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O, sweet Mound of Venus!

She was smiling softly next to me on the sofa, this sweet nineteen-year-old little nymph named Nina, curled up in a cute fetal position, her head on a pillow, that pillow on me, her lovely face inches away from my cock. She wore only an oversized T-shirt, a bare shoulder coquettishly exposed, and silly rainbow-colored socks. It was intriguing me if she had shorts or even underwear underneath the shirt. It was a mystery I was eager to solve.

Alas, I couldn’t now.

A while ago, we had been cuddling and canoodling. Right in front of our parents, too, both of whom were at the dinner table not twenty feet behind us, adding some sexy danger to our playfulness. We’d look back, steal a kiss, look back, and then giggle like kinky kindergartners.

Then Darcy came. My other, older stepsister.

Ugh, I thought with a grimace. Medusa…

My arm was now on the headrest.

She asked what we were watching, talked over the program, chatted across the living room with our parents about dessert, and decided to sit and watch TV with us. She sat on the one-seater, her legs in her black leggings crossed, sandaled foot swaying, arms crossed under her cleavage, and a knowing smile on her face I couldn’t interpret.

When she left, my little Europa was looking up at me. Her hand was sliding between her thighs. Her hand emerged. Wet! She dipped the finger in her mouth.

Don’t do it, an angel replied, even as my hand slid down the sofa onto Nina’s warm body. I touched her frizzled hair, running my fingers through it—where I could—and patting it down. I bent forward just to see her cute face with her eyes closed. I leaned back. The parents are right there, my angel continued.

Keep going, my devil said, as I slid my hand to her front and fondled her little breast. Just a little squeeze while her chest expanded. Just a soft pinch of her nipple. She moved a little with her eyes closed, making me smile. Another squeeze.

Bad, bad boy, Donnie, my angel chided me.

I played with her sleeve, revealing a little more shoulder and now some skin over her collarbone.

Hey, you’re just returning the favor, my devil said for a closing argument.

I crawled my naughty fingers towards her waist to begin my investigation. I put a hand on her thigh. I couldn’t feel a panty line. My erection got harder. I had to adjust myself on the seat. I made my way to the bottom of her shirt and tucked a finger inside. And I pulled.

She shifted again.

And I pulled.

Nothing but soft, delicious skin. But darn, her fetal position covered what I wanted to see and touch. But I could feel her mound.

And her darling little pubes.

I wanted more! I slid my hand down her thigh to her knees. I began to pull the thighs apart, open the drawbridge so-to-speak, see what treasure my princess had between her princess legs.

I quickly let go and pulled her shirt back down as Darcy walked into the dining room behind us while tapping away on her phone.

“Hey, guys, there’s cheesecake or eclairs,” she was canlı bahis saying. “What do you want?”

The parents were holding hands and talking. They looked up to say cheesecake.

“What about you, junior?” she asked me.

I looked and shook my head. “Nothing.”

“Ask Nina.”

I looked down at Nina, who shook her head at me.

“She’s still asleep,” I said.

“Interesting,” Darcy said as she turned to leave.

I watched her butt roll off in those leggings before turning back to Nina.

Dessert? Sure, I want dessert.

The ambrosia between Nina’s legs was all I hungered for. I only had a few minutes before Darcy returned. I went right for Nina’s thighs and parted them. She mumbled something. She moved her top leg. I slid through the grass of her pubic hair and pressed my hand between her legs.

I gasped and cursed.

She groaned and turned her body onto her back.


Her hands were up near me. She had a cute, pouty look on her young face. Her precious tits stood firm. But her thighs were open.

And I grabbed.

And I groped.

And I slid my fingers between the sweet lips of her pussy.

She was moaning now, writhing a bit on the sofa.

I dug in. Just a little at first.

She jerked.

I pulled out and played on the surface.

She squirmed and panted a little louder.

I rubbed and rubbed her little butterfly pea, and her eyes began to flutter.

I got as much fondling and flicking and fingering in as I could before she woke up with a start.

She had a look of shock on her face. She looked down at my predatory hands. She looked up at my sheepish face. She looked over the sofa to see my parents in their obliviousness. Then she glanced at me again.

With a widening grin.

She sighed and settled into me.

But she was pulling her shirt back down.

No, no, no!

I tried to pull her shirt up again.

“No,” she cooed at me.

I made a sad face and went for it again. She grabbed my hand and shook my head.

“Too much light,” she said gently, in that waking-up-voice I find so sexy in women.

“It’s okay,” I said. “They can’t see.”

She shook her head anyway.

“It’s ugly.”

“What’s ugly?”

“That,” she said sadly, playing with my hand over her covered pussy.

“No, it’s not,” I insisted. “It’s nice.”

“No,” she poohed with a pouty little face.

“Yes,” I said, gently pulling her hand away.

“Donnie,” she whined.

I lifted her shirt again, exposing her again.

She tried to close her thighs, but I stuck a hand in between and gently pried them open.

“Open, O sesame, little goddess,” I said to her.

She groaned, but opened her thighs as I commanded. She moaned when I touched her pussy again.

“It’s pretty,” I said.

She scoffed.

“It’s the loveliest, most beautiful vagina I’ve ever seen.”

She chuckled.

“Sweet, wet, honey crisp pussy,” I whispered down to her.

She giggled at my silliness. bahis siteleri

“It needs to be loved,” I added. “It needs to be worshipped.”

