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She rode the subway into work as usual this morning. In fact everything seemed “as usual” about today. Everything, that is, except for the “special” pouch held tightly by the strap over her shoulder. It was the only thing out of place, and the only thing that could possibly indicate that today was going to be anything but “usual”. The innocuous leather pouch held a very special surprise, one that centered on a subject she’d often fantasized about after watching an old black and white movie on cable several years ago.

About four weeks earlier she and Sir, her supervisor, had started ‘working’ on Saturday mornings. He called it Casual Saturday, because His mode of dress varied from week to week. She, however, wore whatever He instructed her on Friday night before they left. Saturday morning she came prepared to be transformed into his personal plaything for the entire day. No matter what that might mean.

Last night He handed her the usual printout, and it said … authentic French Maid. After getting home, she’d googled site after site on the internet. Every site she found had almost the same description … very short full black skirt with masses of ruffled petticoats underneath. Demi-cup corset, peeking out around the tiny satin bib of a tiny little apron. Black stockings, either the panty kind or lace topped thigh-highs, ending in black stiletto heels.

She thought about checking out the costume shops in her neighborhood, but it was late and most would probably be closed. She went to her closet and found, surprisingly enough … a white satin pillowcase to make an apron out of, a short black taffeta A-lined skirt, and the petticoats she’d worn under the bridesmaid’s gown to her cousin’s wedding a couple of years before.

After a little creative cutting and sewing, she spread the various items out across her bed. With the addition of a black satin corset and the last pair of black fishnet thigh-highs without a tear, she had everything needed to put together an almost authentic Maid’s costume. Even the new pair of black patent leather pumps with four inch heels fit perfectly with the other bits and pieces. Just before leaving, she’s added a brush, ponytail holder and some black satin ribbon for her hair.

That was what she had tucked safely away in the case. That was what she would be dressing in once she got to work this morning. Her mind kept playing over the many roleplay scenarios that she’s skimmed while searching for costume ideas. The French Maid and the Businessman had been her favorite. But, there were dozens of roleplay stories on every site she’s found. Each one more uninhibited than the last, but every last one had squeezed a reaction out of her.

As she swayed, hanging onto the strap her mind began to replay the kinkiest one, and without realizing it, she moaned softly. A grumble from the left drew her attention to the elderly woman glaring at her over black rimmed reading glasses. A blush heated her cheeks and the deep chuckle just behind her right shoulder caused it to darken even further. Both reactions proved the people crowded against her had heard the sounds and obviously knew where her thoughts were.

Peeking around, she found two men in dark business suits leering at her. When a groan of embarrassment escaped, one man laughed and nudged the other, who promptly winked at her. Thankfully her stop came up only a few minutes later, and neither of the men followed her off the subway car. She gathering what was left of her dignity and escaped up the concrete steps onto the sidewalk at street level.

Even though the office was less than a block away, it seemed to take forever. She walked up to the security desk and signed in, praying the blush had faded from her cheeks. Thankfully the guard on duty did little more than nod and take back the clipboard when she handed it across the counter. It wasn’t until the elevator doors finally closed that she took the first deep breath since making her escape from the subway car.

By the time the doors opened again on her floor, she appeared calm and collected. But inside, butterflies were fighting battles in her belly and she felt as if fireworks were exploding in her veins. Excitement was definitely amped up by the nervousness of what might lay in front of her once the outfit in the case was revealed to Sir. Placing the unopened bag on the desk, she stood behind it and waited for Sir to call her in.

“Cynthia, I have dictation that needs your attention.” came the deep voice through the intercom.

“yes, Mr. Walters, i’m on my way.” she responded.

Picking up the steno pad and a pencil with one hand, she grabbed the strap of the leather pouch in the other and hooked it over one shoulder. Without hesitation she opened the door and went through. Once inside, she twisted the lock on the closed door.

“come here, pet, show Me what you brought in our special pouch today.” came the husky sound of His voice.

She swallowed hard and slowly turned around to look at the man who owned her escort kartal mind as much as He did her body. He wore a black tuxedo, and she noticed a black silk top hat sitting in the middle of His desk. She slowly walked across to the corner of His desk and placed the pouch down. He reached over, unzipped the top and pulled it apart to peer inside.

