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The two men looked at each other and smiled. “Well, if you can’t pay, we need something else from you. We have not trailed all this way in this heat for nothing.”

“But I’ve nothing I can give you,” the old man wailed.

One of the men looked across at the attractive teenager who had opened the door to them, and was now cowering in a chair. “Who’s this?” he inquired.

“My granddaughter, Emmanuel. She’s a good girl.” The man said fearfully.

“I’m sure she will provide us with some entertainment.” He looked at the girl. “Stand up! Let’s have a look at you.”

Emmanuel raised herself from the chair and looked fearfully at the two men. The men looked her up and down and nodded. “How old are you?”

Emmanuel looked at them sullenly, “18 she said in a soft whisper.

“I’m sure we can have some entertainment with you,” one of the men said. “I bet you would be willing to do anything to protect your old grandfather.”

Emmanuel looked at the smirking guy and nodded her head slowly. One of the men squatted on a stool; the other leaned against up the table. He turned to the old man. “Okay, old man, strip her.”

The man looked horrified. “I can’t, she’s my granddaughter.”

The man laughed cruelly. “That’s what is going to make it all the more interesting.”

Emmanuel looked at her grandfather. She felt sorry for him. She knew what the men could do to him. She had heard of them before. “It’s alright, granddad, you do as they say. I won’t mind.” She beckoned him over to where she was standing. He shuffled across, and she smiled up at the old man now looking even older than his years.

“Just take my clothes off; do as they ask. I don’t mind.”

His old hands trembled as he reached for the buttons on her red silk blouse, and with some difficulty, began to unfasten them. The two men looked at each other as they got sight of her tight white bra. “She’s a little beauty,” one of them said, and the other nodded.

The old man eased Emmanuel’s blouse off and then fumbled for the fastenings on her skirt. She had to help him. At last the skirt was undone and it fell to the floor around her feet. She stepped out of it and the old man bent and picked it up.

He looked at his attractive grand-daughter now wearing only her tight white bra and a brief canlı bahis pair of black lace panties. He turned and looked pleadingly at the two men, but he knew it was a lost cause.

“Let’s get on with it. We are just getting to the interesting bit.” The old man looked at Emmanuel.

She smiled. “Just do as they say; it will be all right.”

He turned her around and slowly unfastened the clasp on her bra. It fell loose and the straps slid down her arms, revealing her naked breasts. They were large for her age, orbs of smooth creamy flesh topped with protruding brown nipples.

One of the men nodded slowly. “You’ve got a lovely pair of tits for a young ‘un.”

Emmanuel blushed. Her granddad tried not to look at her exposed body. He was so ashamed of what he had been made to do.

“Okay, old man, let’s get the last bit off.”

The old man looked at his attractive granddaughter standing before him in just her brief panties. He saw her reach out for his hands and place them on the waist band of her panties. He shuddered as his fingers touched her smooth skin. It was cool to his touch.

He looked at her and muttered, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be doing this,” as he slowly eased the panties over her hips and down her legs. He could not help but notice the dark patch of neatly trimmed hair that drew his eyes towards the dark shaded cleft of her pussy lips.

Now she stood there naked. The two men smiled at each other and nodded. “I bet you enjoyed that, old man. I bet it’s been a long time since you have seen an attractive young body like that.”

The old man said nothing. He wanted to look away, but his eyes were drawn back to the young naked body of his granddaughter standing before him. He felt so ashamed that he was the cause of her shame.

“I bet you’d like to get your hands on her tits, feel those hard nipples,” one of the men said.

The old man shook his head, the other laughed. “Just reach out and feel them.”

The old man looked at his granddaughter; she smiled at him. “Do as they ask, granddad. I don’t want them to hurt you.” She reached for his hand, pulled it up, and pressed it over her breast.

He instinctively tried to pull it away, but she held it tight. He could feel the firm mound under his hand and the nipple pressing against his bahis siteleri palm. He had a sudden urge to squeeze the firm mound. Slowly he raise his other hand and placed it over her other breast.

