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It was a beautiful summer morning when I pulled into my sister Susan’s driveway. I parked out of the way and went to check out the car my niece Caitlyn had just gotten. For the first time in his life her father had done something for her; he gave her his old car after getting himself a new one. It was a nice Honda Civic with not too many miles on it. There was just one problem with it; Caitlyn could not drive a manual transmission. That’s why I’m here.

My sister Susan did not have time to teach her. She was working two jobs since her ex did not pay child support and she was rarely home these days. Caitlyn had just turned 18 a few months back and with her mother being so busy she really needed a car to get to school and her part time job. She could drive an automatic fine, she just needed to learn how to shift gears and use the clutch.

I’ve always been there for Susan since she was a kid. I’m 12 years older than her and once her mother died I was all she had most of the time as our Dad traveled a lot. I had also been there for Caitlyn since she was born and had been more of a father to her than her real dad. The last two years I had not been able to see them as much as I wanted since my new job had crazy hours. In fact, this was the first Saturday I’d had off in a while.

I heard the front door close and turned to see Caitlyn running down the walkway towards me. She gave me a big hug and said “Thanks Uncle Dave, I really appreciate this!”

I couldn’t help but notice when she hugged me that her tits had grown quite a bit since I last saw her. I stepped back and had a good look at her. She was still short and petite as always. She is probably less than five feet tall and weighs less than a hundred pounds. She had fire red hair (the one thing she got from her father besides the car), green eyes, and just a few freckles on her cheeks. Not enough to get her called freckle face in school but just enough to make her cute as hell. She is usually a bit pale but had gotten a light tan this year and yes, she definitely had tits now, probably an A possibly a B cup. She was wearing a very short white sun dress that buttoned up the front with sneakers and ankle socks. She was not wearing a bra and her newly grown nipples were obvious. I remember thinking she probably caused a lot of hard dicks at school.

We hopped in and I started driving us to the old Methodist Church where they have a huge parking lot that she can practice in. I noticed she was out of gas so I went to the nearest station and filled her tank for her. When I got back in the car I thought I noticed that she had unbuttoned the top two buttons on her dress. Did she do that on purpose? I glanced over again and I could clearly see the tops of her titties. She had definitely undone some buttons. Was she trying to turn me on? No, she must have done it to cool off or something. She’s my niece! I put it out of my mind and drove on to the church.

We got to the church parking lot and the lesson began. I sat her in the driver’s seat and explained how to operate the clutch. I had her give it a try and after a few false starts she started to get it. We would start out and then stop, then try it again. We did this a few times and were approaching the back end of the lot when she noticed a box turtle crawling across the lot.

“Someone’s gonna run over him! I better put him back in the grass”

She hopped out of the car and walked over to the turtle. She had kind of a bouncy sexy walk that I couldn’t help but notice. She was starting to walk more like a woman with just the right amount of sway in her hips. She bent over to pick up the turtle and I got quite a surprise. She wasn’t wearing panties! She gave me quite a shot of the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen and her little pink puckered asshole was winking at me too! I immediately got hard. I could not believe my niece had just flashed me! She got back in the car and her dress rode up about half way up her thigh .She flashed her cute, innocent smile at me and started practicing again.

The next hour or so was torture for me. I had to keep my eye on her legs and feet to see how she was doing with the clutch and every time she pressed the clutch and let it out her dress would ride up a little more. She made no effort to pull it back down or keep it from riding up. If anything it seemed she was trying to make it ride up. Eventually I could see a little bit of her pussy. After a few more minutes I could see the whole thing. There was the tip of her clit peeking out of a perfect camel toe and a wisp of red hair above it. It was all I could do to keep myself from shoving my face in it. There is no way she doesn’t realize what is happening here. She is definitely doing this on purpose. Is she just fucking with me or is she trying to seduce me? I decided to find out. I didn’t hide the fact that I was checking out her pussy. I acted like it was perfectly natural.

We went on driving with her pussy in full view for a while. She saw that I was looking at her pussy and it must have turned her on. I could see a bit of moisture forming in her slit. She stopped at the bursa escort back of the lot and looked over at me.

“It’s hard isn’t it?”

“Only at first, but you’ve gotten past that part. You’re doing quite well now.”

