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*Author’s note: I found enough material for a sequel and one more chapter, I’m hoping this lives up to the first one. Thanks as always for the previous kind feedback and hoping you like this one enough to also give it a decent review.*

Kelly had fucked me once more that day, but had kicked me out the door in the early evening before Raymond was came back from his grandparents place. I got home, made myself a steak dinner, and was asleep by 8pm. I awoke rested and relaxed, if just a tiny bit sore. I went to school and couldn’t stop grinning, to the point where a couple of my friends kept teasing me and asking me who I’d fucked that weekend. Chris in particular was relentless. “Who, dude? Come on, you know if it was me I’d tell you all the details!” I rebuffed him and told him I didn’t kiss and tell, but when Mary Sue came up to me in between 5th and 6th periods, she didn’t even try to play things off, instead grabbing me around the waist, pulling me in tight, and almost ramming her tongue down my throat.

“Looking forward to tonight,” was all she said, as she gave my cock a slight, superficial graze with her hand. She walked off, glancing over her shoulder and giving me a quick grin. I resumed walking, catching back up to Chris, who was openly gawking.

“You lucky son of a bitch,” was all he said, shaking his head and giggling. I repressed a smirk and just shrugged.

Time seemed to crawl during school and track practice, but eventually, I found myself home. I quickly let the dog out to do his business, then showered my sweat off, but I was still naked when I heard the doorbell. I quickly tucked a towel around my waist, and let Mary Sue in. “Already dressed for the occasion,” she said with a grin. She was still in her school clothes, tight jeans and a button down she’d opened a bit to give a peek at her lovely pale cleavage. I took her in, and appreciated how incredibly gorgeous she was. Yeah, she was still young, and didn’t have that sophisticated older woman appeal Kelly had, but damn if she wasn’t a head turner in her own right. Her figure was a petite hourglass, with nice hips and a pert, firm bubble butt. Her breasts were easily a nice C cup, her skin porcelain smooth and pale, and her long thick cornsilk blonde hair contrasted well with her gigantic brown eyes. The lightest dusting of almost imperceptible freckles on the bridge of her nose and her chest seemed to be the completion of her perfection. The truth was, though we had been friends since grade school, I’d noticed her plenty of times and had definitely always had a low key crush. Now, it seemed like it was kicking into overdrive.

“If I’m dressed appropriately, then you’re waaaay overdressed,” I quipped.

“Hmmm…I suppose you’re right,’ she replied, and she nimbly undid her shirt as she stepped out of her slip ons. She tossed her shirt on a chair in my living room, her upper half clad in a sexy ivory push up bra, before locking eyes with me and sexily pulling her jeans off to reveal a matching garter belt, thigh highs, and panties. I must have had a look of obvious lust on my face, because she did a quick twirl before looking at me again and asking “You like?” I nodded vigorously, and she laughed.

She slid both thumbs into her panty waistband, and slowly pulled them down. “I was going to go commando, but I realized I was probably going to get far too wet thinking about you and tonight to pull that off.” She stepped forward and closed the distance between us, bringing her panties up to my face. “See how wet I am for you,” she cooed, bringing them up to my face. I inhaled deeply, enjoying the aroma of her, and my cock began to quickly harden at her scent. Without thinking, I leaned in and brought the tip of my tongue against them, and tasted the cotton mixed with her delicious juices. “You know you can get that from the source,” she said huskily. Unable to reply with my blood flow completely rerouted to my crotch, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply. She wasted no time admitting my tongue to her mouth, quickly devouring me and humming appreciatively. I snaked an arm around her lower waist, and she responded by jumping up into my arms and wrapping her legs around me. I began walking her to my bedroom.

She was a petite thing, probably only about 110 pounds and 5’2″, so it wasn’t too much trouble to carry her. As I walked her down the hall, my towel slipped down, and my cock sprung up, no longer encumbered by the weight and barrier of it. Mary Sue’s eyes widened, I quickly realized I was making contact with her clit and labia, and she was running down me, she was so worked up with anticipation. I set her down on the bed, and she attacked my face with renewed vigor. I quickly began kissing her neck, working down the left side and then the right, and she cooed appreciatively. Moving down to her chest, I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, and began gently toying with one of her nipples. As she groaned, I moved down, peppering her belly with slight, gentle kisses until I got to the junction of bostancı escort bayan her smooth thighs. She didn’t hesitate, giving me a crooked grin as she opened her legs for me, and I lightly ran my fingertips over her inner thighs, until I made contact with her wetness. Unable to resist any longer, I dropped to my knees and began kissing and lightly licking her lips.

