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Su-Ann was shopping with her mother Maree and was surprised to see her looking in a shop window at a sexy little light blue dress with black accessories.

She Asked, ‘What’s on your mind Mum? Are you planning a dirty weekend away with Anthony or a party or something? A little dress like that one looks like you’re planning some fun.’

‘You’re nearly right. I want to wear something like that out with the girls when we go out partying Friday night. Do you like the dress Su-Ann?’ Maree asked.

‘It’s definitely your colour and it will attract plenty of attention if that’s what you want,’ her daughter responded. ‘Will you get a bag and shoes to match?’

‘I’ll check at home to see if anything I have goes with it first.’

Su-Ann thought Anthony, her mother’s boyfriend, was a dish and had engaged with a bit of flirting without intent with him. She thought he would like to see her mother in that outfit, but she was sworn to secrecy. Maree would probably cook up some occasion to surprise him with that dress.

Su-Ann’s parents had split when she had left school about 4 years previously and her relationship with her mother suffered for a while, but they had become more accepting of one another when she moved out of the house and began living with a group of people her own age. In fact, without the pressures of living together, mother and daughter had become a lot closer and acted more like friends than family.

She knew her mother would be busy preparing her house for the engagement party the next day, so she decided to keep out of her way. She had just moved into a new house, and planned do re-arrange her furniture in the morning after buying her food for the next week.

As she was returning to her car at 10.30 that Saturday, she heard a man’s voice call her name, ‘Hi Su-Ann? Watcha doing?’

She turned and saw Anthony as he was coming out of the hardware and walking back to his car in the shoppers’ car park, wheeling a shopping trolley filled with an assortment of tools and painting supplies. She was often surprised at how young he looked, and wearing his white painter’s overalls over a dark red T-shirt did nothing to hide his physicality.

‘Oh hi Anthony. You look like a man on a mission. Are you decorating something?’

‘Not right away, but I’ll be ready when I decide to get started, one of these years,’ he replied with a grin. ‘What are you up to today Su-Ann?

‘Trying to move some furniture out that was left behind by the last tenant, and re-arrange the some rooms. Know a big strong man who could help me with the heavy stuff?’

‘After I’ve had lunch with your mother, I could take some stuff away to the charity re-cycling depot if that helps,’ he offered.

‘I’d appreciate that. Thank you Anthony. I’ll see you later,’ she said with a smile.

She walked back to her car carrying her shopping and without knowing it she had a little more wiggle in her walk and he was watching her.

At home that morning, she cleared everything out of the path where furniture would need to be moved so she would not keep her mother’s partner occupied for longer than necessary. The temperature climbed during that spring morning and Su-Ann changed into a pair of little green shorts that showed a generous amount of her legs and a sleeveless top that showed a generous amount of her cleavage.

Early that afternoon Anthony drove up to her place in his pick-up with a furniture trolley in the back and parked her driveway. He wore the same T-shirt he had on when she saw him earlier, but was wearing bostancı escort bayan denim shorts to his knees, and work boots.

‘Hi Anthony. Twice in one day. We’ll have to keep meeting like this,’ she said with half a smile on her face.

‘Where do we start?’ he asked as he was rolling the furniture trolley off the back of his pick-up.

‘In the bedroom,’ she answered. ‘There’s a wardrobe and a pair of bedside cupboards to get rid of and a dresser with a detachable mirror. It belongs to the past. If you can use any of it, it’s yours.’

He quickly loaded the unwanted furniture leaving the small wardrobe on the front veranda. He tied everything securely and protected the mirror with a blanket before securing it.

‘What about the wardrobe?’ Su-Ann asked.

‘I’ll come back for that in a while. It will be perfect for a tool cabinet in the shed, once I put a few shelves into it.’

Do you mind helping me to re-arrange some furniture while you’re here Anthony? It will make a huge difference to me.’

‘Easy. What can I do?’

For the next forty minutes, they re-arranged beds, a piano and several other pieces around from room to room and from place to place within rooms.

When Su-Ann was satisfied, she said ‘All done. Thanks Anthony. You’ve saved me a whole week of work.’

