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As my car pulled away from the curb, I turned to the beautiful creature next to me and folded her into my arms again. I couldn’t believe how lucky I’d gotten — and snorted to myself at the turn of phrase.

She was beautiful. I could already tell she had a great sense of humor, too, and a perhaps over-developed sense of humility. She’d been knocked down some in her life, not literally, I didn’t think, but figuratively, and her self-esteem showed the effects. I might be able to help her with that and hoped I’d get the chance. I could see in her the capacity for all manner of things and I found myself in the rather novel situation of wanting to find out more. Novel for me, anyway.

Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not a complete callous ass. I do know how to treat a woman, both in bed and out, I just normally don’t go out of my way to find out any more than what they are willing to give on the surface.

Part of this, I imagine, is what has become an almost legendary behavior of mine to avoid any sort of long-term entanglements. Which, I suppose, is why both Gene and Suzan had given me such astonished expressions when they’d found us earlier. I’d turned down Gene’s offer of condoms earlier on the rather vehement assertion that I would not be having sex at all.

Apparently, I was very wrong about that. Not only did I have sex anyway, but I’d had no birth control on me whatsoever and hadn’t even stopped to ask Caty if she was protected. Of course, I’d never before considered trusting the word of my sex partner, but that should just go to show how out of the ordinary this was. I mean, really, it’s rather hard to avoid a long-term entanglement with a woman if you get her with child.

Regardless, I was with her now and in no hurry to change that fact.

But now what? I knew almost nothing about her and while I was committed to finding out more, I had only met her that evening, in a sex club for that matter, and it was entirely possible that after all of this, she’d have no wish to see me at all. All I could do was to take it a step at a time. She hadn’t balked at getting in the car with me, so we’d go from there.

As the car merged out into traffic, I noticed that Gene, Suzan and Caty’s friends, Anna and Charlie were getting rather well acquainted on the other end of the limo. It seemed as if they were all managing to somehow touch each other. Caty seemed a bit embarrassed by all of this and I once again thought she wasn’t used to this sort of outward display.

I found myself glad that my apartment was very close by. I imagined that if she had to watch too much, she might well have really balked and headed home. The type of lifestyle that Gene and Suzan and, it seemed, Anna and Charlie led was not for everyone. If it was true what she’d said about it being quite a long time, she would need time to get reacquainted to simply having sex before the more adventurous side of things could happen.

I caught her eye and smiled at her. “My place isn’t far. In fact, we should be pulling into the garage in just a moment.” I turned and sure enough I could see us pass through the underground garage entrance. Another moment and the car pulled to a stop.

The other two couples collected themselves and when the door opened, I motioned for Caty to proceed me. I was just man enough to pause and enjoy the view of her very fine rear end as she climbed out, before I stepped out myself. When the others joined us, I waved toward the elevator in front of us, punched in my code and held the door for Caty to step through.

She seemed a bit nervous and I imagined she didn’t find herself in this sort of situation often, if ever. I normally never gave a second thought to the car, the elevator or even my apartment. With no knowledge of Caty’s background, I had no idea what she would be thinking about it all. Yet again, I found myself in a novel situation of caring very much.

I could hold it no longer. “So, um, what do you do? Besides get dragged to clubs by your friends?” I had caught out of the corner of my eye the fact that the other two couples had gone back to groping one another.

Caty turned to me with a somewhat grateful expression on her face. For distracting her, I guessed. “I’m a teacher.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed. “Well, very noble profession, that. What do you teach?”

She blushed, which only served to make her even more beautiful to me. “High school.”

She must have read the horrified look on my face because she blushed even brighter. I realized it could be taken very wrong. “Sorry, I just can’t imagine voluntarily stepping foot into a high school ever again. I’m not sure they could pay me enough money ever to do that. You must be a very brave woman.”

She laughed. “Oh, they’re not that bad. I have more trouble with the administration than I do the students, most of the time.”

I glanced around myself with exaggerated care, then leaned in to her. “You’re not going to smack my knuckles with a ruler, are you? I mean, I know some people enjoy ataşehir escort bayan that sort of thing, but…”

She laughed again. “No, that’s private school. I teach in public school.”

I pretended to be hugely relieved. “Well, then. I feel better already.”

