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During a sweaty hot summer day, I began to wonder what I was getting for my birthday from my loving husband Robert, which was coming up soon. I was curious on what he was going to do for me. I mean what could he possibly get me that I do not have already. He has given me all that I ever wanted and then some. Then I thought deep, we never had any of our fantasies come true, and we did have quit a few I should say. I wonder if I was going to be lucky and get one fulfilled. My sweet pussy started to cream from the thought. I could feel my nipples begin to get aroused. I take my hand and start to caress them lightly.

Reaching for the phone, I started to call my girlfriend. I wanted to tell her my dirty thoughts I had running in my head.

“Hi Mojha, how ya doing sweetie.”

“Doing great Leanne was on my way to get my hair done.”

“That’s fantastic maybe you can come round and show it to me sometime.”

“Okay Leanne how about next week?”

“Can you make it Thursday? (It’s my birthday).”

“That’s perfect see you then Leanne, at about 8pm”

“Un huh”, I said with a little giggle.

I called you cause I was thinking about all the fantasies that Robbie and I have and I was thinking that it would be great if he gave me one of my fantasies to come true on my birthday.

“Tammy” My pussy is creaming right now by the thought of it.

“Leanne” You are crazy sometimes, the things that come out of your mouth.

We both laughed over the phone.

“Well Leanne”, maybe just maybe you will be lucky to fulfill one on your birthday.

I finished talking to Mojha as I put the phone down I started thinking for as long as I’ve been with my husband it would be great to have my wish come true on my birthday.

The days flew by when my husband the morning of my birthday he playfully began sucking on my nipples wakened me. I began to rests my hands on my back and started to purr.

“Mmm morning babes.”

“Hiya birthday girl.”

I started to enjoy his warm hands against my body. Getting more excited he then pulled himself away from me. My nipples were hard; my pussy was wet, and very creamy.

“Robbie” Do not stop now.

He then reached down and hand me a neatly wrapped package from under the bed.

I eagerly unwraps it to reveal a lace body suit with tiny black thong.

“Want you to wear that tonight darling, its linked to your main present.”

“Dam you Hun and your surprises.” As I hold the thong up.

I did not want him to see that I was disappointed a little bit. I smiled at him and kissed him lightly on the lips and said, “I love them babes”

“Thank you.”

“Leanne”, I reassure you to be patient your main present is worth the wait.
He started to grin and walked out of the room.

“Robbie”, where are you going?

He never answered me. I looked at my gift again and thought to myself maybe we are going to have a fun and kinky night together just the two of us. My hands slipped down under my nightgown to feel my pussy. She was still damp and aroused by all the caressing he has done. I got out of bed, took off my nightgown, and put body stocking and thong up close to me. Turning my head, I could hear my husband heading back to the bedroom with breakfast on the tray. I could see him peeking his head round the door to catch a glimpse of me standing in front of the full-length mirror admiring myself.

“You looked so sexy and hot.” My husband has said to me in a purring way.

He came into the bedroom and placing breakfast on dresser.

He began to whistle.

“That really shows off your curves babes.”

“Thank you Robbie.”

“God Leanne” I am holding myself back from fucking you.

Put a bathrobe on babes and eat your breakfast.

Time went quickly spent most of the day kissing and cuddling in bed but no sex or heavy foreplay. I wanted him to make love to me so bad and I was wondering why he has not gone that far with me. I was so hot and sexually frustrated for him. I began to kiss him harder and faster. He pulled away from me and looked into my eyes.

“Leanne”, not yet you have to wait sweetie.

Why Robbie? What is wrong, I asked?

“Nothing is baby, I just want to wait.” “Okay”

In a low hurting whisper, I agreed.

Robbie pulled out of bed at about 4pm to get dressed as I ran to the shower.

I kartal escort started the water and got in. I left the water run down my breasts and down my sticky sweet pussy lips. I grabbed the soap and started to caress my body with it. “Mmm” Slowly rubbing soap down my pussy with long strokes. My mind was wondering off again, on why my husband would not make love to me. Little tears started to fall from my eyes. What a birthday. I grabbed the shampoo and washed my hair. The warm water hitting my body felt so good as I started to rinse off. I turned the shower off, stepped out grabbing my towel, I began to dry off and head back into the bedroom.

I slipped on my gift that Robbie had given me and looked in the mirror.

“God”, I looked so sexy anyone would fuck me in a heartbeat I whispered to myself.

I put on my make up and did my lips with my favorite color lipstick. “Lovely dark red blossom” Then did my hair and put on my shoes. I looked once again in the mirror and said, “Mmm” Robbie your going to eat your heart out when you see me. I started to grin to the thought of his eyes dropping when he sees me. I headed out of the bedroom and down to the main room

I saw Robbie heading to the kitchen to grab a beer out the fridge. He then crashes out on the couch in front of the telly. I could hear him flicked through the channels trying to relax. He has not seen me yet. I went to the kitchen to get some water. I started to reach for the door. I could feel a hand on my shoulder, I turn round stunned, it was Robbie.

