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Big Tits

[This story was planned to be about Logan and his incest relationship with his mother and twin aunts. I always struggle with the opening paragraph and true to form I had many starts that got tossed. This start came out of the blue about Logan’s mom, Melissa as a senior in high school and her teacher. I had also planned on making this a one chapter story instead of my usual multi-chapter stories that just run out of gas and get too big and collapse from their own weight. So now, this story is about teenager and teacher sex, twin sister lesbian sex, mother and son sex, son and aunt sex and mother and sisters sex. It is stretched over a twenty year time line. I like it but I can never tell what my readers like. I get just as many comments liking a twist as I get disliking the same thing. My problem now is that I don’t know what category to post it under, “Lesbian”, “Incest/Taboo” or “Group Sex” as there is some of all of these in this story. I decided to break it into two chapters. There is some room to expand further. You decide. Hope you enjoy it.]

Melissa was eighteen years old when she fell in ‘love’ with Ethan McCarthy, her thirty-five year old High School Business Administration teacher. His Australian accent made her swoon and she left his class nearly every day with sopping wet panties. His strong masculine face and full head of hair, to go with his 6’3″ height and lean, fit body with wide shoulders tapered to narrow hips had brought many girls as young as sixteen to offer themselves to him. He never initiated flirting with his students and had never reacted to their constant flirting either. He had always acted professional and his male co-workers were amazed at how he could possibly withstand the tsunami of teenage pussy being heaped on him year after year. Ethan had successfully run the mine-field of horny high school girls throughout his career.

He had recently received his Doctorate in Business Economics from Harvard and this would be his last year of teaching. He had plans to parlay his PhD into some serious money. He had offers from many Fortune 100 companies. This fact, and the fact that Melissa was by far the most beautiful of the hundreds of girls, who had thrown themselves at his feet, had weakened his resolve. He had begun responding to her flirting.

Melissa was gorgeous. She was 5’10” with long wavy auburn hair. She had all the curves in all the right places. She had a larger than average bust line that she didn’t flaunt. She never dressed sexy like so many of the other girls did. Her eyes were the first thing everyone noticed about her. They were larger than usual; the whites of her eyes were unblemished and brighter than normal and her irises were emerald green with flecks of gold. Her nose was slightly pinched and narrow and it turned up slightly at the end. Her lips were full and her teeth were perfect from braces when she was younger and they were bright white. Her smile was captivating.

Melissa’s father had died of a heart attack four years ago. He had left his family in good financial condition. Her mother was sickly and Melissa often had to care for her six year old twin sisters. She adored them but she was planning out her future and her mother and the twins were cramping up her options.

Melissa had been flirting with Mr. McCarthy for many months after school, while she waited for the second bus to take her home.

Mr. McCarthy had never made the first move with Melissa but he was getting erections while flirting with her and he was resorting to jerking himself off in the men’s room after she left.

Melissa wanted so badly to make a move but she was sure he would rebuff her and she would be absolutely mortified if that happened. She did notice that he was starting to flirt back with her, which was new. Her friends pointed out that he had never done that before. They were pushing her hard to make a run on him. She was still reluctant. Besides, she knew it was wrong.

Ethan had decided that he would make his erection obvious to her when their flirting caused him to have one. When she noticed it the first time, she was stunned. Her eyes dropped to his groin and her jaw fell. Her eyes went back to his face and he was smiling at her. Her eyes dropped back down again and he intentionally made his cock jump in his pants. It was impossible not to notice. Melissa’s heart was pounding out of her chest. She was sure he could hear it. She didn’t know what to do. She quickly excused herself and literally ran to the ladies room and finger-fucked herself for all of thirty seconds before she exploded into an orgasm.

Ethan had watched her go and based on how fast she had fled, he figured he had pushed it too far and scared her away. He knew for all of a teenage girl’s flirting and false bravado, most were scared to death at the moment of truth. He had already decided that he was going to be good either way.

He was pleased when she came back the next day. When he flexed his cock in his pants again, she looked down and watched it move around in his pants and then looked back to his face and escort ataşehir said, “Is that a gun in your pants or are you just glad to see me.” She had seen a movie with that line in it and she thought it was funny and appropriate for this circumstance. He laughed and looked at her for a moment and said, “Melissa, I’m really glad to see you. I was afraid you got scared off after last time.”

