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Here it is, the final chapter of my first story published online. Thank you so much for the positive responses! I plan to continue writing and I hope you enjoy the next few series I have planned (and have already started writing). If you haven’t already followed me, please do so that you’ll know when those are added! 🙂

This story works OK as a stand-a-lone but here’s a quick summary of Chapters 1 through 11:

18-year-old Caylee’s parents are spending the summer in France and have asked Caylee’s cousin Matt (age 20) to “babysit” her. Matt has been helping Caylee learn about all the things she has been sheltered from her whole life, including romantic and sexual situations. Their relationship evolves into playing around together, and Matt introduces Caylee to her first kiss, first orgasm, and more. When they find out Matt’s parents and sister Hannah plan to visit, Caylee pulls out all the stops to seduce him. The story picks up the morning after she finally succeeds.

Day 21 – Wednesday:

As I woke up, I felt Caylee curled up as my little spoon, still asleep. Her butt felt sensational, nestled against my morning erection. I debated whether it was more awesome this way or to see her cute face (and sexy cleavage) and had to concede both options were a tie. Any way you sliced it, my cousin was super sexy, with awesome curves added to her muscular swimmer’s frame.

Starting to come out of the dreamy haze of sleep, warmth and comfort caused thoughts about the night’s events started to build up speed, nagging at me. The truth was that over the course of the past few weeks, I’d allowed my younger cousin to seduce me. I took a deep breath. `No regrets,’ I told myself. `Caylee wanted it and was determined to get it. You knew that you could only hold out so long.’

Memories of last night came into my mind’s eye: giving Caylee an orgasm, helping her carefully impale herself onto my cock, watching her ride me as she found her rhythm, rolling us over and fucking her into the mattress until we both came. It had been the best sex of my life – and I hadn’t been the virgin!

The burst of memories helped me to block out the clamouring of my thoughts and instead I could focus on all the physical sensations that were coming at me in the here and now: the scent of Caylee’s conditioner, the silky texture of her skin where my hand rested on her belly, the relaxed feeling of every muscle in my body. The more I woke up, the more wonderful things came to my awareness.

Caylee shifted as she started to wake and I skimmed my thumb gently across her soft tummy to say “hi”. Otherwise, we were hardly moving, pressed up together, in a cocoon of complete coziness. After a minute, she wiggled a little. It was her morning tradition of checking to see the state of my dick – no surprise that she found it hard. It always was around her, and being snuggled up in bed first thing in the morning was not going to create an exception to that rule. We enjoyed a few more sleepy and comfy minutes together and then Caylee turned to face me. Ahh, there was the delicious cleavage I’d missed seeing first thing – I couldn’t help taking a quick peek down at her lovely fresh skin.

“I was going to ask how you were doing but if you’re pervin’ on me, I’m going to guess that means you’re OK?” Caylee grinned at me, her blue eyes clearly showing her amusement.

“You know, I actually am.” My voice revealed that I was a bit surprised at myself. Given how long it had taken me to lock up my shame and be OK with our taboo relationship, I had definitely expected more self-recrimination after crossing this boundary. But nope. “No regrets. You are fucking amazing and fucking you was amazing.” I skimmed a hand from Caylee’s hip up to her waist and settled it there, stroking the soft skin I could feel between the bottom edge of her pyjama top and the top of her PJ shorts.

Caylee’s face flushed with a cute little shy look. She was still not quite adjusted to strong language, although certain moments revealed how much she actually loved it. “I agree, it was really awesome.” She snuggled in closer, pressing her body to mine. Her hand splayed across my chest and her fingers tweaked my chest hairs a little, almost absentmindedly. “I wish we’d gotten there sooner, though. Now we have to endure your sister and parents visiting before we can get back to having the place to ourselves!”.

“I apologize for holding out against your seduction for so long. Don’t know how I resisted.” I teased, continuing to stroke Caylee’s skin, dipping my fingers a little lower, past the waistband of her PJ shorts. “Just remember, it’ll be all over in a week’s time and then we have the whole rest of the summer.”

“True.” Caylee’s tweaking fingers started scratching super gently over my nipples and she squirmed a little, her legs moving restlessly. “And we have today, right? At least until your sister gets here.” She gave me this look that said “do we dare?”and canlı bahis I couldn’t help but smile – my cousin had been insatiable even before, with oral sex and other sexy games, so I knew she’d be ravenous now that she knew how incredible full-out fucking was.