“good girl, you came exactly as I expected.” He sat down and waited while she picked up the pouch.

She carried it across and placed it on a small table in the corner of the room. Several potted plants were strategically placed around the table, giving her a little privacy from the office windows across the room. There was also a delicate looking chair in the French Rococo style sitting beside the table. She removed each item and placed them on the table in order of need, the heels were set on the floor beside one of the table legs. Once the pouch was emptied she sat it on the floor, it slouched emptily against the wall.

“look at Me while you undress slowly, pet.” he murmured.

She was careful to look up as her fingers opened each button of the soft white blouse, biting her lip as she saw the lust smoldering in His eyes. Once the front fell open, she shrugged it back off her shoulders. He shifted in the large office chair and crossed His legs, but never let His gaze waver from her body. The intensity made her cheeks blush, and the color drifted slowly down across her shoulders.

Reaching back to unfasten the hooks that held her bra together, she shivered as the tip of His tongue slid wetly across his lips. Turning slowly, presenting her back to him, she opened the two hooks and bent double. The sheer lace cups fell free, dangling by the shoulder straps for a moment before sliding limply down her arms. She watched him through her spread legs, groaning at the smoldering lust building in his eyes.

She hooked a finger in the narrow band that held the French cut panties around her waist. Slowly pulling down the white lace across her ass, baring it inch by inch just the way he liked it. They fell to her ankles as she let go, but before she could step out he shook his head ‘no’. She left them, the soft white twisted limply against the black of her low heeled pumps. Curling her hands around her ankles, she watched as he got up out of the chair and walked over.

“such a pretty little ass, who owns this ass, pet?” he growled.

“You own this ass, Sir.” Cyn responded softly.

“good girl.” as He bent to lick wetly between the cleft of her cheeks.

She moaned softly, and would have sank to her knees if He hadn’t pressed the tips of two fingers against her slit, probing gently. He bit her right cheek, leaving a dull red mark and she whimpered as her juices coated His fingers.

“yes, My good girl.” as he moved back and returned to the chair. “now, finish.”

Shaking, she straightened up and turned. Her nipples hard and aching, she removed both her shoes and the panties.

“continue, dress for Me, pet.” He said as His fingers slowly and methodically stroked along the arms of the chair, almost as if He were touching her skin.

Perching on the edge of the ornate chair, she lifted one of the fishnet stockings and slowly slid it up her right leg. The elastic lace held it in place around her thigh. She wanted to look at Him, to see if He approved but couldn’t bring herself to. To cover her hesitation, she picked up the second stocking and inched it up over her left, standing to make sure both stockings were the same length on her thighs.

The corset was next in line, so she carefully set it over the full rose tipped mounds. She kept her eyes trained on the floor as each hook caught with a faint click. It was only when the last locked into place that she looked up, using two fingers to tug it straight at her sides. She knew if she looked at Him, she’d blush, but she couldn’t help it. The smile of approval on His face made her heart beat faster, He was pleased.

She picked up the very short fluffy slip and stepped into it, working it slowly up along her thighs and over her hips. Tying the narrow black ribbon that pulled the waist together behind her back took only a moment. Then she pulled the folded skirt off the table and shook it gently to release the folds. They smoothed out as she bent to step into it.

It took a little while to pull it up over the petticoat ruffles. Tucking and pulling wasn’t easy, but she finally accomplished it with a sigh. The snap at the back of the waistband was easily closed. As was tying on the scrap of an apron that really didn’t cover anything.

Bracing one hand against the edge of the table, she half turned to step into the stiletto heels. First one foot, biting her lip as the height of the heel put her slightly off balance until she could get the other one on. She closed her eyes and took a deep calming breath before turning to look at Him. Getting up out of the chair, He walked back across to where she waited. He closely inspected every inch of maltepe escort her body. Twirling a finger in the air, He waited. She spun slowly so that he could see the back of her costume as well.

“well done, My beautiful pet.” He whispered.

