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This is a work of fiction, although some of the fantasies are real. Please feel free to leave a vote at the end, comments are welcome! Hope you enjoy the story!


I decided to treat myself and headed into my favorite diner.. Not that the food was so different or good, but the staff there was the friendliest around and also not hard on the eyes. I had retired early and had taken up some one time gigs from time to time, but the ones I most enjoyed were some writing opportunities. Some editing, some story competitions and even some resume writing services brought in a few dollars here and there which were designated as “fun funds”. I used them for travel, impulse purchases and the occasional biscuits and gravy indulgence. So I decided to spend a few of those dollars today.

One of my favorites, Erin greeted me as I came in, “Hello handsome. Been a while, you been travelling?” She led me to a table with a menu and gave me the specials list, like I needed either. “These haven’t changed, but I figure you might have forgotten some of the items, and of course the specials are totally new. Javy has been on a tear with new recipes!” Her voice was a little raspy, almost sultry. I could listen to her talk for quite a while which turned out to be fortuitous for us both. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

“Just a few short trips, Hon, Mostly I have been staying away to work on a couple of stories and also avoiding some of Javy’s cooking since it doesn’t come off as easily at this age as it does for you.” I sat and grabbed the menu for a quick look.

Erin stayed at the table since there were only a few others in the restaurant and all were nursing their coffee and plates. “Ah, right. I’ll have to read some of your work sometime. By the way, thanks for the help on the resume. I think I have a shot for a new job. I mean, I like it here just fine, it is a great Summer job, but I would kind of prefer to get started on my career, use my major. Just don’t say anything yet.” She held a finger up to her lips. Very full pink lips. A delightful color even without any makeup. I found my mind drifting to think about what I would enjoy doing with those lips if I wasn’t nearly forty years her senior.

“We’ll see about the stories. Not sure you would like them. And your secret is safe with me. You think I want anyone here to know I was the one who helped you get another job? They’d put something in my food, for sure!” We both chuckled at that idea. I knew they wouldn’t, but you never, ever, piss off the people who fix your food. Cardinal rule.

Erin walked off to get my coffee. I never needed to order it, they knew me well enough to just bring “Coffee and”. I had said that the first time I ordered my drink, saying “I’ll have coffee and…”. The waitress had looked at me, waiting for me to finish, anticipating cream. Or sugar. Or Splenda. Too many options. I always took it black, but my usual joke was “Coffee and… keep it coming.” I consumed a good amount of the dark beverage, enough that on any given day it would either kill me or be a miracle cure depending on the latest study. As you can tell, I’ve already had a couple of cups while recounting this story.

As Erin returned, my phone rang. She dropped off the cup and motioned that she would be back after the call. I watched her round bottom leave. It filled her shorts to perfection. Again I considered what could be if I were a little younger. I picked up on the next ring, it was a publisher friend who had given me a few assignments over the years. A few editing jobs, even a voice over gig where he needed someone quickly. “Hello Tom. Hope you are well and aren’t needing bail money.” I sipped my coffee. Mmmm. Hot, strong and black. “What’s up?”

Tom chuckled slightly. “No, no bail needed. Just a favor. Hope you can help me, John. Remember those erotic stories you wrote a while back? I just had someone inquire about them and they want to use them and maybe a few more. Interested?”

“Of course I’m interested, Tom. Those things were a blast to write. It’s what got me back into writing fiction. Of course the research was a bitch.” On that we both laughed. But it was true. Writing some erotic stories had turned into a great outlet in more ways than one after I had retired and lost the partner I had thought would be accompanying me into the twilight. No need to get maudlin about it, but I have to say losing her was quite a blow. But the writing got me off that and onto a new journey. The fact that it involved sex definitely was a bonus.

Tom continued as I took another pull on the cup. “Well, this client would like some of your existing works as an audio file. Seems he works with some blind vets and a couple had asked about some ‘adult’ stories so he read some snippets of yours. They liked them, and want some more. I’m afraid it wouldn’t pay, but it would be something that these folks would like. What do you think? It’s short notice, but it would be a nice gesture.”