She put her arms around him and gave him a short soft wet kiss on the lips. It was the first time she had been quite so demonstrative, and he could feel the arousing swelling of his penis in his pants.

Quite flustered, he tried to regain his composure.

He said, ‘I-I-I- I’ll drop the furniture off and c-c-come back for the wardrobe in about an hour. Can I get you anything while I’m away Su-Ann?’

‘I would kill for a drink of anything and a strawberry cheesecake. This is hot work.’

She handed him two $10 notes.

He was about to object and offer to pay himself, but she held up her hand and said ‘My treat. Don’t argue, just do it. You’ve been a bonus to me already. This is cheap. I’ll tidy up my clothes and get the place back into shape while you’re away. See you soon,’ she said, waving him away.

While he was away, she tidied the house, showered and changed her clothes. She wore a short denim skirt and a lemon button up blouse, and as the day was warming up, she decided not to wear any underwear, and left her nickers and bra in the drawer.

He drove back into her driveway, just as she finished changing her clothes.

She opened the back gate and said, ‘Let’s have some refreshment al fresco.’

She was thinking eating wasn’t the only thing she liked doing outside.

She led the way to the table in the back yard and they sat on the matching bench seat under a café type of out-door umbrella.

Su-Ann dipped her finger into the cheesecake and licking it off, said, ‘I’ll get some spoons if you’d prefer.’

‘There’s no need Su-Ann. This looks like fun.’

He dipped his finger into the cheesecake and Su-Ann reached for his wrist before he began to lick it off, and placed his finger in her own mouth. She licked it slowly and sucked his finger lightly, looking him straight in the eye as she did so.

On the surface it was a playful act, but underneath, it was an incredible turn-on for Anthony. He imagined his cock getting the same treatment as his finger in her mouth. It almost seemed like incest to be flirting and even close to exchanging body fluids with his future step-daughter.

For Su-Ann, it was just a bit of fun and she thought he would ümraniye escort laugh it off and continue as though nothing had happened. But something was happening. Anthony’s cock was swelling up inside his work shorts and he was almost certain it would escape its confines if he didn’t move it to one side to keep it hidden.

‘When do I actually get to taste some my-self?’ he asked her with a smirk on his face.

She dipped her finger into the desert and offered it to Anthony to suck off her finger. They sat together sucking each other’s fingers and staring at each other as if they were letting the sexual tension increase and almost take on a life of its own.

She looked away for no more than one second and with her other hand she ran her other finger through the cheesecake and smeared in on her lips, moving her face closer to Anthony’s.

He took the hint and began licking it off her mouth as she loosened the buttons on her blouse, then began smearing more cream from the top of the cheesecake on her firm aroused nipples.

She asked, ‘Are you getting enough cheesecake now Anthony?’

The whole flirtation seemed to be getting completely out of control. Anthony began unzipping his shorts as he thought of Su-Ann’s mother, his fiancé. He wondered what Maree would make of this scene if she was to walk in to the back yard of her daughter’s place, something she did often, and catch them licking desert off each other’s sex organs.

But it did not stop his licking the flavours off Su-Ann’s tits and smearing his own cock with more of the remains on the plate. Su-Ann saw what he did and as soon as he had cleaned most of the desert from her tits, she swooped onto his cock and began sucking and licking all around the head and half way down the shaft of his straining tool to remove the strategically placed desert.

‘Stop Su-Ann, before I come in your mouth. I want to give your cunt a serious licking and see what you taste like without desert inside you.

She had almost cleaned all the strawberry flavoured cheesecake off his turgid cock when she stopped and asked, ‘How do you want to do it?’

‘Lie on the table with your legs up high and wide apart. Hold on to your knees and close your eyes,’ he directed her as though she was rehearsing for a porno movie.

As she assumed the position and closed her eyes with her dripping cunt widely exposed, she said, ‘I feel like such a slut.’

He didn’t answer her. He just put his hands on the top of her thighs, spreading her legs as wide as they would go. He stretched her cunt lips wide open with his thumbs. He slowly buried his face between her lightly muscled legs and greedily began sucking and licking everything he could access from inside her. But it only made her wetter and wetter.