Capturing her face between His hands, He began with a long gentle kiss. His tongue moving back and forth from one corner of her lips to the other, urging them apart. As she opened to him, He thrust the curled tip of His tongue between her parted lips. She didn’t even attempt to hold back the hungry sound as His head slanted, their lips pressed tightly together as He ravaged her mouth.

When He finally released her mouth, she sagged weakly against the small table. He smoothed both hands down her throat, and out along her shoulders. Slowly they slid to the soft pale flesh above the satin of the corset and dipped in to cup the full mounds, forcing the fabric down to bare the hard little nipples.

“Mine.” He growled harshly, then began to pinch and tug each one.

Moaning as her knees bent slightly, she held onto the table behind her ass with both hands to keep from sinking to the floor. When He bent to take one between His teeth, she gave a strangled cry. His only response was a growling chuckle against her plump breast. Pushing one hand between her thighs, He probed the wet hole deep in her slit as she spread her legs wider to give Him access.

Wedging one shoe against the inside of each of hers, He began to pump two fingers into her aching cunt. She tried to hold back the whimpered begging, but it didn’t take long before she was lost in the sensation of Him enjoying her body. Sucking hard on the distended nipple, He watched the face of His hot little slut. When she looked down at Him with tears sparkling on her lashes, He let go with an audible pop.

“Who owns you, slut?” His whisper deceptively soft.

“You own me, Sir.” Cyn moaned.

“Tell Me who owns you, little slut.” He hissed.

“my Master owns me, body and soul, Sir.” she shuddered with each word.

“good girl.” He smiled and stepped back from her, leaving her feeling empty and needy.

“please.” she whispered.

“please what, slut?”, as He sank into the chair at His desk.

“please use Your needy little slut, Sir.” Cyn begged.

“come here, pet.” and He smiled.

Cyn walked slowly across to the desk and stepped between His spread knees. He bunched the slip and skirt in a fist and pulled her closer to His crotch. Bending as He leaned up and took a deep breath, He glanced up and growled.

“My slut has a very wet pussy, does My pussy need to be fucked, pet?”

She began to tremble. “yes, please Sir, please fuck Your needy little slut’s pussy.”

“No.” was all He said.

Then He pushed her back against the edge of the desk. When her ass touched it,He hooked both arms under her knees and lifted her up so that her back was on the desk and her slit was spread open. Lifting her up until her shoulders were the only thing touching the wooden top. She reached back to balance herself, but her fingers clawed at the wood as His mouth clamped over the slick opening to her glistening pussy.

Sucking, His tongue drilled between the hot pink lips surrounding it. Without warning he licked and tongue fucked her glistening pussy until she began to scream her way through an intense orgasm. Her body jerked and shuddered as He slowly lowered her ass back onto the desktop as He sank into the chair again, still holding her trapped as her juices continued to seep onto His tongue. He licked away every drop she had before letting her stand up between His body and the desk again.

“ready your Master, slut.” He growled.

She sank to her knees between His spread thighs. Her hands were shaking so badly that it was hard to unfasten His pants. Finally she pulled the sides apart and leaned down to curl her tongue around Him. Sucking gently, she urged His throbbing cock between her lips. Slowly sliding up and down the thickening shaft, she looked up to watch Him watching her suck. The sight of approval in His eyes made her wet all over again. Once His cock was thick and hard, He bunched her hair with a fist and pulled her off the straining beast that she wanted so desperately.

“you’re such a good little cock sucker for Master that I should let you finish. But what you want isn’t important, is it slut?” He said with a dark smile.

“no Master.” Cyn quickly answered.

He spun her around and pushed her down across the edge of the desk. Without any warning at all, He thrust hard. She squealed as He bottomed out in her soaked hole. In fact, He never said a word, or made a sound, as He began to fuck her hard and fast. He jerked her upper body off the desk by the handful of hair He held tightly. Watching her breasts jiggle and sway in the mirror on the opposite wall made Him fuck that much harder.

“beg for your Master’s cum, slut.” He growled.

Gasping, Cynthia whimpered between each word. “please….Master….please……..Your…..sluttttt.” pendik escort bayan … wailing the last word.

