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It had been two days since I’d gone swimming with my cousin Andrea. I had wanted to call her that night and talk about it but I decided it would be best to let her make the first call. This was a new situation for both of us and I didn’t want to do anything that might ruin our bond of friendship. When she finally did call she was on her cell phone and surprised me when she said:

“Hey Dan, are you at home?”

“Yeah, I’ve got Fridays off now. What’s going on?”

“That’s great, mind if I come over?”

“Of course not! Your always welcome, you know that.”

“Yeah I know. Well I’m only about ten minutes away so I’ll see you soon. OK?”

“Uh, yeah sure sounds great. See you in a few then.”

“OK, Bye.”

I hung up the phone and my heart was racing. I didn’t have much time. She would be here soon and I was a mess. It was my first day off in a while and I was slumming it big time. I rushed to get my place picked up and put into some semblance of order. I jumped in the shower and got myself cleaned up as fast as I could. The whole time my mind was a swirl with possibilities. What was I going to say? What was Andrea going to say? What was she thinking about all this? I had thought about it non stop for the last two days and I still was not sure what had really happened between us. Had it been nothing more then young lust? The heat of the moment? Or had these feeling always been there? I just wasn’t sure but I was about to find out.

Andrea knocked on my door just as I was pulling my pants on. I didn’t bother to put a shirt on as I went to answer the door. When I opened the door I was blown away! There was my cousin Andrea; sweet innocent virgin that she was, dressed sexier then I’d ever seen her. Her hair was in pig tails (not unusual for her) and she was wearing a low cut button down white shirt that perfectly showcased her natural DD breasts. Her shirt was tucked into a short patterned skirt that cut off about half way to her knees. All this with white socks and black slip on shoes made her look more stunning and sexy then I had ever imagined her. My cock started stiffening as I felt that same lust I had in the pool. She was nice enough to break the ice.

“Sorry about the short notice but I was in the area and…”

“No problem, trust me I wasn’t doing anything. Come on in.”

She walked into my apartment and took a seat on my sofa.

“Hey Dan, what you got to drink?”

“Hold on a sec.” I walked over to the fridge took a look. “Uh, well it looks I’ve got the usual: coke, 7-UP, about five different kinds of beer, milk, water and some vodka.”

Andrea laughed and said “Let’s skip the vodka for now, I’ll just have some coke.”

“Coming right up.” I seriously thought about having some of that vodka myself but thought better of it and pored us both cokes. When I walked out of the kitchen I couldn’t stop my eyes from going straight to my cousins legs. They were open just enough to reveal the plain white panties hiding underneath that short little skirt. She saw what I was doing which made me feel really embarrassed but she had that normal happy look in her eye so I forced myself to relax. I walked over to the sofa, gave her the drink and sat down at the other end of the sofa. It was a small sofa so it wasn’t exactly a big distance. I did my best to hide my now raging hard on.

“Thanks, I was feeling really thirty, its fucking hot outside canlı bahis today.”

Her vulgarity surprised me a little, she didn’t usually swear unless she was pissed off or had knocked back a few.

“I see it’s casual Friday, couldn’t find the time to put a shirt on?” She giggled a bit and gave me that familiar lop sided smile I knew so well.

“Sorry about that I had just jumped out of the shower when you knocked and…” I stood up to go get a shirt.

“No, sit back down silly. I was just giving you a hard time.” Her eyes were clearly focused on the bulge in my pants.

“Besides I like you better this way.” She reached up and grabbed my hand and pulled me down beside her on the sofa. I wasn’t going to complain.

“So what were you in the area for?”

“Well, to be honest I wasn’t really in the area for anything. I just wanted to come and see you.” She looked me right in the eye and I noticed she was biting her lower lip “I was kind of hoping we could have that talk you wanted.”

“Great, I was kind of hoping that we could…uh, clear up…I mean figure out what we…” Even after two days of thought I was hopelessly lost on what to say. Thankfully Andrea wasn’t.

