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Big Tits

IV: Derrick

Derrick had become quite popular in his short time in college, particularly with the girls. He always made sure to get good grades and excel, mainly to prove he wasn’t a dumb jock, but also to maintain his football scholarship. Nonetheless, his being tall, attractive, and muscular had earned Derrick lots of attention from the co-eds, not just freshmen girls but from all the classes.

Jogging one afternoon around campus, in a tight-fitting tanktop that clung to his ripped chest and abs, Derrick noticed the lingering glances from the pretty young co-eds on the quad. Even some of the male students glanced at Derrick, making him think of Mark, and how much Mark enjoyed watching Derrick with Amy. Derrick shrugged and brushed off the thought.

Derrick sat down on a bench, sweat making his dark, muscular body glisten. A few feet from Derrick, watching intently and biting her lip lustfully as Derrick drank from his water bottle was Hana Lee. Hana was 20, Korean, and very beautiful. A junior, Hana was lying on a blanket studying when the young black freshman jogged by. Hana was immediately distracted from her studies by Derrick; his tight, muscular body, nearly exposed in his tight-fitting top and shorts, made Hana unconsciously lick her lips in desire.

Hana had never talked to Derrick, though she was aware of Derrick through his reputation as a rising star on the college football team. With a slight grin, Hana wondered what her Korean immigrant mom and dad would think if she brought home a black man. With that thought, Hana made her decision.

Derrick was preparing to resume his jog around the campus, but noticed the beautiful young Korean girl walking over to him, and stopped in his tracks. Looking over Hana’s bostancı escort bayan slim, sexy body and long flowing jet-black hair, Derrick was instantly intrigued by Hana’s boldness in approaching him.

“Derrick Jones, right?” Hana asked, surprising herself with her directness. Being so close to Derrick, Hana could feel growing wetness in her panties.

“Yeah, that’s me. You’re Hana, right?” Derrick did know Hana was a junior, and, until this moment, out of reach, even for him. Hana was one of the top students at the school, and Derrick thought she wouldn’t be interested in a jock.

“That’s right, I’m Hana Lee. Has anyone told you how hot you are, Derrick?” Hana said, again surprising herself. Hana was not usually one to comment so openly like this, but couldn’t seem to stop herself. To Hana’s relief, Derrick smiled and chuckled. Hana chuckled too, then she and Derrick looked at each other a long moment, seeming to communicate without words.

“You wanna go grab something to eat? I’m pretty hungry” Derrick said, still looking directly in Hana’s eyes.

“Sounds good,” Hana replied, meeting Derrick’s gaze. Looking at Derrick’s sweat-soaked shirt, Hana added, “You should…you should take a shower first.”

“Good idea,” said Derrick. “I won’t be long.”

Hana quickly replied, “It’s okay. I’ll come with you.”

Twenty minutes later, Hana and Derrick were naked in Derrick’s shower, the water raining on their naked bodies as they kissed passionately. Hana gently clasped Derrick’s hardening cock in her soft hands, her touch causing his cock to stiffen in her small, soft hand. Hana moaned lustfully into Derrick’s mouth as his thick, hard, hot desire throbbed in her hand.

Derrick turned ümraniye escort off the shower, and led Hana out to his dorm room, which thankfully Derrick had to himself most of the time. He dried off Hana’s naked body, his cock still fully erect, then laid Hana down on the bed and licked her wet, tight slit, Derrick’s desire growing even more as Hana moaned and gasped.

“Mmmm fuck, that feels so good,” Hana moaned, Derrick’s tongue now deep in her pussy. Hana hadn’t expected it to be like this. Derrick was so skilled and gentle, and Hana gasped and came loudly as Derrick licked and fingered her tight, wet slit.

Panting, Hana got up and had Derrick lay on his back. “Now it’s your turn.”

Hana stroked Derrick’s giant hard-on, then took his dark cock into her small mouth. Hana moaned as she took as much of Derrick’s black dick into her mouth as she could, Derrick’s big hands pulling Hana’s hair out of her face. The contrast of their skin tones exciting both Derrick and Hana, they looked into each other’s eyes as Hana sucked and slurped Derrick’s massive dark cock.

“Ahh yeah, girl, just like that. You already know. Mmmm” Derrick groaned, his already deep voice even lower with desire. Hana felt Derrick tense, and she knew what was happening.

Hana stroked Derrick’s spasming cock into her mouth, the young black groaning loudly as he erupted into the Korean girl’s mouth. Hana swallowed as much of Derrick’s thick load as she could.

“God, you’re still so hard,” Hana managed to say, panting and stroking Derrick’s still-hard cock. “Good, ’cause I’m not done with you,” Hana added, and grinned mischievously.

“Nah girl, we just gettin’ started,” Derrick said, panting and grinning. “Come here.”

Hana then escort kartal mounted Derrick, guiding his massive cock into her tiny slit, Hana gasping with shock as Derrick’s big cock slowly entered her small slit, inch after inch penetrating her small body. For a moment, Hana hesitated, not sure if she could take all of Derrick’s thick eleven inches. Derrick, sensing the Korean girl’s hesitation, held her gently by the waist with his large hands, guiding her down, down, until Derrick was balls-deep inside Hana.

“Oh, my god, you’re so big…” Hana gasped, as she and Derrick began to move back and forth, steadily faster, faster, until they had a rhythm. Derrick’s strong hands were all over Hana’s slim body as they fucked, Hana’s hands grasping Derrick’s chest.

The two moaned and gasped louder and louder, Hana shaking and cumming on Derrick’s cock deep inside her. Derrick grasped Hana tighter as his own orgasm neared.

“Ohh fuck, girl, you feel so damn good…Fuck, I’m gonna cum” Derrick groaned and his thrusts became harder, faster, nearly overwhelming Hana, her eyes wide with shock and desire.

Hana moaned and gasped, cumming again, as Derrick groaned loudly and emptied his massive load deep inside Hana’s small body. Hana shook and came again as Derrick’s hot, thick load filled her small pussy, his hands groping Hana’s ass.

Both panting, Hana slowly let Derrick’s draining cock out of her slit, then collapsed next to him. Hana felt relief she was already on birth control, as Derrick surely would have gotten her pregnant, a complication she didn’t need, nearly being out of college.

“I couldn’t help it baby, you felt so good.” Derrick must have had the same thought, so Hana reassured him.

“It’s okay, I’m on birth control,” Hana replied, and they both panted and chuckled. “You ready to eat now? You said you were hungry. You must be starving now.”

They both laughed at that. “I forgot all about that. Think I’ll just order in,” Derrick said, and pulled Hana closer on him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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