“Hmm… it’s true Hannah won’t be here that soon, it’s a 5-hour drive…” I pretended to think about it.

“Uh huh…” Caylee waited but showed her impatience. Her legs continued to rub together and against mine. I could see that her pupils were dilated, and the way her tooth sunk into her lower lip told me she was very turned on but waiting for a green light. I was more than ready to give it to her.

“OK, I think we can-“. I was interrupted mid-sentence by Caylee’s ravenous kiss. I matched her with equal hunger. If we only had a few hours to fuck before needing to push pause for 5 days, we were determined to make the most of it.

* * * * *

Day 22 – Thursday:

Waking up the next morning was a completely different – and disappointing – scenario. I was back in the guest room bed where I had started my summer visit. Unfortunately, my morning boner had not received the memo that we wouldn’t be waking up next to a hot blonde chick and was in full ready-to-go mode. This was supposed to be a temporary situation that would be remedied after the coming weekend, but try telling my dick that. I was tempted to jerk off quickly but decided to just suck it up and deal with it. Probably the several hours of sex Caylee and I had banked during our last few hours alone yesterday would help us survive the enforced dry spell.

Getting out of bed, I tossed on boxers, cargo shorts, and a T-shirt. My sister was waiting in the kitchen but Caylee didn’t seem to have come downstairs yet. I helped myself to a cup of coffee and sat down at the table with Hannah, figuring I’d get breakfast going in a minute.

“So how goes Operation Toss-your-stuff-everywhere?” I inquired. Hannah had arrived yesterday at dinner-time and had settled into one of the extra rooms upstairs. It usually served as Aunt Deb’s office but had one of those Murphy beds hidden amongst the built-in bookshelves. Yes, I had duly teased Hannah with the appropriate Sims 4 death-trap reference – my “dorky little brother” rep must be maintained, after all.

“Not bad actually, it’s been easier than I thought. Wish I’d stayed an extra day with Léa! Oh well… Now I just need a quick run-down of what `our’ schedule is. I figure we can maybe squeeze in a bit of Toronto sight-seeing today and tomorrow so I can scatter some paraphernalia around. Brochures and tourist-y purchases like T-shirts and hats. We can buy gifts for Mom and Dad, say that we were going to bring them home as gifts but hey, might as well have them early.”

“I bow to your evil genius…” On the one hand, I was pleased with Hannah’s scheming because it would save my butt (and Caylee’s). On the other hand, I definitely wished she had spent that extra day with Léa too. She could have had us gather up some souvenir crap for her just as easily. But I guess it added weight to our story to have her present for pics and to be able to talk about our sight-seeing. “Just don’t let it get to your head!”

“Well, I’m glad you acknowledge my genuis-ness. Do you wanna come with? See the sights?”

“Not really but Caylee’s a good hostess so if it seems likely she’d be the type to play tour guide then we’d better pack it all into the next 2 days. We’ll ask her when she’s up.”

“Ask me what?” Coming into the kitchen through the fancy archway from the hall, Caylee looked as gorgeous in the mornings as she always did. She was dressed for the day instead of wearing PJs but still looked really sexy. Back to wearing clothes she hadn’t borrowed from a friend, her modestly-cut shorts and shirt looked… well, a little Stay-at-home-Mom-ish, to be honest. Yet, somehow, she still looked sexy. Her blonde hair was up in a ponytail and she looked so fresh and sweet. I wished I could press kisses to the back of her exposed neck, right where a few little tendrils of hair had escaped from her elastic band.

As I was daydreaming about my sexy cousin, Hannah was filling her in on the genius plan. Caylee confessed that if we’d all been together for the past few weeks as originally planned, she definitely would have dragged us out to do touristy stuff at least once per weekend. This meant we had a few trips to make up.

“We can probably hit up the CN Tower today, the Zoo tomorrow, and maybe a couple other spots nearby. At least some restaurants or shops or whatever.” Caylee was in planning mode, heading for her computer. But when she flipped it open, she stopped, likely realizing that it could create a snag in our plans if her parents were checking the monitoring software they had installed.

