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This is my first contribution to Literotica, so feel free to offer some feedback. Special thanks to allykitt for her editing talents. Enjoy!


Susan ran down the staircase dressed in nothing but what she had been able to find near her bed when awakened by the doorbell — a sports bra for her 38C tits and an old pair of comfortable, cotton panties. She was furious. Before the crack of dawn on her day off!

She was in decent shape for her age of 43. Firm ass, nice arms, a decent stomach with seductive innie belly button (she’d never been pregnant), and striking black hair resting just above her smooth shoulders.

“This had better be life or death,” Susan grumbled out loud as she arrived on the main level of her house, turned on a lamp, and opened the front door. It was late spring, and she half expected to see a band of middle school pranksters or some such rabble running through her front yard. Instead, she saw a familiar 18 year-old boy standing on her porch. The young man was dressed in a tux, rented but sharp, and had a look of complete dejection on his face.

“Hi Aunt Susan,” said the young man in a discouraged tone of voice.

“Oh my, come on in Johnny,” said Susan as an instinct to comfort replaced her anger at being awakened so early in the morning. “What happened honey?” she added.

Susan and John weren’t actually related by blood. Susan’s sister wasn’t Johnny’s mom, but had married Johnny’s dad 13 years ago when Johnny was about five. So technically speaking, Susan and Johnny were step-aunt and step-nephew… a trivial distinction that didn’t matter at all to either of them. With her barefoot and him in men’s dress shoes, they both stood at a height of about 5’11”.

“Nothing,” Johnny muttered in reply as he schlepped into the house and closed the door behind him. He elaborated, “Nothing except Christine dumping me in the middle of prom for Zach. And he let her!”

“But Zach’s your best friend. That’s terrible!” exclaimed Susan.

“Was my best friend,” John corrected. “And I obviously won’t be having anything else to do with Christine after tonight either.”

Susan opened her arms wide, visually inviting her nephew to come close so she could give him a big, warm hug. This gave Johnny a perfect view of his aunt’s midriff as he approached. The boy let out a loud sigh as he melted into his aunt’s arms.

The older woman knew how important this night was supposed to have been for her beloved nephew. He illegal bahis had confided in her during one of their long talks, about a month ago, that his goal was to lose his virginity on prom night. She had reminded him about wearing a condom and all that, and wished him luck. Apparently, wishing Johnny luck hadn’t been of much help.

The two had never hugged quite like this before, especially not with Susan half naked. Yet both were immensely enjoying the experience. Susan ran her fingers through John’s curly blond hair.

“Mmm,” Johnny responded, almost purring.

Despite her good looks, winning personality, and many dates over the years, Susan was still unattached. It’s not that she hadn’t been with men. She’d been with a lot of them over the years in fact. She just hadn’t been able to land the right kind of guy as a long term partner. None of those men had seemed the type to be her friend first and lover second, much less loyal. It was nice to be hugging a guy she knew would treat her right… if they had that kind of relationship.

“I can’t believe I’m thinking about him like this!” Susan silently yelled to herself.

Johnny was a bit of a geek. As a result, he had more trouble making friends than most other teenagers. The proof, Johnny thought to himself, was the fact that his supposed best friend and now ex-girlfriend had both betrayed him on the same night. And with each other no less! Johnny relished being in his aunt’s arms, for he knew she would never betray him. If only he could convince a woman like her to be with him.

Young John realized at that moment that he didn’t mean convince a woman like his aunt, he meant convince the real deal. The feelings Johnny felt welling up inside him were so wrong, yet undeniably and irresistibly right.

Johnny lifted his head from Susan’s shoulder and looked into her lovely brown eyes. In turn, she gazed lovingly into her nephew’s vibrant baby blues. Susan desperately wanted to comfort her nephew. Johnny wanted to let her.

“Aunt Susan?” asked the teenager, with the rest of his question hidden but understood.

“Shh…” Susan replied as she started to untie her nephew’s bow-tie.

Susan removed the teenager’s real (not a clip-on) bow-tie from underneath the collar of his dress shirt, squeezing it in one hand as their faces moved closer and closer. Their wet lips met, and Susan immediately opened her mouth. Johnny’s tongue slid into his aunt’s mouth as if designed solely for that purpose. Each person moaned into the other’s illegal bahis siteleri mouth and played with the other’s tongue.

