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Jack and I rode the elevator up to our rooms. When it stopped suddenly at our floor it threw me a little off balance. Jack caught me before I stumbled. The effects of the wine made me a little light-headed. I didn’t realize I was just a little inebriated. I think being somewhat tired and wearing high heels had me less sure-footed too. Jack laughed and that got me laughing. I felt great and I think Jack did too.

We proceeded down the hallway and Jack walked me to my door. I took the plastic card from my handbag to insert it in the security slot but I dropped it on the floor. Jack retrieved it for me and slid it in the slot, the door clicked and swung open slightly. Jack pushed the door open, flipped the light switch and followed me in. I tossed my handbag on the chair by the table where we’d been working. The balcony doors were open and Jack walked out to get a breath of fresh air. I followed him out needing some air to cool me off. We both looked down at the pool to see if the couple we’d watched earlier in the day were still there. Naturally they weren’t but we looked anyway.

“Boy, does that pool looking inviting or what” Jack said.

“Bet the water’s cold now” I answered.

“Did you bring your bikini?” He asked.

“Nope, I don’t have a bikini” I replied laughingly.

We glanced around for awhile and then returned to the room. Jack closed the patio doors behind him and pulled the drapes across it. I turned on the television to get the latest news.

“You’re not sleepy either I take it.” He assumed.

“Thought I’d catch the latest business news and see how the stock market performed today,” I said.

Jack asked to use the bathroom and I pointed to it. I thought it a little strange he didn’t wait till he got over to his room across the hallway. I sat on the edge of the bed, flipping through the channels. Jack came out of the bathroom and sat down next to me, his arms behind him to support himself. I found the news and put the remote down on the bed next to me. I felt a little awkward sitting on the bed with Jack right next to me. Jack got up, which made me feel a little easier. He took off his suit jacket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes from the inside pocket. I’d never seen Jack smoke. I was a little surprised when he put it in his ataşehir escort bayan mouth and lit it.

“Would you care for one?” he offered.

I shook my head no. “I’ve never smoked,” He informed him.

Jack grabbed an ashtray off the nightstand and sat on the edge of the bed next to me. The smoke from the cigarette drifted towards me. It didn’t bother me, I’d often thought about trying a cigarette to see if I like it. More out of curiosity than anything. We watched the business news and a brief commentary afterwards.

“I’ve got a really great idea,” Jack declared.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I’d like to see you take off your clothes, see what you look like naked” He whispered.

I just froze; I couldn’t believe what he’d just said to me. At first I thought I misunderstood him, then I thought maybe I just daydreamed it.

“Well, what do you say? Maybe you’d like me to take your clothes off for you” He said.

“Jack, I think you’ve drank way too much. You can’t really mean what you just said.” My nervousness showing in my voice.

“Stand up.” Jack ordered.

I couldn’t get up off the bed. Jack reached down and took my hand pulling me up to him. He put one arm around my waist pulling me close. With his other hand he grabbed the back of my head holding it while he kissed me hard and passionately. My hands went to his shoulders to push him away but I didn’t exert any effort to break away from him. He kissed me long and hard, my mind was spinning. It had been years since I’d been kissed, let alone kissed so passionately.

Jack finally broke off the kiss. “You can’t realize how long I’ve been wanting to do that,” he stated.

I tried to say something but I kept stammering.

“Jack, we can’t do this. You’re happily married and besides I’m a lot older than you,” I finally uttered. “This is so wrong”

I could sense Jack wasn’t listening to me. He untied his tie tossing it on the chair. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt, taking it off. I just stood there not able to move. I wanted to run towards the door and get out into the hallway to safety. Jack kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks. When he reached for his belt buckle I put my hands on his arms to stop him.

“Mr. Robbins, please don’t,” I begged.