“I’ll grab my laptop, no one will be able to check the times we looked up the info.” I volunteered, once bahis siteleri again rolling my eyes at the ridiculous level of protectiveness my Aunt Deb and Uncle Stephen had when it came to Caylee. I filled Hannah in on some of the restrictions I’d observed in this house (and that Caylee had told me about), and she was as aggravated with it all as I had been.

“Holy shit, seriously?” She looked back and forth between myself and Caylee, finally settling her gaze on my cousin as her expression of disbelief melted into one of sympathy. “I’m so sorry, kiddo, that must suck so much!”.

Caylee nodded. “It totally does. And a lot of my friends are at the same strict all-girls private school so they’re in the same cages. I’m really grateful Matt’s been here, even just being able to use his laptop with no one spying on me has been great.” She shot me a smile, and I saw what was behind the surface. See a hint of what she couldn’t say in front of Hannah.

“Happy to help.” was all I could say, even though there was so much more I wanted to tell her. Once my laptop was up and running for the day, we got to planning our whirlwind tourist-y experience.

* * * * *

Days 22 & 23 – Thursday & Friday:

I have to admit, we had a fun couple of days together. I’m sure if Hannah had been here for the whole summer, we would have had just as much fun, just in a completely different way than Caylee and I had been having!

It was really difficult not to hold Caylee’s hand in the car, flirt with her in the pool, all the little things we were used to doing. And it was especially hard not to kiss her good-night before heading off to the guest room and sleeping all alone. We told Hannah about our daily routine, but of course there were some omissions and substitutions. Like, we introduced her to our after-dinner Movie Night, but put on regular movies.

Our parents were planning on leaving home (in the ‘burbs of Montréal) early on Saturday morning, hoping to arrive here by midday. Then they were going to head back on Monday morning to get home before the traffic got too bad. That meant a visit of less than 48 hours, a number I kept repeating to myself (and sometimes Caylee when out of Hannah’s earshot) as survivable.

Counting Hannah’s time here from Wednesday on, that was a total of not-quite-5 days. 5 days and we could get back to the lovely little world we had created for just the two of us, separate from the rest of humanity.

We got through less than half of that time before we screwed up…

It started out with Caylee wanting to borrow my laptop. Simple enough, right? Just hand it over. The mistake was delivering it to her bedroom after we were all ready for bed on Friday night. Hannah had disappeared into her room so when I knocked on Caylee’s door with the requested item, she took a chance and yanked me in. I found myself pressed up against the back of the door with Caylee plastered to me, her tongue in my mouth, before 5 seconds had passed.

Too bad I’d already used up all of my willpower. And being close to Caylee for a couple days without being able to touch her had not replenished my patience whatsoever – in fact, it had made things even worse. I caved immediately, returning Caylee’s kiss with just as much desperation.

Taking only a few seconds here and there to a) breathe and b) whisper “I miss you” and “God, this has been so hard!” and variations thereof, we basically attacked each other. Already in her PJs, Caylee looked unbearably sexy, and all the sights and smells that were familiar from the nights spent in this very room were sending my brain down memory lane.

Caylee was standing on her tiptoes to try to better align our mouths and bodies and I helped her by banding an arm around her back, lifting her slightly. I was tempted to haul her right up into my arms and have her right against the door. The laptop I still held in the other hand was probably the only thing that prevented me. Frustrated by our dilemma, Caylee started walking us backwards towards her bed. I was just setting the laptop down on the end of her mattress when we heard the knock.

“Shit!” I exclaimed under my breath while simultaneously backing away from Caylee, grabbing the laptop and trying to find a casual way to hold it over my noticeably tented boxer shorts.

Glancing at me to confirm we were ready as we would ever be (and couldn’t delay further unless we wanted to arouse further suspicion), Caylee called out “Come in!”.

Hannah opened the door and the smile on her face fell very rapidly as she noticed me. Her eyes shrewdly darted between Caylee and I, picking up what I’m sure were not-so-subtle details indicating what we’d been up to.

“Uh… I was just dropping off my laptop for Caylee to use.” Not being able to hold it up very high, I gave it a bit of a wiggle. Which was probably worse than not moving it at all. I didn’t have much hope that Hannah would believe my awkward stammering bahis şirketleri but I had to give it a try. Caylee nodded along to let support to my excuse but nope, Hannah wasn’t buying what we were selling. She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Try again, jerkwad.” Her stern look broached no argument.

