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Chapter 36 — One more Project Day with Tina

As much fun as Tina and I were having sexually, she also sent me worksheets to look at every day, and we seemed to be making good progress with all the assignments she had been asked to complete. Of course, we didn’t want to have anything to work on when I would come around her place the next time. Like I said before, Tina had been looking forward to getting banged in her bed—her room, the home that she grew up in—for quite a while now, even though her mother had just given her ‘the talk’ about sex. Which, apparently, had been somewhat awkward, but Tina was withholding the details of that conversation.

On May 4, the schools would reopen here in Vietnam, so teachers were already being required to report to work. Needless to say, that left plenty of opportunity for some tender love play in the morning for Tina and me, as no one would be at her house. We settled for Wednesday the following week, and Tina told me again to wear dress pants. There was, apparently, another role-play in the making.

Said Wednesday, I went over to her house right after breakfast. Before I could even knock, Tina opened the door, wearing another set of her old school uniform, which consisted of a white, short-sleeved shirt with buttons in the front and dark-blue, tailored cotton pants that underscored her perfect figure. Her face and body looked fresh and radiated health, responsibility, and wholesomeness. She asked me to come in and then extended her hand to introduce herself:

“Hi, my name is Tina. You must be the editing specialist that I booked through the agency.”

I thought about it for a moment.

“Yes, yes, that’s me. My name is Ben,” I said with a smile and shook her hand.

“We’ll sit in my room here, and I’ll show you in a minute what I need your help for,” she moved the conversation along.

We sat down, and she started to click through a bunch of windows on the screen. She explained after each click what still needed to be done. As I wasn’t taking her talk overly serious, I looked at her instead. Her shirt seemed a little tight, as it was a few years old, but she seemed to been wearing a new, lacy, white bra underneath, which I hadn’t seen yet. Anyway, she caught me looking at her and offered to get me a glass of water, apologizing that he hadn’t asked earlier. Her movements were nimble and elegant.

She had put on some make-up for the meeting with her proof-reader. Naturally, I wanted to touch her but I couldn’t, as that would have ruined the choreography. Her delicate bosom was heaving. Perhaps she was a little nervous or worried that I might not like another role-play, or that I wasn’t going to play along. Or she was already aroused.

Just as the last time I was here, I was sitting on the swivel chair, while the older wooden stool with the small seat was hers again. However, this time, she was sitting to my right, so she was the one sitting closer to the door. But nobody was at home anyway.

“May I ask how old you are?” Tina said. “You look much younger than what the agency told me. And better,” she laughed.

“I’m 51,” I said truthfully.

“Oh, no way! The agency told me they would send some ‘older gentleman’. You have nice grey-blue eyes … and I like your salt-and-pepper hair,” she added and smiled.

“Thanks. How old—or should I say ‘how young’?—are you, Miss Tina?”

“I just turned 18 last month,” she replied, shaving two years off her actual age. “Shall we start?” she asked now, and I felt the onset of an erection in my pants.

I nodded and she began to explain what we needed to do this morning. First, I had to proof-read one page, while she ordered her documents and clicked around on the screen. Once in a while, I looked at her and admired her wispy young figure. I liked the barely noticeable fluff here on her arm right next to me and her long, graceful hands, which, for some reason, seemed strong.

“You could move a little closer,” she encouraged me.

When our thighs touched, she looked at me and reached in my hair up above my ear.

“I’m sorry … there was like a little piece of lint in your hair. I hope you don’t mind …” she giggled and blushed.

Pretending that this was our very first meeting ever was clever and charming, because we could re-live it, like an alternate version of our splendid night in Saigon ten weeks ago, which had been Tina’s first time ever to have sex. I’m sure she had envisioned her defloration for years before it actually happened, but as good as it was, there must have been a few things that we didn’t get to do. Perhaps she had always thought that it would happen at her home—even though that was unlikely. So maybe she wanted to seduce me today. Or be seduced. Or both.

I was done with my corrections here on this one page, and now Tina wanted to work in the necessary changes on her computer. She put her left forearm on my right thigh and asked coyly:

“Do you mind?”

“N-no, no, g-go ahead, as long as you are ok kartal escort with it …” I stammered.

