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For two whole days!!! She had to catch her breath just thinking about how wonderful it would be for them to be together nonstop for two days, for the first time ever. It would be paradise. She wanted to get everything ahead of time, leave nothing to chance, and be totally prepared so they could enjoy doing whatever they pleased. As she made her way through the grocery store she found herself so riddled with anticipation that her panties were soaked. She told herself to focus as she methodically walked each isle, thinking of the possibilities, and making choices what to buy. It was such a catch twenty two, she thought, and she laughed out loud. How was she supposed to focus on shopping when knowing what it was for was such a big distraction!

Finally, she rounded the last corner and perused the isle quickly, even though she doubted there would be anything in the household section of the grocery store which would lend itself to sexual pleasure. Then, just as she headed for the checkouts she saw him. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She stared and blinked until she came to her senses. There he was, shopping with a small basket in hand, and so very engaged in the task at hand he hadn’t seen her. She smiled and decided to watch him from afar. He had wine, steak, potatoes and flowers already, but seemed to be mulling over which chocolate bar to buy before checking out. She decided to sneak around the other side of a shorter isle and round the corner so she’d bump into him.

When she did he barely flinched, picked up his dropped items, excused himself, and walked to the checkout counter without even registering who he had bumped into! That was odd, she thought, even if she was married and they had to hide their involvement. She walked up behind him, got into line and waited…..and waited….until finally she could stay silent no more. He had chosen her favorite chocolate bar and was setting it on the belt when she said, “Yum, all my favorites.”

He looked up and just about jumped from surprise, but was so obviously happy to see her that he had a very hard cock within seconds. He had quite a job concealing it with the shopping basket. She chuckled at his efforts, but kept her eyes averted since they were in public. He replied kindly, “Yea should be a good dinner.” with a polite smile, and then finished paying for his groceries, told her it was nice to see her, and walked out. She had noticed however, that he gave her tight fitting green dress the once over as covertly as he could before finishing his transaction, and he seemed pleased.

With a new bounce in her step, she left the store and headed for her car, thinking of how she might get away from her failed marriage, once and for all, and finally be happy. But how was that possible?? If only…… She couldn’t dwell on the “what ifs”. Better to enjoy the here and now. As she loaded the last bag into her car she saw a flicker of white on her windshield.

Reaching around the antenna, she grabbed it out from under the wiper and read, MEET ME NOW, OUR SPOT, I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON YOU! Her face broke into a wide grin as she closed the door, started the car and sped off in the direction of their favorite park, Cherokee.

Her breathing was heavy as she pulled into the small gravel parking lot, caught a glimpse of him walking the trail, and jumped out to try and catch him. “Wait!” she yelled but he either hadn’t heard, or chose not to stop. She thought the latter to be more likely, so she quickened her pace, and realized this was all part of his teasing manor when she caught him turn his head slightly at the escort ataşehir sound of her quickened pace. She rounded the next corner, but he was nowhere in sight.

Just then he grabbed her arm and pulled her into him for a deep kiss. He started groping every inch of her, pulling up her dress, savoring the feel of her bare bottom. She lusted for him. She began to help him remove her clothing and his, although, for her it was nothing more than a dress and scant undergarments. Kissing hard and heavy, moving slowly, they lowered themselves onto the ground.

They were just off to the side of the main trail when he pulled her onto his face, eating her out with relish, while she begged to be fucked. This park was their favorite for many reasons, but the most obvious reason was the seclusion. They had both remarked on a number of occasions how it was their city’s best kept secret. He finally opened his eyes, caught her gaze and held it, telling her he intended to have his way with her first so she should just enjoy. And she did. He had a way of bringing her to the edge of desire so quickly, without pushing her over, keeping her in that lingering state of measured intensity just before fulfilling her need for orgasm.

Soon after his lips and tongue had finished their sensual assault on her snatch, allowing her a toe curling orgasm, they were fucking good and hard. She writhed on top of his cock with such persistence he had to avert his eyes from her jiggling breasts to maintain control over his growing urge. He had always been able to keep his stride, yet he had to admit that it was difficult just now.

Sitting up now he just had to allow himself the pleasure of mouthing those breasts. Looking at her hard nipples, watching her move up and down, feeling her hot moisture all around him…it all felt so dam good. He wanted her to cum first so he summoned all his strength to help her do it, perhaps a little faster than she wanted, but very well and highly satisfying. He took hold of her buttocks and began grinding her down, moving her all around, bringing her to fruition with a long, loud guttural sound.

She was pulling her nipples with her hands while she gazed into his steely blue eyes, and that was what had done it. The look they shared when everything they felt culminated. He followed suit exploding within her, filling her with hot and sticky cum that oozed out around his still highly aroused member, buried deep within her. He moaned a satisfied sort of appreciation for the experience as she rolled off him, laughing. She thanked him for yet another fabulous cum, “That was fantastic. And I needed that.” she told him.

She asked him if he had a hard day to which he replied, “Yea, lots of work, and lots of stupid people I didn’t want to deal with.” She sighed contentedly then said “I hate to break up the party but we need to go. It’ll start snowing soon and although you warmed me up I’m starting to get cold.” He grinned from ear to ear, and said “So I see.” His eyes feasted on her prominent, pointed nipples perched atop her now swaying breasts being returned to the bra he’d pulled off so quickly only moments ago. “I like the new bra, by the way.” He said with an easy smile. “I thought you might.” she giggled in reply in spite of herself.

He commented that they’d have to plan on doing this again sometime when it was warmer, and she agreed. Today, after all, was cool but still warm for Wisconsin considering the time of year. They were lucky to have had this fine experience in nature. Agreeing to meet at his house within the hour, they parted ways with a quick kadıköy escort bayan kiss and then drove off in different directions, neither of them knowing what awaited them in the very near future.

