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What a day! Donna took a moment to look in the mirror. She had stepped into the ladies room at the seaside eatery. Her new beau, Roy, was waiting for her there. Her kids were at her ex’s for a few weeks so she was excited when Roy announced their small vacation plans. Like her, he was in his early 40’s, married once but without kids. He had not met hers, but as things were progressing to something more serious she wondered how he would be with them. She could tell he was kind hearted, especially when he smiled big. His narrow brown eyes and smooth cheeks attracted her to him when they first met at the charity walk. Several months later after sporadic dates, countless texts and phone calls they finally had a weekend together. As she teased her hair slightly she wondered when he would make his move.

Roy smiled as Donna returned to the table. He loved her company. He described her to his family and friends as “adorable”. She was a little over five feet with softly highlighted brown hair to her shoulders, hazel eyes, and soft womanly curves. She complained about her hips, but he didn’t. He loved watching her only she did not know it.

“Ready to get back on the bike?” He asked.

“Oh if I must.” Her semi-sarcastic tone ended with a grin. “You just like that I have to hold onto you.”

“Yep.” He smirked back. They walked out holding hands.

Riding the motorcycle back to the beach house Donna relished the sights and smells you cannot get in a car. She was enjoying herself. When they arrived to the beach house yesterday they spent the evening sipping wine and watching the sunset from the house’s porch. She relaxed and finally crashed hard. Apparently Roy had helped her into a bedroom and she woke up alone with all of her bags in the room with her. He was in another room. What a gentleman!

They pulled into the beach house. It was midafternoon and the sun was high and the big hammock in the shade looked inviting. Donna flipped off her sandals and settled in.

“Need a nap?” Roy asked.

“Maybe”, she answered. He could see it in her eyes.

“Well tonight we have something fun planned. It is a surprise.” He kicked off his shoes to join her.

“Oh?” Donna asked wondering, reaching for his hand as he lay next to her.

“Remember when talked about learning to sail? I have a boat we can borrow for the evening. In fact, if you want, we can anchor just inside the barrier island and sleep on deck with the warm sea breeze under the stars.” Roy was fishing. He was not sure what she would say.

“You mean overnight?”

“Yes. If you want, I can bring dinner and breakfast for us and…”

“Yes.” She cut him off. Inside she was jumping with excitement. He was thoughtful and he took charge with a plan, a romantic plan. She hoped skinny dipping with him was in order.

“Nap time.” She kissed him quickly.


“This is fun!” Donna announced. She was covered in sunscreen with big sunglasses and a sun visor. The day sail boat was cruising across the bay. People in other boats waved and Donna waved back. The boat was not that big, but had a small cabin and a “head” which Donna learned meant bathroom. After a few hours they made their way to the back end of the barrier island.

She watched Roy at the helm. He was a little short of six foot with a deeply receding hairline. He kept his hair trimmed short and his face clean shaven. She knew he jogged and swam to stay in shape or “keep off the spare tire” as he put it. She thought he was handsome in his shorts and breathable sport fishing shirts that were popular for men to wear on the coast.

The island was mostly sand and grass with shorebirds as residents. Roy coached her how to bring the sail down as they anchored and settled. Roy brought out two black bags and hung them on the sides of the mast.

“What are those?” Donna wondered.

“These are our warm water showers. Don’t worry, we can shower after dark so no one will see us. Maybe you can wash my back.”

“Bet on it.” Her tone was firm.

Roy moved to her, wrapping his arms around her waist. She looked up at him, slightly frowned “All I can see is me in your sunglasses.”

“I’m ok with that.” He kissed her, his embrace was solid. Donna loved that the moment lingered.

“Ready to go hot beachcomber girl?”


They gathered a few things, slipped in to the water and headed to the beach.


“Your escort bostancı class is going to love those shells. What a fun teacher to bring all 25 kids a shell.” Roy was admiring the full mesh bag.

“I am a fun teacher. The best teacher they have…this year.” She chuckled.

Roy rinsed the shells in the water to get rid of the excess sand put them into the boat. He turned to Donna. “Want to cool off before dinner?”

“Sure, but don’t get my hair wet.” She peeled off her long t-shirt that covered her bathing suit. Roy unbuttoned his bright colored fishing shirt. Roy put both inside the boat and fished out two beers from the ice chest.

“Ooo…my hero.” She accepted hers.

“Hold mine please.” Roy took off his cap and sunglasses and submerged his head under the cooler water. He can back up and put his cap on.

“Wait. Leave your glasses off.” Donna took hers off and they both put them in the boat. They sat in the stern’s shade, the water up to their neck and shoulders. Roy made a move. He pulled her to him. She was facing him and settled with her legs over his. He sipped his cold one and put his arm behind her neck.

“Thank you for coming.” He said and leaned. It was a steamy, somewhat salty series of kisses.

“All that AND beer.” Donna announced proudly.

“It is because of your hotness.” Roy retorted followed by a big sip.

“Yeah whatever” Donna was not convinced.

“Believe it. You are a beautiful woman and I am proud to be seen with you.” Roy let the silence linger.

“Thank you.” Her voice was low, almost in a whisper.