Now, she saw the mistakes that she had made and laughed embarrassedly. She bent her upper body sideways and touched my arm with her left breast. I was instantly electrified. She entered some editorial changes using the keyboard, but then she got up briefly to switch on the wall fan.

“It’s pretty warm already, don’t you think?” she asked, while she opened one button of her blouse close to the top, above her bosom. I looked in her shirt and, yes, her bra was new. The sight of the little globe in it was heartwarming.

“Normally, you teach English at one of those many private schools here in town, don’t you?” she kept the conversation going like she didn’t know I could see half of her breast.

I confirmed and added a few details. When she leaned forward to add something to her text on her computer, I put my right hand on her thigh. She realized it, of course, but she didn’t say anything. I looked at her ear and discovered a cute little tip at the top of it. I said something and touched her ear gently.

“Oh, really? I’ve never noticed,” she giggled with an insecure, bashful smile.

I gently stroked her knee, while I tried to get another view of her tender maiden bosom. Her skin next to her bra strap showed some reddish spots already, which I interpreted as a sign of arousal. If I wasn’t completely mistaken, Tina was also heaving, and now she leaned backwards.

“So, the first part is done. Great. Do you wanna take a break?”

She didn’t wait for my reply but just got up and went to the kitchen, from where I heard that she filled a kettle with water. I followed her and when I leaned against the sink to watch her nimble movements, she came over, stood next to me on the side, folded her hands and put them on my right shoulder.

Since we, purportedly, didn’t know each other, I didn’t make a real move but just stroked her back gently above her waist, like an old family friend. I got stuck at her bra fastener, but just as I was thinking about a clever, nifty way to proceed from there, the kettle was boiling and switched itself off. Tina went over to the other counter and poured water over sweetened instant-coffee in two cups. Then she went to the fridge and got two large ice cubes, which she put in the glasses.

“You like iced coffee, don’t you?” she smiled.

“Sure. I drink two or three of them every day,” I told her. As I couldn’t think of anything clever, though, I just suggested going back to her room.

“If you want,” Tina replied, turned, but didn’t move.

So I put my hands on her hips from behind to make her go but she only turned her head and whispered:

“We never had anyone visiting our house who wasn’t from Vietnam.” She pecked my cheek: “I can’t stop looking at you. You look like a famous actor.”

Finally, we went back to her room.

“You are also very attractive, Miss Tina, if I may say so,” I assured her after we had sat down again.

“You think so? Well, no one has ever told me,” she said timidly, blushed, and looked down on herself.

After a brief pause, when neither of us knew what to say, she looked at me and reached into my shirt.

“I’ve never seen anyone with so much chest hair,” she laughed awkwardly. “May I open another button on your shirt?”

“Sure, but only if you open another button on your blouse, too,” I replied to propel the choreography forward.

She blushed. “Well, I guess that’s only fair, hmh? My shirt is a little tight anyway, as I’m sure you’ve noticed already. It’s a few years old, you know …”

All of a sudden, I heard myself say: “Your bra looks brand-new, though.” Immediately, I asked myself if this had been this too much to say.

“Well, the bra is new, yes. I only bought it yesterday. I have only older bras that don’t fit me well anymore. I think my breasts are still growing a little,” she added timidly.

She seemed keen on moving the role-play along, as she opened two buttons at once. I was able to admire her upper body almost fully now. Her bosom was heaving considerably. My body was warming up as well. I felt my dick pumping, and opened another button on my shirt, too, after I had finished my iced coffee. Right after I put down the glass, she reached back into my shirt and continued playing with my chest hair. I couldn’t contain myself and put my hand inside her bra.

I felt that her nipple was already stiff. Tina closed her eyes, and we kissed passionately. I pulled my hand out of her bra to push her lingerie upwards, so that both of her breasts became exposed. I took the right one in my left hand, and after another round of passionate kissing, we looked at each other, panting. I almost expected she would get up and undress but, no, she just pulled her bra down again to cover her breasts, swallowed with her mouth closed, and reminded me that we ought to continue.

“Sure, that’s why I am here,” I assured her that that was the right move, knowing maltepe escort bayan that it was just another way to prolong our ridiculously erotic foreplay.

