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I got an e-mail from Kim about two weeks after her visit. She had aced her mid-terms. She felt getting away from the campus and being able to relax helped greatly. She also thanked me for the special lessons. And she wondered if she, and possibly, a roommate could visit during spring break.

I told her that I was glad she did well on the midterms, the special lessons were my pleasure (which they really were) and she and her roommate were more than welcome to visit during spring break.

Kim’s Mother, my sister Ellen, also e-mailed me. I apologized about not making time to stop by and see her and her husband, Bill. I also told her that I enjoyed Kim’s visit (little did she know how much I enjoyed it) and I was glad Kim had done so well on her mid-terms.

Ellen replied that Kim said she had a relaxing visit and that she had learned a lot. Ellen also mentioned that she had a serious matter which she would like to discuss with me before Bill contacted me sometime.

I told Ellen that I would make arrangements to stop by soon. There was also an e-mail from their son, Bill, Jr., my nephew. He said he had talked with Kim. He had a problem bothering him and she suggested he talk it out with me.

I replied and told him he was welcome, like Kim, anytime he wanted to visit. He wanted to know if the following weekend was o.k. It was. He said he could drive down from his college that Friday evening if it was o.k. It was. He would be at my place about six o’clock or so.

I cut my road trip short and got home early Friday afternoon. I wrote up my service notes and last minute orders and e-mailed them to the office. Bill, Jr. arrived right at six. We got his stuff into the house and he got settled while I fixed us something to eat.

After dinner, we sat around and drank beer and talked about things in general – his classes, my work, his Mom and Dad and so on. I told him that I was going to soak in the hot tub and he was welcome to join me.

He grinned and said o.k. and that Kim had told him about the no swim suit rule. I asked him if he was o.k. with that. He said he was. I told him there was a robe in his room if he wanted to wear it, I hope he liked red wine, and that I would meet him next in the hot tub.

I went to my room and stripped to a pair of sandals. I got two towels out of the linen closet, filled a carafe with wine, got two glasses and walked out to the hot tub. Bill, Jr. was already in the tub and the robe was not in sight. He glanced away as I walked across the patio to the tub.

I put the towels on a bench and set the wine and glasses on the deck. After turning on the jets, I slipped into the tub and poured the wine. I settled back and asked Bill, Jr., ”What is this problem you mentioned?“

“Well, Uncle Brad.”

“Please, It’s just Brad.”

“O.K. The weekend Kim was visiting you, Dad came to visit me at school. There was a tournament going on and I knew he wanted to see some of the games. Well, he came up Friday afternoon and, after dinner, we went to one of the playoff games.”

“Go on.”

“Dad was staying at my place. I share an apartment with three roommates. It’s an old frat house that has been divided into several large apartments. The place sleeps six so we each have a room plus a couple of rooms for guests or friends. The bathrooms are kind of odd because the old shower rooms are still in place. So it’s not unusual to shower with a roommate. Just like at a men’s gym.”

“Your Dad have a problem with that?”

“No, he didn’t know it yet. Anyway, he wanted to know if my roommates would be in. I told him they probably would be. He suggested picking up a couple of pizzas and some beer on the way back. I told him that was great, the guys were always up for free beer and pizza.”

“When we got to the apartment, Dad introduced himself and I got the pizza out and popped five beers. The guys had been watching something on TV. Dad said he didn’t want to interrupt them and they could go back to watching whatever it was.”

“Did they?”

“They sort of hemmed and hawed around and said they were watching a skin flick. Dad told them to go ahead. Larry said it was a bi porn film. Dad said that was fine. Larry turned the VCR back on and we watched the flick and ate pizza and drank beer.”


“Well, I was sort of embarrassed, but Dad seemed to enjoy the flick. After it was over, we cleaned everything up. I showed Dad to the extra room and we called it a day.”

“Do your roomies always watch skin flicks?” I wasn’t surprised Bill enjoyed it after seeing his cache of porn flicks in his shop.

“A lot of the time. Larry is somewhat of a swinger, I guess you could say. Don is pretty laid back and nothing seems to bother him. And James, not Jim, James, roomed together with Larry at another place.”

“How did you guys meet?”

“Don had the apartment and advertised for roommates. Larry and James moved in after I did. They said their other apartment was too cramped with too many roomies and friends hanging out.”

“You all get along.”

“Yes, canlı bahis we get along fine. Everyone is real cool. Although, I suspected Larry and James got it on together sometimes.”