Caylee and I looked at each other nervously. Even if we could’ve communicated telepathically though, it wouldn’t’ve saved our asses. We both turned back to Hannah, probably looked as defeated as we felt. I slowly sat down on the bed and looked up at my sister’s stern expression.

“OK, look.” I took a deep breath and looked down at my hands, curled around the front on the laptop. I was surprised to feel Caylee sit down beside me, and to see her hand reach out to hold mine. Feeling a little braver, I continued my explanation. “I know this seems super bizarre but it came from a place of wanting to help. Caylee’s upbringing has been super restrictive – Aunt Deb and Uncle Stephen aren’t just watching everything on her laptop, but also Caylee’s cell phone. You know why we used my laptop for the movies? It’s ‘cuz they’ve got a passworded profile for the console to control what she watches! When they’re home, they listen in on her phone calls, they don’t allow boys in the house, all this crazy stuff. It made me feel really lucky that we had Mom and Dad because she’s got next to no privacy or control over her own life!”

Hannah gestured for me to get to the point, her right hand making a circling gesture. The expression on her face showed that she had zero patience for further nonsense.

“OK well, since Caylee missed out on like, normal teenager stuff, she asked me to help her catch up.” At Hannah’s disgusted look, I held up my hand and quickly interjected. “No, it didn’t start out like that, honest. We just talked.”

“May I explain?” Caylee cut in. Hannah paused before tearing her gaze away from me. It softened ever so slightly, as she was less angry at my cousin. After a moment’s consideration, Hannah nodded. “It’s my fault, honestly. Matt has only been trying to help me. I had never even been kissed. I couldn’t say any words related to sex, I couldn’t swear, and most importantly, I’d never been able to…” She looked down at her lap, her old shyness returning. But she squared her shoulders and looked back at my sister with a determined expression. “I couldn’t even get myself off. Can you even imagine that, Hannah? 18 years old but every time I tried, all the voices in my head would just kill the mood like that.” Her fingers snapping sounded really loud in the very hushed atmosphere.

Hannah’s expression was starting to soften, become sympathetic, even if she still looked very confused. “Gradually, with Matt’s information, I had new things to try. But nothing was working. So…” she shrugged. “We tried doing that kind of thing in the same space, like not even touching or anything. But it worked! It was amazing, I felt free. And I wanted more. It was always me pushing, never Matt. I dragged him into everything, every step of the way. So be mad at me if you want to, I understand. But please don’t be mad at your brother. He has been nothing but caring and supportive with everything.”

Once Caylee had said her piece, she sat back a bit. I squeezed her hand with mine and we both looked up at Hannah, awaiting her verdict.

“I’m- I don’t… I’m going to have to think about this.” She freaked out and even slightly pale. But she didn’t look super mad or disgusted or anything, so I took comfort in that. She started to walk out of the room and stopped with her hand on the doorknob. “Matt, why don’t you say goodnight and I’m’na walk you to your room.”

I quickly agreed and gave Caylee a really quick and quiet kiss on the cheek (since Hannah had remained facing the hallway). Caylee gave my hand a bit of a pat before releasing it. She was still sitting on her bed as we left.

Hannah and I stopped outside the door to my room and she looked like she had something to say so I just waited patiently. After a few false starts, she seemed to finally figure out the wording she wanted.

“Matt, level with me. Is that really how things were? You swear you haven’t like, pressured her or taken advantage of her or any of that shit?”

I made a cross-my-heart motion. “I absolutely swear. I did not start out with the intention to give her anything but information. It was just that… Listen, she didn’t want to be taken advantage by some random asshole when she went to university in a year’s time. You’ve heard horror stories from your friends – well, she has too. She has been – and still kinda is – very innocent about everything! Including sex. I was worried something bad would happen to her. So I guess, I figured if this was what she wanted, it would help her see what a positive relationship is like, and even build confidence. And that maybe that’d be good for her.”

Hannah had been nodding through most of my spiel but looked a bit annoyed at the end. “And you’re sure you’re not just thinking with your dick? Convincing yourself you know what’s good for her, even if you could be wrong?” Yep, she was pretty pissed, I could tell.

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