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I’m a thirty seven year old male, who is married to a thirty-eight year old gorgeous female. Patti had a body most men and women would die for. If you watch any porn, just look up Brandi Love, Patti resembles Brandi; she could be her twin sister. Her hair is ash blonde that when down hangs nearly to her ass. I hate for it to cover her ass, because that too is incredible. It isn’t big, but petite and very full and round. Along with her rounded hip, her tiny waist and breast that measure out at a whopping 38C. She is the perfect example of an hourglass figure. Even at thirty eight, she could pass for twenty five. Her daughter, Karen just turned nineteen and except for the extremely long hair and huge tits, they could easily walk around town as sisters.

Karen is a freshman at a mid-western state run university. She just completed her first semester and after the holidays was itching to return to college and hit the books. Patti and I planned on making a week-end of it and take Karen back to college and spend the week-end touring the college town and spending some much needed time away from work and home life.

Wednesday Patti returned home looking tired and ragged. She flopped down on the sofa and I made her a stiff drink. She took a big gulp and looked up at me with those mesmerizing blue eyes of hers. She bit her lower lip and I knew something bad was about to come out; “John, I’m sorry, but I have to head out to Boston in the morning. I was put in charge of spearheading the advertising pitch to the new client.”

“Ah come on Patti, this was supposed to be our week-end. We had nothing of a holiday seeing you were buried in ad copy all throughout Christmas and New Year’s, I don’t know how much more of this I can take!”

“I don’t know what to tell you John, I have to go. I promise to make it up to you. Why don’t you take Karen up to school and head up to Traverse City and do some skiing?”

“You know I hate skiing alone Patti. I guess I’ll just drive Karen to school, have a nice dinner with her and head back home. I’d rather be back here just in case there is a snowstorm. You know how bad it can get in the west side of the state with the wind coming off the lake.”

“Again John, I’m really sorry and I promise to make it up when I get back!” She kissed me using her luscious body to tempt me into doing what she wants, like always.”

Karen came in later and she wasn’t happy that her mother wasn’t coming along; “Mom, I can’t remember the last time you visited school. Dad is great, but he isn’t you.”

I came up behind her; “Hey, hey, what the hell Karen? What am I chopped liver? Just remember who’s paying for your school. I know your mother here pays a lot, but so do I and I don’t think it’s very nice for you to favor her.”

“I’m sorry dad, tell me one thing, are you planning on dropping me off and leaving or are you going to spend some time with me?”

She knew she had me; “Well without your mother there, I was going to have dinner with you and then leave for home. No sense on tempting faith with the weather. You know how bad it can get in the winter.”

“I knew it, now you know why I wanted mom to come along. You’re just going to drop me off and leave!”

I thought about it; “Alright, alright I’ll stay and leave Sunday morning. You just better have things planned to do. I just don’t want to sit around while you talk on the phone with your friends.”

“It’s a deal dad, maybe if Teri comes back to school early, the three of us can hits some of the bars!” She smiled at me and knew what I was thinking.

“Bars, you’re only nineteen and isn’t Teri nineteen also?” She giggled; “Oh dad, we all have fake ID and don’t forget it’s a college town, they don’t check. You know Gwen usually doesn’t come back till Sunday. Seeing she’s a senior, I know she doesn’t have any classes on Monday. You can stay in our room Teri and I have the bunk beds, you can use Gwen’s full size bed.”

I shook my head; “I don’t know Karen, staying in housing with a bunch of women, I don’t want you doing my nails or hear you all talk about boys.”

“Yeah sure dad, first of all if school was in full swing, you couldn’t stay there, but seeing it’s before classes are in session, they won’t have a problem with you staying there.”

I smiled and standing up, moved over to her sitting at the kitchen table. I kissed her gently on the head and patted her on the shoulder; “We’ll see Karen, I’m still not completely comfortable staying there.” I turned to Patti, what do you think?”

She looked at Karen and then to me; “I don’t see a problem John, why stay in a stuffy hotel when you can stay with your daughter, it’s called bonding hun!”

“Okay, okay I’ll do it, but I’m making reservation at the nearby hotel, just in case your senior advisor returns early. That would all I need if I don’t get a hotel and she returns early, what do I do then?”

Both Patti and Karen agreed. We had a nice dinner and watched TV before going to bed.