I thought for a moment. “No pay? Pro bono – or in this case ‘pro-boner’. Seriously, Tom, escort bostancı I’m all for it, but you know my work. I have a lot of dialogue. I’ll need a second person, preferably a female, and I don’t know anyone right off.” Erin returned to top off my cup. Her top gapped just a little to reveal some soft skin on her chest. The milky white skin that only youth and Irish heritage could bring. “Tell you what, Tom. Let me check a couple things and I will call you back in a few. Two hours, tops. Can it wait that long?”

“Sure can. I just want to let them know later on today. Thanks for considering it.” The phone went silent.

“Okay, Erin. I’ll have that sausage and gravy special with one egg on top. Scrambled. Crispy up the hash browns and keep the coffee full. And I have something to ask you before I leave. Don’t let me forget.” Forget or chicken out? It occurred to me that I might have a good reading partner right in front of me. A pleasant voice, great inspiration for some erotic reading and I knew she was a Communications major from working on her resume. But I knew not to make an offer like this before she had brought my food. That Cardinal rule again.

I mulled over how to ask Erin if she might be interested in reading some of my stories for the recording, and decided that I was probably overthinking the whole thing. I’ll just ask and see if she is interested. I think my age made me a little hesitant about sharing the stories I had written with people I knew. I saw them as having erotic themes, but they would probably just see a dirty old man writing his masturbatory fantasies. The truth was probably somewhere in the middle, but I figured I would just ask.

As I finished my food, Erin came over with the coffee pot and filled my cup. “So, what do you want to ask me?” She set the pot down and slid in the chair across from me. I felt her knee brush mine. It lingered a second and I could feel the skin was as soft and smooth as I imagined. “I figure it had something to do with that phone call?”

I focused back to the task at hand and looked into her eyes. Sweet round blue eyes that sparkled. Mmmm. Back to the asking. “It was. That was a publisher friend and he wants some of my stories in audio form for some visually impaired clients. But I have a couple problems. First, there is a lot of dialog and I need someone else to read on short notice. And definitely needs to be female.”

Erin listened and I could tell she was thinking. A short pause and she said “Well, I’ve been told I have a good voice and we had to do some audio work, voice over stuff when I was in school. I even volunteered for one of those books for the blind groups once. I have some time and we could knock out some to see how it goes in the next couple of days. It’s kind of slow right now. You said there were a couple problems. What else?” She leaned in a little, so I could tell she was intrigued.

“Well, this is volunteer. I could pick up dinner, but it isn’t a paid gig. And the subject matter is, well, let’s say it involves some adult themes.” I’m not sure if I blushed, but my cheeks felt warm as I mentioned this last fact. “Still interested?”

Erin smiled. “Adult themes? Like alcohol and smoking?” She chuckled. “I’m guessing you mean sex. I’m no prude, and that might be fun to read. How about this. Send me a sample and I will look it over and let you know. That sound good? And if you don’t tell about my job prospect, I won’t spread the word about your porno. Deal?” She winked and got up. “I figure you have my email from doing my resume. I’ll look it over.” Off she went to check on the other tables and the counter.

I grabbed the check she had left and included a bigger than usual tip. I headed back home to get organized.

I sent Erin a couple of my stories and my cell number, I opted for two of the shorter ones to give her a little taste of what she (hopefully!) would be reading. Tom was a good friend, but rarely asked for help. He usually preferred to be the person who granted favors. I knew this meant a lot to him, so I didn’t want to disappoint. I cleaned up some and I found some recording equipment I hadn’t used in a while. A couple of higher quality microphones and an actual reel to reel recorder. This could always be played back and transferred to digital, but it still provided great sound quality in it’s recording.

Just as I finished up I heard my phone ‘ping’ with a text.

It was from Erin. “Got em. You weren’t kidding about adult content. But I’m in. Call me about times.” Nice. I just wanted to let Tom know and we could set up a session. I replied to Erin with a ‘thumbs up’ emoji and dialed Tom.

The call went to voicemail, so I left a quick message. “All set here, should have some tapes for you in a day or two. Hope that fits your timeline.” Now to get Erin and some times.

She answered on the first ring. “Yeah. So, those were excellent stories. A bit more graphic than I had thought, but hot as fuck. Oops. You okay with that? I try not to use the f bomb with older…um…well, ümraniye escort you know. You want to figure out some times?”