She laughed again and the elevator dinged.

“Ah, here we are.” I motioned for her to proceed me out of the elevated and the others followed right away. As I stepped up to the doors, they were opened and my butler greeted me.

“Good evening, young master. I wondered if you would bother to return at all tonight.” He stepped back and Gene and Suzan, long used to Jeeves’s comments, went through the door and headed for the living room, Charlie and Anna following close behind.

“Of course, Jeeves. Despite your insistence that I am a complete rotter of a playboy, I am home most nights.” I turned to Caty and put my arm around her. “This is Caty, a very lovely woman, please try not to intimidate her too much nor make me look too bad to her.”

Caty stared at him a moment. “Your name isn’t really…Jeeves, is it?”

I watched as Jeeves valiantly fought a smile. “No, madam, it is not. Jeeves is the name given me by the young master, here. My name is Henry Jones.”

“Well, at least he didn’t call you Indiana. And please don’t call me madam. Caty is just fine.” She grinned up at him.

I saw his lips twitch ever so slightly. “No, madam, he named the dog Indiana.”

It took Caty about three seconds to realize he was playing with her. She lost it, then, laughing long and hard over it. “Oh, I like you, Jeeves,” she said, still smiling, then she turned and stepped into my apartment.

I should point out here that “apartment” is a rather loose term for my home. It’s belonged to my family since the building was built sometime in the century before I was born. It took up the entire top floor of the thirty-story building. There were more bedrooms than I could count, more bathrooms than there were bedrooms and several other rooms I’d never even been in. In fact, I lived in approximately one tenth of the living space including my bedroom suite, my office, the library, the dining room and the living room. The rest sat unused as my parents never even stayed with me when they were in town.

I led her into the living room, which was really closer to the size of a small apartment in itself. There were three separate groups of furniture, two entertainment centers and a large wet bar. There was a terrace to the east, looking out over the city.

“Gene, Suzan, you know where everything is, would you make yourselves comfortable? Charlie and Anna, please feel free to join them.” I turned to Caty. “Would you care to join me on the terrace?”

She smiled up at me. “I’d be happy to.”

I paused momentarily and turned to Jeeves. “Could you bring…” I paused and looked at Caty. “Would you like more Harp? Or perhaps some wine?”

“Oh, Chardonnay would be nice, if you have it.” She smiled again.

I turned back to Jeeves, but he simply nodded, “right away.”

We stepped out onto the terrace and I could tell she was getting nervous. Oddly, I found myself slightly nervous, as well. She was a high school teacher, probably unused to this sort of home. I could understand her being a bit overwhelmed. “What do you do?” She asked me quietly, while leaning on the wall of the terrace.

“I’m an architect. My family owns one of the larger architectural firms on this coast. My father wanted me to get a business degree to take over the business, but I just wanted to draw the buildings and houses.” I laughed. “He was not pleased.”

She chuckled. “I’ve heard that from my friends. Some of their parents were the same way. Expectations.” She paused and breathed in the cool night air. “I had none.” It was so quiet, I wondered if she was talking to herself.

“I’m sorry?” I leaned in a little closer.

“Oh. Nothing.” She shook her head and smiled up at me and I let it go. There would be time to learn more.

Jeeves chose that opportune moment to emerge from the living room with the tray. He set it on the coffee table that was in the small grouping of furniture set back in the corner of the terrace, under an awning.

“Will there be anything else, sir?” He asked me.

“No, thank you, Jeeves. Have a good night.” I took Caty’s hand and led her toward the sofa.

“Very good, sir. Good night.” He bowed and retreated back through the living room.

Caty sat on the sofa and I poured two glasses of the wine, handing one to her. I picked up the tray of cheese and fruit and sat next to her on the sofa. She scooted away slightly like she had at the club. Like at the club, I simply pulled her closer to me again. She smiled wryly and took a sip of her wine. “Oh, this is good.”

“I have no idea what it is beyond Chardonnay. Yet another lack of mine that my family bemoans. Truthfully, I don’t often drink wine. My mother calls me ‘crass.'”

She chuckled at that. “My escort kadıköy wine generally costs me less than ten dollars a bottle, and usually even less. It often comes in a cardboard box.” She laughed nervously.