You looked Stunning babes.

“Thank you Robbie”

Robbie could not keep his eyes off me. I wish I knew what was going through his mind this very second.

I heard a loud roar outside.

“That must be Steve,” Robbie said.

I looked at Robbie and said,

“Babes, why is he here today?

“Oh,” he said as he looked at me with a grin.

“Leanne”, you will see honey.

Robbie and I head out to the driveway and seen Steve walking around his new car.

“Hey Steve nice car.” We called at him.

“Thanks Rob and Birthday girl, want to come for a spin.”

It was a two-seater sports car. Robbie got in and told me to go inside and wait a few.

I was kind of upset for I wanted to have a ride in it first. He knows I love sports cars, but I started to head inside.

Steve yells to me.

“Don’t worry birthday girl be back in a few to take you for a ride.”

“You better I said as I laughed and gave him a wicked smile.

Robbie knew that I thought his friend was sexy looking and had a great body. I used to make comments here and there to him when he used to come by all the time. I used to flirt my ass off in front of him and Robbie. Robbie used to say all the time

“I bet; you would love to feel his cock in your tight pussy. Stretching your inner lips and have his cum running down to your ass.”

I used to laugh. He could turn me on so fast the way he talked.

Steve wheels started to spin out the driveway.

Reaching inside I went to grab a beer out of the refrigerator. No sooner, I come out of the kitchen I went to look out the window and they were back. “Hmm”, I thought to myself that was fast.

Steve drives up the driveway and he beeps his horn.

At that moment, I came running out taking my place in the car. I was so excited to go for that ride.

Robbie bent down to give me a kiss on the lips.

“Happy birthday sexy.” “Have fun darling.”

Steve started the car and began to move out of the driveway. I looked behind me to see Robbie go into the house.

Steve smiled at me and looked at me differently. I started to get little excited and a little afraid.

“Leanne” I have a nice birthday present for you that Robbie wanted me to give you.

I turned to him and said’ “Oh yeah” what is it I may ask?

Steve pulled into a hidden place shut the car off, leaned over, and started to kiss me hard. I felt so weak and excited from his lips. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and traced the inside.

“Mmm”, “Leanne he moaned”

I sucked harder on his tongue. I could feel his strong hands caressing my breasts through my shirt. My nipples began to get perky as my tight sweet shaven pussy began to cream once again. Slowly he unbuttons my buttons, slipped his hands under my bra, to maltepe escort bayan pinch one of my nipples with two of his fingers.

“How does that feel Leanne?”

“Mmm”, “that feels great do not stop I whispered.”

Steve started to pinch harder where it made me moan louder. He leaned his head down and brought his warm lips upon my nipple, licking it all around slowly then taking my nipple all in his mouth he began to suck like a baby would to get their milk.

I started to place my hand on his cock. It felt so hard under his jeans.

My mind was racing I cannot believe Robbie gave me one of my fantasies. Never thought he would really truly let one come to life. I will have to do something special for him one day.

Harder I pressed my hand on his cock. Making it so, he could feel me caressing him.
I then stopped and tried to unbutton his jeans, but they were to tight and my nails were somewhat long. He grabbed my hand and pushed it away lightly.

“Leanne”, you want to feel my hard cock in your hands.

“Mmm”, yes

Steve looked into my eyes and said how bad do you want my cock.

I moaned to him in a loud purring voice, “I want your cock bad Steve”

“ Mmm”, “Give it to me baby please”.

I begged for at least 10 seconds before he had his cock out of his pants and ready for me to grab a hold of him. Which I have did. Stroking his shaft up and down, I could feel how veiny his shaft was. He let go of my nipple and came back up to my lips giving me hard kisses. He took his hand and pushed my head down to his cock. I heard him starting to whisper.

Mmm”, baby I been dying to feel your hot mouth around my cock.

“Oh Leanne” suck my cock baby. I heard so much from your husband how you could give great head.

I brought my face to his cock and started to take my tongue and trace his head slowly looking up at him with my sexy dark brown eyes. I slipped my tongue into his cock slit and tasted his precum that was trying to slip out.

“Yes Leanne” “Yes”, that is it baby. Dam do not stop!

I began to flicker his head with my tongue and quickly without any warning, I started to suck hard on his head. I quickly without warning began to deep throat him. I pushed his cock deeper into my mouth touching the back of my throat. His cock was so thick. It was hard to keep deep throating him but I did manage for a little while.

He then put his hands under my shirt. His fingers slid between my wet panties and began to feel my clit.

“Dam Leanne your clit is huge baby.”

“UN Huh”, I said.

He continues to play with it making me cream so more. I could feel his fingers trace my pussy hole as he began to enter. Fingering me slowly with one, he then slid in another making it two. I started to spread my legs wider for him as he fingered my pussy faster and harder.

“Oh yes”, “finger that pussy baby,” I moaned a loud.

Pulling away, He started to get out of the car.