“Got it on?”

“Yes. They seemed to spend a lot of time in each other’s room.”

“And did that disturb you?”

“Not really.”

“What about your Dad? Did anything happen that upset him?”

“No. Late the next morning we played a pickup basketball game that got pretty wild. After it was over, Dad said he was going to shower and get ready to see the afternoon playoff games. Anyway, back at the apartment, Dad stripped and put a towel around his waist and went down to shower. When I got to the showers, Larry and James were showering too. I hung up my towel and entered the shower room. Dad was washing his hair and I noticed Larry checking him out.”

“Checking him out?”

“I don’t know how to say this, but I didn’t know Dad was so heavily hung.” I thought about Bill’s mouth filling seven-inch cock and his heavy balls.

“Go on.”

“Anyway, it looked like Larry was checking him out. Larry offered to wash Dad’s back and Dad let him. James was blocking my view but it looked like Larry brushed his dick across Dad’s butt while he was washing Dad’s back.”

“Did that bother your Dad?”

“He didn’t seem to even notice. Then he offered to wash Larry’s back.”

“Did Larry accept?”

“Yes. And James got into the act too.”

“Did that bother you or your Dad?”

“It sort of bothered me, but Dad seemed o.k. with it.”

“Did anything else happen?”

“No, Don came into shower and Dad and I finished showering and left. We had lunch and spent the afternoon at a came. After dinner, we went back to see a semifinal game.”

“Did your Dad mention anything at all about the goings on in the shower?”

“No, we talked quite a bit about a lot of stuff. About the only thing he said about anyone was that Larry and James seemed pretty friendly and that Don seemed standoffish.”

“We went back to the apartment after game. Larry and James were watching another porn flick. They asked us if we wanted a beer. I asked where Don was. They said he gone on a date. We got the beers and Dad sat down to watch the movie.”


“Dad finished his beer and asked if anyone wanted another. I didn’t, but the other guys took another. I noticed James, who was wearing tight shorts, had a hard-on and Larry was rubbing his crotch. I think Dad noticed too, because he sort of smiled at them. Anyway, I finished my beer, said goodnight and went to my room.”

“The pickup ball game and the full day of the tournament really wore me out so I just crashed. Around three a.m., or so, I awakened. I had to piss so I got up and went to the bathroom. On the way back I heard grunting and groaning coming from James’ room. The door was slightly open. The noises didn’t sound like there was a girl in the room.” Bill, Jr. paused.

“Go on.”

“I thought maybe Larry and James were getting it on. Anyway, I peeked around the door. They were getting it on and Dad was with them. Light from the street light outside was bright enough that I could see what was going on.”

“James was on his side. Dad was laying the same way in front of him. James was holding Dad’s leg up and I could see his dick was up Dad’s ass. James would grunt every time he shoved his cock in and Dad would groan. Dad had a large hard-on and his cock was bobbing around as James screwed his ass.”

“Larry was kneeling by their heads. He was holding his dick by their faces and Dad would turn his head and lick it and James would suck it into his mouth. Larry moved around in front of Dad and Dad started to seriously suck Larry’s dick.”

“I couldn’t believe I was seeing my Dad suck and fuck two other men.”

“I take it, Bill, this is problem you wanted to talk out with me?”

“No, not really. While I was watching them, I got a hard-on. I put my hand in my shorts and started jerking myself off. I was turned on and I wanted to get in there and join them. I wanted to suck a dick.”

“So that’s the problem? You got turned on by a man-to-man sex scene and now you aren’t sure what you are or what you want to do about it.”

“I guess so.”

“What did you do next?”

“I went back to my room and beat my meat.”

The jets had stopped so I got out of the tub and walked across to reset the timer. Picturing my brother-in-law sucking and fucking two college guys had given me about half a hard-on, so my semi hard cock bobbed around in front of me as I walked across the patio. I noticed Bill, Jr. looking at me as I walked back to the tub. The wind had come up and there was a noticeably chilly breeze beginning to blow. I slipped back into the tub and refilled our glasses.

“I asked, “Is there anything else? Bill, your Dad has some bisexual urges or tendencies. He talked about them with me and discussed it with your Mom. She understands and they are both cool with it.”

“Oh, I didn’t know. I thought he was a closet gay.”

We sat bahis siteleri quietly. The breeze was getting stronger and cooler. “Let’s go in before it gets any breezier. I stood up and climbed out of the tub and picked up a towel. “Come on.”