“I don’t mean the driving! I mean your thing, you know, your dick. Is it hard because of me?

She was looking down at my crotch. I looked down and saw that my throbbing cock was obvious. There was no denying it.

“Well, yes it is.”

“It better be! I’ve been showing you my pussy for hours now! I was hoping you would say something about it but it looks like I have to be the one to bring it up.”

“Oh I noticed all right. I was just seeing how far you would take it”

“Do you like it?”

“It’s the prettiest little pussy I’ve ever seen.”

What about these?”

She pulled down the top of her dress to expose her breasts. They were beautiful! They had to be a B cup and her nipples were nice and puffy and pink. The contrast between her milky white tits and her tanned torso was incredible. I felt my cock twitch.

“They’re beautiful.” I told her.

“Thanks! Now let me see yours!” she said. Then she reached over and gave my cock a squeeze through my pants.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. You really shouldn’t be showing your body to me and I damn sure shouldn’t be showing you mine. You’re so young and you’re my sister’s kid.”

“Oh you sound like Grandpa! I’m not a kid anymore! I take care of myself. I get myself to and from school and work. I do my own laundry and cook my own meals and I have my own money. I’ve already had sex before too. This won’t be my first time!”

“So, you’ve had sex before?”

“Yes, I’ve given two guys blow jobs and I let one of them fuck me.”

“So did you like it?”

“It was OK, I let one guy come on my face and the other came in my mouth. I kind a liked that, sperm doesn’t taste as bad as I thought it would.”

“What about the one you had sex with?”

“You mean the one who fucked me! It was not much. He didn’t even take his pants all the way off. He just pulled them down, got on top of me, and stuck it in. It wasn’t very big and he came in like fifteen seconds, then got up and left.”

“Did you come?”

“No, it felt good but I didn’t have time to get off. It was really disappointing. It pissed me off that he just left after so I broke up with him the next week. I didn’t need him anyway; once the guys at school found out that I put out I can’t keep em away!

“Well Caitlyn, he was just immature and didn’t know what he was doing. You’ll find a guy who’s more mature some day when you’re older and it will be good.”

“I don’t want to wait till I’m older! I want you, now! I’ve wanted you for a long time, since that time I saw you peeing outside our garage. Your dick was so big! It’s all I’ve been able to think about! I sometimes imagine you fucking me while I rub myself; I always cum hard when I’m thinking about you.”

About a year ago I was working on Susan’s car and went around the side of the house to relieve myself when Caitlyn and one of her friends happened to walk around the corner. Both girls stopped and stared at me in shock and I almost pissed myself trying to turn away from them. I guess they both got a good look at my junk.

“Well let’s go get something to eat and we can talk about it. Where you want to eat?”

“How about Subway?”

“Of course you do, I really didn’t even need to ask did I?”

“No you didn’t, I know what I like. I’m driving!”

We drove to the Subway and got our sandwiches. Caitlyn wanted to go to the park to eat so we headed that way. We drove to a spot by the lake where we used to go fishing and both of us love. It’s way in the back of the park and very secluded. There is a huge Weeping Willow tree there. Caitlyn opened the trunk and produced a blanket. Did she really plan this or does she always carry a blanket in her trunk? She certainly was not the baby girl I was used to.

We spread the blanket under the tree and chatted as we ate, mainly about school, work, and her home life. I was a still very conflicted about what was happening and didn’t know what I was going to do. Half of me wanted her to just drop it and the other half wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck the hell out of her. I got up to take the wrappers to the trash can which was about 20 yards away and when I returned she had taken her dress off and was laying on the blanket completely nude. This part of the park was very secluded and there wasn’t any one around so it was safe. She looked incredible! Her tan lines really accentuated her creamy white breasts and her camel toe. Her nipples were a nice light pink; the same color as her clit which was barely visible.

I was not sure what to do so I lay next to her on the blanket. I had already taken off my shoes and shirt when we arrived so I was in just my cargo shorts. We talked about how we used to go fishing there and the fun we had and before long Caitlyn rolled on her side to face me. I could feel her tits on my side and she put her hand on my stomach bursa escort bayan and started rubbing the hair there. My dick had been hard for so long it ached and her touching me made it even worse. Her fingers and nails sent tingles up my spine to the back of my head. She pulled herself closer and started kissing my neck and earlobe and slowly slid her hand down into my pants. She wrapped her hand around my cock and I thought I was going to shoot right then. Her lips and tongue were working on my neck and ear and her hand was squeezing my cock. She was good! I knew that I could not resist her now. I made up my mind to give her what she craved; I was going to make love to my niece.