Thursday morning came and Karen and I took Patti to the airport. Karen and I returned home and packed up the car Friday morning we got up early and headed west for the three bursa escort hour drive to school. We were about one hour out, around noon when the snow began to fall. By the time we arrived at Western, it was a full-fledged blizzard. We hurried to unpack the car and once in, we thawed out and Karen made a couple of hot chocolates on her hot plate. I pulled out a bottle of peppermint schnapps, I forgot it was there, thinking Patti would be coming, I knew it would be perfect for this type of weather.

Karen loved it in her chocolate and by the third cup of chocolate, it was half and half. She decided to take a nap while I reviewed a couple of briefs that I had to submit in court next week.

While Karen was napping Teri came crashing in. I shushed her and as quiet as possible I helped her unload her car. We could hardly see my car now; it was completely covered in snow. Just like earlier, Teri shook out of her wet clothes and slipped into a comfy pair of sweats and I make us a couple cups of hot chocolate with schnapps in it. Her eyes lit up when she tasted it and drank it as fast as she could. Even though it was hot, she managed to get it down rather quickly. On her second cup, she sipped it slower and it gave me a chance take in her cute figure. On the boob front, they were nearly non-existent, an ample A cup, if she was lucky. Before she slipped into her sweats, I noticed her real long slender legs and tiny butt. What she really had going for her was her sexy hairdo and impressive facial features. Her hair was a very short bob. Her hair was jet black and feathered about her forehead and cheeks. Her cheeks were candy apple red from the cold. Her lips were full and painted a medium red. Those eyes of hers were captivating. They were a forest green with gold flecks in them, I couldn’t stop staring into them and she noticed. She smiled at me and I suddenly became self-conscience. “What?”

I shook my head and I felt the heat rising in my neck and face; “Nothing Teri, it’s just your eyes. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, but they are mesmerizing!”

It was her turn to blush, even though she had a tan from being in Florida over the Christmas Holidays. Her pearly white teeth came out and she licked her full red lips and whispered; “Well thank you Mr. Phelps, that’s very nice of you to say. The boys around here are all about tits and ass, I have neither.”

I shook my head; “Well Teri, first of all call me John and secondly, the boys here are fucking idiots, pardon my French! Answer me one question Teri, how often are people completely naked?”

She looked at me like I had two heads; “I don’t know what you are getting at John?”

“My point is; a woman’s facial features are what make her sexy. Sure a nice body doesn’t hurt, as you know my wife Patti has a fantastic body, but what drew me to her was her gorgeous hair and outstanding facial features. Remember unless you’re living in a nudist colony, the majority of the time you’re wearing clothes, but you are always looking at the other person, in the eye, taking in their face, lips and of course their personality. In my opinion Teri, you have all of that going for you, especially your eyes and your fantastic personality!”

She rushed me, threw her arms around me and giving me a big hug, planted a warm kiss on my cheek. Instinctively my hands came up and gently rubbed her back up and down, I took notice she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Soon afterwards Karen woke up and the girls started getting ready for a dinner out that I promised them. The snow hadn’t stopped and as they finished dressing, I ran down to the car to clear it off and make sure we could make it the short distance to the restaurant. If we were going to be drinking a little, I didn’t want to drive a long distance, but at the same time, I didn’t want to walk in this blizzard.

The girls came barreling out, all bundled up and hopped into the heated car. Karen hopped in front and Teri got in back. As I got in, I shook the snow off my jacket and Karen let out a scream. I looked over and her short coat did nothing to hide her long, shapely legs. She was screaming because the snow I shook off covered her bare thighs and even though I thought of her as my daughter, I couldn’t help but notice those legs, just like her mother’s long, shapely and very sexy. I tore my eyes from them and shook my head; “Get your mind out of the gutter John; she’s your step-daughter!

I drove the short distance to the only open restaurant in the area because of the snow; it was crowded with everyone who arrived early. The dorms cafeterias were not in operation till Monday, so nearly everyone was here. When we got to our table, the girls took off their winter coats and my jaw dropped. I quickly recovered, not wanting to look like a lecher.

Karen was in a silky peasant blouse, it was evident she wasn’t wearing a bra, her large breasts swayed back and forth and her fat nipples poked against the material, they must have still been cold from the winter blast outside. She was wearing a tiny, black pleated skirt, it showcased her gorgeous legs. I was fortunate she took a seat across from me so I wasn’t tempted to stare bursa escort bayan at them. As for Teri, she was wearing a simple, basic black dress. What made it alluring was the gold ring at the neckline. The wide gold zipper ran from the neckline to the hem. It was pulled down to just about the middle of her tiny breasts. A hint of two mounds were tantalizing. I also was quick to notice how short it was showing off her slender legs and tiny butt. She slid in beside Karen and I sat down across from them as I tried to hide my growing hard-on.