“I never understood spending a small fortune on a single bottle of a drink. There are liquors that are quite worth spending a bit more on — Jameson’s, for example, but honestly.” I shook my head and sipped my wine. I set it on the small side table and picked up a bit of cheese and offered it to her. She stared at me a moment, then reached out, but I pulled it back. “Open your mouth.” My voice dropped to almost a whisper.

Caty opened her mouth for me and I slowly set the bit of cheese on her tongue. As I drew my fingers back, she closed her lips over them and suckled for just a second. My eyes remained glued to her lips as she chewed slowly and swallowed, then lifted the glass to her lips again and sipped.

I blinked and shook my head slightly. Good grief, this woman was sexy. I picked up a piece for myself and popped it into my mouth, momentarily at a loss for words. All I could think about in that moment was what it would feel like to have my cock in the place of my fingers. As the thought entered my mind said object began hardening.

I took a long drink of my wine and set the glass back down. I offered her another piece of cheese and this time, she didn’t even try to take it from me. She opened her mouth and leaned in, closing her lips around my fingers once again. I felt her tongue flick the small cube into her mouth while she held my fingers captive.

When she let go of them and had swallowed the bite, I leaned in this time and captured her lips with my own. The taste of cheese and wine greeted me, along with a sweetness that I was learning was her. I traced the seam of her lips with my tongue and she opened her mouth to me.

I love to kiss and her mouth made my blood boil. It was warm and sensuous and brought all sorts of images into my head. My hand snaked around to the back of her head and I held her close as I nibbled on her lower lip before running my tongue along hers once more.

I heard a quiet moan, but I wasn’t sure if it was her or me. Her hand came up to cup the back of my head and she tilted hers to deepen the kiss even more. Just then, however, her stomach growled.

She jumped back, blushing to the roots of her hair. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” Her free hand flew to her face, but I just chuckled and took it back in mine.

“Whatever for?” I asked.

“My stomach. Has the worst timing sometimes.” She looked up in apology again. “I’m sorry, I was so nervous earlier, I couldn’t eat a thing at dinner. Listen, maybe this isn’t a really great idea right now, I should probably just…” before she could bolt, I took the wine glass out of her hand and set it on the coffee table, then took her other hand.

“There’s no need to leave. There’s an entire plate of food here or we can go into the kitchen and get you something more.” I chuckled a bit and picked up another piece of cheese. “Open up. You eat, I’ll feed you and we can talk some more.”

She seemed indecisive for another moment, but then opened her mouth and I popped the piece of cheese in. She dutifully chewed and swallowed and moved to pick up another piece. “Ah ah ah! I said I’d feed you. Now, what subjects do you teach?” I picked up another piece of cheese, but waited for her to answer.

She rolled her eyes at me. “I can feed myself. I teach history and English. What types of buildings do you design?” She opened her mouth anyway and let me put another piece of the cheese in.

“Mostly commercial buildings — office buildings, skyscrapers and the like. Though I enjoy designing houses. Frank Lloyd Wright is something of a hero to me. I’ve been to Fallingwater more times than I can count.” I laughed.

“Oh, I love it out there, it’s so beautiful.” She picked up a piece of cheese and ate it quickly before I could do it for her.

“Yes, quite. I imagine it would be very nice to live out there, but I’m afraid I’m too much of a city boy to stay for long. Perhaps a vacation home or something like that.” I fed her a few grapes and got lost in watching her eat for a moment. “Do you have a favorite period of history?”

She nodded and finished her grape. “The Roman Empire. It has such a rich history. The insanity of so many of the emperors, the intrigue, the technologies that they had, it’s fascinating to me. Egypt and Greece have a deeper mythology than the Romans, and the art was something beyond compare, but the engineering feats that the Romans were capable of are just incredible.” She paused and blushed.

I smiled at her enthusiasm. “If you have half of that passion in the classroom, your classes must be wonderful.”

Her cheeks turned even redder. “Many of my students don’t agree. But I have some who share my love of history. Tell me, do you pay much attention to history?”