After nearly a minute of increasingly passionate kissing, with both of them breathing hard, Susan suddenly ended the kiss and took a step away from her nephew. At first Johnny thought that he had done something wrong, but then he saw his aunt grab the bottom of her sports bra and lift her arms over her head. Once it was all the way off, Susan tossed her sports bra aside. Her mature breasts were now hanging free, nipples hardened in anticipation. With the bow-tie still in one hand, she placed both her thumbs underneath the waistline of her panties and let them fall to the floor, exposing her neatly trimmed womanhood.

“Your breasts are exquisite Aunt Susan. And your pussy…” Johnny’s voice trailed off.

Susan smiled. She knew that her nephew meant it. Still smiling, she draped her nephew’s rented bow-tie around her neck. “Tie this for me Johnny,” the older woman requested.

Johnny’s aunt had accompanied him the formal wear store where he’d rented the tux, and had watched him learn how to tie a bow-tie from one of the store’s associates. He had planned on asking Christine to wear the bow-tie, a fetish that he had shared with his aunt during their talk last month. Aunt Susan obviously remembered.

The teenager stepped forward and began obediently tying the bow-tie around his aunt’s flawless neck. Johnny’s hands shook in anticipation as he worked.

“Nervous?” inquired Susan with great caring as she watched her nephew’s hands.

“A little,” Johnny admitted as he continued tying.

“Don’t worry,” Susan whispered, “You’re my nephew and I love you way too much to ever judge you.”

The reassuring words from his aunt made Johnny feel a little more confident. He finished with the bow-tie and took a step back to admire his handiwork. His aunt looked incredibly hot! “I love you too… more than I know how to say,” he replied.

Susan was touched… not to mention aroused. She would have helped him either way, but to know that Johnny was doing this with love in his heart as well as a hard-on in his pants brought a special glow to her kind face.

“Now then,” said Susan coyly, “where were we?”

Wearing nothing but the black bow-tie she had borrowed from Johnny, Susan knelt down, unbuckled the boy’s belt, and unfastened his pants. Then, in a seamless motion, she slid the teenager’s pants and boxers down to his ankles. Susan paused for a moment canlı bahis siteleri to admire her nephew’s hard cock, and the light tuft of blond pubic hair surrounding it. His dick was larger than Susan had expected of such a young man.

The much older woman was moving her face to take her nephew’s dick in her mouth when he said, “I’m a virgin remember. So I might… um,”

“Cum quickly,” Susan completed. “You probably will. It’s what guys your age do. It’s okay.” Mischievous Susan decided to milk the moment for all it was worth. She gazed upward at her nephew with a look of innocence. “Just promise me we can go again later big boy,” she teased.

John gave approval to his aunt’s suggestion by placing both of his hands on the back of her head, pulling it gently towards his erect cock. Johnny’s aunt slowly slid her mouth up and down his stiff teenage manhood. Meanwhile, Johnny let go of his aunt’s head and took one of her breasts in each hand. All of this took about 45 seconds.

Then, Susan took her attractive nephew’s cock out of her mouth and said, “I want you to cum on them darling.” She began stroking Johnny’s cock with one hand, and assisted him in pinching one of her pointy nipples with the other. “Think you can get your aunt’s boobs all hot and sticky? I need it Johnny! Please baby!!”

The pressure inside Johnny’s cock was too intense for him to withstand any longer. “Ahh!” he grunted loudly as cum exploded from his dick, most of it landing on Susan’s breasts but some hitting her face, tummy, and even the bow-tie around his aunt’s neck.

Susan licked her lips as she rubbed her nephew’s cum all over her tits and belly. Noticing wetness on the bow-tie, she grinned at the young man standing in front of her and said, “we should probably take this thing to the cleaners before returning it to the tux shop.”

Johnny and Susan laughed out loud together. The teen offered his hands to help his aunt off the floor. Susan took her nephew’s hands in hers and pulled herself into a standing position. At that moment, neither could resist hugging and kissing again for a few sensuous moments.

“Let me rinse off,” spoke Susan quietly as she nodded her head downward to indicate her cum-drenched body, “then we can go all the way together.”

Johnny released his aunt from their mutual embrace. Mature Susan untied the bow-tie, returned it to her nephew, then began making her way up the stairs. Johnny followed, enjoying the view and eagerly awaiting the loss of his virginity to the favorite woman in his life. Susan used the time to think about a few of the things that she would teach her young and inexperienced nephew. Both were smiling in anticipation.

To be continued…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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