I had enjoyed Kelly’s taste immensely, but Mary Sue’s pussy was unbelievably sweet, to the point it almost tasted like she had coated herself in honey. As I licked her, I found myself consumed with her taste, enjoying teasing her clit as I slowly worked out what pattern to play on it, but the truth was I could have easily stayed down there for a very long time, or until my jaw and tongue gave out.

“Tell me what you like,” I said, running my fingers across her stomach lightly as I peered up into her eyes.

“What you’re doing right now is pretty damn great,” she breathed out huskily.

I kept going, curling my middle finger into her as I kept lapping at her pussy. It was truly a labor of love, but I was determined to make her cum before I entered her. After a few solid minutes, my efforts were finally rewarded, as I felt her breath quicken and her moans deepened, she finally tipped over the edge with a dramatic moan that crescendoed louder into a wail.

“Holy shit…” she muttered as I came up for air. I slid my intruding digit out and crawled up beside her. She was still slightly shaking as her body returned to earth, and I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her in. She nestled into me for a few moments, then pulled back and abruptly kissed me. I cringed internally because I realized I hadn’t wiped my face off, but as I watched, her face went from surprised realization to a gleam in her eye. “Is that…me?”

I nodded. “You’re incredibly sweet.”

“I just…I don’t know why that turns me on.” She attacked my face with renewed vigor, as we made out frenetically.

“Just go with it,” I managed to get out as we broke apart again. She kissed me again.

“Can we fuck now?” she panted out.

I nodded, and rolled over, standing up and retrieving a condom out of my bedside table. She positioned herself centered on the bed, and as I crawled up between her legs, I rolled it on and then positioned myself at her opening, nudging her lips apart with my head as I reached down and kissed her. “I want you to enjoy this, so please tell me what you want, okay?” I whispered to her, pausing to kiss her gently. She nodded. I kissed her neck as I slowly guided myself in.

She was so tight it was almost painful. I got less than a third of my length on my first push, and paused to kiss her neck and stroke her face lightly with the back of my hand. She exhaled softly, and as she hummed, I pulled back and pushed in another half inch or so. I was patient, and kept kissing her neck, toying lightly with her nipples, moving in and out slowly, until finally, after about a minute of pumping in and out of her meticulously, I felt our pelvises collide.

“Is that all of it?” she asked.

I raised up slightly and we both glanced down. “Yeah, that’s it,” I replied.

She exhaled deeply. “Thank god. Sorry, I think I was more relaxed last time.”

I kissed her deeply, and she hummed appreciatively into my mouth. I began to move in and out of her slowly but firmly, letting her get used to my size and girth. She was fairly still for a few seconds, but as she opened up, she began to move a little bit and her face slowly relaxed. After a bit, a couple of very low, almost imperceptible groans escaped her lips. I reached down and kissed her again.

“Tell me what you like. I want you to enjoy this,” I whispered.

“It’s pretty good so far,” she exhaled, raising her hips up slightly to meet me on my downward thrust.

“I want more than pretty good. I want you to have fun. I want to make you cum again.”

She beamed up at me. “Can I get on top again?”

“Sure,” I replied, pulling out and laying down beside her. She crawled on top of me, pushing her torso against mine and grazing her breasts against my chest. She raised up slightly to put me back inside of her, and slowly sank onto me. We both groaned at the sensation, and she began slowly rocking.

“I think I really like being on top,” she said with a smirk.

“No objections. Although next time I really want to fuck you from behind.”

“Typical guy,” she said, raising up a few degrees, “always trying to look at my ass.”

“In case you didn’t notice,” I retorted, running my hands over her breasts, giving her nipples a light thumbing, then moving down her ribs and grabbing onto her hips, “I’m obsessed with every part of your body.”

“Mmm, that’s good,” she said, sitting up and flipping her hair back, “because all of me needs attention.”