I chuckled at her apology. “It’s okay, Erin, I’m not a huge fan of the word in casual use, but it hardly offends me. And yes, what works for you over the next couple of days? Some stories are a little longer, but you can see how long it might take to read through them. I don’t have anything that I can’t rearrange.”

It turned out that she had a few hours later that evening and after her shift at the diner the next day. I promised her dinner for tonight and she accepted, we could record a couple stories afterward. I had commented that the stories would serve as dessert. It turned out they were only the appetizer.

I set up the equipment in the living room and grabbed a couple bottles of water. I always found it funny how thirsty talking made me. I guess a lot of water went out with the hot air. I checked the time and decided to head out since I had agreed to pick Erin up and head to a spot for a nice dinner. It was definitely better than eating alone and I figured she would like to be served for a change. I hoped she liked pasta since the place was Italian.

I pulled into her apartment parking lot and was about to text when I saw her come out of the front doors and stand by the entrance. I got out of the car and called to her and waved. “Erin, Over here!” She bounced more than walked across the drive to meet me, wearing a strapless sun dress and sandals. She looked like Summer. A pleasant change from the yoga pants or shorts and t-shirt she wore at the diner. Not that those weren’t flattering, but the sun dress was a nice change.. Especially when the sun hit the light fabric and showed the outline of her toned legs. “You look great, Erin. Love the hair, love the dress. It looks comfortable.” I realized I hadn’t seen her hair down in a long time, it usually was in pigtails or a braid. If anything, it highlighted her smile which broadened at my comment.

“Hi! Yeah, it feels good to dress up a little, and it is a nice evening. What’s the plan for the evening? I can’t stay out too late, I have the opening shift at 6. Ugh.” She grimaced a little and then brightened again. “But I am free tomorrow after 2 if we still want to do some more recording. I gotta say, I’m looking forward to this. Those two stories you sent were something. And you said you have more? I can’t wait to read them.” Her eyes seemed to sparkle as she talked.

I pulled out of the lot and headed off to the restaurant. “I hope Italian is okay with you, they have a pretty good menu at Fiorenza’s. And it is good service. I figured you would like to be waited on for a change.”

“Right? I like working at the diner, great people like you make it fun. But it is work, so being waited on is a nice change. I love Italian, but I have to be careful. Goes right to my hips. And the bread! Love that. But an occasional splurge is good, right?” She smiled even more as we drove toward the restaurant.

“Absolutely! And you look like you can afford a splurge or two. I’ve heard good things about this place, but haven’t been. You ever been or know anything about it?” We were almost there. Not quite the early bird time frame, but early enough that I knew it wouldn’t be too busy.

Erin replied. “No, never been. I had a friend who worked here a while back. He said the food was good. He also mentioned it was a great date place and that some of the professors from the college would bring their girlfriends there. Surprised you haven’t been.” She turned to me with a devilish smile.

I chuckled. “Didn’t have a girlfriend or mistress to bring here. Wonder if I’ll run into any old colleagues? Now that would be fun. Could make them feel quite uncomfortable.”

“Ooo – if you see anyone, want me to be your daughter or niece? Or I could be all clingy and be your date. Give ’em something to talk about.” Erin really did have a devious mind. I liked this side of her.

“Depends who it is, either of those could be fun. Or if it is someone I know who is just there to eat, you are my good friend Erin who is helping with a service project.” I pulled into the lot.

Erin unbuckled her seatbelt as we stopped. “Yeah, your hot, erotic story project. Looking forward to that part of the evening.”

I smiled. But inside I said to myself “So am I, Erin, so am I.”

Dinner was fun, we chatted a bit and got to know each other much better. She had known me as a frequent customer and briefly in my role as a career advisor and I knew her from her resume and from the diner. We did look around the room, but neither of us knew anyone in the place. So much for the roleplaying idea. Perhaps another time.

When we finished the meal we both decided we were too full for dessert. At least that was my cover story. I really wanted to get started on the reading. Partly because I wanted to get something to my friend and partly because I thought it was going to be hotter than hell to read some of my imagined tales with a real woman with kartal escort bayan me. I hoped she felt the same way. It was a bit of a risk, she could see me as a silly old man with a dirty mind. But I sensed there might be more. Sensed or hoped. Either way, I didn’t mind skipping dessert.

