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Big Tits

Chapter 6 — Shaheen’s Shenanigans

Indian aunt treats nephew to blowjobs galore

I had a great night’s sleep. After all, my dick had been thoroughly drained of cum by the lovely lips of Shaheen. My buxom aunt’s tongue and lips had licked and sucked and worshipped my turgid cock, teasing me to an earth shattering orgasm, and I had deposited copious volumes of my sticky semen down her warm and inviting throat — so of course I would have a good night’s sleep! Despite my hands being wrapped up, and me being naked from my waist down, covered in only a sheet, I slept like a baby after that blowjob.

It was Shaheen’s voice that woke me up. I guess it was some time around 8 in the morning. If you are keeping track of the days, it was Tuesday morning. I think she was talking on the phone with someone.

“Yes, yes.” Shaheen was saying. “Everything’s fine. I treated him, and now he’s sleeping.”

I wondered who she was talking to. I tried to focus and listen intently. It soon became clear she was talking to her husband — my uncle.

“Yes, he will be alright. I will take a look later.” She said. “And no, you can’t send him on errands. He has to stay home and heal. The legs were pretty badly scalded. Don’t tell his mother though — she will just be needlessly worried — I will keep an eye on him.”

It was clear she was telling him about my accident and that I was now indisposed. I wondered if she told him exactly how she had treated me. Probably not.

“I am going to hang up now.” Shaheen told mamu. “You take care and give my love to ammi.”

As she put her cellphone down, Shaheen glanced and saw that I was stirring and opening my eyes.

“Wake up, Nazu!” Shaheen giggled. “The maid will soon be here, in an hour, and I need you to use the washroom so she can clean it. I need you to pee and do potty — so get up!”

“Mmm.” I stretched and yawned. “Do I have to, barey mamani?”

“Yes, dear.” Her hands were on my chest, under the covers, and then slowly, very teasingly, went down to my tummy, and then brushed seductively against my pecker. She gave a slight grin, and gently stroked the foreskin, underneath of my penis. I was now fully up. Would wouldn’t be when your beautiful big-breasted mamani is stroking your manhood! Every nephew would wish to be woken up like this! And to think how easily she simply just reached and touched my manhood!

“Oh, mamani.” I murmured. “I love you. And I love what you are doing to me, barey mamani.”

Sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain. This was one of those times. Shaheen immediately withdrew her hand from my throbbing penis. I swore silently at myself. We were busy having fun, and I had to go remind her about the line she was crossing! What an idiot I was! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

“Beta! You need to get up,” Shaheen told me. “So I can also unwrap your bandages. I need to see how your burns and scalds are healing.”

“Er … yes, barey mamani.” I sat up in bed. Once I was reminded of my previous night’s scalding injuries, suddenly I wasn’t that horny any more. The nurse in my aunt came out as she took my right hand, and gently started to unwrap the bandages. Then she repeated with my left hand.

Shaheen than placed my right hand in her left and thoroughly examined it. I loved the feel of her soft skin on mine, and the gentle friction as she rubbed my palm.

“Hmm. Your hands seem to be healing well.” My aunt exclaimed. “I think we may need to keep them under wraps maybe for another three four days or so, but it should be healed after that.”

I clenched and unclenched my fists. It felt good to have my hands free like that again.

“Let’s get you standing.” My aunt helped me stand up and then nonchalantly removed my T-shirt, making me fully nude. As she steadied me, her hand was on my butt. She patted me once on my buttocks. I was conscious of the fact that I was now completely butt naked in her presence, although I didn’t know why. Her hands roamed on my butt cheeks and gave them a gentle squeeze. As I stood there, my aunt patted my butt again.

“You have a nice butt.” She said. “Tight and firm. Not like mine — gigantic and fleshy.”

She gave my ass another couple of firm squeezes. My pecker was now quite hard and very much visible. Shaheen had a little smile at the edge of her lips, but she completely ignored my raging hormones as she then fired off some instructions at me.

“Go to the washroom. Do your business and whatever, but make sure to be gentle with your hands. When you do your susu after your potty, I don’t want you to be too vigorous with your hands, OK?”

“Um … yes, barey mamani.” Never would I have thought I would be standing naked in my aunt’s room discussing bowel movements and bathroom habits with her, but here I was.