“I can’t. I’m embarrassed. Talking about this has given me a hard-on.”

“Don’t be embarrassed.” I handed him the other towel. “You described a pretty sexy scene.”

When he stood up and before he got the towel wrapped around his waist, I could see that Bill, Jr. certainly was not a junior in the manhood department. “You take the wine and glasses in and I’ll cover the tub. There are robes hanging in the laundry room inside the door.”

I covered the tub and went inside. Bill, Jr. had a robe on and was standing in the kitchen. I stepped into the laundry room, hung up the towels and slipped my robe on. “Let’s finish our discussion in the den.”

I picked up the glasses and carafe. Bill, Jr. followed me through the house to the den. I call it a den, everyone else would call it a family room. I set the wine and glasses down and turned on a lamp on low by an easy chair. Bill sat on a leather sofa in front of the fireplace.

“How about a fire?” I lit the gas logs and sat down in a second easy chair next to the sofa. “Did your Dad mention anything about all this the next morning?”

“Well, more happened before morning.” Bill rushed on. “About an hour later, I was curious so I went down the hall and looked again. This time, James was on his knees and Dad was behind him screwing him in the ass. Larry was standing on front of Dad with his legs straddling James. Dad was sucking his dick. While I watched, Larry left Dad and kneeled in front of James so James could suck him. Dad turned his head. I think he saw me, because he winked.”

“Then what?”

“I went back to my room and jacked off again.”

“I see.” Bill, Jr. kept adjusting his robe. It was obvious that he had an erection that he was trying to keep out of sight. “I think the problem is that seeing men have sex together, and not necessarily with your Dad, interests and frightens you at the same time.”

“I guess so.”

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed by or ashamed off. Many men and women are interested in having sex with other men or women. Some people ignore the urge, some suppress and others follow their urges. It doesn’t make them gay or lesbian. If anything, it makes them more experienced. They are bisexual, if you have to give them a title.”

“Well, I suppose so.”

I decided to take a chance. “Talking about this and imagining the scenes of your Dad, Larry and James has turned me on.” I opened my robe. My hard cock stood tall and erect from between my thighs. Bill, Jr. stared at my crotch. I reached over and pulled his robe open. He had an enormous erection. He put his hand on his cock. I looked him in the eye, “May I give you a blowjob?”

“Uhhhh, a what?”

“A blowjob. Haven’t your ever had a blowjob?”

“Uhh, yes, but. .” He was slowly stroking his cock.

“You have a real monster here and I hate to see you waste it by beating it down. A blowjob will be a very pleasant experience for both of us.” I hoped Bill, Jr. didn’t see that I was practically drooling. I looked him in the eye, “May I suck your cock?”

“Uhh, sure. If that’s what you want to do.”

“That’s exactly what I want to do.” I stood and slipped off my robe. My cock was so hard it almost ached. I stepped in front of my nephew, “Spread your knees.” As Bill, Jr. did so, I settled down onto my knees. He was still slowly stroking his cock.

I replaced his hand with mine. I held his cock across the palm of my hand as I licked the underbelly of his cock shaft. He spread his legs a little more as I nuzzled his ball sac with my nose. When I began to lick and kiss his sac, he spread his legs as wide as he could.

Bill, Jr. sighed as I sucked one of his nuts into my mouth and began to gently roll it around with my tongue. After bathing each of his nuts, I licked up from his balls to cockhead. Bill sighed more as the tip of my tongue flicked the rim of his cockhead. Just before I positioned my mouth over his cock, I looked at my nephew. His eyes were closed and his head was tipped back against the sofa back.

There was a drop of pre-cum in the pee-hole. I licked it off then slowly wrapped my lips around Bill, Jr.’s thick cockhead. His wasn’t quite as thick as his Dad’s, but it filled my mouth comfortably. He appeared to be considerably longer than Bill, Sr. Maybe even by two inches or so. In any event, my nephew had a respectable pussy and ass stuffer.

I ran my tongue over and around his cockhead as I savored the salty pre-cum, which was leaking from the pee-hole. I found myself doing something that I rarely did when I sucked cock. I was beating my own meat.

I stopped jerking myself off. His cock was big enough for two hands. I cupped his balls in one hand and wrapped the other around his cock shaft. I clamped my lips tightly around his cock shaft and ran my tongue over and around his cockhead.