Melissa had realized that if his erection had been an accident, he would have made that clear and reacted far differently than he had. She was now convinced that Mr. McCarthy was interested too. She understood that he couldn’t make any overt moves, but she was convinced that all she had to do was work up the courage when they were alone in his classroom after school.

Another week of flirting every day after school went pretty much the same way. Melissa was fascinated by Mr. McCarthy jumping cock. She had seen penises on the internet and in adult magazines that her friends passed around, but she had never seen a real one. Ethan was on the verge of deciding that Melissa was content to just flirt with him. That was fine with him. He really liked Melissa. She was a particularly bright girl and aside from the flirting, they spent most of their time together talking about business management theory. He was struck with how well she presented her thoughts on the subject.

On the next Monday afternoon, their flirting continued and actual discussions of sex entered their discourse. This new subject matter caused Mr. McCarthy to get an erection and she was expecting it. Her heart was hammering in her chest when she reached forward and put her hand on his pants and looked him straight in the eyes. She dragged her finger tips along his cock and he moaned from her touch. She was delighted with his reaction.

After first contact, things moved quickly. His first action was to get out of his chair. She was thinking, ‘Oh oh, not good’. She was relieved that he had only gone to the classroom door and locked it. When he returned to his chair, Melissa unzipped his pants and reached inside and wrapped her hand around his cock. She was shaking, she was so nervous. She didn’t take her eyes off his, even when she pulled his hard cock from his pants.

From the internet she knew the basics of giving a handjob and a blowjob and she had practiced on a cucumber. She started with a handjob and she was surprised that his shaft was so hard and firm yet the tip of his cock was spongy and velvety soft. His cock was seven inches long and consistent in diameter from what she had seen on the internet. Sure, there were huge cocks but she couldn’t imagine that those things would go anywhere in her.

Mr. McCarthy leaned back in his chair and pushed his hips forward toward her. She got down on her knees and moved up between his. Her heart ratcheted up to a new gear as her blood was hammering in her ears. She was breathing hard as her jacking continued, so was Mr. McCarthy.

When his eyes closed and he tipped his head back, Melissa looked down at his cock as her hand jerked awkwardly up and down his shaft. She switched hands and started up again. She bent her body forward and kissed the velvety tip and pulled back again. She switched her hands again. Melissa kissed the tip again and then flicked her tongue into the ‘eye’ to extract his pre-cum. She pulled it into her mouth to taste it. ‘Not bad,’ she thought. She didn’t know what to expect even though some of her friends had said they had tasted cum and then tried to describe it.

She kissed the velvety tip again and then opened her lips and pushed the head of his cock into her mouth. She stayed right at the ridge line for several hand strokes and then pushed her lips further down his shaft as she continued the handjob. He groaned out loud and she smiled around his shaft. She was afraid that he wouldn’t like what she was doing. She was delighted when he obviously loved it.

Melissa mimicked what she had seen on the internet porn sites and began moving her mouth up and down the shaft. She found her gag point and marked it with her hand. She struggled to get a rhythm going but Mr. McCarthy helped her with his hands on the sides of her head. She let him guide her.

She was getting the hang of it. She had been concentrating so hard on doing everything right that she hadn’t realized that she was soaking wet. She pushed her free hand up her skirt and into the side on her panties. She pushed two fingers into her pussy and began fucking herself with them.

Melissa had learned about masturbating from the internet also and she engaged in that activity frequently over the past few years. She had experimented with some of her girl friends a few times as she frigged their pussy while they did hers. One of those times, the friend had brought a large silicone dildo and they both used it to break their hymens. It was painful but neither of them wanted their chastity to be problems when the magic moment came, which she hoped was now.

Melissa stroked her pussy and clitoris at the same pace as her blowjob. kadıköy escort bayan She changed up her tactics by pulling her mouth off and licking his shaft from the tip to his balls and then sucking each testicle into her mouth. He was groaning continuously as she pushed his glans back into her mouth and pulled it back off again several times. Mr. McCarthy groaned out, “Oh Jesus. That feels so good. Take it deep.”