Shaheen leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss canlı bahis on my left cheek. Her hands once again brushed oh-so-slightly against my manhood.

“OK, now go, and don’t take too long OK?”

“Yes, barey mamani.”

“And no hanky panky in the washroom. Definitely no masturbating, OK?”

“Er … yes, barey mamani.” Then once again I took a brave gambit. I wrapped my arms around her behind and gave her ass a mighty, painful, grope. My fingers were on her buttocks and in the crack of her ass.

“If I need to masturbate, mamani,” I said, “I will come to you.”

Shaheen shook her head and raised her right hand.



My aunt smacked me hard, giving me a couple of tight, playful slaps, and making my cheeks sting, even as my hands continued to pinch her buttocks.

“Naughty boy!” Shaheen then twisted my ears painfully. Her voice was very stern, but her eyes and lips had a slight smile. She shooed me away with a laugh, “Now let go of my butt! Go! Finish your washroom before the maid Pushpita gets here.”

“You were squeezing my butt before!” I protested.

“I am your elder.” My aunt grinned. “I can do what I want, you can’t!”

I laughed and gave her buttocks a final squeeze, before lifting my hands from them. I went to the washroom and took my time. I knew my hands would be wrapped up in bandages again so this was my chance to do whatever I wanted in the washroom freely. You don’t realize what a blessing your hands are! I brushed my teeth (using Shaheen’s toothbrush, of course!), peed, did my business and then cleaned up, and then took a very brief shower.

As I cleaned myself, I reflected on my now changed relationship with my barey mamani. Before yesterday, my aunt would never have touched my penis. Then that accident happened — but even then, she touched me in the context of taking care of me. Shaheen was a nurse; a caregiver — and there was nothing sexual about her touching, even though I got hard.

And then came last night. There was no reason once we were in bed for mamani to touch my manhood, and yet she did. Shaheen played with me as I got hard. Our conversation had become increasingly explicit — I was asking her about her sex life with mamu, making jokes about fucking her, and she was asking me about my masturbation habits and how long I would last. Before we both knew it, we had made that bet and she was giving me a blowjob and swallowing my cum.

Barey mamani was the conservative aunt, I kept reminding myself. Yet, as I had long suspected during this week, she had a naughty side to her. Her constant touching of my butt, for example, or our increasingly amorous kissing games. Our kisses, while starting extremely platonic where we would kiss each other on the cheeks, had gotten closer and closer to each others’ mouths, until I was practically kissing her on the edge of her lips. Shaheen hadn’t seemed to mind, giggling enthusiastically every time I had taken her in my arms to kiss her. I recalled how sometimes, when we were seated on the sofa, I would wrap my arms around her hips and say, “Barey mamani, let’s play the kissing game.”

It was fun. I would kiss her once, and she would then kiss me twice. I would then kiss her twice, and she would then kiss me thrice. And it would continue, until our cheeks were completely wet and sloppy, and then she would place a hand on my thigh, softly stroke it and say, “OK, beta, chalo. You had your fun. Look how hard your lund is. Let me go now.”

As I washed my scrotum and gently ran some soap over my dick, my mind recalled how in the last few days Shaheen had increasingly spoken about my manhood without any hesitation or shyness. Every time I would hug her, and prolong the hug, she would point at me when I got aroused and say, “Let me go now, beta. Your lund is standing at attention!”

Or in bed, when we would snuggle together, she would tell me, “Your lund is poking me in the back, beta. You have buried it in the crack of my ass!”

Or how she had increasingly tolerated my touching of her peechwade, even though she had been the one to start groping me. I had to remind myself that Shaheen was the one who started to fondle my butt first. I remembered that second night, when barey mamani had authoritatively placed a hand on my behind and had given me a squeeze. My own conservative aunt fondling my bum — this had been beyond my wildest dreams. I reminded myself of what I had told her then.

“So you can pinch my butt cheek, but I can’t touch your peechwade?” I had asked her. And what had Shaheen dismissively replied?

“No, Nazu. I am your barey mamani. YOU HAVE TO do what I tell you. You can put your arms around my waist — that’s it.”