She bit her lip and looked up at me. She closed her thighs again, but this time only to lock my hand in between as I pleasured her.

I reached with both hands, dug one finger inside, rubbed another on the outside.

Her face distorted.

Her rainbow-colored feet started flailing.

A little more of this and she was panting louder. I kept one eye on the parents and another on this nymph writhing around in delight.

She reached behind me, grabbing at my cock. I wasn’t sure if I should do it, but I did it. I opened my pants to let out my raging cock.

Not good, my angel said. Too exposed!

And Nina was getting louder. I let go to raise the volume on the TV and resumed fingering her.

Turn her over and thunder fuck this little lamb till she squeals, my devil was roaring.

“This is so good!” Darcy was saying.


I didn’t even know she had returned. But luckily, she was standing by the parents. I tucked my throbbing cock back into my pants anyway. Nina pulled her shirt back down over her wet pussy. We sighed. We looked at each other. We giggled.

But there was a glint in our eyes. Cupid’s arrow had hit its mark with us, I think. The surprise oral sex we had a week ago was playful. The sneaky kissing and hand holding we had done after that was more on the romantic side. Today, this wasn’t just play. We wanted to fuck.

She curled up next to me, no pillow between us, and sat there stroking my cock until the parents were done with their damned cheesecake and ready to go to bed.

Darcy told us to close the lights after we were done watching whatever we were watching. She lingered by the doorway behind us before she disappeared as well.

We looked back.

No one was here.

“Oh, God,” she muttered as I got up and opened my pants again.

My cock bounced free, pointing at her.

“Oh, God, God, God,” she said as I squatted down between her legs.

I threw one of her legs over my shoulder and drowned my face in the heaven between her legs. She grabbed my hair and arched her back and gasped and panted, still calling out to God.

I got her nice and wet again, glazy-eyed, mind frenzied, eager, and hungry for me to penetrate her.

I yanked her body down on the sofa, her frizzy hair disheveled over her face. I positioned my cock at the gate of her castle.

“Donnie,” she cried out before I even entered her fully.

I chuckled evilly. I grabbed the headrest. She winced and whimpered, waiting for it.

And, by Jove, I fucked my little stepsister.

Her legs wrapped around me. Her hands grabbed my chest and my face. She cried. She begged for more. She closed her eyes and cried again.

I pulled her shirt up to see those sweet pink lady apples of hers dizzying around at my every thrust.

I pulled my cock out of her. She collapsed, mouth open, breathing hard, to recover.

But I was bahis şirketleri a hungry, horny satyr, and I wasn’t done savoring this sexy little woodland nymph.

I made her turn. She toppled down and leaned her belly against the seat of the sofa with her knees on the floor. Her head fell on the seat, tired and exhausted. Her beautiful butt stood there helplessly waiting for my merciless cock.

I penetrated her sweet pussy again from behind, holding on to her shoulders, watching her body quake to my every push. Her cheek against the seat, she was squealing.

I drilled into her a few more times before I was done.

I pulled back and stood up, victorious. She staggered to turn around and grabbed my waist for support. She weakly brought her face to my cock and threw her mouth on it just as I orgasmed.

She pulled back, eyes weak, gasping for breath, before taking it into her mouth again.

I relaxed. She settled down, sucking my cock for the last few drops of cum.

We sighed.

She collapsed backwards on the sofa, looking up at me, laughing weakly. I laughed, too.

“Oh, Donnie,” she said.

I helped her to her feet. Then I picked her up off her feet. I carried my little Nina to her room across the hall. I tucked her in under her quilt. She moaned, starting to drift to sleep.

“We’ll do it again real soon,” I said to her.

“Promise?” she said with a little smile.

“I promise, Nina,” I said. I kissed her forehead. “I love you, you little honeydew goddess.”

She was asleep already.

I turned off her light and left her room.

I went to the kitchen for some celebratory strawberry cheesecake.

“You,” Darcy said.

Fuck! Why do I keep walking into her like a fucking trap?


She walked in.

I turned to her. She pointed a finger at me. She kept approaching me. The finger landed on my chest.

“You, sir,” she said, jabbing me with each word. “Are one. Sick. Fuck.”

Guilt washed over me.

Yes, you are, you perv, my angel said. Medusa is right!

I stammered something about not knowing what she was talking about.

Wait a minute, said my devil. Something about the way Darcy squinted her eyes when she emphasized the word “fuck” was curious.

“What are you, her new toy?” she taunted me.

“No,” I said, still trying to play innocent. “What are you—?”

“Yes, you are,” she said, standing up straight. “Her new teddy bear with a pulsating…cock.”

I tried to push past her, but she blocked me.

“A filler while she’s in between boyfriends? She’s not going to take you seriously, junior.”

Her finger was sliding down my chest.

“Besides, you’re related now. How’s daddy and your new mommy gonna feel about it if somebody tells them,” she added.

I looked at her, angry. Then confused. I looked down as she jabbed her finger against my flaccid cock.

“I can keep a secret, junior.”

She circled my cock and then gave it a squeeze.

“Can you?”

She chuckled and turned and marched away, her ass jiggling fiercely behind her.

I closed my eyes and cursed, no longer hungry for the dessert.

I couldn’t resist Nina. Would I be able to resist Darcy? What drama did you get me into, Cupid?

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