Emmanuel smiled at him. “That wasn’t too bad, was it? Now squeeze them; do as they say. I don’t want you to be hurt.”

It was many years now since he had felt firm young breasts in his hands. He thought back to the last time as he gently squeezed the pair of firm orbs. His thoughts were interrupted by one of the men laughing. “I think he’s enjoying it; just look at his face.” The other man laughed. Disgusted with his actions, the old man let his hands fall from the young girl’s body.

“I wonder just how far you will go, old man, to protect her from us,” one of the men said. The old man looked at him with contempt written across his face. The man smiled. “I have an idea.” He swept a small table clear of its contents. The old man winced as bottles and crockery crashed to the floor. Then he came over and grabbed Emmanuelle’s arm and pulled her toward the table. “Lay back on the table,” he said to her. The girl now looked a little frightened. What were they going to do to her? Obediently she eased herself up onto the table and laid back.

Her naked body was now displayed as she lay over the table, her breasts drawn tight, the nipples sharply erect. She had tried to keep her legs together, not wanting to display any more of her intimate charms than she had too, but the man was having nothing of it. He instructed her to draw up her legs and rest her heels on the table. As she did so, he roughly pushed her legs apart. Her delightful pussy was now on open display and the old man could see his granddaughter was flushed with embarrassment.

The two men looked down at the attractive young beauty so openly displayed before them, and then one of them looked at the old man. “I’m going to make you an offer,” he said slowly. “I would very much like to screw your delightful young granddaughter, but I think it will be more fun watching you. So here is my offer. If you don’t want us to screw her, you are going to have to make her cum for us.”

Again the old man looked horrified. “I can’t,” he gasped. “I’m not capable.” The two men laughed. “There’s more than one way to skin a rabbit; just use what bahis şirketleri you can.”

He shuffled over to the table. Emmanuel looked up at him. She smiled and nodded her head. “You can do it, granddad. Please, you do it; don’t let them touch me.”

The old man looked down at his granddaughter laid out naked before him now with her legs splayed apart. He could clearly see every detail of her moist pussy. With her legs spread apart, her pussy was stretched slightly open displaying the soft pink inner petals.

“Do it, granddad, please do it,” she whispered up at him. Reluctantly the old man reached forward. His fingers just touched the tender flesh and she groaned. Slowly he eased two fingers into her warm wet entrance. He felt her press herself up against him. She was thrusting herself onto his fingers. She reached down between her open legs, and with two fingers, she spread herself and exposed her clit. Then she took his other hand and pulled it down to her already engorged nub, rubbing herself urgently against it.

The two men watched as the old man worked his fingers into the tight pussy of his granddaughter while his other fingers teased her clit. Emmanuel began groaning and crying for him to do her harder. His fingers were sliding in her up to his knuckles and he could see her juices running down between her open thighs and pooling on the polished top of the table.

“Now,” she cried out. “Do it now.” And she pressed her young body up against his invading fingers. Her breath was now coming in short gasps. Sweat dripped off his forehead and ran down his cheek. He tried to push his fingers even deeper into her. She cried out and her body convulsed as a powerful orgasm wracked her body. Warm fluid ran over his fingers as she urgently pressed his hand up against her pussy. She looked up at him. “Thank you, granddad, you were great.” The two men got up and came over. They looked down at Emanuel’s naked body now covered in perspiration, her legs still wide apart, her juices running freely.

“You did a good job, old man,” one of them said. “We will be back next month. If you can’t pay us then, I’m sure your granddaughter will put on some entertainment for us.” They smiled at each other and left the room.

The old man helped Emanuel up from the table. She smiled at him. “It wasn’t too bad, was it?”

He smiled. “I didn’t really enjoy it, but it brought back some good memories.”

She reached up and pulled his head down and kissed him on the lips. “I do love you, granddad.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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