And she was right: there might not be another chance for a while, as she had to go back to Saigon early next week. So I took my hands off her and looked at the papers again. I didn’t know how Tina was feeling, but I found it obviously hard to focus. After a chaste minute or two, I looked at her bra again where I could see a small part of her areola. Her collarbones were beautiful, too, I noticed. I saw that she was looking at my crotch, where my dick was pumping in my pants. She was probably thinking about another transition.

We were looking at the screen half-heartedly, and I also thought about a clever way to get her to open—and then take off—her pants. I knew I only needed to say something, but it needed to be within the confinements of the role-play. I was trying to find something neat to say; anything else would have been lame.

To end the deadlock, however, Tina simply unbuttoned her blouse fully and pulled it out of the pants, which were still closed.

“So, that’s better,” she was relieved and confidently presented me her perfect chest.

To add to the allure, she re-did her ponytail, pressing her flawless bosom towards me. I could see her stomach, too. Even though she was sitting, there were no rolls of fat on her belly at all. I licked the tip of my middle finger and then caressed her belly button. Eventually, I just placed my flat hand above her waistband, but I still couldn’t think of a charming way to get inside her pants, which were really tight, other than pointing it out to her.

“Wait!” Tina said and opened the button and the zipper.

Then she carefully put both flaps to the sides, so that I could see the top half of her white panties, which were a collage of white, cotton fabric and matchbox-sized lace rectangles. Those rectangles were jagged in a random pattern. Under the lacy pieces I could, of course, see some of her pubic hair. She sat up and pretended that she wanted to work more.

On the one hand, I loved leaving the next moves up to her; on the other, I could barely contain myself. I looked at the screen, pretending to be working, but then I opened my pants and pushed them down together with my underwear, so that my stiff dick could get some fresh air. Which felt wonderful. It was marvelous to watch her trying not to show any reaction.

Now she asked, pointing at the screen: “Do you think that’s alright?”

I leaned forward but felt immediately that she was already stroking my dick. My balls were dangling nicely here in the warm air, which she also seemed to have noticed as she started playing with them as well. Hastily, I made some corrections and then turned the laptop by 20 degrees so that she could see better. She let go of my dick, but now I massaged her pussy, first through the fabric but then I reached inside her panties. Her pubic hair was very soft, like she had shampooed it this morning, while her labia were already wet and sticky.

Tina moaned quietly and said, still looking at the computer: “Yeah, that’s alright. No, it’s actually really good.”

While I was searching for her clitoris and the entrance of her pussy with the tip of my middle finger, she stroked my dick again, and now there was no stopping us. We had reached the point of no return, moved our chairs closer to each other, and kissed again.

“Can I ask you something?” she whispered.

“Go ahead,” I nodded.

“As you can imagine, I don’t know much about these things,” she prefaced her question. “But when I pull my pussy open with my fingers and look at it in a mirror, it doesn’t seem big enough for a penis like yours. I can only fit a finger in, or maybe two. Do you think an actual, large penis would fit in?”

“Well, I think so. You are young, but you clearly are a woman, and my cock isn’t very large. I’m sure it would work. Perhaps we should just try? I’ll help you,” I offered.

“Do you wanna go over to the bed?” she asked.

“That would probably be best,” I agreed.

We both got up and took our pants off. I admired her beautiful panties one more time and wondered where she may have bought them. They revealed way more than they covered. Her figure was also absolutely perfect. We both took our shirts off, but she kept her panties on for now and sat down on the bed.

I was standing in front of her with my erect rod, and she smiled.

“I’m so glad I finally get to look at a penis. I mean, I’ve never seen one. My mother just said last weekend ‘You know what a penis is. Stay away from such a thing!’, or something like that, but of course that only made more curious.”

She touched the tip of my glans with one finger and pressed my dick down. When she let it snap, it wiggled in front of her and she laughed. She opened her mouth but instantly dived under my cock to suck my balls. She held one testicle between her lips and pressed gently. escort pendik Eventually, she reached down her sides and pulled her panties down.

“Now, Mr. Ben, you look if my pussy is big enough. If you think so, you can push your penis in.”

