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Life has been idyllic for me as of late. I’m married to a wonderful and intelligent woman. My daughter has come to love me…in many more ways than normal perhaps, but she does love me. I’ve met new people and settled into a great cabin in the wilderness. My yacht sits out at my dock and our ‘community’ is thriving.

All of this taking place over the course of the summer, and what a summer it has been. Julie (my daughter) and Anne, (her friend) are getting ready to go to college. I’ve made arrangements for their tuition and housing. Sandra, the Forest Ranger at Glacier Bay has decided to come live with May and I. Carl and Jan are happy and loving life just as May and I are as well.

We’ve decided to build another cabin for Carl and Jan, so they have a place to call their own. I haven’t told them yet, but for a wedding present I’m planning on giving them the ten acres it sits on. Jake, the man we bought the land and buildings from flies out in his Beaver once in a while to visit.

The last visit from him was interesting as May and Julie were almost worn out by the time he left. He really has a thing for May for some reason. Julie too. In the mean time, I’ve been busy with Sandra and Anne, and once in a while Carl and Jan join all of us in our ‘fun’.

We’ve all been taking flying lessons since I’ve got a Grumman Goose on the way. It will be our transportation back and forth to Juneau. Jake has already been giving me lessons in his Beaver…and those lessons are being paid for by all the great sex he is getting from the ladies.

I sit here thinking back over the years…to my first wife that left me for her boyfriends, my second wife, whom I lost to that big ‘C’…to my present wife. In the whole mix add my daughter from my first marriage, who I’ve found personally to be a wonderful lover, and a very smart young lady in her own right.

I also am thinking about Carl and Jan, who are of my closest friends. Jan is still cooking for all of us, and Carl has been tinkering with the hydroelectric plant. He has told me he has some ideas for that…and we are going to be making some changes to that operation soon.

I also think about Anne and Sandra as well. I’ve put Sandra to work for me as my forester. It is in my plans to find other land in Southeast Alaska and put it back to the way it was. Not that there is a shortage of trees by any means, because there isn’t. I just feel that trees are a good life to have around. The way spruce and hemlock spring up around here, they are more like weeds than anything else…but I just want to help a little here and there if I can.

I’m writing in my log and as I sit here…naked…May is kneeling between my legs sucking my cock back to life. Anne is on the table next to me, spread out and almost begging me for relief. Anne keeps her pussy clean-shaven with just a little tuft above her sweet pussy lips. So very pretty to look at. Far nicer to lick and suck on though.


“Just a second Anne. I’m just about done here.”

“I need you. I need your cock. Please…please.”

May began to take my full length into her mouth and down her throat. She always does this to get my mind back on her or whoever is in ‘dire need’. It works. “Okay…I’m done. Now…where was I?”

I leaned in and moving to the side just a bit put my face right in Anne’s pussy. The smell of her need wafting in the air as my tongue lightly caresses her clit. My fingers slip into her opening and once there, I spread her pussy lips ever so gently…allowing my tongue to delve deeper into her overheated depths.

May slipped my cock canlı bahis out of her mouth and began to lick it like an ice cream cone. Her fingers gently guide my hard shaft towards her tongue. Anne’s hands moved to take my head and press it into her pussy hard. I could feel her orgasm overtaking her. Shaking with the pleasures I have led her to, she cries out softly.

I can feel that I am getting close to orgasm myself. I want my cock in a pussy when I do cum though. I let Anne come down from her orgasm first, always the gentleman that I am. As she lays before me on the table, her hard little nipples seemingly wanting to burst out of those little buds that contain them, I stand up.

May takes my cock in her hand and begins to guide it towards Anne’s pussy. I stop her and taking her in my strong grip, lift her onto the table right beside Anne.

“I think that you both need some cock at the moment, and since I seem to be the only man around…I guess you will both have to share.”

“Ohhh…yes…please. Master.”

Anne rolled over on top of May and they began kissing. Both of them kept their legs spread wide as they comfortably could, leaving me all sorts of nice little places to push my cock into. I sat back down, my cock bobbing in the cool mountain air, and began to lick two pussies and one very nice asshole. Anne’s position was quite fortuitous.