She smiled and pushed her mouth over the knob and used her extended lips to pull herself down his shaft inch by inch. Tears poured from her eyes as she took him as deep as she could before gagging and pulling all the way off. She spit the saliva on his shaft and guided his cock back into her mouth for another try. It ended the same way. She wasn’t able to get the last two inches. She went back to her blowjob and he moaned loudly.

Melissa was confused when Mr. McCarthy pulled her head back and extracted his hard cock from her mouth. He hadn’t cummed yet so she was afraid she had done something wrong. He pulled her up to her feet and she removed her fingers and hand from her pussy. She looked at him and said, “What’s wrong?”

He bent down and kissed her on the lips and said, “Absolutely nothing is wrong. I want to please you as much as you’ve pleased me.” He guided her back and then lifted her up to sit on the desktop. Mr. McCarthy knelt on the floor in front of her and lifted her skirt. He reached in and pulled her panties all the way off over her feet. He separated her labia with his thumbs and pushed his face in close and touched her clit with his rigid tongue. She involuntarily pivoted her hips and her ass came right off the desk. Her torso dropped back to lie on the desk. She groaned hard and long. Her hands flew up to her tits as she began mauling them through her shirt and bra.

Melissa had never experienced cunnilingus before. She knew what it was but doing that with her mutual masturbating girl friends was beyond the line she was willing to cross.

As soon as Mr. McCarthy’s rigid tongue pushed into her pussy she knew she had made a mistake by not crossing that line before. The sensation was incredible as he tongue-fucked her and licked her anus, which she wasn’t sure about. He flicked his index finger lightly on her clitoris and flicked it with his tongue. Her body let him know that her orgasm was building and he amped up his attack. She was groaning, “OH..OHH.. OHH,” around gasps for air. Her face turned into a mask of contorted muscles as her head began to thrash from side to side. Her legs began to push straight out and then flail back against the side of the desk.

Melissa had had orgasms before but nothing like what she was experiencing now. It was like she was being pumped full of air. The pressure was building and building. She thought she would die right there on his desk. When her orgasm exploded into her, every knot of muscles released and she began flailing around on the desk. Mr. McCarthy held her down and continued his attack with his tongue and fingers. Her pussy was pulsing and forcing his tongue out. He pushed it back in each time.

Melissa knew she was going to scream so she pulled one of her hands from her tits and pushed it over her mouth. She screamed loudly and her hand barely squelched it. She was gasping for oxygen as the hand in her mouth flew out to grasp the edge of the desk and then back to her mouth. Her legs went out again and then clamped around Mr. McCarthy’s shoulders and pulled him in as hard as she could. Her hand flew off her tit and grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him in even harder. He couldn’t breathe and had to struggle to pull his head back.

Melissa was coming down from her immense orgasm and she released his hair but her legs stayed locked around his shoulders until the pulses in her pussy subsided and her breathing started to come back to normal.

He couldn’t resist flicking his tongue on her clit every now and then and she lurched upward every time. When her legs slipped off him, he lifted his face to smile up at her. She giggled when she saw that his face was soaked with her vaginal juices. She whispered, “Please fuck me.”

She had thought initially that she wouldn’t go this far. She thought the handjob and blowjob would be all she dared to do. She hadn’t counted on his attack on her pussy and the incredible orgasm she just had. She was beyond horny and she needed all of him.

He stood over her with his cock in his hand stroking it back up to full size. He said, “Melissa. Are you sure?” She nodded her head vigorously and sat up on the desk and grabbed his cock from his hand and pulled it to her pussy. She rubbed the velvety head up and down over the pink, slick skin between her pussy lips. Every time it rubbed over her clit her mouth flew open in a silent scream. She found the entrance to her pussy and pulled his cock in. He took one more step closer and pushed his cock into her.

Melissa let out a loud scream again and dropped her torso back down on the desk. Mr. McCarthy had a hold on her hips as he pulled her escort bostancı to him as he pushed into her. “OH MYYY GAAAWWWDDD,” erupted from her lips in a guttural, demonic voice. She drove her hips up hard to meet his.

He had started fucking Melissa very gently but her actions told him she wanted it harder and faster. She was in heat and he was going to give her what she wanted. She was groaning, “OOOHHHH. …AAHHHH… OOOHHH,” constantly with intermittent bursts of, “OHH FUCCKK,” or “OHHH GAAWWDDD,” or “JESUSSS… JESSUSS.”