In reality Donna had been spending some time at the gym when she could. As a single mom with pre-teens at home, time for herself was scarce. The times she could go out with friends or Roy were brief. All those daily issues were not with her now. Finally they could relax together in the cool water exchanging random kisses and caresses.

“Time for me to start dinner” Roy announced. “Let me start the grill, I’ll be right back”.

Roy got back in the boat, mounted the grill on the stern, attached the propane tank and fired it up.

“What are we having?” Donna was floating in the water with her feet up now.

“Grilled shrimp and veggie skewers.”


Roy set up a table on the back deck and set it for dinner. Donna smiled as he cooked and served the dinner. Donna flirted during dinner, running her foot on his legs. They talked, laughed, and watched the sun set. The stars were out as they finished stowing all the dinner dishes.

“Ready to wash the salt off?” Roy asked.

“Ummm…sure…there is no shower on board.”

“We do it up on the top deck where those black bags are. They are our hot water. You told me you used to go camping?” Roy asked.

“Well….cabins, showers, summer camp.” Donna confessed.

“It’s dark so we shower on deck. No one can see us. I can go first if you a want.” Roy went into the cabin and brought out two beach towels, a bottle of body wash, and a clean pair of shorts.

Donna watched him. He was being a gentleman. Maybe it was time to let him know it was ok to make a move. She excused herself and went inside the cabin to use the head while Roy climbed to the deck by the mast.

Roy was up on deck and checked the black bags. They were still really warm. Despite the warm ocean breeze, a warm, freshwater shower is hard to beat. He stripped off his shorts and started rinsing off. High clouds kept the moonlight soft. The evening sea breeze gently rocked the boat.

“Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.” He said to himself out loud.

“Good stuff?” Donna asked.

Roy was startled and looked to the stern. Donna had quietly climbed to the top deck. In the darkness he could see her silhouette.

“Um…I am naked up here.” Roy warned.

“So am I.” She replied, her voice lowered in a sensual tone. “I need you to wash my back.”

Roy smiled, not that Donna could see. He felt the excitement mingled with the sea breeze on his naked body.

Donna was somewhat nervous, but decided she was going for it. So here she was, naked on the deck of a sailboat in the moonlight. She loved the feeling. He reached to her, she extended her hand and he gently pulled her to him. His arms enveloped her and they kissed, deeply. Donna circled her arms behind his neck. Both were hungry for each other. Months of seeing each other in public ümraniye escort lead to this romantic weekend away. Each of them tasted the beer and salt on the other. Roy initiated. He let loose a stream of warm water on her.

“Oh, that is warm.” She cooed.

“Let me wash you.” His soft tone reassured.

He put some gel on his hands and started on her shoulders and back.

“Does this help?” Donna put both hands on the mast and stood with her feet shoulder length apart.

“This is killing me.” He whispered near her ear. “I am finally touching your hot, naked body.”

“Flattery will get you many places.” She returned.

His hands efficiently washed her. His hands felt her face, soft skin and curves of her body. He knew she complained about the curves brought on by age, children, and the treats associated with faculty parties. He paused at a certain area until at last she took over. He then rinsed her.

“Let me get your towel.” He reached for it.

“No.” She stopped him “my turn.”

She reciprocated. He put both hands on the mast and slightly spread his legs.

“Oh….assume the position?” She giggled. Her hands soaped him up. Roy smiled in the dark as she paused a bit on his ass. She washed everything, saving his cock for last. He was getting excited with anticipation. His arms and legs were muscular. His midsection had that extra coverage most men do thanks to age, beer, and rich food.

“We cannot forget him.” Her hands deftly acted. He was already on the way to having an erection. She heard him softly moan in approval. Both of her hands took part, one on his shaft, one on his scrotum.

She stopped and rinsed him.

“Thank you.” He said reaching for her hand as she clipped the nozzle back up on the hot water bag. He gently tugged on it to pull her to him.

They embraced and kissed. She could feel his arms around her and his erection against her. It had been sometime since she had been the object of this kind of romantic desire. He made her feel beautiful, sexy, and very wanted. It was time to make him really want her. She pushed him back towards the mast with a slow forceful, two handed motion.

He complied, his back soon against the pole.

She kissed him again. This time her hands were not behind his neck, one was on his right nipple the other on his pelvis. She bent downward, her lips teasing his other nipple. Her hand left his pelvis and found his cock. A few short strokes and his approval was firmly apparent.

She moved down to her knees in front of him. He could not see the excitement on her face. She wanted to please him and as she took his cock between her lips his long, rather loud reaction was exactly what she hoped.

“Oooooohhhhh….Donna” he let loose. She had one hand on his scrotum, her thumb and forefinger encircling his shaft, and her warm lips and tongue on his head. His groans and moans continued as she did.

“Your cock is nice and thick.” She looked up at him during a short pause.

“Thank yyyyooooouuuu.” His words slurred as she took him back in her mouth again.

Her hand’s tempo increased, followed by her head bobbing. He was hard, very hard and his scrotum was in motion. No, she was going to have this continue so she stopped and stood back up, keeping on hand on his shaft. He stepped away from the mast, careful to keep her hands where he wanted them and kissed her deeply.