The snow had started and turned heavy, and began falling faster by the time she arrived, so he met her at the door to help carry in the bags he knew she had. She emptied them while he added more logs to the fire, and spread a blanket on the futon mattress he had positioned on the floor directly in front of the fireplace. The fire gave a fine glow to the whole room, but an especially nice one to her hair. Hearing her approach he turned around, anxious to see that very effect, just in time to see her atop the bottom step about to make her way upstairs.

He asked her where she was going, “Getting comfy.” she said with a sly grin, and hurried upstairs. He stripped, crawled under the blanket, and lay there, waiting for her to return, and as he did he thought about what he’d do to her once he had her in his arms. He was more than ready to do as he pleased, but he also had to remind himself to keep calm inside, or his long term plans would be discovered before he was ready to reveal them.

She snickered as she approached, and looking up he gasped. She had taken him by surprise since he was lost in thought. She now wore the most intriguing piece of lingerie he’d ever seen. It was stingy yet covered enough to be imaginative. “You’re very sure of yourself I see.” She jerked her head in his direction ever so slightly indicating his nearby pile of clothing as she said it, but it was no secret she loved the fact that he was poised to please.

She dropped down, threw back the blanket and took him full in her mouth, filling him with such an onslaught of sensations he began begging her to ride him. “No.” she replied simply and he knew it was her turn to take what she wanted….do as she pleased while it was his turn to wait, enjoy and attempt to make it last just as she had been forced to do earlier in the park.

The wind began to howl and the temperature dropped, but they remained warm and oblivious to the outside world enjoying each other to the fullest extent. She pulled and sucked, then licked and squeezed. She played with herself, tasted his kiss often, and put his hands where she wanted to feel them. She rode his fingers, called out his name as she came, tasted sweet victory as he squirted her full of cum, his dick firmly wedged between her breasts.

When they had worn themselves out, temporarily at least, their growling stomachs now demanded sustenance. “We should make dinner sometime”, he said, and she agreed so they began cooking together, not even bothering to dress. Keeping on task was hard, but eventually they had a lovely steak dinner on the floor before them. Switching the TV on to pop in a tasteful porno, one they had made together, they found that the first ten inches of snow was already on the ground! Weather forecasters were now predicting the same sort of city wide shut down that was initially guaranteed for only two days, for an additional third day?!

“We’ll be stuck here longer than we expected.” she said but he piped up saying “Speak for yourself.” and actually chuckled. She gazed at him in amazement as he told her a tale of planning even she had not suspected him capable of. He had stocked the house, arranged the furniture, chopped extra wood, and intended to keep her for the third day because he loved her and wouldn’t dream of cutting things short due to the weather. No, he had decided this was a gift. They would simply enjoy it. She escort bostancı was very unhappily married. Stuck. But they had each other and very rare moments like this so they dealt with the other details as necessary until she got the word the divorce was going to happen. And it worked for now, but her situation was unpredictable at best.

Eating dinner quickly turned into a sexually charged and sensual affair as they found themselves placing bites of food in strategic places all over their bodies, and then challenging themselves to eat it without hands. It was fun, but also messy so a shower seemed in order. With the hot water pulsing over them, they began to kiss, to caress and he finger fucked her until she screamed. He liked the pungent smell and the taste of her cum so he licked his fingers clean before the water robbed him of it.

He began washing her body gently and she washed his, then he wrapped her in a towel, scooped her up and carried her to the bed where he spread her legs wide to enjoy eating her as dessert. His tongue was magic, she said, as she told him how to use it, and he performed the most amazing tricks. Flick my clit, bury your tongue inside me….on and on it went until she was pulling him up with all her strength, trying to make him fuck her.

“Not just yet.” he responded and rolled her over, entered her from behind and pumped her until she tightened around him making him cum. Although she protested mildly with a pleasurably agonized groan, she really wanted her chance for a turn on top, she’d be patient and wait. They lay together savoring the feel of their tangled limbs humming with sensitivity. She started kissing him and skimming her hands over his skin some minutes later, whispering suggestive memories from their sexual past, placing his hands where she wanted them on her body.

Eventually he relented and allowed her to entice him into another good, albeit short, ride on his stiff, perfect length before allowing him to sleep. She slid off, and they drifted into deep sleep almost instantly, holding onto each other, and knowing they’d enjoy so much more tomorrow. More than either of them could ever imagine.

The morning brought sunshine even if half the windows were obscured by the snow that had piled up while they slept. She blinked and prodded Carl awake. He grinned and pulled her toward him so she could feel his love for herself. Her eyes were wide, causing him to raise his eyebrows in mock surprise, but she just pointed at the window. He glanced at it and allowed an evil grin to spread across his face.

Sherri was astonished that he didn’t seem the least bit concerned. “Do you realize how much snow has fallen?” she asked and Carl slowly nodded. He pulled a small box out from under his pillow. She hadn’t seen it yet, but it dawned on her that he had planned so much more than she had given him credit for even after their earlier conversation.

Turning her head back toward him once again, Sherri asked “I didn’t hear the plow service did you?” and then she saw it. As she took in the enormity of this promise he was making, especially in light of the fact that her divorce was still an issue, she struggled to catch her breath. Tears filled her eyes. Still, her face lit up as she took the ring out and placed it on her hand.

It was April 1st but she knew this was no joke. They were utterly completely in love from the first moment they connected, nearly three years ago now, and as his face filled with pure joy he replied “Nope. They’re under orders not to show up until the storm passes. You’re all mine now.” He watched Sherri’s face melt into a tender smile. “Happy Birthday” she said. Carl smiled, “Yes it is.” And then there was nothing more to say. No matter how long it took to realize their dream, they were together for the long haul now, and wouldn’t ever be stuck in a bad way again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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