Melissa threw her legs out and clamped them around his ass and yelled, “OOOHHH FUUCCKKK. HARRDDEEERRR. OHHH JESSUSSS.” She yanked up her shirt and bra and her tits were vibrating from the rapid motion of Mr. McCarthy’s cock slamming into her pussy. Her nipples were long and extremely hard. He bent down and sucked one of her nipples between his lips and lightly nibbled on it as his hips pounded into her. Melissa screamed again as her second orgasm crashed over her. Her legs flew out releasing his ass but then slammed back again. Her head rolled from side to side with her mouth open.

Her pussy clamped down hard on his cock and the pressure pulled him into his own orgasm. He didn’t want to cum in her because he wasn’t sure what her birth-control situation was. Her clenching pussy was subsiding when he pulled his cock from her and started jacking himself off. She was disappointed at the loss of his cock but she knew why. Around her gasps for air she said, “Cum in my mouth.”

He had been thinking about where he was going to blow his load. She still had her clothes on and he didn’t want to shoot on those. She still had to get on a bus to go home. He wanted to cum in her mouth but he wasn’t sure she would go for that. So when she said, “Cum in my mouth” the dilemma was solved. He moved around to the side of the desk and fed his cock to her. She hungrily accepted his cock just as his first stream of cum flooded her mouth. She thought she could collect it all in her mouth and then deal with swallowing the creamy mixture of cum and her saliva. It was too much and she had to pull off. The final two steams flew into her hair as she had rolled onto her side facing him and coughed his load onto his desk. She looked up at him and said, “Sorry. I didn’t know it would be that much.” He just smiled down at her as he kept on stroking his cock. She could see a small amount of cum in the eye of his cock. She pulled his cock to her mouth and kissed the last bit onto her lips. She used one finger to smear it around like it was lip-gloss and she pursed them and threw him an air-kiss.

She sat up and pulled her bra back in place and pulled her shirt and skirt down. She handed him her panties, kissed him passionately and headed for the bus. She sat with her best friend, Bethany, in the back row of the bus. Bethany looked at her oddly and Melissa said, “What’s wrong?”

Bethany was looking at her flushed face and when she saw cum in her hair she burst out, “Oh my God Melissa. You didn’t.” She turned away from Melissa and shoved her hand to her mouth. Then she looked back at a confused Melissa.

“What?” said Melissa. “What’s wrong?”

Bethany leaned close to her friend and whispered, “Melissa, sweetie, you have cum in your hair. OMG.”

Melissa’s face went paper white and she ran her fingers through her auburn hair. Her hand came back with streaks of pearly white, gooey cum between her fingers. “Oh fuck. You’re kidding me.” She couldn’t look at Bethany. She was so embarrassed. She quickly licked cum from her fingers. She turned toward Bethany and said, “Did I get it all?”

Bethany scanned Melissa’s hair and reached up and ran her fingers through Melissa’s hair and came back with another big glob of cum on her index finger. Melissa reached for it but Bethany pulled her hand away and pushed her cum smeared fingers into her own mouth. She swirled the cum around in her mouth and smacked her lips and whispered, “Yep. That’s cum alright. Come one Melissa spill. Who did that come from?”

Melissa had no intention of telling who the cum had come from and Bethany went down a long list of guys in their class as she closely watched Melissa’s reaction to each name to see if she could figure out who it was. Bethany never got to “Mr. McCarthy” in her list of names so Melissa was home free. She made a note to herself to not let that happen again.

Mr. McCarthy and Melissa repeated their session often for the rest of the school year. She spent the summer preparing for college in the fall. “Mr. McCarthy” had become “Ethan” as he accepted a vice president position at a big company near her college. They dated whenever his job allowed it and he even took her on a few job related trips when their schedules allowed.

Melissa knew she was in love with Ethan from that first fuck on his desk. Ethan had grown to love her back but he let things simmer until they discovered in the middle of her sophomore year that she was pregnant. Ethan asked her to marry him seconds after she told him her news. She was terrified that he would be displeased with her news. She was confident that he loved her but a child screwed with everyone’s plans. She knew that all too well as her mother was getting sicker and the pressure on Melissa to care for her young sisters was becoming a real burden.

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