The blanket here on the bed was folded nicely, so that I just took it and placed it on the floor. Kneeling between her legs, I pulled her lips open with my two thumbs, like I was really concerned about her size, and became engrossed in the sour and slightly metallic smell and taste of her pussy nectar. The hair next to her labia was wet, and I admired her again how she was able to play her role. It was clever and absolutely charming, even though she came across as completely dizzy. But there was nothing self-degrading or self-deprecating in what she said or did. In the end, she knew me well and trusted that we would have an incredible experience today.

I raised my head from her crotch and assured her: “Miss Tina, yes, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.”

“Well, if you say so … you are the experienced one of the two of us,” she murmured, turned by 90 degrees, and lied down on her back.

I placed myself between her legs and realized that we hadn’t done it in the missionary position for more than two months. But, finally, she was going to get banged here on her bed, where she probably had masturbated dozens, if not hundreds of times. Perhaps she was thinking the same, as she seemed already happy and content, before we even got started. I positioned my glans between her nether lips and pushed upward. As wet as she was, my dick disappeared almost completely inside her, and I began to thrust.

“Well,” she said laughing, “if I had known that it would be that easy, I would have tried it a long time ago.”

I laughed at her contrived naiveté and said: “Would you, Miss Tina, lick your fingertips and twiddle my nipples a little?”

She did immediately what I requested, and then combed my chest hair with her fingers. She was beaming, radiating joy and pleasure. By now, I was completely in her, happy that I didn’t have to inquire about her cycle. I knew her period was around the 26th, and today was already the 23rd. So we were good.

I thought about our last time together here in her room and how much I loved the aroma of her butt crack, but I simply didn’t want to pull out again and change positions. The way we were united right now was unparalleled. Her velvety sheath was embracing my pulsating dick perfectly. I would take care of her ass again later this summer.

Tina didn’t look like she wanted to change anything either. She had started to moan with every jolt and seemed to be drifting towards an orgasm. She was panting with clenched teeth, and now she crossed her legs behind my back. She even lifted up her ass to allow my dick to penetrate her further. As turned on as we both had been for more than an hour, I exploded in her right when she screamed and writhed like she was possessed. She uttered cascades of rejoicing laughter, while I splashed more than half-a-dozen times towards her cervix.

I just lied down on top of her when I was done, and we kissed again. As our eyes were tracing each other, I ask myself if the role-play was going to end here.

Oh, no, not at all.

“Well, you came here this morning to help me with my assignments—and now this!” she laughed.

“Well, Miss Tina, there’s so much to learn,” I summarized how I understood my role.

“That is so true,” Tina nodded and sat up on the edge of the bed.

She looked down on herself and reached between her legs. She formed her hand like an excavator and lifted a load of sperm to her face to examine it, just like her role today required. She spread her fingers and tasted the cum but then she got up abruptly. Cum was running down her legs but she still just watched it drip onto the floor.

“I really need to go to the bathroom. Are you coming?” she asked me, her tutor.

I only nodded, and we kissed again. I still didn’t know if she wanted us to clean up a little or take a shower or if we were going to notch up our debaucheries and pee together. As we were passing through the kitchen, though, I saw that it was almost ten-thirty.

“Miss Tina, what time is your mother coming back? At eleven?”

“Maybe. I’ll call her. But let’s go to the bathroom first,” she said kinda impatiently.

In the bathroom, she stood under the shower, took the showerhead off the wall, and then switched on the water. She only rinsed her midsection, as if she wanted to spare me the taste of my own cum. When she was done, she put the showerhead back on top of the faucet.

She didn’t seem to want to dry herself but was looking for a place to sit down for the next act. There was no bathtub here in the old house on or in which we could sit. Finally, she took a tiny plastic stool but was still unsure where to put it.

“Mr. Ben, I am going to pee,” she alerted me.

“Well, Tina, do you want me to leave the room?” I asked to be polite.

“Oh, no, I definitely want you to stay …” she insisted. “… and watch me.”

“Well, if that would make you happy,” I pretended doing her a favor, when, in reality, I was as keen as she was to see, taste, and smell her warm, yellow, frothy libation.

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