He lapped upwards at her cunt like a thirsty dog on a hot day, his wide tongue pulling on her dripping swollen cunt-lips and maddeningly slowly over her clitoris, over and over.

The feelings stirring inside her were bubbling up and the first of 3 orgasms washed over her like a giant surf-wave dumping a toddler into the violence of a strong undertow.

Each climax only made her greedier for the next one and her whimpering turned into ear splitting shrieks.

Anthony was so rampant by that stage that he removed his mouth from his fiancee’s daughter’s vagina and pushed his swollen cock at the opening of her slavering cunt. It would not fit in immediately, but Su-Ann’s throbbing vagina was wet enough to allow Anthony’s oversized weapon to gradually escort kartal penetrate her dripping hole.

She put her arms around his neck and he stood straight up and grasped her arse cheeks in his hands. She wrapped her legs around his hips. He slowly swivelled his hips forward as he gradually made more and more of his cock disappear inside Su-Ann’s stretched vagina. Once he was in as far as he could go, he began slowly fucking her, gradually quickening the pace, eventually shoving his thickened rod into her and screwing her like they were two oversexed ferrets trying to fuck each other to death.

When she had almost exhausted herself from her continuous stimulation of orgasms, she whispered to him, ‘Would you mind coming in my mouth Anthony?’

As he placed her feet back on the ground he said, ‘That would be very nice Su-Ann. I’d love to.’

She said, ‘Stand near the end of the seat, hands behind your head and close your eyes. It’s my turn.’

Anthony did as he was instructed. Su-Ann sat and played with his balls for a few seconds, then removed her hands and placed her mouth over his throbbing cock for a few seconds without touching him. He could feel her breath on his cock, and the anticipation was incredible.

Finally he could feel her lips close lightly over the head and the first two inches of his cock, then as his passion rose up, he could feel her wet tongue licking the underside of his cock in slow salacious circular motions.

Within 5 seconds of this, he could feel the onset of an unstoppable orgasm, and 5 seconds later she could taste the thick slightly salty taste of his cum gushing into her mouth. She needed to swallow it quickly to make room for the next long squirt of semen ejaculating into her mouth, again and again.

‘MMMMMMMMmm,’ she said as she swallowed every drop and licked some of her own juices off his still hard swollen dripping cock.

She couldn’t get enough of the taste, so she moved to his face and began licking her own cunt juice still evident around his mouth as she held his still hard cock in her hand.

Soon, he could not stand any further stimulation to his now oversensitive cock and he gently pushed Su-Ann away, dressed and sat on the seat. Su-Ann took her place beside him.

She, looked up at him and said, ‘Thanks for helping me with the furniture today Anthony. It would have been such a chore without your help.’

Just then Maree walked through the back gate and greeted them.

‘HI Anthony and Su-Ann. Whatcha you been doing?’

Su-Ann said ‘I’ve been licking my cunt off Anthony’s face Mum. It was the least I could do to repay him for helping with moving furniture.’

Without a word, Su-Ann stood up and collected the wrappings and the drink bottles and walked back into her new house, and began tidying up.

Maree kissed Anthony, then left him and followed Su-Ann into the house. Once inside, she said, ‘You’re a funny girl Su-Ann. The funniest part is, I think I believe you.’

They exchanged familiar smiles.

‘I love you mum,’ Su-Ann responded and they embraced for a cuddle.

Anthony loaded the wardrobe onto the back of his pick-up and stepped inside the front door and said, ‘I’m on my way Su-Ann. See you later.’

‘OK. Thanks for your help Anthony. See you at the party.’

Directing his attention to Maree he said, ‘See you at home lover.’

He kissed Su-Ann on the cheek, and Maree on the mouth.

He drove away with a wide grin on his face. He couldn’t wait to get Maree home, and fuck her until she had enough climaxes to put her to sleep, but he would have to wait until most people had left their engagement party that night.

Su-Ann and Anthony seemed to know that it was over. It was as if nothing had happened. The only thing different is the memory they have of it.

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