“It’s Ok Dan.” She put down her drink and grabbed my hand. “I know what your trying to say. I’ve had the same confused feeling. At least I hope there the same feelings you have.”

Her hand was sweety and was shaking just a little bit. It was easy to see how nervous she was becoming as she continued to talk.

“About the pool, when we kissed, I…I…” She swallowed hard and said “I wanted it. I wanted it all.”

“I wanted it to,” I told her as I set my own drink down and moved in a little closer. “I wanted you Andrea, to kiss you, to touch you, to…” I found myself trailing off, my heart pounding and my own hands getting sweaty.

“Dan, I have to know something.”


“How long? How long have you wanted me?”

The question hit hard but I answered honestly, “Ever since I started high school. I never admitted it, not even to myself until now.”

“Really? You really wanted me all this time?


“Tell me what you like…” As her words trailed off she placed my hand on her exposed thigh. Touching her skin was electrifying. I began to slowly trace my fingers up and down from the hem of her skirt to her knee and back. I managed to wrench my eyes away from her ample cleavage long enough to answer her question.

“I like, no I love your hair, especially the pigtails.” She giggled and blushed as I complimented her. “I love your eyes and the way their looking at me right now.” I swallowed hard before continuing, it was now or never, time to honest or hide my feelings forever…it was an easy decision to make.

“Andrea, I love your beautiful breasts. I love your gorgeous curves and your round shapely ass. I love your smooth white thighs.” I dared to slowly move my hand under her skirt, spurred on by the overwhelming lust I felt for my cousin. “I love your lips, I loved kissing them.”

Andrea looked dizzy and light headed as I continued to talk. She was just as filled with lust as I. As I caressed her inner thighs I leaned in and kissed my cousin for the second time in my life. My lips brushed against hers as our breathing grew rapid. The touch of my lips ignited a fire deep inside Andrea. She through her arms around me and abandoned all bahis siteleri pretense. She returned my kiss a thousand fold. As our tongues dances in each others mouths she gabbed my hand and squeezed it hard against her right breast. She let out a moan of pleasure, something I had never heard from her before. I took the lead and squeezed her tits, eliciting more lust filled moans.

Andrea grabbed at her shirt and yanked it till the buttons popped off revealing her white bra. It was a front clasping bra and she fumbled to undo it. She finally succeeded and her gorgeous DD breasts were open to me. I broke our kiss and moved to her heaving breasts. I latched onto her right nipple, sucking and biting it. She moaned like a whore as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“Oh god Dan! Yes, yes, I need you, I need you so fucking bad!”

Her words were an aphrodisiac and I found myself once again moving my hand up her skirt. This time however was it was not slow and careful. I massaged her creamy thighs as I moved closer to her pussy. I touched her panties and could feel how wet they were. I began to rub her pussy through her panties as I continued to suck and bite her rock hard nipples. Her moans grew more desperate and she said:

“Please, please! Stop teasing me! I want your fingers inside me! I need to feel them inside me!”

I wasn’t going to deny her. I slipped her panties aside and pushed two fingers into her virgin pussy. I couldn’t believe how easily my fingers went in. I continued to probe her virgin cunt until I came into contact with her hymen. As I pressed against her hymen she grasped my hand with both her arms and she went rigged. I had fucked enough girls to know she was about to cum. I suddenly felt her pussy grip my fingers like a vise as she cried out at the top of her lungs!


I could feel her cum oozing out around my fingers. I wasn’t going to break her now, I wanted to save that for my cock. As her orgasm subsided she collapsed onto the sofa, my fingers still inside her. She had a glassy look in her eyes like she didn’t even know where she was.

“Thank you…I needed that so fucking bad.”

“Oh I’m not done with you yet!” I said as I dropped to my knees and pulled off her soaked panties. I could smell her dripping cunt and it was intoxicating! I spread her legs and moved my face between them. I loved to lick pussy and I couldn’t wait to find out what my cousin tasted like.