I turned to face her and she smiled that cute smile of hers. I asked “Are you sure?”

“I’m more sure than I’ve ever been about anything in my life.”

I leaned forward and gave her a kiss. Her mouth readily accepted my tongue. We kissed passionately. Her mouth tasted like the spearmint gum she had been chewing. We kissed deeply as she slowly stroked my cock. I reached out and took one of her breasts in my hand. She had the softest skin I have ever touched! I lightly pinched her nipple and she moaned in pleasure. I reached down between her legs and cupped her pussy in my hand and got another moan. I slipped a finger in. Her pussy was soft and wet and tight. I slid my finger up to her clit and she squirmed and pushed her hips towards me. I just had to taste this fresh young pussy.

I rolled her on to her back and got between her legs. I gave her clit a lick and she threw her head back and moaned deeply. Oh my god!!! Her pussy tasted better than anything I had ever tasted! I licked her slit and rubbed her clit with my finger then sucked her clit and fingered her. She was squirming and bucking her hips at me. I pushed her legs back and licked her little pink asshole and she grabbed two handfuls of my hair and pushed my head into her. I licked her asshole and pussy and put my finger back into her. I pressed my tongue into her asshole and she howled. When I bit down lightly on her clit she came hard. She squeezed my head between her thighs and shook as she came. Her orgasm went on for a long time until she loosened her grip on my head and relaxed her body. I looked up to find her looking down at me and smiling.

“So that’s what a real orgasm feels like! I love it!”

I lay on my side next to her and gave her a kiss.

“I can taste myself on you! That’s so hot!” That was so good! It was incredible! “That was the best orgasm of my life! It’s also the first time I’ve ever been eaten out and the first time anyone else besides myself has made me cum. I never even thought about getting my butthole licked before but that was the best!”

She looked so content and happy. She had a smile on her face I’ll never forget. Once she he caught her breath she lowered her head to my cock. She licked the precum that had formed there and said “MMMMMM that tastes good!”

“I’ve waited so long for this. This is like a dream come true.”

She then took me in her mouth and started sucking. Her mouth was so small she could only fit a little more than half in before it hit the back of her throat. She gripped the base of my cock with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. Her little hands and her little mouth and tongue were working my cock hard. The occasional scrape of her teeth on my cock proved how inexperienced she was. What she lacked in experience she made up for with enthusiasm. She was really enjoying this. She tried to deep throat me a couple of times but gagged so she gave that up and just started working my cock in and out of her mouth and stroking me with her hand. I felt myself at the edge and told her I was about to cum. She moaned to indicate she was ready and soon I erupted in her mouth. She didn’t miss a beat. She swallowed every drop and began squeezing my cock to try to get every drop out until I started going soft. She lay next to me and we kissed again.

We lay there for a while, her with her head on my chest and her hand on my cock. I stroked her hair gently as she fondled my cock. I rolled to face her and gave her another kiss while I squeezed her tits.

“MMMM, I can taste my pussy on your lips.”

“It tastes good doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, I may have to try eating pussy myself some time.”

“I’d like to see that.”

We continued to kiss for a while. I was rubbing her tits and pussy and she was stroking my cock. Before long she was wet and begging me to fuck her and I was hard as a rock and leaking precum. I asked her if she was ready to take me and she spread her legs wide and said “I’ve been since last year.”

I knelt between her legs and gave her pussy a lick or two and let my tongue work its way up her tummy, lingering for a while at her navel, then her tits. By the time my lips met hers and my cock touched the entrance to her pussy she was wild with lust and ready to be fucked. I asked her again if she was sure she wanted this and she assured me she did. I gave her another kiss and started pressing my cock into her. She escort bursa was very wet but it was still a very tight fit. I eased in a bit at a time and had gone in a little ways when I hit a barrier. It almost felt like I had bottomed out. I pressed forward a little and saw that it caused her some discomfort. It was then that I realized I had hit her hymen. If she had been fucked before, she wasn’t penetrated deep enough to pop her cherry.