Jack escort kadıköy just smiled coyly and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. When he reached down to take his pants off I looked away, closing my eyes. Jack tossed his clothes on the chair. He pulled me back into him and kissed me again. This time, his kiss was softer. I felt his lips working over mine, chewing my lower lip. I felt the heat in my body rise, I kept my eyes closed. Jack kissed me on the neck, sending shivers down my back. My body thrust into him. I could feel his hardness through the material of my skirt. I wanted to pull back but his kisses on my neck felt so good, awakening my body.

I gasped, “Mr. Robbins, Jack”

I wanted to say stop but I wouldn’t utter the words aloud. Jack stepped back from me. I looked down at the bulge in his white briefs. It was huge. I was mesmerized at the size of it. Jack took my hand in his and placed it on hard cock. He rubbed my hand back and forth across it. I couldn’t get over the feel of it.

“Sarah, it’s all for you. I’m harder than ever”. He affirmed.

Jack released my hand and I quickly put it back to my side. Jack stepped back and quickly stripped then down and off. His enormous cock jutted out in front of him. It looked as big as my lower arm. I gasped, almost fainting at the sight of it. I couldn’t believe anyone could have a cock that big. The veins protruding out along the sides leading up to a large blood engorged crown. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Jack pulled me to him taking my hand and guiding it to his manhood. His hands covered mine as I gripped his cock. I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around it. It pulsed in my hand. I could feel how hot it was. I just stood there holding it not able to move.

Jack slipped my jacket off and began unbuttoning my blouse. I looked down watching his skilled fingers undo each button. When he had it all unbuttoned, he pulled it from my skirt and slipped it off my shoulders. I was wearing a white lacy bra. Jack smiled a look of approval at my taste in lingerie. I released my hand from his hard cock. He kissed my bare shoulders and down my chest to the top of my breasts. His hands cupping my breasts, fondling them till I gasped.

Jack walked over and sat down on the bostancı escort bed. He motioned for me to stand in front of him. I stood in front of him frozen.

“Take off your skirt” he ordered. My fingers fumbled with the button and zipper on my skirt. Jack patiently waited till I got it unzipped. I closed my eyes tight as I slipped my skirt down. When it was down around my ankles I stepped out of it. Jack reached down and picked it up. He tossed it to the chair where he’d put my blouse. I opened my eyes slowly looking down at him. I was standing in front of him wearing thigh high nylons and my white bra and panties. I felt the coolness of the air conditioner across my bare skin.

Jack still sitting on the edge of the bed, put his hands on my waist. He leaned in and kissed my panties pulling on them slightly with his teeth. His cock was still hard.

Jack turned me around facing the large mirror on the dresser. He put his hands on my shoulders and kissed me all over my back. His kisses tingled my skin. He was taking his time with me, wanting to warm me up slowly. His hands undid the fasteners on my bra. He slipped the straps from my shoulders and pulled the bra off my arms. I tried to cover my bare breasts with my hands but he held them to my side. My nipples sprang to life when the cool air wafted across them. My body tensed as one of his hands came up to cup a breast.

“Ohhhhhhh…” I sighed.

His large hand gently cupped then massaged my breast. I felt his hard cock brush against my panties and I reached down to touch it. My hand held it as Jack continued working one breast then the other. Jack’s fingers brushed across each nipple lifting them up and then side-to-side. I leaned back into his chest, not wanting him to stop. Jack’s kisses working around the back of my neck had me in another world. I forgot all about our age difference and the fact that he was married.

Jack’s hand slowly drifted down over my flat tummy towards my panties. His hand stopped just above the elastic gently massaging my stomach. His hand moved down over the outside of my panties and he rubbed my pussy through the material. I thought I was going to pass out from the stimulation. He slipped his hand farther down and between my legs. He forced me to move my legs farther apart. His hands feeling the wetness of my panties. I was breathing hard and rapid from his stimulation. I felt a hot flash take over my body and I quivered, having my first orgasm. I bit my lip to keep from crying out. I’d never felt anything so wonderful in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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