I could hear their moans through their mouths as they kissed each other and I licked and sucked on each of them for a bit longer. Then, unable to stand it any longer myself, I stood back up and rubbed my hard cock up and down their pussies, and across Anne’s tight little asshole.

At one point I slipped it in between each of them and acted like I was fucking. I could hear them groaning and then I felt their bodies rubbing hard trying to feel my shaft as if slid over their sensitive clits. I finally pulled back and guided my cock into May’s pussy.

Her enveloping heat and those muscles milking me so gently almost caused me to shoot off, but I was able to hold back. I stroked in and out of May for a bit, then switched to Anne. Anne’s pussy was flooded and my cock was swimming in her juices. Which was a good thing since after a few stroked in her pussy, I slipped my well-lubed cock into her tight ass. As I fucked Anne’s asshole, it would drive her pussy down hard onto May’s pussy, which was kind of like me fucking both of them at once.

I slipped a hand down and fingered May’s pussy, letting my fingers rub her clit as I stroked in and out of Anne’s ass. The moaning and groaning was getting quite loud as I fucked Anne’s ass. I felt her ass grasping my shaft and trying to keep it deep inside of her too.

Anne started to cum and I was very close myself. I was just able to hold off while Anne rocked and cried out in her orgasm. May had slipped down to suck on her nipples, causing her to move away from my fingers. Anne collapsed on May for a bit then I pulled out of her tightness.

As I stood back, Anne turned around and took my cock into her mouth. Soon, May was right there joining in too. They both licked and sucked my cock, and I was getting closer and closer to cumming. I took May’s hand and guided her to bend over the table face down.

Anne moved to one side as I pressed my steel hard shaft between May’s legs, and found her tight little brown bud. Anne leaned in and licked May’s asshole, letting a lot of saliva dribble down over my shaft as the head of my cock bumped against her hole. “Do it. Do it. Fuck my ass…Master. Yesss…fuck my ass hard.”

“Like this?”

Saying that I pushed forward and forced my whole bahis siteleri cock into May’s asshole. She cried out just as I bottomed out deep inside her. I held still, fearing I may have hurt her.

“Come on…FUCK MY ASS. Yes…fuck my ass Master. Fuck meeeee.”

I started to move in and out going a bit faster on each stroke. May encouraged me to fuck her harder and faster too. Anne had moved down under the table and was licking May’s pussy from underneath. Once in a while I’d feel her tongue slip around any of my exposed shaft.

I couldn’t take any more…and I started to cum. Anne pushed me back into my chair and my cock was hardly out of May’s asshole before Anne’s mouth was over it. She sucked all my cum and never missed a drop.

Then, as I set there, May and Anne exchanged a long extremely erotic kiss, sharing my cum. Snowballing I think it is called. Seeing them share my cum like that had me rock hard almost instantly. I was stroking my cock with my hand as I watched my wife and my daughters friend kiss each other and lick my cum off of each others lips.

Soon they laid down on the table and just held each other. As I sat there stroking my cock, Julie walked in and seeing us all naked…stripped off her clothes too.

“Got some of that hard cock left for me daddy?”

“Yeah…I do. Come on over here and plant your tight pussy right here.”

Saying that, I shook my hard cock at her. She squealed and ran to sit on my lap. Facing me, her legs spread over mine, she kissed me as her hands guided my hard shaft into her pussy. As soon as the head of my shaft spread her lips just a bit, she plunged down on me hard and fast. She was fucking me like I was the last cock she’d ever see or have.

Our lips were pressed tightly together and her tongue was busy in my mouth exploring. I put my hands on her breasts and massaged them, paying close attention to her hard nipples. I tugged on them and she would moan loudly through my mouth.

I broke our kiss and bent down to suck a nipple in between my lips. As I began to suck on her nipple Julie started to cum hard. Her hips ground down on me, my shaft fully inside her unable to go any deeper. I could feel her pussy sucking on my shaft as my teeth clamped down on that nipple. Her cry was of ecstasy not pain.

As she came down I held her close to me. Her hot breath on my neck gave me inspiration, and I stood up. Holding her to me, he legs went around my back, her breasts against my chest, nipples rubbing nipples. I had her ass cheeks in my hands as I walked over to the table and laid her back, right between Anne and May.