“Dan, what are you doing? No, I can’t take anymore, I need to rest.”

I wasn’t having any of that shit. I dived into her hairy cunt and started licking up every drop of her feminine cum. After licking her clean I found her clit amidst the tangles of her pubic hair. I spread her pussy lips and flicked my tongue across her prominent clit.

“OH FUCK!!” She shouted as she suddenly sprang to life again.

I lashed at her clit, sucking, licking and nibbling it. Andrea began to writhe on the sofa. She grabbed my hair and forced my face into her aching cunt. She began to hump against my face, rubbing her cunt hard into me. I continued to lick her as best I could as her rhythm increased. Soon she began lifting her hips off the sofa and I new she was close.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!!”

Her whole body tensed up and she began shuddering as a powerful orgasm tore through her body. Her pussy gushed cum and I did my best catch every bahis şirketleri drop in my mouth. When her orgasm finally subsided and she sank back into the sofa I got up and leaned in the kiss her. I still had a mouth full of her virgin pussy cream as she opened her mouth to meet mine. I filled her mouth with her own cum as we shared in her intense orgasm. As we finally broke the kiss for air a thin line of her cum and saliva kept us connected for few moments more.

“Oh my god Dan! That un-fucking-believable! I have never cum like that ever in my whole life.”

“Well you haven’t felt anything yet girl.” I said as I stood up and took my pants and boxers off. My cock was begging for her tight virgin cunt. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you Andrea.”

“No, wait!” She said as I saw panic enter her eyes. “Please wait.” She stood up and put her arms around my waste, her eyes locking with mine.

“Dan please, I..” She looked scared and nervous. “I’m not ready for that yet. I’m not ready to lose my virginity.” As she said this she sank down to her knees and looked at my rigid cock.

“But I won’t leave you wanting.” She said as she took my cock in her mouth. I was so fucking horny I almost came right then. Just watching my beautiful virgin cousin sucking my cock like a whore was almost more then I could bear. What she lacked in experience she made up for with raw enthusiasm. She massaged my balls as she continued to suck me off and I knew I couldn’t hold out for long. When I knew I wouldn’t last any longer I grabbed her by the pig tails and began fucking her mouth. After a few hard thrusts I felt it rising. I held her face in place as I began to cum, filling her mouth with my seed. She swallowed as fast as could but some of it still leaked out of her mouth and began dribbling down her chin. When my balls were finally empty I collapsed on my sofa and just watched her as she gathered up all the cum that had dripped out of her mouth and swallowed every last drop.

“I told you I wouldn’t leave you wanting.” She said with a giggle. With both of us spent and our lust sated the atmosphere became much more relaxed.

“Yeah you definitely took care of my needs.” I said with a laugh. “So where does this leave us Andrea? What do you want this to be?

She looked me right in the eye without a hint of hesitation.

“I want you to be my first, my lover, my boyfriend. I want you to make me a woman.”

“Then why did you stop me earlier?”

“Because I had to know it was what I really wanted first. I wanted make sure it wasn’t just lust in my heart, that I really did…that I really did love you.”

The honesty of her words struck my heart and I found myself feeling something other then lust.

“Andrea, this isn’t easy for me to say. In fact I’ve never said it to any girl before. I love you. Of all the girls I’ve been with I’ve never once been truly in love. But this is different, this feeling I have is so…it just feels so right.”

Andrea came over to me and hugged me. “I love you too.” She kissed me and got up, straightening out her cloths and putting her soaked panties back on.

“Where are you going?” I asked, I didn’t want her leave, not now.

“I’d love to stay longer but I have some things to attend to.” I saw that familiar grin again as she leaned in and kissed me once more. She headed for the door.

“I’ll call you.”

“I’m looking forward to it. You know how much I love our conversations.”

And with that she closed the door behind her and I was left to wonder what surprises she would have in store for me next time!

To be continued…

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