“Are you sure you have done this before?”

“Yes, over spring break I gave Jim Howell a blow job and let him fuck me. He was small and it lasted less than a minute like I told you.”

“Well he may have tried baby girl but you’ve still got your cherry so you really haven’t been fucked yet.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“Good, I didn’t want that asshole to have it any way. I’d rather you be the one to break me in.”

Well I’m about to take it baby. I’m going to push once hard enough to pop your cherry. It’s going to hurt but only for a minute. I’ll keep still until the pain goes away, then you let me know when to keep going; OK?”


I gave her another kiss then gave my cock a quick shove. I felt the barrier give way and my cock sunk in another inch or two. She winced and grit her teeth but I saw no tears. After a minute she opened her eyes and told me to keep going. I pulled out nearly all the way and slowly pushed back in. I pulled back again and pushed in a little further this time. I kept doing this until I was balls deep in her then started picking up the pace a little bit at a time. I eventually got a good pace going and could feel my cock hitting bottom. She wrapped her legs and arms around me and pulled me in tight. I kept pumping as wave after wave of pleasure swept over my body. Her pussy gripped me tight and felt better than anything I have ever felt. I could tell she was building to an orgasm; her breathing was heavy and she was moaning almost constantly. She had her head tilted back and a look of pure ecstasy on her face. When her orgasm hit she squeezed her legs tight around me, her nails dug into my back, and her pussy clamped down on my cock. She let out a scream as I pumped my seed into her womb.

Our orgasms slowly subsided and I could feel her relax but I did not move. I lay atop her and kissed her gently and left my cock deep inside her. She was smiling and looked completely satisfied as she gently rubbed my back. My cock slowly softened and slipped out. I rolled onto my back and lay next to her. She rolled onto her side and nestled her face into my chest and put her arm around me.

After I caught my breath I grabbed some napkins to clean the blood and cum off us. Once we were clean I lay back down and Caitlyn lay on her side and took hold of my soft cock and just held it as we lay there.

“Well you definitely got your cherry popped this time.”

“I know. Now I know what it’s like to really be fucked. I feel like a real woman now. How was I?”

“You were great; I’ve never had a virgin before. I love the way you taste and feel.”

We lay there and chatted as we caught our breath. She had her hand on my cock the whole time and I had become semi erect. She commented on how cool it was to have it grow in her hand. We had cooled down a bit by then and were ready for more. She rolled over and lay on top of me and we started kissing passionately. She rubbed her slit up and down the length of my cock as we kissed until she was dripping wet and I was rock hard. Without losing contact with my lips she reached back and guided my cock into her wet snatch. She sat up taking me all the way in and began fucking me. She bucked her hips back and forth and side to side and even made circular motions which were driving me crazy. I had my hands on her ass cheeks helping her to bounce on my cock. When I reached up and took her nipples in my fingers she came again. She twitched a bit and let out a whimper as her pussy squeezed my cock. When she finished cumming she slumped down and lay on top of me with my cock still deep in her cunt.

“I’ve always wanted to try doggy. Will you do me doggy daddy?”

“Of course I will.”

‘Woof! Woof!’ She yelped as she assumed the position on her hands and knees. She shook her ass at me and begged “Please do me doggy.”

I took my position behind her and could not resist licking her cute butthole. I licked and tongue fucked her ass and pussy as she squirmed and moaned. I sat back and looked at the beautiful sight before me. Her perfect camel toe had blossomed like a flower that spread open it’s petals to show the world its beauty.

She slapped her ass and said, “Come on Doggy Daddy, do me!”

I grabbed her by the hips and slid my entire cock into her in one smooth motion and started pounding away. She started pushing herself back to meet my thrusts. We started making a slapping noise with each thrust and my balls were slapping her clit. I fucked her harder and harder, giving her ass a nice slap once in a while. She continued to push her ass back into me as her pleasure mounted. I teased her little butthole with my finger and after a while managed to get a fingertip in. I thought briefly about trying to fuck it but there was no way my cock was going in there, my finger barely fit in. I pulled my finger out and started fucking her for all I was worth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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