I dug my hands into her hips, moving her, picking her up with each upstroke and slamming her down harder on each descent. Her groans started to increase in intensity, and as ümraniye escort they did, I got more vigorous with my tool, matching her rhythm, giving her softer when she moved fluidly and harder when she picked up her speed. “Goddamn that’s nice,” she muttered, and as she really started to pick up speed, I reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks a bit roughly, spreading them a tiny bit so I could really go to town. She grunted hard, then reached down and started vigorously playing with her clit, and after a solid minute or so of this combined action, she clenched and groaned at the top of her lungs. I felt her pussy spasm, and I tried to hold off, but as I felt her moisture slowly coat my balls, she picked up speed again, absolutely slamming down on my cock. She quickly climbed again, and it was probably less than a full minute before she began to really convulse, her body shaking as she clenched around my intruding member, rippling exquisitely, and her second wave of wetness flowed over me as I lost it and came hard inside her.

She flopped forward onto me, and I wrapped her up as she continued to tremble. We lay there, stuck together with our slightly sweaty bodies and her copious juices, our breathing slowly catching up. She spoke first, finally.

“Holy fucking shit…”

“Yeah, that about sums it up,” I agreed. She raised her head, sweeping her hair out of the way, and attacked my face.

“Damn. I know I don’t have a lot of comparison, but that…”

“Yeah, that was pretty amazing.”

“I…wow.” She paused, shook her head, and beamed at me. “Just, wow.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh, believe me, you’ll be getting a thank you card,” she joked.

We laid there in our revelry for a bit, cuddling and talking, as I played with her hair and she occasionally hummed happily. It a wonderful afterglow, and after a bit, she suggested we shower together. We spent a bit longer than was absolutely necessary, enjoying the intimacy, kissing, and generally teasing each other. By the time we got out, I was again sporting a partial erection from all of the attention, and as she reached down to dry her legs in front of me, she gave my turgid member a couple of tentative, gentle kisses. My breathing quickened just a little bit, and she lowered herself to her knees and slowly sucked the head into her mouth. She looked up, and I was somewhat bemused to notice that while Kelly would stare up at me with lust and passion in her eyes, she looked almost tentative. I closed my eyes and moaned a bit—she was actually pretty decent at this, even though obviously inexperienced—and I reached down and gently brushed her hair aside. She pulled off and smiled up at me again, and I took the opportunity to say “Why don’t we go back to the bedroom?” She readily nodded, so I helped her up and led her back to my bed.

When we got there, she sat on the edge of the bed, and I bent down and kissed her. As we made out for a few moments, she reached out and began playing with my shaft. I lifted her legs up, intending to go south again, but she wrapped her arm around my back and pulled me in for another kiss. She kept pumping me slowly with her other hand as we continued to make out, and as I bent over a bit more to kiss her neck, she began rubbing my head against her clit and opening, softly murmuring “God that’s so good.” I teased her by pushing just my head into her, causing her to gasp as I gave her maybe two inches of my length. She tilted her upper body back a bit and groaned, saying “Now you’re just being cruel.”

“How? I’m gonna fuck you.”

“It just feels so good…”

I responded by craning my neck and flicking her nipple with my tongue, which made her groan again. She stopped me with her hand and looked me in the eye, saying “You know I wouldn’t lie to you, right?”

“Yeah, of course. Why would you ask me that?”

“I just want…I didn’t want you to think I was trying to pull anything. I mean, you’re trying to get out of here, and me too, but…”

I pulled my upper body back and looked at her, my length pulling free of her slit. “What are you trying to ask, Mary Sue?”

“I’m…I’m on the pill, you know, to regulate my period, and I’m not worried about any diseases with you, so I was wondering if…” she trailed off, but she wrapped her hand around my cock rather assertively and pushed the head into her opening, glancing back up at me questioningly. I just smiled and nodded, pushing in slowly, but amazingly, this time, I encountered very little resistance as I got over 3/4 of my length into her.

“Oh god yes, that feels so amazing,” she breathed huskily.

I pulled back, and pushed in again slowly, but was almost shocked when I easily fit my whole length into her. She looked down, registering my depth with a mixture of slight surprise and pleasure, then threw her head back and made a noise somewhere between a laugh and a triumphant whoop. Bringing her head back up, she looked at me as she wrapped her legs around me and lowly uttered “Fuck me” in a commanding tone.