Bill, bahis şirketleri Jr.’s nut sac began to tighten and his cock shaft became more rigid in my hand. I sucked hard on the cockhead then removed my mouth as Bill, Jr. began to cum. His cum shot out in a stream and landed on his chest and stomach.

He shot several more wads as I pumped his cock. When he finished cumming, I slipped his cockhead into my mouth and sucked out his last drops of cum. I cleaned his cockhead and shaft with my tongue then sat back down in my easy chair.

“Feel better, now?”

“Uhh, yes, I guess so.”

“Did your Dad mention anything the following morning?”

“No, not really. He said that he didn’t think he would stay for the finals that afternoon. After breakfast, he packed his overnight bag.”

“Did Larry and James say anything?”

“No. They left before breakfast. They said they had some errands to run first thing. They both told Dad that they were glad to have met him and hoped to see him again sometime.”

“Just before Dad got into his car, he told me that he wanted to talk with me about what had happened and what he thought I may have seen.”

“He didn’t say anything else, huh?”

“No.” Just before he drove off, he asked me to call Mom and tell her he would be home before dinner. I called Mom and gave her Dad’s message. She thanked me and then she asked me if he was stopping anywhere en route because it is only a two and a half or a three hour drive. I told her that he never mentioned any stopovers.

Bill, Jr. was idly stroking his hard cock. “I think he met Larry and James for a quickie before driving home.”

“You’re probably right.” I moved over next to the sofa and covered his hand with mine. “Lie back. Let me take care of this.” I nuzzled and kissed and licked his balls again and licked my way up and down his cock shaft.

Then I moved around so I was next to the sofa and facing Bill, Jr.’s feet. His cock lay flat on his stomach. I lay my head on his stomach. His cum from the earlier blowjob smeared the side of my face as I opened my mouth and slid my mouth down over his cock.

I turned my head so the curve of his cock shaft lined up with my throat. I moved my head back and forth as I used a hard vacuum suck. Bill, Jr. began to rub my back and shoulders with a hand. I don’t know if he was conscious of what he was doing, but his hand worked its way down my back to my ass.

I changed position a little and swallowed more of his cock. His fingers moved down my ass crack and he began to touch my balls and finger my asshole.

Again, I cupped his nut sac and I felt it tighten up. I took his cock out of my mouth and held it while Bill, Jr. blew another load onto his stomach.

“You seem to have a bit of a hair trigger.”

“I’ve been so horny after seeing Dad and those guys.”

“Well, I think it is time to call it a day. Do you want to run in the morning?”

“Sure, Uncle Brad.” He sat up and closed his robe. We both seemed a little embarrassed about the blowjobs.

“O.k. See you in the morning. And it is just Brad.”

“O.k. Sure. Thanks. ‘See in the morning. What time do you run?”

“Around six or seven now.” I got up and walked to my bedroom. My cock ached and I thought I might have to beat my own monster down before I could sleep.

The next morning I awakened when Bill, Jr. walked into my room. I watched him walk across the room in the dim light. He was naked. His soft cock hung down over his dangling nuts. I moved around so my head was on the edge of the mattress. “Come closer.”

Bill, Jr. stood by the edge of the bed. I rolled around under the covers so I was flat on my back and my head was hanging off the mattress. “Step closer and straddle my head. When you get hard, work your cock in and out of my mouth and throat as I suck you. Once you are hard your cock should go all the way down my throat.”

Bill, Jr. straddled my head so his cock and balls hung over my face. I sucked one then both of his nuts into my mouth. He let out a soft gasp and scrunched lower over my face.

After sucking and bathing his nuts, I moved so his ball sac was against my nose and his cockhead touched my lips. I sucked it between my lips and began a rapid soda straw suck. He began to harden almost immediately.

I put my hands on the side of his hips and began a push pull motion. His hard cock filled my mouth as I moved a little to line him up with my throat. He got the idea and began to move his hips. In just a few minutes, I could feel his pubic hair brush my lower lip.

Bill, Jr. would pull his cock almost out of my mouth. I would breathe and then he would slowly push his cock back down my throat. I took my hands off the side of his hips and put them around his hips so my hands were holding his ass.

I’d press when I wanted him to push his cock down my throat and I’d squeeze when I wanted him to pull it out. He leaned forward and balanced himself on one hand and arm as he flipped the covers back.

With his other hand he grasped my cock and began to jack me off. I sucked and deep throated him until my neck ached. After moving my hands to the front of his hips, I pushed him back and out of my mouth. He stood up straight as I rolled over and sat up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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