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I must have fallen asleep, ’cause when I open my eyes, the room is darker and I’m alone in the game room. I snuggle under the blanket that someone has draped over my naked body, and I almost feel like the afternoon has been a dream. A deliciously naughty, fantastically sexy dream. But reaching between my legs, I feel my brothers’ sticky cum still leaking from my body and I know that it’s all so real.

What an incredible birthday I’m having. First my dad lovingly takes my virginity, then my two oldest brothers show me how wonderful double penetration can be. I’ve been 18 for less than a day and I’ve already experienced pleasures that many women will go a lifetime without knowing. And I know there’s so much more to come.

“Hey Beautiful.”

I jump at the sound. Looking over the edge of the couch, I see Chris lying on the floor. “You about scared the crap out of me, you dork.” I chide, as I hit him playfully.

He laughs huskily, “You don’t normally scare that easily.”

“Well, I guess I’ve got a lot on my mind this evening.”

“Are you ready for a little dinner, Tawn?” he asks, “Maybe some cake?”

Almost on cue, my tummy rumbles. I giggle, “I guess I have worked up an appetite.”

“I’ll tell Dad you’re ready for dinner. He brought fried chicken and the works.” Chris brushes his lips across my cheek as he gets up. “I’ll be back in a few. I’ve got a surprise for ya.”

I sit up and wrap the blanket around my slender body. It almost seems ridiculous to do so, since all of the family has seen me naked all afternoon. They’ve also witnessed me in the throes of orgasm, which has to be one of the most vulnerable moments in a woman’s life. I’m fairly certain one does not usually have an audience for that sort of thing. I nod to myself, all the more reason to keep the blanket around me now.

Chris hasn’t been gone long when Daddy calls me in the kitchen.

“How’s my baby girl?” Daddy asks, as he puts his arm around my shoulders. “Did you have a nice nap?”

I give him a kiss on the cheek. “I’m great, Daddy. And I guess I did have a good nap, since I didn’t even realize I’d fallen asleep.”

Chad and Billy chuckle as they give each other knuckles. “We seem to have that effect on women.” Chad jokes.

We all crowd in at the table, the candles are lit, and “Happy Birthday” is sung, a little bit better than this morning, I might add. I blow out my candles, and I miss one, but it really doesn’t matter. I know I’ll still get my wish. By the time this weekend’s over I’ll have been screwed by my dad and all 5 of my brothers. Hopefully more than a few times.

“Eat up, baby sis,” Tony smiles, “you’re going to need your energy.”

“Hell yeah!” Sam agrees.

And just like that, my pussy is drenched. It’s all I can do to focus on dinner. Suddenly, all I want to do it jump on the table and BE dinner. The funny thing is that before escort bostancı this afternoon, I had never had a sexual thought about my brothers, or my dad for that matter. Whenever one of my friends had brought up something like that, oh god, especially Jessica, I would tune out as best I could. I mean, that’s just sick, right? But as soon as I felt Daddy’s tongue inside my mouth, it had seemed like the perfect thing to do. It wasn’t until after the act, after we had come together, when I was resting against him, feeling him softening inside me, that I had felt like maybe it wasn’t right.

Chewing my chicken, laughing with my dorky brothers, I realize that there’s really nothing more natural than this. Society tells us it’s wrong, immoral, whatever, for some reason I don’t quite understand. But sex is supposed to be an act of love between adults, right? What love is greater than the love of family? There’s no one in this world that I trust more than my dad and brothers, and I know that, no matter what else they may do to me, they’ll never hurt me.

I’m just finishing dinner when Chris comes into the kitchen. He doesn’t say a word, just takes me gently by the hand, and walks me out of the room. I just try and ignore the hooting coming from the table as my dad tries to shut the boys up.

We’re about half way up the stairs when Chris stops and turns to me. “Are you ok with all of this, Tawndie?” he asks, his face full of concern.

“Oddly, yeah, I am.” I answer, “How about you, Chris, are you ok?”

“I was just worried about how you were going to take it, that’s all. When Dad first clued us in on his plan for your birthday, all the guys were for it, but I wasn’t really sure.” Chris gives me a little half smile as he starts back up the stairs again. “I guess I just always wanted to be your first.”

I’ve always been closer to Chris than with the rest of my brothers. We are so close in age, only 10 months apart, and we have just always been together. Yet I never had any clue he felt this way. I guess I was more innocent than I ever realized.

Chris pulls me into the bathroom, and I have to gasp. He’s got a dozen candles burning, giving the room such a beautiful glow, and there’s a warm bath waiting. Standing behind me, Chris slips the blanket from my shoulders, and he lightly kisses my neck as it falls to the floor. He kisses from my left ear, down my neck to my shoulder, then does the same on the right. My breath is becoming uneven. Of all I’ve experienced so far, Chris’ lips are giving me the most pleasure.

I turn to face him and he gathers my hair into a loose ponytail. I stand on tiptoes to feel his lips on mine. As our mouths meet I get butterflies. Our lips part and I feel his tongue lick just along the inside of my lips. I wind my arms around his neck, pressing my breasts to his smooth chest. The sensation of my hard nipples against ümraniye escort my brother’s skin sends an ache through my body.