And then of course yesterday morning I had groped her, and then the accident happened, and then I had apologized. And what had she said last night, when I had asked bahis siteleri her for forgiveness for groping her?

“Pinching my gaand once in a while is OK. Giving my ass a squeeze once in a while is OK.” Shaheen had replied. “You can hold me and kiss me as much as you want. Just … don’t grope me and fondle me like you did today, OK?”

I had gone from being allowed to only put my arms around my mamani’s waist, to being permitted to pinch her peechwade and grope her in the ass once in a while, and unlimited kisses and hugs. And this morning I had groped her buttocks, putting my finger in the crack of her anus.

My aunt then had slapped me. And twisted my ears. But it wasn’t an angry slap or a vicious ear pull. She was being strict, yes, but she was also … how shall I put it … being playful. It was almost a flirtatious slap, if there was such a thing. She was slapping me only because that was what an Indian aunt would do if groped by her nephew. That was her modesty and her conservative upbringing and nature. But notice how she didn’t get angry. She was ok with being groped, as long as she could slap me after in retaliation.

That was fine with me. I did not mind her slapping me if she allowed me to grope her. Sooner or later, I would do more to her. By the end of this week, I promised myself, I would be fucking her.

After toweling myself off, I shivered (I didn’t have any clothes on!) and then exited the bathroom. My mamani was waiting for me.

She helped me put a fresh T-shirt on. I was still naked from the waist down. Then she knelt down and told me, “Let me examine your genitals now. I want to make sure you are healing properly. Especially that spot on your lund.”

It was pure torture as she held my dick, lifted it up, and examined my scrotum. Then she parted my balls and took a look at the area in between my thighs. As she held my dick in her hand, it thumped and grew until my phallus was rock hard. At that moment very much the professional nurse, my aunt paid my throbbing manhood absolutely no attention. She continued to hold it firmly, taking her time to examine my scrotum. Finally she moved the penis in her hand, taking a close look at the tip of my dick.

“There’s still that area at the tip of your lund.” My aunt told me, standing up. “I will keep an eye on that. Other than that, you are healing up well. Being naked helped, it looks like, as I knew it would.”

“Thank you, barey mamani.”

“You are welcome, Nazu.” She answered, smiling. “I am glad you are going to be OK.”

Suddenly I felt a huge amount of love for her. She was taking care of me so nicely. Despite my rather amorous and lustful behaviour towards her, she was doing her duties as an aunt and as a nurse. I felt an enormous urge to thank her and express my gratefulness towards here. So I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a sudden, tight hug.

“Ooofff!” My aunt grunted as I took her in my arms.

“Thank you, mamani.” I told her, kissing her on her cheeks.



“You are the best aunt any boy could have.”



“Now, now.” Shaheen was clearly embarrassed. “I did what any mamani would do for her favourite nephew.”

I hugged her very tight. I wasn’t even groping her, but genuinely hugging her out of love. My arms went around her waist and rested slightly above her bum, and I pressed her close to me. I kissed her on her cheeks and continued to kiss her as I thanked her.


“No, mamani, you are the best.”


“No mamani would do what you have done.”


“You took care of me even though …”


“… It was embarrassing for me, and awkward for you.”


“And last night … you went beyond your obligation, mamani.”


“You saw me in pain, and sacrificed your inhibitions …”


“… To give me a blowjob. You are the best!”



All my kissing was clearly having its effect. Shaheen was like putty in my arms — any resistance of hers to this situation melting away with each smooch. She was also embracing me back, but now her hands began to stray downwards. As I wasn’t wearing anything other than my T-shirt, so her hands suddenly landed on my bare bum.

“Beta … it was … my duty … as your aunt.” Shaheen’s face was very, very red. “Besides, you are …”

Shaheen stopped as she clearly felt something poking her between her legs.

“Oh my goodness.” She exclaimed, still in my arms. “Are you … now … beta …”

“Oh, mamani.” I gushed, as her hands found my manhood.

“My goodness, beta, you are so big.” Shaheen was running her palm up and down my entire shaft now. Her eyes had a glazed look. She gripped me harder, causing me to moan and press outward to meet her hand. She was bahis şirketleri now rubbing me without any inhibitions, and I was letting her. We were both lost in the moment.

