want to cherish her on the one hand and yet, at the same time, throw her on the ground and fuck her senseless.

“Honey, look at yourself in the mirror,” I said. “You look beautiful. The most beautiful bride in the world.”

“Oh Daddy. Stop lying to me. I know I’m ugly. I know these fat breasts ruin my figure,” she said.

“Lying?” I asked. “Is THIS lying?” I unzipped my slacks and pulled out my hard cock. “The moment I saw you in this outfit I thought about how beautiful you are, and when your breasts burst out of your dress, I couldn’t help myself. A hard cock doesn’t lie, sweetie. It can’t lie. I find you sexy as hell, and even more sexy wearing that outfit.”

We stared at ourselves in the full length mirror: she in a floor length formal white gown that hugged her wide hips, her small waist and her tight little tummy, and with her huge tits bursting out of a tight corset, and me dressed in a suit and tie with my hard dick hanging out of my pants.

“We look like quite a pair,” she giggled. She took my hand, and the image we saw of ourselves holding hands in the mirror was like a perverted wedding portrait. Then Katie made the picture even better by reaching a little farther and wrapping her hand around my hard pole. I responded by wrapping my arm around her waist. Pulling her closer to me but still facing the mirror, I brought my hand upward from her opposite hip. I cupped her cantaloupe-sized breast and sighed with contentment.

“This is an image I want to hold in my head forever,” I said. “You in a wedding dress holding my cock. Me caressing your beautiful body.” I smiled at her sexy image in the mirror and bounced her big tit in my hand. She responded by twisting her hand on my cock, making me even harder. Katie completed the picture by smiling happily at me with a wide, open-mouthed grin. Seeing the combination of that happy grin with her hand jacking me off was incredible.

I pulled her closer to me, so that now she stood mostly in front of me. The image in the mirror now showed me behind my diminutive daughter, almost a head taller than her and standing to the side, with her hand still visible as she eagerly jacked me off. “Cock!” she whimpered. “Hard cock! Hard for ME!” Even now, she was amazed and grateful that I found her attractive. She smiled joyously the whole time as she gazed through the mirror into my eyes. “Oh thank you, Daddy!” she said, expressing crazy gratitude – gratitude! – to me for letting her jack me off. Her rhythmic arm motions made her pillowy tits bounce enticingly.

It was that happy gratitude that I found most amazing – and most sexy. Despite her angelic young face and lovely blonde hair, despite her trim dancer’s body and her breathtaking curves, Katie continued to think of herself as an ugly ducking. The amazing rack that had developed over the last year and a half was, to her, a curse that confirmed and accentuated what she thought of as her unworthiness and unattractiveness. When I told her I loved her, when I told her I desired her, when I got a hard-on in her presence, when I taught her to play with my cock – all these were gifts that, in her eyes, she didn’t deserve. And so when I let her jack me off and when I sprayed cum on her big tits and in her face and into her mouth, she became ecstatic with gratitude. She actually THANKED me when I let her service me! She THANKED me when I let her suck me! She THANKED me when I covered her adoring, grateful face with my cum! Right now, she was ecstatically happy that I was letting her pump my rod! She was the most worshipful, most devoted little sex kitten daughter I could ever dream of.

I brought my other hand up so that I could play with both her breasts at once. She began mewling with docile pleasure, squirming her shoulders like a kitten being rubbed. Watching myself snuggle up against her tight, round ass and fondle both her soft, bare tits as she smiled dreamily and jacked me off while dressed in a pornographic version of a satiny white wedding dress was incredibly erotic. “Will you marry me, milady?” I asked.

It was a joke of course, and Katie knew it but she beamed with delight anyway. “Of course I will, Daddy. You’re the only man I’ve ever loved.” She knelt on the ground beside me and I turned so that both of us were in profile before the mirror.

She started sucking me. The sight of my beautiful blonde daughter dressed in a gorgeous yet slutty wedding gown on her knees in front of me was incredible. The mirror’s image showed a profile of her big jugs accentuated by the effect of the corset, showcasing the amazing curves of her tiny teenage body. Topping it all off was the veil pinned to the back of her lovely hair, making her both virginal and unbearably, fuckably sexy at the same time.

“I don’t have a normal wedding band for you to wear, darling,” pendik escort I said, continuing the metaphor of the “marriage”, “but I see that your open mouth is forming a perfect ring for me.” I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth as I said the words, “With this cock, I thee wed.”