I kiss him deeper, and it’s the most beautiful thing in the world, this kiss. With my left hand, I reach down, I want to feel his cock. I want to stroke him, to taste it. He will be my first, as far as that goes. I’ve never tasted cock before. But he stops me before I can reach his shorts.

Still with his lips on mine, he lifts me straight up, and I wrap my legs around him as he carries me to the tub, where he sets me down gently. “I want this to be about you, Tawn.”

I step into the bath and lie back. The warm water envelopes my aching body, rising over my hard little nipples. Chris lathers up a pouf with my favorite honeysuckle body wash and begins bathing me. He starts with my arms, holding each up by the hand as he lathers me with the beautiful scent. I arch as he caresses my tits, lightly rolling my nipples between his fingers. He travels down my belly, under my back, between my legs, where he softly rubs away Chad’s and Billy’s leavings, then down my legs, massaging my feet with his soapy hands.

I have never felt more loved than I do at this moment. He runs his hands back up my legs, over my hips and waist, brushing the sides of my breasts, before cupping my face in his hands. Gazing deep into my eyes Chris says, “I love you, Tawndie.” Then he kisses me with a passion I’ve never known existed until now. His hand moves to my pussy and he massages my clit with his thumb, while he slips a couple of fingers between my velvety folds. But he’s not finger fucking me, he’s just gently moving them around, letting a little water in, oh, he’s washing me.

“Does it feel good, baby?” he asks.

“Better than I ever dreamed.” I reply, before kissing him again. The urge is there, to buck my hips, to grind onto his hand, but it’s not how Chris wants it, so I just lay here and enjoy the rubbing. I feel my orgasm building. At first it’s like a single strand of energy, then two, then another and another until it’s one big energy ball that just explodes inside my body. My cries of joy are muffled somewhat by Chris’ mouth on mine.

He pulls my wet body close to him, hugging me with his face in my hair. “That’s my girl.”

“Take me to bed, Chris.”

He gives me his hand and helps me stand. He dries me off, as tenderly as one would a newborn, and carries my naked body to his room, laying me on the bed. He removes his shorts and I finally get a look at his penis. I’m kind of relieved to see that it’s not quite as long as the others I’ve seen this evening. Chris climbs into bed beside me.

“I want to taste it, Chris.”

“Only if I can taste you, too.” Chris lays on his back, and says something I never expected to hear. “Come and sit on my face, sis.”

I’m sure my hesitation shows when I don’t move. I’m kartal escort bayan not sure I can do this, it just doesn’t seem right to stick something like that in someone’s face.

Chris chuckles, “Come here, Tawn.” He pulls me to him. “Now turn around.” He faces me the other way and pulls one leg across him. Oh, now I get it, we’re going to 69. Hey, I’m pretty innocent, as I’ve said, and sometimes it takes a minute to sink in.

Chris’ tongue glides back and forth over my pussy lips as I bend down and take his dick in my hand. I’ve never been so close to one before, well, not with my eyes anyway, and I take a minute to really look at it. The skin is so smooth, but it’s kind of ridged underneath, veins I suppose. I lick the head, and I hear Chris moan into my puss. I grasp the shaft and stick the head into my mouth, rolling my tongue around the head. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m taking the hints when I hear Chris make his happy sounds, and I do more of the things he seems to like. I start pumping his dick with my hand, while I suck on a few inches, paying lots of attention to the tip. I’m so into sucking his dick, I kind of forget that I’m grinding my cunt on my poor brother’s face. He grabs my ass and lifts it off him.

“Oh God, Tawn, here it comes!” he groans.

I think he means it as a warning, but there’s no way I’m gonna stop now. A couple more jerks, and he’s squirting into my mouth. “Oh yeah, Tawn. Oh my God, sis, I can’t believe you took it in your mouth.”

I swallow the fluid, and lick the head, till I’m sure no more is going to come out. “Why wouldn’t I?” I ask. Is there really a point to sucking dick if you’re not going to swallow cum?

Chris flips me over onto my back and starts kissing me like crazy. I taste my juices on his lips, in his mouth, and it drives me wild. He’s ready to go again in about ten seconds, and he slides in my wet pussy nicely. His arms wrap around me, pulling me up so that we’re fucking while we’re sitting up. Except that this is about as far from fucking as one can get. This can only be described as making love. I’m sure there’s a book somewhere that tells what position this is, but I don’t know the name of it. All I can say is that it’s amazing.

We lose ourselves in the act, kissing the whole time, and working up quite a sweat, until we finally climax in each other’s arms.

As we lay together, lightly caressing each other, I know that I am totally in love with my brother, and he feels the same about me. “I think this was the perfect end to my birthday.”

“No Tawn, there’s still more fun to be had, downstairs.” Chris says softly. “Tony and Sam haven’t given you their “presents” yet.” I can hear just a hint of bitterness in his sweet voice. “I hope you’ll understand if I don’t watch the rest of the show.”

I take his face in my hands, and kiss him softly. “Chris, I’ll go back to my party, but after tonight, I only want you, do you understand?”

He grabs me, pulling me onto him hard. “Is that a promise?”

“Do you want it to be?”

“You’re the only girl I’ve ever wanted, Tawndie.” Then we kiss once more before I leave to rejoin my party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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