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“I need to talk about something.” Toni said as I took her breakfast tray. We’d eaten the omelets I’d made, in front of the fire.

“Let me freshen your tea. Then we can talk.” Toni had been quiet since she came down stairs. What could be wrong? This was our first sleep-over. We had discussed and planned it. The concert last night was on my side of town and the round trip to her place would have put me home very late. “We’re not having ‘next morning second thoughts’ are we?” Only our third time making love, but I thought it had been rather spectacular. Last night we had literally exhausted each other. This morning I was wakened by Toni fondling me and then climbing on top and rubbing herself up and down on my excited state. She then blew me away by squatting over me, a foot on the bed at each side of my hips, impaling herself on my cock and bouncing her hips until she collapsed forward onto my chest as she clasped me, tightly, with her pussy muscles. She had squeezed so hard that I had difficulty ejaculating. The omelet had been perfect, even if I do say so myself. What had I done to upset her?

Toni was dressed in sweats and sport socks. She was leaning forward, chin in hands, elbows on knees, staring into the fire. I placed her tea on the low table before her. “No, everything was wonderful.” She turned and sadly glanced at me. “That’s part of my problem. Barry, tell me honestly, do you really like me? Do you think we can become an item?” Now she was looking directly at me. “Because I like you and I believe we can. And we’re so good in bed,” she smiled.

Good in bed … The first two times were delights of exploration, even if we had some awkward moments getting to know each other, but last night was fireworks! I gave her a direct honest answer. “I’m enjoying you very much and would like to continue to get to know you.”

For a few minutes Toni was quiet staring into the fire. She then reached out to my hand, squeezed and said, “Thank you.”

I wondered what terrible secret she was struggling with. “I think relationships deserve honesty. I don’t believe that requires the hundred and one doubts and queries we each have need to be blurted out all at once. If you have something you want me to know about you, then when you’re comfortable talking about it, will be good enough for me.”

Silence from Toni, again. I warmed both our teas.

“I need to tell you now. It might make a difference to you, and we have the time this morning. I can read the Times later.” Toni took a deep breath, as if resolved to go ahead, and turned facing me, one leg on the sofa under her.

“Except for a once only, with a painter working at my house, my sex life … well there hasn’t been any … since Jim left us four years ago.”

“I’ve had a long dry spell myself,” I said.

“Barry, please don’t interrupt me. This is hard enough for me with out distractions.” I sat mute.

“About four months ago we had a leak develop in the shower of the hall bathroom. It took several weeks for the repairs to be made. During that time Jimmy had to shower, so he used the one canlı bahis in my bathroom.”

Toni went on. “We got into the routine of me taking my shower and then calling Jim Jr. to wake up and take his shower.”

“I don’t go prancing around naked in front of Jimmy, but over the years he has come in on me and me on him so that we have seen each other nude and partially dressed, occasionally. We’ve never made a fuss over it. Likewise, I never thought much of him seeing me in my underwear. He certainly walks through the house in his boxers frequently. I’ve had to shoo him upstairs when I have had visitors, more than once.

“Well, our routine developed with me dried and in a robe after my shower, doing hair and makeup at the mirror, when Jimmy would come in, strip and get into the shower. Sometimes I was out of the bathroom by the time he got out of the shower.”

My god, she’s go the hots for her son, I thought. So that was her guilty secret.

“I’m not proud of it, but I couldn’t help noticing Jimmy in my mirror. He’s no athlete. Jim left a full workout apparatus in the basement so Jim Jr. has used it regularly. As a result his body is well developed and buff. I couldn’t help myself. I knew I shouldn’t, but I looked at his body. I stared. I’d position myself so as to be able to get the best view of him when he came in and undressed. I soon realized that if I prolonged my makeup I could see him dry himself, also. A twofer,” said Toni derisively.

“The more I saw of his penis, the more I wanted to see it. Sometimes, when he first came into the bathroom he would still be partially erect. I’d fantasize about what his dream had been. If he peed, I had a perfect mirror angle. If I saw him dry himself he would lift and wipe around his prick and balls. I couldn’t get enough. I thought about his body and especially his cock all day long. I had dreams, you wouldn’t believe, about that body and what could be done to and for it. I even had a couple of nightmares where he had no penis or it was hacked off. Can you believe it?”

“Sounds like you were obsessed with his body.” I offered.

“Obsessed, that’s a good word. My day was revolving around our morning shower routine. I am so ashamed. It gets worse.

“I raised the ante. I was noticing him and I wanted him to notice me. I started calling him before I was dry so he might see me pulling on my robe. I let the sash lose so the robe would gap open when I leant forward to put on eyeliner or the like. This gave him a view of my breasts, particularly when he peed, he could look at me in the mirror. I delayed dressing so I would still be in my bra and panties when he came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. I did this whenever I dressed in particularly sexy undies. Do you think I was bad?” Toni went on without waiting for me to answer.

“I think he noticed. A couple of times he made comments about my sexy underwear and once while he was peeing he told me I was “showing nip, Mom.”

“So you’re a letch and a tease,” I joked.

“Don’t jest, I’m being serious. I can’t believe I bahis siteleri did all this. Anyhow, one morning after this had been going on for a little over two weeks, I was late getting up, so I called Jimmy to shower before me so he wouldn’t miss his school bus.