I ordered a bottle of wine seeing the place was Italian and we ordered pasta dishes. We had a second bottle of wine and Karen wasn’t holding her booze very well. By the time our after-dinner drinks arrived, Karen was in no shape to walk out without assistance.

Teri and I managed to flop her in the back seat. We hurried into the car and I turned on the defrosters and turned to Teri; “You watch her and get warm while I clean off the windshield just enough for us to make it back, okay?”

She nodded; “I’m not going anywhere, but hurry, I don’t want to see her get sick in your car.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem, she’s passed out!” I jumped out and brushed off the side windows and back window. I began cleaning off the windshield and looking into the car, Teri was turned towards the back seat and her skirt had ridden up and I was staring at her tiny black see-through thong. All of a sudden she turned back and saw where I was looking, a tiny sly smile crossed her lips and she slowly closed her legs and putting her fingertip to her lip, she slowly ran it around her freshly painted lips. I broke out of my daydreaming and hurried into the car and tossed the snowbrush into the back seat. Turning back, I noticed that Teri was staring at the bulge in my pants. I flung my topcoat over my lap and putting the car into gear, spun the wheels until it caught traction and we headed back to the dorm.

Once there, Teri and I managed to get Karen up and walking up to the dorm room. Once there Teri and I got her out of her coat and I found one of her long sleepshirts in her dresser. We got her into the bathroom and Teri turned to me; “I think I should do this, don’t you think John?”

I cleared my throat; “Aw yeah, I don’t think it would be right to see my step-daughter half naked!” I turned and closed the door behind me.

After a couple of minutes I heard Teri yell out; “John could you come in here and give me a hand getting Karen into bed?”

I opened the door and Teri managed to get Karen into the sleepshirt, it barely covered her ass and her stiff nipples poked lewdly against the taut fabric of the shirt. We guided her to the lower bed of the bunk beds. We tucked her in and all of a sudden there was an awkward silence in the room.

I cleared my throat once again; “”Aw I think I’ll change and try and watch some TV if you don’t mind Teri?”

She smiled at me and toyed with the gold ring holding her dress together. “Sounds like a plan. If you don’t mind I’ll change out here while you use the bathroom. Just yell out before you come out. I wouldn’t want you to catch me half naked while I change.”

My mouth went dry just thinking about seeing her in that predicament; “Will do Teri!” I grabbed my pajama bottoms and shaving bag and headed into the bathroom. I changed and hung up my clothes on the back of the door. Brushing my teeth I heard a loud crash out in the bedroom. I hurried out and Teri stood naked except for the tiny thong.

She tried to hide her body with her dress, but it didn’t work very well. She looked upset; “I thought you were going to yell out that you were done before you came out. Were you trying to catch me naked John?”

I stood there in my pajama bottoms; my chest was bare and although I’m nearly twice her age, I work out regularly and my chest shows nothing but muscles. I stammered; “I’m, I’m sorry Teri, I heard a crash out her and thought something happened to Karen or you.”

She started to giggle; I knocked over the lamp getting this dress off. Now if you don’t mind, please get back in there and don’t come out until I say so.”

I smiled back at her; she was beet red and looked very innocent. I looked at her slender figure one more time before turning and heading back into the bathroom.

I few minutes later I heard her call out; “Okay John, I’m decent, you can come out now!”

I came out laughing; “You may think you’re decent, but I think you’re anything but.”

She was under her covers in the top bunk, she put on a sexy pout; “And why would you say that John?”

I came over to the bunk where she had her head propped up on one arm. Her pert breast made a little tent in her sleepshirt. “You forget Teri; I’m a lawyer and am very, very observant. When you said you knocked over the lamp, I looked over there and everything around the lamp was in order. I think you made that up and just made a loud noise to attract my attention, and to catch you half naked, am I right?”

She closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip, my god did she ever look sexy. Opening those gorgeous green eyes, those gold flecks escort bursa sparkled and made my cock stiffen; “Yessssss, you’re right John, please forgive me. I’ve had a crush on you since I first saw you when Karen and I first roomed together, can you forgive me?”