He slammed against her ass so hard that her fingers curled around the opposite edge of the desktop. Dangling, trapped between the desk and His cock as a scalding flood of cum filled her pussy. She wiggled and squirmed. Helplessly pushed to the limit as it spilled out over her throbbing clit, her walls clenched around His cock. The orgasm working to milk more and more cum from His balls.

Bending over her back, he snarled, “MY dirty little cum slut, Mine!”

She couldn’t help the smile that turned her lips up at the corners. He pulled things out of her that now one ever had before. She suspected no one else would ever be able to make her feel the level of need that He drove her to. Even the feel of His chest, covered by the shirt and jacket, made her body tighten around the cock still buried in her core. This reminded her that He’d taken her fully clothed, and while He’d been dressed in a full tuxedo.

“Sir?” she whispered.

“yes, pet?” He asked softly, His lips just behind her ear.

“You will stain the tuxedo, Sir.” Cyn continued to whisper.

He planted both hands on either side of her hips and pushed off her back, taking the time to pull out of her pussy slowly. Smiling at the rush of their combined juices, He stepped back to watch the glistening trickle wet the insides of her thighs. As He moved over to the chair and table where she’d changed earlier, he left a stinging swat on her left asscheek.

“undress your Master, pet.” He said.

She slid off the desktop and turned slowly on the shiny black patent heels. The feel of their cum smearing with each step made her shiver as she crossed to where He stood, waiting. She moved around behind Him, and reached up to assist removing the coat. It slid cleanly off His shoulders, and she smoothed it before draping it over the back of the chair. When she turned around He was facing her, so she loosened the tie before turning up the collar of His shirt to remove it. Folding it carefully, she laid it on the table so that she could continue.

Lifting each wrist in turn, she removed the pearl cufflinks and laid them on the table. Then she reached up to unbutton the front of the tuxedo shirt, moving slowly to prolong the task. His aftershave made it hard to concentrate, but she persisted. Peeling it off His shoulders required her to move around behind Him again. While there, she couldn’t help but smooth her hands over the bare skin of his back. It took every ounce of willpower she had not to lick the sun warmed skin as well. Folding the shirt and laying it over the jacket helped distract her enough to get control of herself.

She saw that He was watching her closely as she turned back, so she smiled. He nodded and clasped both hands loosely together behind His back. She sank to her knees and reached up to curl the fingers of both hands in the loosened waistband of the tuxedo pants. Inching it slowly down across His hips as the semi-erect shaft of His cock was revealed, she caught her bottom lip and looked up into His eyes.

“finish your task, pet.” was all He said.

Holding the heel of His dress shoe in one hand and the toe in the other, she waited until He removed both before peeling off the black silk socks and tucked them in the shoes. Then she held the waist of His pants until He stepped out before folding them, careful not to cause any unnecessary creases. Standing, she carried both the pants and the shoes to the chair. When she turned around He was waiting, one hand idly stroking the length of the cock she desired more than anything else.

“My cock wants to fuck the mouth of My little cum slut.” He said softly.

She dropped to her knees and crawled the few feet to where He stood waiting. When she reached him, she sat back on her knees and reached up to curl the fingers of one hand around the thick shaft. Grasping tightly she opened her mouth and positioned the fat head against the tip of her tongue. Slowly rocking her body forward, it began the slow journey along to the entrance to her throat.

Even when the urge to close her mouth and swallow around it grew strong, she resisted. Rocking back and forth on her knees, she held His gaze when drops of pearly cream began to bead around the tiny little cum slit. The growl came from deep within His chest as the cream spread across her tongue.

“My slut is such a good little cock sucker.” He whispered harshly.

Slowly her tongue stretched out past her bottom lip, licking wetly at the throbbing veins that lined the underside of the thick heavy shaft. Twisting His torso, He picked up the scrap of black ribbon and ponytail band. Gathering the mass of hair into a bundle, he secured it with the band, then tightly tied the ribbon over the band.

“much better, I prefer to watch My slut feed from her Master’s cock.” He said with a lust filled smile.

Encouraged, she doubled her efforts. Closing her lips around the long hard shaft, she began to suck hungrily. He wrapped one hand around the hastily tied bundle of hair and used it to guide her on and off His cock. Regulating the speed and distance of each slide of her hot little mouth.

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