“I don’t think I planned this. I’m sure the Freudians would say something else. Any way, after he was in the shower, I brushed my teeth and then – I swear the devil made me do it – then I took off my robe and nighty, and announced, ‘I’m coming in to shower with you, move over.’ And did just that.”

“Whoa! Did you make Jimmy’s day?”

“He said, ‘Aw, Mom’ and turned away from me. My heart was in my throat. What had I done? I wanted to turn and run dripping to the far end of the house and at the same time I wanted to feel and hug and caress his wet body.”

By this time my imagination and Toni’s story was getting me pretty excited. I started to slide down the sofa toward Toni. She held up her hands, “Keep your distance, I’m not finished.”

“Your obedient servant.” I slid back to my end.

“In the shower I grabbed the soap and started to wash his back. I said, ‘Isn’t it nice to have your mom wash you?’ and got a grunt in reply. He did let me continue. What a turn on it was being so close and running my hands over the body I’d been gawking at and fantasizing about for weeks. I couldn’t stop; his buns; his broad back; his arms, I soaped them all, over and over.” Toni looked at me. How was I taking all this I think she was asking herself. She paused and sighed.

“I turned him round to wash his front. He was ERECT! The cock I’d lusted for each morning was saluting ME.” Toni went on rapidly. “I took hold of it and started to jack it. Not gentle or timid, but with heat, with intention and firmly.

“It only took a few strokes. He groaned and started to ejaculate cum all over my stomach. I was startled and thrilled. What a turn on after weeks of foreplay. My son squirted on me. I hugged him and squeezing against him. My belly was against his still hard prick. I pushed. With my belly I rubbed his spunk against his cock and loins. We felt and sounded slippery, grinding together.

“Jimmy must have got really excited. At first he tried to fondle my tits, but I was pressing too close and moving against him. He then put his hands under my arm pits, lifted me on my tippy toes, shoved me back against the wall and rammed his cock into me, and fucked me as only a horny eighteen year old strapping young stud can.”

Toni sighed and stared into the fire. I didn’t know what to say. I know her story had me kind of worked up.

“Now you know why I had to tell you. There’s more.”

I tried to be serious, “I can understand that this is a very emotional experience for you, but you don’t have to tell me and you don’t have to go on.”

“Oh, yes I do. Understand, Jimmy didn’t rape me. I was more than ready. He just slipped into me. I set the whole scene up. I excited him … and myself.

“Hard and fast he stroked into me, crushing me against the wall. He made me cum, I screamed, he kept pumping, bahis şirketleri I cried out in tremors of ecstatic lust, and finally he erupted within me. I felt it fill me and push out of me around his prick.

“Without a word, Jimmy pulled out, let me down and stepped back under the water flow, rinsed himself off and got out of the shower. I was left shuddering, hardly able to stand, leaning against the wall, feeling so empty. He just pulled out! What had I done?”

“Been well served by son Jim, by the sounds of things,” I said. The story had served me pretty well, also.

“I wasn’t worth a damn the rest of the day. I didn’t get any of my things done. How was I going to face Jimmy when he got home? How would we manage in the next few days. I was a wreck of self doubt, recrimination and self-loathing. I had sinned. I had scared him for life. Ruined him for a wife. I wanted to die.”

“Seems to me you and Jimmy have a pretty good and loving relationship now, so something must have worked out.”

Toni looked at me for the first time in quite a while. “You’re right. Jimmy solved the problem. That night he walked into the house, ‘Mom, my love, where are you?’ He put his arms around me and gave me a big hug and kiss. A real kiss. Then he asked, ‘Did my horny Mother get what she needed this morning? I sure got what I needed. God, I love you, Mom!’ He picked me up and swung me around.

“I’m not going to pretend I don’t have second thoughts about all this, but to cut a long story short, after days of discussion, Jimmy and I came to an agreement, and this is where it affects you.

“In June, Jimmy starts at Boudin College. We realized we were each horny and sex starved — me since the separation from Jim, and Jimmy since his girlfriend was wooed by a basketball jock — and we had lusted for each other for a long time. The bathroom routine was just the icing on our cakes. So we decided to enjoy ourselves together, whenever we want, until he leaves for college.”

“You mean you’re having sex with Jimmy on a regular basis?”

Toni looked at me with an impish grin, “Yep, and loving every minute of it. Sometimes a couple of times a day. Other times we go for days without.”

“I know Jimmy is aware that you were here with me last night. How does he feel about sharing you with me?”

“He is delighted. He has been very concerned that I was not dating enough and giving myself a chance to find someone to love. He also says he likes you. He won’t stand in our way.”

I said, “Stupid question, how do you feel about having two men in your life?”

“What woman wouldn’t think it the best ever? Seriously, I think I showed you last night how I felt about you and I just tried to tell you how I feel about Jimmy. The question is: how do you feel about me now that you know I’m an incestuous mother, I love it and don’t feel much guilt now, either?”

I started to slide toward Toni, “May I approach the scandalous woman at the end of the sofa?”

She smiled at me, but said, “Depends what you’re going to say when you get here.”

“Ever since I bought this condo, I’ve fantasizes about making love to a beautiful woman in front of this fire.” I reached for the waist band of Toni’s sweat shirt to pull it off over her head.


© 2009 Balmain

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