I reached out and swept a feathered bang from her one eye and using my thumb, I caressed her cheek and plump lips slowly. I quickly pulled away. I knew I was playing with fire and had to escape before I did something I would soon regret, especially with Karen in the bed below Teri. I patted her on her knee and moved back to my bed. I didn’t turn around. I didn’t want her to see my hard-on. I climbed under the covered and kept my legs up to tent the blanket and in doing this I hid my stiff cock. My god, I wanted to stroke it badly.

I reached for the remote and turned on the TV. Most of the channels were covering the snowstorm and they said it was going to last most of the night and to expect twelve to fourteen inches.

Teri heard this and started laughing, I turned towards her and looked up at her; “What’s so funny Teri?”

She turned red and continued to giggle; “It says were going to have twelve to fourteen inches.” She giggled again; “I’ve never ever had more than five inches. I wonder how it would be to have anything close to that size.”

I was struck silent, I didn’t know how to reply to that, but I recovered quickly; “That size I believe would be painful, but Patti has always seemed to be satisfied with eight inches!”

It was Teri’s turn to be silent; “Oh wow John, your wife sure is lucky!” She wiggled around on the top bunk. The sheets and blankets covering her lower body seemed to be moving constantly. Her hands were down below and I had a sneaky suspicion she was diddling herself.

I tried to ignore what she was doing. I focused on the TV, but from time to time I heard tiny moans coming from the top bunk. I finally looked back and saw the sheet had slid down and I could plainly see her tiny hand stretching the thong covering her pussy. I felt my cock stiffening as I heard the squishing sound of her sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy. I licked my parched lips as I watched her. She arched her back, she rolled her head from side to side and she was gasping for air. All of a sudden, she opened her eyes and they were focused on me.

I gazed into those incredible green eyes and I let out a silent moan. Her eyes moved down my body and she sucked in her breath. She saw the tent in my pajama bottoms and I followed her gaze and I knew I had to see where this could go. I was way too excited to try and ignore what was happening. I threw back the covers and slid off the bed.

Teri slid up and rested her back on the wall behind her. Her legs were completely uncovered and she slowly parted her legs. Her eyes were locked on the tent in my pants and as I approached her bed, she slipped her fingers out of her panties.

I saw they were completely wet and sticky. I watched as she raised her gooey fingers to her lips and her tongue slid out and ran around the tips. As she parted her fingers, tiny strings of her goo spread out. I let out a gasp and whispered to her; “Lick them clean Teri. Spread your juices all over those sexy lips of yours!”

She let out a moan and did as I instructed. Her eyes never left me and they moved from my chest, she saw how heavy I was breathing. Her eyes darted to mine and watched as I licked my lips.

I placed my feet on the edge of Karen’s bed and rose up. Hovering over Teri, my face was inches from hers I heard a groan come deep in her throat. Her hands encircled my head and she pulled my lips to hers.

I parted my lips and my tongue swept across her lips and tasted the cunt juices she spread on them. Her lips pressed harder against mine and now her tongue flicked out and fenced with mine. She sucked wildly at my tongue and her moans got louder and her hands pulled on the hairs on the back on my neck.

My cock was so stiff, I felt it escape the folds of my pajama bottoms and it felt good to be unencumbered. I felt it sway from side to side and each time Teri sucked or nibbled on my tongue or lips, I felt my cock leap and jerk about. I slid my hand from her face and across her nightshirt. I felt her diamond stiff nipples pressing against the thin material of her shirt. I twisted one nipple and she bucked and her moans turned to loud grunts.

“Oh John, one thing I didn’t tell you, is that seeing they are so small, they are super sensitive and I can cum from just having them played with!”

I had to see them and sliding my hand down I grabbed the bottom of her nightshirt. Rolling it up, I felt her buck and this allowed me to slide it up her slender back. I got it bunched about her neck and stood there just staring at the perfect, tiny mounds of flesh. Being as firm as they were, they didn’t spread out or flatten on her chest. Her areoles and nipples were like two fat buttons. The nipples were stiff as diamonds and were a dark brown in color. My mouth was drawn to them and I leaned down and plucked away at first one and then the other. I sucked harder and my tongue flicked out and rolled around and around the stiff bud. I stabbed at the bud and sucked harder and I heard her let out a squeal and she bucked hard and fell back against the mattress. She was panting wildly and I knew she had just cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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