I nodded. “Yes, but my fascination lies more in the realm bostancı escort of architecture throughout the ages. Your Romans were some of the most ingenuous builders. I’ve never actually been, but I’d love to see the Coliseum someday. My family has been to Europe so many times it isn’t funny, but I’ve always been involved in my studies, then my work, that I never got ’round to it.”

She smiled. “I would love to see Europe some day. To walk among the ruins, the aqueducts, the statues…” she trailed off and shook her head. “Sorry, I tend to get carried away.”

“Don’t apologize to me. Everyone should have the same passion for their work.” I held up the plate, “would you like some more?”

“Thank you, I feel much better now.” She picked up her wine glass and drank what was left.

I poured the bottle out between our two and held up my glass. “To new… well, to meeting new people.” I had no idea what I could possibly call us. We weren’t friends — yet, and I rather hoped to be much more than that. ‘Fuck buddy’ was rather crude though it was likely the most accurate. Either way, I didn’t think they would convey my feelings at the moment.

We clinked glasses and each took another drink. Then, very carefully, I took her glass and set it down and pulled her to me, brushing my lips across hers once again. She didn’t hesitate, but opened her mouth and her tongue touched my lips. The kiss was hot and my arousal hit me with the force of a freight train.

She was shaking slightly, but it wasn’t from the cold. My arm brushed her breasts and I could feel the hard pebbles of her nipples pushing through the thin material. She seemed to be having trouble breathing. My lips left hers and started a trail of kisses down her neck.

She sighed and leaned into me. I pulled her onto my lap, continued kissing a trail down to her shoulder. She turned her head and her lips met mine again and the jolt I’d felt go through me at the club hit me all over again. It went straight to my cock and I had a damned hard time keeping from simply ripping the dress from her in that moment.

I cupped one hand over her breast and squeezed the nipple slightly. I had really wanted to take her to a proper bed to have her again, but there was no way of getting through the living room without going right by the orgy that was likely taking place there. While it was something to watch, I didn’t think Caty was quite ready for it.

She moaned quietly and I began nibbling my way down her neck again until I reached the swell of her breasts. I tugged the neckline of her dress aside and kissed the top of one breast before taking the nipple into my mouth.

She moved on my lap, and my cock hardened even more. I wanted her again so badly, and it was surprising. I thought perhaps that the session at the club would have burned this out a bit, but it seemed not. All I could seem to think about was burying myself in her tight heat and it was driving me insane.

I moved to the other breast and pulled it, too, out of her dress. I sucked on the nipple until she made that quiet moaning sound in her throat. I could feel the heat against my leg as her pussy got wetter the more I nibbled and sucked.

She reached up around her neck and unhooked the strap holding her dress up. I watched as it fell down around her waist. She had beautiful creamy skin that was just begging to be licked. I reached behind her, unhooked the bra and pulled it from her. Then she sat before me, topless.

I simply looked my fill for a moment, thoroughly enjoying the sight of her naked breasts. I carefully set her next to me on the couch as I pulled my jacket off, loosened my tie and pulled it out. Then I opened my cuffs and began unbuttoning my shirt. Caty pulled my hands aside and began doing it for me. The simple act seemed incredibly erotic for some reason and I put my hands on her to steady myself a bit.

Then, despite her nervousness, she stood up and unzipped the back of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She kicked it aside and stood there, letting me look my fill. She had beautiful full breasts, small, like I like them, and curves to her hips. The black lace garter and stockings were making it difficult for me to think about much else, however.

I pulled her down to me and laid her back on the couch before kissing my way down her body once more. This time, rather than stopping at her breasts, I continued, making a trail of hot kisses along her stomach. I stopped to tongue her navel before continuing to my goal. There, her pussy was spread wide before me, her legs over my shoulders, still in the stockings and heels.

Her smell was intoxicating and she was already dripping wet with arousal. I leaned in and slowly sucked her clit into my mouth. She moaned loudly and bucked up into my face. I used my tongue to learn the taste of her, running it the length of her pussy and lapping at the juices now flowing freely from her.

I went back to her clit, sucking on it again, then licking the lips before pushing my tongue down into her. I pushed two fingers in as I turned my attention back to her clit and I felt her pussy begin to ripple around my fingers. I sucked a tiny bit harder and she went over the edge, moaning loudly as her orgasm crashed through her.

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