They began to caress Julie, touching and fingering her as I sat down between her legs. I leaned in, and began to lick and suck on her pussy. Anne dropped to her knees and moving under the table, took my cock into her mouth and began to lovingly suck on my erection.

May’s head moved down to where my face was, riding Julie’s pussy, and soon she was kissing and licking my nose and eyes. I broke away to the moan and cries of Julie, and kissed May hard on her lips. Holding her head to mine, I slipped my tongue deep inside her mouth, letting her taste the remnants of Julie’s pussy juices.

My fingers, still working Julie’s pussy and clit, kept up the good effort. May soon broke from me and putting her fingers on Julie’s pussy lips, spread her wide open, an invitation for me to finish my feast.

I turned back to my beautiful daughter and began to lick her once again. May’s hands moved to my head, massaging me and pressing me into that tasty young treat in front of me. Anne, in the meanwhile, had been taking bahis şirketleri my whole cock deep into her mouth, down her throat. Her fingers, cupping my balls, and caressing them so gently, caused me to throb.

I could feel my orgasm approaching, and suddenly I had an overwhelming need to cum, but I wanted to cum inside May. Deep inside May. I pulled away from Anne’s insistent mouth, and pulled May into position in front of me.

May opened her legs wide, her pussy lips spreading of their own accord, waiting for my cock. I pressed forward, the head slipping between her wet, hot lips, and plunging deeply inside. I held still, savoring the soft wet tightness of my wife’s pussy, as it gripped my shaft in it gentle hold.

Anne had moved behind me, and spreading my ass cheeks, I soon felt her hot little tongue exploring me, circling my asshole. Julie was still out from her two orgasms, and seeing her nakedness alongside of my wife, with my cock buried inside May as it was…it didn’t take long and I felt the hot streams of my orgasm splashing deep inside her pussy.

I collapsed, worn out from my ‘work’ and lay on top of May. Anne was still licking and sucking on my asshole, wanting to make sure I was pleased. I finally rolled to one side, and sat up. Standing, I headed into the bedroom for a nap. As I lay down, surrounded by my three beauties, I fell asleep with hands all over my body, holding and touching me.

Over the next weeks the changes in the cabin and the property became the focus as winter was fast approaching. One day, late in August, Julie and Anne packed their things, ready to go off to college. I was mixed in my feelings. I had grown to love them all so much, and now I truly felt like I was losing both of them to the world.

“Hey dad…we’ll be back. It’s only for a few months and then we will be home for Christmas. Don’t look so sad. Tell you what…we will save ourselves for you, how does that sound?”

“Oh…no. You both need to be happy and have fun too. You don’t have to wait for this ‘ol man to have that kind of fun. Do promise you will be careful though okay? I mean, I have had a vasectomy, and no disease’s, I wouldn’t want you two to catch something.”

“Oh daddy…we’ll be extra careful…we promise. Besides…nobody can do it for me like my daddy can, right Anne?”

“Oh you know it Julie. Daddy is the best. I’m waiting for him regardless. I love being his little slave girl. I will not give that up. Unless…well…unless him or May would want me to. I’d rather wait for Daddy than anyone else.”

“Well, you two just have fun, learn lots, and come on home at break. I’ll have something saved up for both of you.”

I got two hugs and kisses, and then they were gone. The roar of the Goose as it took off in the morning sunshine was complete. Standing with May on the end of the dock, I watched as Carl flew them off for Juneau and the airport connection to the world down South.

“Hey…you still have me you know…’daddy'”

“Oh May, I hope I always do too. I love you.”

“Oh yeah…you always will. You are much loved you know that Bill? All the women in your life…Julie, Anne, Sandra, Jan, and of course, me. You are one lucky man.”

“I know. I know. Lets go find Sandra shall we? I have a need for…something warm…something wet…something…”

“Come on lover boy…you have two women here ready to fuck you’re eyeballs out yet. We’ll keep you occupied for sure. If we don’t, I’m sure that Carl and Jan would be more than happy to come over and help out too.”

Yes…my life has changed a lot now. I am married, found a daughter, well, actually like three daughters, and I have my cabin in the woods. I look back on my life and realize that not many people ever get the chance like I did, nor will they ever get the life I have. I am a lucky man indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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