Getting back in the car, we had a short drive, about fifteen minutes or so to get back to my house where things were all arranged for the recording. “I’d like to get through at least two stories tonight, maybe a third if we get on a roll. Does that seem to work for you, Erin?”

“”I think that works great. I read through the two you sent me a couple times. They should go pretty quickly. I think it helps to have some familiarity with the dialog. I noticed that you sometimes hop between the mans’ point of view and the woman’s. I can read the female points and you the male. Makes for a fun narrative. If we do more than those two, I think we take a break and read through the story before we record. Are they all as graphic as those first two? I don’t mind, it just surprised me a little.”

I stole a glance as we drove. She was smiling, but I could see it was a legitimate question. “Most of them are graphic. I don’t do the romance genre, although some of the relationships are romantic in nature. But I refrain from using the phrases like ‘He looked longingly at her alabaster thighs…’. Kind of the equivalent of ‘It was a dark and stormy night…’, don’t you think? Any of the situations or language make you uncomfortable? We can adapt it if it presents a problem.”

Erin shifted a little in her seat. “No, most of the activity is just fine. I found myself getting lost in the fantasy a bit – which is a good thing! I don’t like the cunt word and not big on too much submissive stuff, but I didn’t really notice that in those stories. I did notice there was a good bit of oral sex. That something you are fond of? Just asking because it is something that I definitely enjoy.”

I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that, and fortunately I didn’t really have to. “We’re here” I announced as we pulled into the driveway and went into the house. “Can I get you anything? I’m going to grab a bottle of water. Want one?”

“Ya.” Erin replied. “And where is your bathroom? I just need a moment, and then let’s get started. Definitely been looking forward to this.”

I came back out and set a bottle of water in front of Erin’s chair and popped mine. It was good and cold and felt good going down my throat. Didn’t want to get too dry and start coughing.

Erin returned and took a sip of her water. Nice set up. I like the old school recording stuff. These microphones have some heft to them. Very nice! And I see you printed out a couple of the stories as scripts. Much better than the phone.” She shifted and put one leg under her. “Ready when you are!”

“Okay. I must say, sitting like that would kill me now. Not as limber as I once was. But great. Let’s start and see how it goes!” I switched the recorder on and read the intro to the first story. Erin was a natural, she read through the story right on each cue. Never missed and really added a lot of nuances to the story about a woman who entertained a group of friends who could look at her but not touch. Ultimately the guys end up covering her with cum in a form of bukkake play. I debated about telling her it had actually happened with a bunch of my friends and I in college. We finished the story and I hit the stop button on the tape player.

“Nicely done, Erin. I think we have a keeper. Definitely good enough to send to my friend once I digitize it. You okay to do another? Need a break?” I wrote down a couple of notes about the recording, the numbers for start and stop and what I wanted to put in the note to my friend.

“I’m good to go for another. They don’t take long and I’m definitely in the mood for another. But can I ask you something? That story was great. But was that imagination or did you actually do something like that? It just had that feel to it.”

I didn’t want to get into the whole story right now, so I begged off. “There’s an autobiographical element – you picked that up, huh? Very sharp. I’ll tell you more about it after we finish for the night. Maybe on the way home.” I leaned over to turn on the machine and start the second taping.

The second one went just as smoothly as the first. If anything, it was hotter and a bit more graphic than the first. It was about two dog walkers who meet through their canine friends and includes a hot sex scene with her giving a blow job, him satisfying her with a good tongue lashing and culminating in a good fuck session. Doggy style, of course. “Okay, Erin. Those are the two I sent you. Want to call it a night? Maybe do some more tomorrow?”

“Sure. Send me a couple to glance at? I like to at least read through so I know what is coming. So to speak. Maybe make that who is coming.” She chuckled a bit. “But let’s talk about them a little, if that is okay. You said the first one was a real experience. How about that second one? Pretty hot stuff. I liked that both got to cum. Very selfless.” Another chuckle. “Who would ever suspect that you had this side. We all love you down at the diner. Jen always says you are the uncle we all wish we had. That’s a big compliment, by the way.”

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