Katie took my rod out of her mouth briefly, and confirmed her commitment and submission: “To this cock I am wed.” Then she went back to sucking.

“Do you promise to love, honor and obey your Daddy?” I asked as I gently pushed my cock down her throat.

“Gugg! Gugg! Obey!” she said between thrusts. Kneeling before me with her hands demurely behind her back she whimpered in joyous submission. I glanced at our reflection in the mirror and saw that the veil had slipped forward on the side facing the mirror. The image that I saw now was of my busty daughter in a white wedding dress, her head mostly obscured by a veil symbolizing her virginity and docility. The only part of her face that I could see beyond the veil was the very front – her nose, mouth and eyes in profile, bobbing forward over and over to accept my meat. With her hands clasped behind her, her big naked tits were thrust forward while her delectable round ass pushed out in back. The profile of her bare tits swung back and forth with the rhythm of her blowjob in an obscene contrast to the shimmering virginal white of her immaculate dress.

“I now pronounce us ‘Daddy and Wife’,” I said. With both hands I gripped the sides of my virgin daughter’s head, pushed my shaft down her throat and held her there, her nose rubbing my crotch. She gagged for a few moments, and the effect of her throat constricting in waves on my cock felt as if she were massaging my dick with her throat muscles. When, a few moments later, I let go of her head she pulled it back and gasped.

“Daddy!” cried Katie. “My new husband!” She knelt upright and slipped my cock into the canyon between her big tits. Her cleavage was even greater than usual because of the effect of the torn corset pushing her breasts together. Looking adoringly into my eyes, Katie cupped her humongous breasts from below and pumped them up and down, giving me the most amazing tit fuck that I had ever imagined. I watched incredulously as, over and over, my hard cock disappeared from view in the soft valley between her oversized 32F melons. After a half a minute of bouncing her boobs up and down, she began to vary the pace, lifting one tit up while bringing the other down, creating a wave of sensations that I couldn’t hold back.

“You need to slow down,” I warned her. “I’ll cum if you don’t stop.”

“Do it, Daddy! Cum! Cum on my big tits! Show me that you don’t mind my huge jugs! Spray your cum on my boobs!”

“Fuck yeah!” I screamed. “Your tits! Your beautiful big tits! Your innocent face! Your slim little body! My eighteen year old bride! Take my cum!”

I began shooting cum uncontrollably. The first ropes of sperm hit my gorgeous daughter-bride’s lovely breasts, but then she grabbed my cock and aimed it at her own face, spraying her cheeks and mouth with white cream. “My husband! My Daddy!” she cried. A shot of my cum flew into her mouth. She swallowed my creamy love and then laughed happily. “Your delicious dick! I belong to my Daddeee!”

Katie fell backwards onto the floor and I got a look at her. Her hair was in disarray and her face and tits were covered with thick white baby juice. Her huge tits, still constrained by the bodice, stood up proudly despite the fact that she was lying on her back. I fell to my knees and began sucking and nibbling on her outstretched nipples. In response, Katie, stimulated as always to an incredible degree by any sensual touch to her breasts, began spasming in intense orgasm.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she moaned. “I’ve waited so long. Every night I call for your cock. I know you hear me, but you never fuck me. Put your long Daddy dick into your virgin daughter – your bride. Fuck me like you fucked my girlfriend! Make me pregnant just like her! Oh please fuck me, Daddy!”

I had to give her what she wanted. She needed Daddy dick, and I needed to give it to her.

I extended my hand. She took it and I pulled her to her feet. Then, wordlessly, I led her by the hand toward the bed.

I turned Katie away from me briefly, unzipped her gown and let it drop to the floor. Under the dress she was still wearing the matching corset which stopped just below her navel. The bustier’s top buttons were gone, but the lower buttons were still intact, cinching in her waist and pushing her big round tits up and outward. I also discovered something new: she wore matching white stockings that connected with garter straps to the satiny corset. She wore no panties over her soft blonde muff.

Katie turned back around and I took in a small gasp of breath. I felt as if I had unwrapped a beautiful Christmas present only to discover even more beautiful wrapping underneath. The white silk stockings combined with the torn corset and her exposed boobs made my busty teenage treat look even more delicious. “Should I take the rest of the clothes off, too, Daddy?” Katie asked, wanting nothing but to please me as much as possible. Her hands came up to her breasts and she cupped them from below, presenting them to me.

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