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Edited by Rozezwild

I slipped in the house about 3:15 in the morning from the club. The girl I was messing with had a bunch of girlfriends with her, so I didn’t get a pass grinding on the dance floor. I was getting blue balls. It was beginning look like I was going to end up with some serious blisters on my hand.

It was just me and mom in the house now. My brother and two sisters had already left and got their own places. I’m the youngest, so I was milking it for all it was worth. I was talking a light load in college, so I had more time to push up on the honies. With my mom, I could do no wrong, but that night I needed to fuck something.

My mom was one of those women that you look at and know that she was the badest bitch around when she was younger. Old dudes still try to push up on her. I got caught staring a few times at her in the teddies that she wore more often since my other sibling broke camp. She would just laugh it off. She had ass for days, and her tits weren’t that bad either. I guess her tits would be about medium, but her dark nipples always found their way through her clothes.

I heard her snoring, so I was just going to take a little peek. We had big windows, so there was always light to see by. I said, “Holy shit!” I covered my mouth, but it was too late. She moaned moving one of her legs up, giving me a better view of the naked pussy that caused me to shout.

She settled and began snoring again. I went in for a closer look. I figured my mom shaved from what I had seen through the panties she wore with her teddies. Her pussy looked fat and swollen, her pussy lips laid open showing the pink. I had never seen her naked pussy before. It had always been through some type of lace or mesh like silk.

She was damn near spread eagle. I grabbed my dick, because it was throbbing. I watched her face closely as I reached out to touch it. I put two fingers down right over her clit. I guessed that if it was pendik escort a light touch then it would feel funny to her and she’d try to swat it away or move. The bass in my heart beat felt like it was moving my entire body. I tried to calm myself, knowing that I had my fingers on my mother’s pussy.

I had never been so nervous about any thing in my life. I moved slightly and I could have sworn that she moved up against my fingers. Her breathing was steady and she showed no signs of waking. I was starting to sweat, but I was determined get my finger in her pussy.

I timed my movement with her breathing, moving my finger when she inhaled. I moved the tip of my finger smoothly into her hot pussy. As I pushed deeper, she moved up causing my finger to slide deeper than I had anticipated. She settled down causing my finger to slide almost all the way out, and then she moved up again.

It took me a second to realize that she was fucking my finger. I pushed even deeper and then added a second finger. She moved more and more with each thrust of my digits. I pressed my thumb against her clit.

She had stopped snoring and was moaning. She spread her wider and pushing near off the bed on my fingers. I took out my dick and was just about to wacked-off when she grabbed my hand and pulled my fingers out of the wet pussy.

“No baby. No,” she moaned holding my hand firmly and getting out of bed. “You can’t do it. I’m your mommy baby.”

She sounded like she was still asleep as she walked me to her bedroom door.

“Put that away. I can’t let you do that,” she pushed my dick down. “Go to bed now, honey.”

I tried to raise my fingers to my face and she caught my hand. She whipped my fingers with the bottom of her teddy.

“You don’t need to do that.” She laid back on her bed face down.

I could still see her pussy between her legs from the door way. Her brown butt-cheeks looked so inviting I wanted hump her so badly. escort pendik The alcohol started messing with my head even more. I staggered to my bedroom and crashed.

My throbbing head was met with a massive hard-on when my mom came into the kitchen wearing a mesh short gown. I think everything she had was sexy, right down to the variety color of Maribou feather mules she wore with her sleep wear. My dick popped right out the peephole of my boxers. I turned around stuffing it back.

My mom laughed. “Did you know that you came in my bedroom last night and tried to get some?” she asked me.

I stuttered.

She laughed. “You’re a grown man now. You just don’t know how difficult it was to push you out, as bad as I need some. You better kept that thing out of my sight before I jump you,” she said.

“I’m sorry mom.” My dick popped out again.

“Somebody is not,” she laughed. “Boy, that’s a big one too.”

I started to feel more comfortable with her seeing my dick. I put it back and made it pop out again, so that she would look.

“You must really want some of this,” she joked.

“Who wouldn’t.” I thrust my pelvis at her making my dick pop out and her laugh.

She flipped the back of her sheer gown up flashing me her brown buns split by her thong. I thrust my pelvis at her pushing my dick against her ass.

“You better behave, I’m horny,” she said leaning forward against the counter.

I pressed my between her butt-cheeks. “So am I,” I said.

“I’m going to hell for this,” she said. She pulled her thong off and leaned back against the counter spreading her legs.

I sighed like I was sitting down in a warm bath dipping into my mom’s hot pussy. What I didn’t count on is the pressure to perform. My mom had been in my corner cheering me own my entire life. It was easy to dominate in high school sports with her cheering from the sidelines, but that was different. This was not just for me. It pendik escort bayan was for her too.

I pushed up into her and was so happy that I hit bottom. She gave and extra yelp at the point of contact. I pulled about halfway out and jammed my dick back in. I was like, “Bam! Bam! Bam!” It felt like a life and death excursion. I only heard my mother getting fucked once in my life, so I was no judge of her satisfaction. One thing, I gave it everything I had. Her cries sounded like the, “Go! Go! Go!” I use to hear from the sidelines.

I thought I was going to pass out when I started cumming. I was jerking like I was having a secure while holding onto her trying to keep my dick as deep as I could. I felt sweat pouring down my back into the crack of my ass. All I could do was prey that it was good for her. I wasn’t going to asked. I think I was more nervous than I had been before.

“Oh baby,” she said turning around and kissing on the lips.

It’s really something to kiss a black woman with soft lips. My dick started to get hard again. She took my balls in her hand.

“I think we my have a problem,” she said. “I’m not on birth control because I haven’t been getting any, and I really like what you just did.”

I laughed. “I’m going to get you pregnant?” I asked.

“I want to have another kid. Nobody has to know. I know you want to string me out like that,” she said. My dick was sticking straight out. Secretly knocking my moms the fuck up, that was fucking crazy. She was pulling on my dick and telling me take she’d fuck me every night, my head was spinning. The drugs kill my headache, but my buzz was still going.

My brother and sister were constantly on me about who mom was getting knocked by. Shit, before I graduated college she had two girls and a boy by me. She said that sooner or later my brother and sisters would find out that I’m the father of our kids, but I couldn’t think about that. I was the youngest executive in the company that I worked for and being black was making a statement.

Without my moms, some girl would have had me buying her an SUV, and telling me what was wrong with me. With my moms, I could do no wrong.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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