“Oh, you like that, do you, beta.” Shaheen smiled at me as she continued to stroke me. “Let me go beta so I can take care of this.”

“Yes, mamani.” I was still hugging her, so I kissed her lovely fleshy cheeks again.



“Thank you, mamani. You are the best.”

Shaheen now had both her hands on my genitals. One hand was rubbing my phallus. With the other hand she ran her finger nails across my scrotum. It was the most intense feeling I had. I let go of her as Shaheen then knelt on the floor on her knees, her mouth now inches away from my throbbing manhood. I rubbed the head of my cock on her eyes, nose and lips, before touching it against her mouth.

“Mmmm … mmmm.” Shaheen was lost in her joy as she licked my penis up and down. “My beta, you are so much bigger than your mamu. I could fit your mamu’s penis easily in my little pinkie.”

“Oh mamani.” I gushed, and then bravely added, “Just wait until I collect on my bet, mamani! When I make love to you, mamani, my penis will reach parts of you that your husband never has!”

“Oh.” Shaheen’s only response was a muted sound, and raised eyebrows, but she continued to suck on my dick. I could see a small smile at the edge of her lips.

WOW! This was something. I had just decisively told my aunt, who was giving me a blowjob, that I was going to fuck her, and there was no protest. Now, I knew, it was only a matter of time, four five days at the most, until I healed completely, before I would get to fuck my aunt. THIS was the moment, not last night, that my aunt dropped the charade of being my conservative mamani. She was just another horny woman, another desperate housewife — and the next women I was going to have sex with.

I began to press myself against my aunt’s face. Her lips were now stretching wide and her cheeks bulged as I started to force my snake down her throat. Her luscious hair fell down to her shoulders and onto her face. I grasped her by the back of her head and by her hair and pushed her onto me, nearly gagging her. As I wanted to push my cock even deeper into her mouth, I patted her cheeks. They were forceful pats, almost slaps. I was rough with her, and she seemed to like it.

Oh goodie!

I slapped her even harder.


Shaheen seemed surprised, and looked at me with her eyes wide open. I smiled at her and slapped her again.


“Keep sucking, mamani. OOOH that feels so nice.”

Shaheen tried to maintain some dignity even as I was pulling her by the hair, slapping her forcefully, and fucking her face. She reached up and kneaded my balls. She started to get a rhythm going to the blowjob. My mamani grabbed the base of my cock with one hand while rubbing my balls with the other. I slapped her cheeks again, even more roughly this time.


She stroked me and felt my dick get even bigger as I forced it into her mouth one more time. I raised my hand and struck her cheeks again.


My aunt started sucking on my penis as hard as she could while moving her head back and forth. With each thrust, my dick was able to get a little farther into her mouth and I soon felt it touching the back of her throat. I knew I would cum any time now.


“Mmmm… mmmmm …” Shaheen continued to moan as she sucked me. I slapped her again, even more harshly this time.


It was clear that what she was doing, and what I was doing to her, was arousing her as well. A damp spot started to appear on her nightie, in between her legs. My aunt — this naughty, conservative woman — wasn’t wearing panties! She was giving me — her nephew — a blowjob wearing nothing but a flimsy nightie! I was amazed at how quickly my purist aunt was sinking into depravity with me.

“Ohhhh…. Mamani!” I murmured, as she moved her other hand back toward my asshole and rubbed around the rim at first and then tried to push a finger inside. I slapped her once more — a proper tight and hard slap this time.


My aunt squeezed and jacked my prostrate in time with the movement of my prick into her mouth.

“Oh God that feels so good!” I moaned. “I think I am going to cum, barey mamani!”

Yesterday I had managed to last a whole fifteen minutes. This time, in less than ten minutes, I shot a big load of sperm into my aunt’s inviting mouth. I tightened my muscles holding the pleasure in for a split second longer before my cock exploded in the largest and most uncontrollable blast I had ever experienced.

I held my aunt very roughly by her hair as I erupted violently inside her, shaking and jerking as I emptied my baby making juice down her throat. Shaheen sucked on my penis, swallowing every drop, and licking and cleaning me thoroughly. She was a sight to see! Shaheen’s hair was now dishevelled, her lipstick spoilt, and her cheeks had red finger marks where I had slapped her numerous times.

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