“I love how your treat him, but it is time he pays attention to you.” His lips near her ear. He took both her hands in his and placed them against the mast. This bent her over slightly, her ass out in the position she loved. He moved behind her and she felt his steel hard cock maneuvering. He was very hard and she was wet. He parted her legs a bit more and she felt him slowly slide in her.

“OOoohhhh Roy” she sighed loudly. His thickness gently parted her until she felt his pelvis against her ass. His hands firmly gripped her hips. He withdrew slightly and gyrated his hips as he slowly pushed in her again.

“Daaammmnnnn Donna. You are soooooo tight.” His voice trailed off into a deep inhale. He kept his slow rhythm.

Donna’s palms where again the mast, gripping it hard. She extended her head up and looked back at Roy. She could make out his face. His handsome face she admired. She wanted him to lean forward and kiss her.

“Mmmmmm…yyeesss…” Her vocals caught his attention. He leaned forward, stopped thrusting, kartal escort bayan grabbed the back of her hair and kissed her, hard, hungry that ended with their tongues coming together. His other hand moved down and cupped her breast, her nipple teased between some fingers.

He started thrusting again. The angle was good and Donna pulled her mouth away from his.

“Oh yes…keep going.” She was breathless.

He straightened back up and increased his tempo, one hand with a handful of her wet hair, the other with a C cup. It was not long until Donna’s mouth opened wide, her eyes closed, but nothing came out. A few seconds elapsed before she crested the mountain and came.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh….” She wailed, loudly. One hand left the mast and cupped one of his ass cheeks pulling him close and to a stop. Her legs were tingling. Her pussy felt like it was firing electric bolts inside her. He leaned forward again and planted kisses on her back. Donna shuddered as her orgasm sensitivity subsided. The sea breeze was blowing across them was giving her goose bumps.

Roy pulled out, stepped back, and gently pulled her into her arms. Before either of them could speak a higher wind gust enveloped them.

“Let’s go below deck.” He suggested, taking her hand. He snatched up the towels and guided her down the steps to the small cabin.

Once inside the wind blew through the top hatch and window making Donna more comfortable.

The cabin had a table that when lowered made for the bed frame. Roy let loose her hand and bent to lower the table.

“No.” She stopped him.

She had noticed that the table’s end was near enough to the ladder that lead to the stern. That part of the cabin had an open area where Roy could stand upright. She pushed him back there and hopped up on the table.

“Better?” She asked as he figured out what she was doing.

“Yes.” His voice was soft. His lips went to her neck, a strong hand to her shoulder another stroking the outside of her thigh. She outstretched a hand to his side and pulled him closer. Another hand reached for his cock.

“I need more of this.” She teased.

“Yes, you do.” His followed her lead as he moved his lips to hers.

Her tugs were expertly firm enough to get him hard again. He stood back up straight and maneuvered himself closer. Donna guided his cock in her then gripped the table’s edge pushing her lower body toward him. With his hardness inserted she let loose.

“Ohhhh yyyeaaahh.” Her voice echoed slightly in the small cabin.

Roy started his slow thrusting again. Donna’s hands were gripping the table, hard. Her legs spread wide briefly until his strong arms pulled them to his chest her ankles on his shoulders. His thrusts grew harder and deeper. She moaned louder.

“Oooohhhhh Donna…damn…” His voice trailing as a hand moved down her thigh.

“Ooooooooo…yyyeeesssss baby” she was nearly screaming.

His hand reached between her legs, his thumb moving to her clit. Donna reacted instantly.

“Come on baby cum with me.” She panted between deep breaths and moans.

His thumb found her swollen clit and moved side to side. Donna started slapping the table one of her hands.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhh….fffuuuccckkkk….oooooooo baby…you have to come soon….ooohhhh.” She screamed.

She could also feel him swell.

“I’m close.” His words were short. He was breathing heavy.

Donna moaned “Fill me baby.” Her eyes closed, her fingers clamped down on the table’s edge like the ship was sinking and it were her life raft. Electric like shocks emitted from her clit under his thumb. His thick cock plowing inside her was hitting all the right places. Her head tilted back and she wailed.

“Rrrrooooyyy….ffffffuuuuucccckkkk…. aaaaaahhhhhhhhh.” She was loud.

He could feel her tighten down on his cock. He moved his arms and bear hugged her shapely legs together.

“Oooooohhhhh Donna.” He was breathing heavy. “Aaaaaaahhhhhh…” He called out.

He was pumping hard as she felt his seed fill her.

“Oh yes….fill me Roy.” Her voice tinged with delight. With a few more thrusts he was drained, his firm grip on her legs loosened.

Donna sat up and Roy leaned down for an afterglow kiss.


The sun was peeking over the horizon.

Donna had her naked back to Roy and a cup of coffee in her hands. Both were wrapped in a sheet sitting on the stern. He sipped his coffee and kissed the back of her neck. The lovers were watching the sunrise and later after one last walk on the beach headed home. As their relationship moved forward they always remembered their summertime lovin’ on the sailboat.

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