“Come on get out and stand in the front of the car he says. I want to show you my motor. Steve popped the hood on the car to show me the engine and then he had made his move on me again. He bent my face down on the hood ass sticking up. He then lifted my shirt up in the air and fondled my ass. He slowly began to move his hands between my thighs and making his way to my inner thighs. He knelt down, pulled my thong to one side, planted kisses on my pussy, and began to tug at my lips with his teeth. He then started to push his tongue deep into my wet pussy. In and out, he went my sweet juices trying to escape onto his tongue. He held my clit with his mouth. Grasping onto it hard not letting go.

I began to pull his head closer to me and held him there until I started to cum on his face.

“Oh god”, “Yes”, I scream aloud. “I’m cumin”

I knelt down in front of Steve and started to take his huge cock in both my hands. I stroked my face with it. Then began to do the same thing to him in the car. I took his engorged knob in my mouth sucking it slowly at first then faster until his cum had squirted. He then pulled out and finished cumin onto my breasts. I still had his thick creamy cum in my mouth I rolled it around with my tongue. I slowly looked up at Steve while rubbing my hands on my breast making sure I got his cum into my skin.

“Mmm”, you taste so good escort pendik Steve I moaned.

I then had some of his creamy cum between my fingers I slid them into my pussy and started to finger myself hard making me squirt my juices. I lifted my fingers out and began to lick them one at a time, looking deep into Steven’s eyes. Taking the last few drops of cum off Steve’s head I could hear him moan again.

After awhile we sat there and talked. I wanted him again. I needed to feel his cock in my pussy. I wanted him to stuff, stretched, and make pussy feel like dynamite.

Steve began to kiss my neck as I started to get wet again from his touch. I began to moan.

Then for a quick minute, I was thinking what Robbie was up to. I felt bad for he is missing all of this and I wanted him here to see the passion and erotic fucking that was going on.

Steve was cock was hard. He took my legs and gentle opened my pussy lips wide apart with one hand and then took his cock and rubbed his knob against my pussy. He started to slip it in my wet needing hole. Little by little, he slid his hard cock in. I could feel my pussy being stretch. God it felt so good.

It had been along time that I had felt my pussy being stretch. I started to moan his name out.

“Mmm”, “Steve”, stuff that pussy. Louder I moaned.

He was excited and started to push his cock in deeper. He went through the whole process again just fucking me with his knob bringing me to another orgasm with his knob. My creamy pussy juices flowed and gushed down Steve’s cock and dripped off onto his balls. He pushed his cock into me deeper inch by inch totally filling and stuffing my pussy. I could not grab onto anything. The feeling I was feeling was great I wanted to tear him apart. Instead, I yelled out “Fuck me good Steve” He started to pound my tight pussy. My creamy juices flowing down his hard cock. Harder and harder, he fucked me my ass moving back and forth on the car.

I thought I was going to metal burn when I he was done. His cock rubbed my swollen clit as he worked in and out of me. Taking his finger, he pressed it against my asshole.

“How you like that Leanne?”

I moaned out that I liked it and not to stop. He then began to push his finger in me more and I started to cream even more as I began to get ready to orgasm again.

“Oh yes” I screamed

“Yes” fuck that pussy I yelled out to him.

I leaned back and started to cum hard. I could feel myself squirt all over his cock. He looked down and was amazed on what I did.

“Dam Leanne” I never new you could squirt like that he said.

Pumping my pussy harder, he began to orgasm.

“I’m cumin,” he moaned out

He grabbed his cock and pulled out squirting his hot juicy cum all over my face. His cum ran down my chin and down my breasts. I put my tongue out to catch some. I grabbed his cock and began to milk him dry holding his balls tight into my hand. I could taste his last drop of cum hit the back of my throat. I came up to him and kissed him on his lips. He grabbed me closer and stuck his tongue in my mouth.

“Mmm”, I can taste my juices.

I pulled away and looked passionately into his eyes and smile.

What time is it Steve? I had asked.

“It is 2:45 Leanne”

“Oh my”, we have to get going Robbie is probably wondering where we are now.

We got the house I looked at Steve and told him that I had a wonderful time and that this is the best birthday present. He leaned over and said,

“Made my dreams come true on fucking you.”

He kissed me and I got out of the car and watched him drive away.

I walked into the door and amazing Robbie was looking at the clock.

“What have you been doing?” he said to me.

I went over to cuddled closer to him and stuck my tongue in his ear. I could feel his heart starting to pound.

I wonder if his imagination started run wild. He pulled me tightly into his arms and brought his mouth to mine. I was reluctant at first. However, He gently prized my lips apart and probed deep into my mouth with his tongue.

I started to drift into deep though. I wonder if he could taste Steve’s juices that were lingering into my mouth.

He started caressing my hair and cheek and when he ran his fingers gently over my throat, he could feel a strange stiffness on my normally soft skin. As if some sticky solution had been spilled and left to dry. My imagination was now totally out of control as I pictured what Robbie was thinking. The night went on.

You can read his part of our love making on his story called Birthday Stuffing by Solid.

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