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Chapter 13… Isolde Meets an Angel

I wandered in a daze for days… I could still feel Abdullah’s lips upon mine and my mother’s voice echoing in my ears. Bright light surrounded me as I walked along the path. My heart was full of sorrow and yet I felt the presence of something greater than myself. What is to become of me now? I asked myself… I had seen and experienced many things and healed many people. Who would heal this loneliness?

I closed my eyes in exhaustion as I saw a mirage of a beautiful cerulean stream. As I gratefully slipped into its still waters and washed the dirt off me, I felt a peace descend upon me. I laid my head upon one of the rocks and felt the Spirit of Mami Wata envelope me. A light touch on the shoulder awoken me to a loving energy. I was engulfed in a warm bath of love and healing and a voice spoke into my ear:

“I am Raphael. I was sent to you to help you. Take my hand.”

I felt myself being lifted with the lightest of touches and enfolded in an angelic embrace. Visions of beautiful flying creatures filled my senses as I perceived the visage of a handsome young man with light brown hair that curled upon his chest and eyes lit from within. ataşehir escort His eyes glowed with compassion and humility. It was his eyes who captivated me. I felt amazing love coming from them and it filled my entire body with want. I drew a ragged breath as his strong arms held me about my waist.

His voice spoke within me in every cell of my body. He caressed my long flowing hair with a gentle touch. As his glowing face lowered itself to mine, I felt the balm to my soul. He traced my face slowly with so much love that I was almost in tears. But my thighs were trembling and vibrating with the energy. His sweet-smelling hair brushed against my cheeks as I sighed with contentment in his arms.

I felt like his hands were everywhere at once…and his lips as well… kissing him felt like a Baptism…the excitement within me was growing and I felt the Fire of Love within us…his long talented fingers were exploring every inch of my body and I was aglow with Magick. Slowly, he manifested a bed of light in the air for us and I floated in a dream. His warm mouth was kissing my face and my full breasts filled his hands. His tongue lapped at my areolas as he brought tiny orgasms kadıköy escort bayan to my breasts. I gasped as he deftly kissed his way down my body, every touch of his warm lips brought light into my being. My Yoni was wet and slippery as he glowing hands slowly stroked the outside of the lips. I felt my pussy expanding to welcome his touch. My clitoris was standing at attention as he manipulated the energy from his hands. I saw thousands of angels and the wee folk dancing around us as he pinched my vagina into his hand while simultaneously vibrating his finger upon my sweet spot. I shuddered as another orgasm began.

I felt his lips kissing me and taking my whole punani in his mouth. His wet soft tongue was everywhere at once, flickering over my clitoris and inside me almost at the same time. He alternated between taking my entire clit in his mouth and curving his finger inside of me, exclaiming at how tight I was. I felt so much love in every touch. His long hair splayed onto my taut thighs as I put my hands into it, weaving my own magick. I moaned in passion as his finger wriggled inside of me like a tiny fish swimming in circles. My hips were jerking and out of escort maltepe control in his hands as he drank from my cauldron. A giant orgasm overtook me as I gushed into his mouth and cried out.

As I was climaxing, I felt his beautiful cock enter me, yet still felt lips and tongues caressing me on my breasts, my clitoris and my anus. It was ecstasy. His penis was filling me with divine love from the Gods and I rode the waves of kundalini energy over and over. I saw Damballah, the Sky Father, suspended in the air above me as my entire body was lit with light. Raphael pulled out his dripping cock and I fellated him, taking him deep in my throat and worshipping his giant caduceus. I couldn’t get enough of his cock, it tasted so good. I was sucking it and licking the head and putting my tongue in the opening which throbbed with angelic magick. We were joined together in pure joy. His sighs of pleasure were music to my ears.

We made love for hours…the passion and sense of fulfillment I felt was beyond belief. My broken heart was healed and I know that he blessed me with his strength. As the Light gently dissipated around me, I heard…

“You are meant to be a Healer on this Earth. This is the Path of the Spiritual Warrior. To heal others, you must be healed yourself. Your Ancestors will be with you always, in the Sight of God. You will uplift many souls in this lifetime. Praise be to the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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