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Jack circled his Spitfire above the stricken Dornier and watched as the crew bailed-out over the English countryside. He was relieved to see four parachutes bloom-out below him, which likely meant the whole crew had survived for he still held some sympathy for fellow airmen, even if they were the enemy.

A sense of satisfaction coarsed through Jack at the thought that he was now an Ace, having downed five enemy aircraft. It was about time, for he was now a veteran Flight Lieutenant at the venerable age of 23 and had some catching-up to do with some of the younger lads of the squadron, who had fought valiantly a few years earlier in the Battle of Britain.

Heading home towards his airfield through clear, blue skies, Jack banged his fist joyfully against the canopy of his Spit, loving this fantastic aircraft and thanking it’s speed and agility for saving his life and his success in air combat. The poor plane had been stuck a couple of times less than an hour before, having been strafed by a Messerschmidt 109, but was handling reasonably well, so he was hopeful he would get home safely.

Once back on the ground after a bumpy landing, Jack gave a cheery thumbs-up to the landing crew, unharnessed and jumped out of the plane excitedly. Inspecting the fuselage, he was shocked to find a couple of holes large enough to put his fist through from the 20mm cannon of the ME109. Still, he was alive to fight another day and would soon be in the arms of his lovely fiancee Milly.

The squadron had lost no pilots that day and Jack had registered the only kill, so he joined the lads at the mess for a celebratory beer, before jumping into his little red MG sports car in pursuit of Milly. Zooming between the ataşehir escort hedgerows of the narrow, country lanes towards Chipping-Sudbury, Jack felt exhilarated. He looked down at the passenger seat to see the small present he’d got for Milly and knew that she would be doubly pleased to see him.

Skidding into the gravel car park of the Golden Lion pub, Jack jumped out of the car, grabbed the little brown package and dashed inside. “She’s upstairs waiting for you, Jack” said the landlord cheerily from behind the bar: “but you want to be having a wee dram first?”. Downing his whisky and slapping the landlord playfully on the shoulder, Jack bounded up the creaky wooden staircase to his lodgings on the first floor.

On opening the door, pretty, little Milly, still in her figure-hugging RAF ATA uniform, but with jacket buttons undone, sprang into his arms for a passionate kiss. This beautiful blond was his first and only love, soon to be his wife forever if the war spared him.

“I’ve a present for you, Milly” said Jack, bringing out the little brown paper package from behind his back. Jumping on the bed with excitement, she undid the string and unwrapped her precious gift – “silk stockings!!” she cried: “where did you get them from?”

“Oh, I traded for them with an American pilot” said Jack, whilst Milly lifted-up her tight blue, uniform skirt and began to roll her new stockings onto her lovely, smooth legs. This enchanting and sexy sight had Jack’s cock swell a little in his trousers in anticipation of the rewards he would soon be reaping.

Once Milly had adjusted her stockings and paraded proudly around the room with her skirt rucked-up, showing-off her shapely legs to kadıköy escort bayan an admiring Jack, he grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed beside him.

Stroking and kissing, their tongues began to dance and swirl in an erotic french kiss and as the passion built, they both were moaning gently. Jack and Milly pulled off each other’s uniform jackets, throwing them onto a bedside armchair, then commenced to unbutton his trousers and shirt, then removing her skirt and blouse.

Both now in underclothes and with Milly looking so sexy in her new silk stockings, Jack began to stroke up and down her soft legs. Soon his hand strayed between her spreading thighs to rub pussy lips and swollen bud gently through her panties; this caused Milly to sigh and groan, as moisture seeped through the fabric at Jack’s attention. Milly pushed her hand down Jack’s boxer shorts to grasp and pump his engorged prick, making him emit deep, manly grunts.

Reaching behind Milly, Jack expertly undid the bra strap, allowing her delicious, pink-budded treasures to bounce free. Fondling those lovely boobs was one of Jack’s favourite pastimes, as was sucking on Milly’s nipples, which stiffened into peaks, as his mouth suckled and his tongue flicked and swirled.

The exquisite combination of Jack sucking her breasts and rubbing her pussy had Milly writhing and the doubling of his efforts soon had little Milly in contortions and screaming in the almost endless spasms of a huge orgasm. “I love you so much” she gasped at her adored and adoring fiancee.

Quickly stripping-off the last of their underwear had Jack and Milly naked apart from her stockings. Pushing Jack back onto the bed, Milly straddled escort maltepe him and grasping his thick pillar of a cock, she placed it at her most intimate place, rubbing to and fro a little to moisten its head with her love juices. Easing down slowly, they both moaned as she was filled to the brim by his throbbing manhood.

Milly began to pump up and down slowly on the rampant cock as she adjusted to its large size, then a little faster, as the pleasure pulsed through her body. Jack loved how tight and wet she felt and could not help but thrust upwards into little Milly as her perfect tits bobbed up and down. Both were moaning in unison at the intensity of their lovemaking.

Jack could feel the pressure in his balls building and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer, spurred-on by the squeals of pleasure and wide mouthed expression on his lover’s face.

Turning his woman onto her back with strong arms, Jack aimed his hard cock again at Milly’s pussy and pushed all the way into her sopping love-hole. The warmth and wetness sucked him in deeply and he commenced to piston in and out of her, whilst staring into Milly’s startled wide eyes, these then closing as ecstasy overwhelmed her.

In and out he pumped with her legs wrapped around him, more and more rapidly, until he could hold back no longer, his balls rising and exploding, shooting spurt after spurt of hot spunk into his girl, as her pussy rippled over his cock with her own orgasm pulsing through her, milking all the pearly sperm she could from her wonderful man.

Lying on the soft bed, they gazed adoringly at each other, praying that they would have many more years together to practice the loving that could not get much more perfect than what they had just enjoyed.

Looking down at her legs, Milly let out a sigh: “there’s a ladder in my new stockings” she exclaimed and they both started laughing.

“There’ll be plenty more where those came from” said Jack: “I’ll make absolutely certain of it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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