I escort kartal needed no further instruction, and started pushing into her with some gentle vigor. Slowly, we picked up speed, and this time I noticed she was way more relaxed from the get go. We fucked like that for a while, her on the edge of the bed with me standing over her, our grunts and the sound of her wetness the only noise in the room. Finally, as we picked up even more speed, I craned down and kissed her hungrily, and she finally tipped over the edge, spasming hard around my rod as she began to tremble again. I stopped thrusting to hold on to her as she squeezed around me hard. After a few moments, she looked up at me sweetly and said “Would you turn me over?”

I grinned, pulling out and picking her up a little bit roughly, and we both giggled as she lightly shrieked. I pulled her hips back, then bent down and gave her clit a good tongue lashing for a little bit, straightened back up, and entered her smoothly in one push. What started off at a medium pace as I let her get used to this new position quickly turned into full on slamming into each other. She had this wonderful firm, petite bubble butt that would slightly flatten out when my hips met it and then bounce back with resilience. As I held onto her hip with my left hand, I started caressing her ass cheek with my right. She actually arched back into my hand as she purred lightly, so I decided to take a risk and gave her butt a medium-hard smack. She yelped in surprise, but didn’t stop moving as she looked over her shoulder in surprise.

“Was that okay?” I asked. She just bit her lower lip, narrowing her eyes slightly as the corners of her mouth turned up, and nodded enthusiastically. I repeated it, but didn’t go any harder, and she moaned slightly and broke into a full on grin, putting her head back down, her blonde tresses falling down around her face. Suddenly inspired, I reached out and gathered up her hair, wrapping it around my hand as I pulled her head back, and she groaned an “Oh my god fucking damn…”

I could feel her pussy lubing fairly liberally around me, and wanting to get her there quicker, I grabbed back into her hips and started pounding her for all I was worth. Her staccato grunts started to increase, and I felt myself beginning to boil over, which I tried to push down by controlling by breath. I went to try Kelly’s pinch technique, but we were going too hard and I didn’t want to interrupt her climb, so I reached around and slapped her clit, and as I lost control and filled her up, she clamped down and howled out her own powerful cum.

We stayed stock still for a few long moments, me still throbbing inside her as her glorious wetness clamped and undulated around me, us both panting powerfully as our breathing slightly slowed. She finally relaxed enough to let me go, and as she pulled her hips forward, I watched as a few drips of my thick load oozed out of her slit. She collapsed onto her stomach, then after a few moments slowly rolled over and looked up at me “Holy shitballs…” she managed, finally, grinning maniacally. She moved over enough to allow me space on the bed, patting the space beside her. I crawled next to her and collapsed, and she scooted in next to me again. We laid in comfortable silence, saying nothing for quite a while. After all, what really needed to be said right now? I caressed her back and her butt with my hand, and she made sweet little sounds of pleasure. It was truly a perfect moment. She finally broke the silence, putting her hand on my chest.


“Yeah,” I replied bemusedly.

“I like that we came together.”

“I’d say we’re sexually compatible.” She grabbed my face and kissed me.

“I’ll say.”

“I’m glad I can make it good for you.”

She hesitated and looked away for a second, then looked me in the eye again. “I have to ask you a question. But I don’t want to be…well, I don’t know how to say this…”

“Just say it.”

“Okay. Are you sure you’re really a virgin?”

“Uh, well…” She rolled over and put her hand on my chest, her face inches from mine, her eyebrow arched. “The truth is, I lost mine pretty recently.”

“No shit?!”

“Um, yeah.”

“To who?”

“I can’t tell you. I promised to keep it a secret.”


“But yeah, I did. It kind of wasn’t planned, it just happened.”

“Anybody I know?” she asked.

“I’m not sure. But it’s nobody in our school, I can tell you that much. She’s a little bit older than us.”


“Why’d you ask?”

“I just…well, it’s just that, my older sister Becky and I talk about everything sexual, since our parents are kinda prudish about this stuff. And she basically told me the first time pretty much was crappy, but kinda good, and it gets better over time. But this was…I mean, you made sure I was comfortable, and that I came, you were patient and seemed like you were really comfortable the whole time. So I just really sort of wondered…”

“Well, yeah. You figured me out. Like I said, I didn’t plan it, but I’m glad I could make this good for you. I was nervous about that, since I care about you. I know we’re not trying to be girlfriend and boyfriend or anything, since we’re going different places after graduation, but…”

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